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Square Enix recently filed trademarks for SaGa Emerald Beyond and Emberstoria

It sounds as though Square Enix is plowing on with new projects in the classic SaGa series as the company recently filed a new trademark for SaGa Emerald Beyond, which could well be a new entry in the JRPG franchise. There are apparently multiple SaGa series projects in development at Square Enix and the team has previously stated that they are looking at new SaGa games as well as remasters, which should please fans of the series. The Japanese company also trademarked Emberstoria, which is likely a code name for a new project under development at Square Enix. RPG Site says that the company has previously filed trademarks for Emberstoria Overwrite and also the registration of a couple of domain names around the Emberstoria title. Hopefully all will be revealed soon.


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