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Insider says Yuji Naka will “probably be given a suspended sentence”

Former Sonic Team boss Yuji Naka has once again been charged by the Special Investigation Department regarding insider trading in Japan. Yuji Naka and another former employee at Square Enix were charged with another count of violating Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Mr. Naka is now accused of purchasing an additional 120,000 shares of mobile developer Ateam before they launched the iOS and Android game, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in 2021 (now shut down). Mr. Naka was previously charged with purchasing shares in a company developing a Dragon Quest game for iOS and Android in which he allegedly made “hundreds of millions of yen.” A person with knowledge in the matter told Yahoo Japan that because it is a first offence and he didn’t get rich from the insider trading while working for Square Enix, Mr Naka will most likely be handed a suspended sentence by a judge.

“In the case of Naka, since it is his first offence and the amount of money is small, he will probably be given a suspended sentence.”

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13 thoughts on “Insider says Yuji Naka will “probably be given a suspended sentence””

  1. I think Yuji Naka needs more then a slap on the wrist, in fact i think they need to make an example outta him so this type of behavior doesn’t happen again. It might be his 1st offense, but this type of behavior can’t be accepted no matter how small the amout of money or if it’s 1st offense. Just because Mr. Naka didn’t get rich he most likely gets a suspended sentence, because the amout of money is small. So technically, if i shoplift and only steel less then $250 it’ll Just be a misdemeanor and i’ll get a suspended sentence unlike if i past the $250 threshold then it would be a felony and i get a long term sentence and probably still be home tomorrow.

      1. Derek Chauvin was a public figure and they made an example outta him, because the police pretty much assumed if something like that happened a public defender would defend them and because it hadn’t happened with a police officer there getting penalized or a sentence that it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen “Until they made an example outta Derek Chauvin”

  2. The thing is; Even if he does only get a suspended sentence, his image is ruined and he likely will not get employment from any game companies. Sure he could try to go self-employed but even with that people will either not want to work with him or they will refuse to buy his games.

  3. So what does this mean for the Adventure brand (going forward)?

    Will Iizuka/SEGA use Naka’s double arrest as an excuse to never touch anything resembling SA1/2 with a 10-foot pole?

    1. I can’t see why this should have any impact at all on the Adventure series, its not like Naka was the only big shot working on SA1&2.

        1. What happens or has happened to Naka since his departure shouldn’t cloud their (Sega and Sonic Team’s) judgement on how to handle the Adventure series (assuming there are any plans at all that will come to fruition) or any other IP he was involved with.

          Besides, maybe it would have been one thing if his crime was something much more gruesome but, while insider trading is obviously serious, based on everything we know so far Naka’s part in this whole crime here is arguably “pale” compared to the usually more saddening crimes you expect to hear when headlines lead with “Arrested for”.

  4. Imprison female offenders

    I mean. If Texas can give Marka Bodine (33) a suspended 2 month jail sentence after she tried reporting her ex “unnamed male student” (age of 13 until 16) certainly a wee bit of using knowledge of release schedules to invest is worthy of a suspended sentence.

    Then again, maybe they should treat him like Arizona treated Nick Olivas’s (13) babysitter who 20… pay him for 18 years just like Nick Olivas had to pay child support.

  5. this is last month’s news and this doesn’t even talk about his twitter suspension from his “swearing” hype tweet from the TheGameAwards outcome :\

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