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Japan: Yuji Naka has admitted the charges against him in court

Sonic co-creator, Yuji Naka, has admitted his guilt in the first court case held against him and another former Square Enix employee for insider trading. Mr Naka told the court that he found out about the games in question before they were publicly announced by the company and that he bought stock in them in order to profit financially. The court case revolves around Mr. Naka purchasing stock in Square Enix mobile games, Dragon Quest Tact and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier before they were announced. He bought a total of 130,000 shares, earning a profit on the sale of over 20 million yen”.

“There is no doubt that I found out about the games before they were made public and bought shares in them”.


7 thoughts on “Japan: Yuji Naka has admitted the charges against him in court”

  1. It’s all good Mr Naka i’d do the same thing if i thought i might profit financially. Just keepin it hood, im not gonna beat around the bush or sugarcoat. Im keepin it trill str8up!

  2. Anonymous Skywalker

    Out of all the crimes he could have committed he chose the least offensive and nonviolent one. I honestly don’t blame him for doing it, anyone would do it but vast majority don’t.

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