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Yuji Naka is no longer working at Square Enix

the official logo for balance wonderworld

Yuji Naka, once the Head of Sonic Team and one of the creators behind the iconic Nights into Dreams and Sonic the Hedgehog, no longer seems to be working at Square Enix. The last game Mr. Naka worked on was the promising but flawed Balan Wonderworld, which admittedly missed the mark. On his Linked In page Mr. Naka revealed that he is no longer working for Square Enix and is back at his own studio Probe Ltd. His last day at Square Enix was 30th April 2021.

11 thoughts on “Yuji Naka is no longer working at Square Enix”

  1. Well, if there was any doubt that he blew his one chance, this should confirm that he did. Truly a shame, but I honestly don’t understand how he didn’t see the inherent flaws with Balan, like the bland level design, power-ups that literally take control away from the player at random times, and the QTE minigames that require absolute perfection to pass.

    1. Yeah, but he did his best to make something new for the company and the game didn’t get that much sales and attention. I wonder what is he doing next since he no longer works for the company.

  2. Yeah. Balan Wonderworld didn’t hit the milestone at its launch and it doesn’t work well for him after the game received poor reviews from many outlets. Not to mention its poor sales too. Yeah, he probably quit his job at the company because he knew the game will turn out worse. At least he try his best on creating something for Square Enix.

  3. A Nights spiritual successor wasn’t really gonna work in this day and age. Not saying spiritual successors will never work just that he got unlucky. A Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor somehow broke the tradition and in fairness Nights is a very niche title.

  4. This whole thing was a mistake since Day 1. I’m still thinking about the fact the “Balan Company” was a thing.

    This game never should have failed. What’s that going to tell the world about 3D platformers.

    Still, I’d rather this game than Sonic Colors Ultimate. No point in buying the same game twice..

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