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Super Mario Bros. Movie posters released

Art for Super Mario Bros Movie from Nintendo

You may recall that, last night, the announcement of the Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct was followed by a leak of some movie posters. Since then, the Direct has aired, and a brand new trailer for the movie has released, but that’s not all that Nintendo and Illumination had to share.

Some more Mario movie posters have appeared earlier tonight. This time, however, they aren’t leaks. In fact, they come from the official Super Mario Bros. Movie Twitter account. None of these posters were a part of last night’s leak, but each of them feature a different character from the movie. You can see all 6 of them down below.


6 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Movie posters released”

  1. Toad and Luigi are my favourite characters in this movie so naturally I love their posters the best, Bowser a close third favourite, least favourite is Mario, oh well 😂

  2. Mario looking ready to kick butt.
    Luigi’s poster giving off that Luigi’s Mansion vibe, love it.
    Peach looking like she has some sinister plan in mind, lol.
    Toad, I’m not sure what they were going for here, just enjoying the starry sky and fire flowers I guess.
    DK looking retro, awesome (and yay for Cranky, Diddy, Dixie, and Swanky in the background).
    And finally big bad Bowser doing what he does best, looking big and bad.😂

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