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Famitsu awards Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 38/40 in Issue 1775

pokemon double pack for switch

The latest edition of Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu has arrived and Issue 1775 features a review for Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet. The magazine’s four reviewers were feeling extremely generous this week as the latest Pokemon games received two perfect 10/10’s and two 9/10’s giving Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet a grand total of 38/40! Here’s all the reviews from Weekly Famitsu Issue 1775:

  • Ishu Saikyou Ou Zukan: Battle Colosseum (Switch) – 6/7/8/6 [27/40]
  • Pokemon Scarlet / Pokemon Violet (Switch) – 9/10/10/9 [38/40]
  • The Rumble Fish 2 (PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – 8/7/8/7 [30/40]

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14 thoughts on “Famitsu awards Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 38/40 in Issue 1775”

  1. Yep. When I think of a perfect game, the first thing that pops to my mind is horrible frame rate, graphical glitches, tons of glitches, and you have to buy the game twice to access all content.

    Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what other games have been awarded 38/40. It’s tough to find a list but two games I’ve already seen are Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Pokemon XY got a 39/40 so I guess it’s better than Scarlet/Violet.

    1. Some more games that are equal to Scarlet/Violet: Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Bayonetta 2, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Monster Hunter Rise, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario 3D World (the original. The Bowser’s Fury one got 36/40), Pikmin, MGS5, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

      Seems like they really love Mario and Pokemon.

      For a frame of reference: Personal 5 Royal and Super Mario Galaxy 2 was 37/40. Death Stranding, Pokemon Black and White, and New Super Mario Bros Wii was perfect 40/40.

  2. Well finally an honest review, I love pokemon scarlet and violet, they are great games and no one seemed to complain about god of War on ps5, when it released, it has a 93 on meta critic and it was confirmed to have 150 bugs and glitches when it came out, yet the bought off video game media by sony did not care.

    1. I do wonder why this was never news. There’s countless videos of people complaining about the bugs and crashes, even review bombing the game, but outlets let those 10/10 and 5/5 fly. No acknowledgement of the day one patch and still the countless crashes, bugs, and even not launching on both PS4 AND PS5. Then have the audacity to say Nintendo needed a game for the holidays so they rushed it, but praised Sony for the “GOTY” that Ragnarok is going to be.

  3. Pokemon scarlet and Violet might not be perfect sure it has graphical glitches and alot of bugs but im sure Gamefreak will get everything resolved within a timely manner with updates. I’ve had Violet hard lock on the main menu and wouldn’t do anything. As well as hard lock in game and i couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t move the character or open any menu.

    I’ve also had Violet completely shutoff and i got a notification saying something went wrong in the software and it asked if i wanted to report the problem to a 3rd party. Naturally i picked yes, but with the amount of false reports it’ll likely take dev’s awhile to get to anything serious.

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might not be perfect, but if it’s as bad as everyone claimed it would get de listed until further notice and Gamefreak would be given refunds. They didn’t lie and say it’s in a playable state “People are Just over critical” because it’s Pokemon. Gamefreak didn’t False advertise or try and pass off gameplay footage that wasn’t legit or lie to investors like CD Projekt Red. People are Just over critical, and nitpick every detail. If it was that bad, Gamefreak would have a class action lawsuit for false advertisement and misrepresentation for financial gain like CDPR. Because that type of behavior isn’t acceptable.

    1. Heh. If everyone else was playing Scarlet and Violet and it was running at a smooth framerate and no bugs, but you were having the experience you were having now, you’d want a refund. C’mon.

  4. Yes, I’ve had a somewhat bad experience with Violet but i didn’t start bashing the game and implying it’s in an unplayable state or has game breaking bugs. I know it’s not Just myself, because I’ve read articles about the game locking up when players are inside a town and it works perfectly fine when in free roam exploring. I managed to resolve the issues by doing a hard reset and Power Cycling, and not Just ask for a refund or go around public fourms preaching about poor frame rate and graphical glitches.

    I found a temporary makeshift solution until GameFreak can have time to release updates and patches. Everyone act’s all surprised a new game has glitches, as if it’s there 1st game. Every new release is bound to need updates and patches, but everyone act’s like it’s the 2nd coming.

    1. You do know that the games industry sold games for decades before downloading updates was a thing, right? Nintendo games also have a good reputation of coming out fairly polished, even today.

      It’s also not Game Freak’s 1st Pokemon game on Switch. It’s their 3rd mainline game. They also did Little Town Hero and Pokemon Quest for Switch.

      They also aren’t an indie company btw. They own 1/3rd of The Pokemon Company… which is the company that manages the highest grossing media franchise in the world.

      Pokemon is technically the biggest AAA game franchise right now. There are no excuses for them releasing a half-baked game.

      It is truly bizarre to see people defend the game. Do they not realize people are criticizing things that can/should be fixed and not the content of the game? It’s an issue of quality, not content. And I would say that a very small number of this group of critics are haters because why would any of them care otherwise?

      There is nothing wrong with liking the game and criticizing it and it’s developer for such low quality. You paid for the game. You’re allowed to say, “I want this to play as it should NOW.”

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