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Second Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer released

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie would be premiering via a Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct that would be airing today. Well, the Direct has happened, and as promised, a new trailer has been released.

The leaking of some official posters late last night spoiled the surprise for some, but the trailer provides a first look at Luigi, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach. You can see the new trailer via a tweet by Universal Pictures down below.

19 thoughts on “Second Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer released”

  1. Looks like it will be a gift to the fans. The fish jumping over the bridge is a great nod to NES Mario and a good gag. Rainbow Road. Luigi has the vacuum. Glad that Peach had an axe and toad has the frying pan, as women in action movies sometimes only fight with kitchen or house objects, that is a good sign.

  2. Pretty cool, not like anything I’ve seen before, Mario to me is usually a perfect person, this shows Mario’s struggles for real, pretty much like when you played Mario for the first ever time and struggled with everything. This should bring back some of those memories. Now I’m looking forward to April to see how this story unfolds, I don’t think they will reveal much more in future trailers, now begins the long awaited wait haha 😂

    1. ||Explain yourself before i fire my deadly laser towards you…||

      ||it looks like this new trailer was better received than last one and the movie so far is more accurate than that abomination of a movie starring certain hedgehog (who in the games is supposed to be a beacon of freedom and rebellion and was relegated to be an annoying surrogate son…), Nintendo will decimate the segan army as we always do…

    2. Looks kinda meh compared to first teaser. This one definitely made it feel like “yep this is made by Illumination in the current decade” with the style of writing and references. Guess its just doing its own thing also with the plot and not being a real origin type story in line with the games, but thats fine, just makes me less interested. Will still see it, but its about the level of quality i was expecting this to look like.

  3. I imagine the movie will end with Bowser and Mario becoming frenemies setting up the sequel, that focuses on the rpg and other Mario spinoffs that don’t get touch in this movie.

    1. Actually, they set up the next movie by having Shadow Mario steal a Yoshi egg. Bowser Jr is voiced by Drew Carey and Yoshi is voiced by H Jon Benjamin.

      Don’t tell anyone though. It’s a secret.

      1. I’ma about to ugly laugh, who gave you the script and the cast list 😭, my brain also just read it as shadow joining the group instead of shadow Mario, which made me think “why would shadow want to steal yoshi egg” I think I need more sleep.

  4. Jack Black as Bowser i love Tenacious D, Drew Carry as Bowser jr i love Whose Line is it Anyhow and improve comedy. They need Wayne Brady for The Super Mario movie, dude is a comic legend.

  5. I know this subreddit is going to give me bullsh*t over this, so I might was well brace myself while setting the record straight:

    Going off of what we’ve seen in this trailer, Princess Peach may irk me. Typical strong female lead who will give Mario (the unfamiliar underdog) baggage.

    One thing to point out is that royalty usually have authority, especially over mysterious travelers from lord knows where, so things are going to go “well” between Mario and her. Is being a sweet/kind female and abducted by a powerful antagonist really that bad a sin? Not every female in the modern era needs to be a cutthroat tighta$$. If that’s the case, then who are the nice characters: the male lead and comic-relief sidekicks? Maybe Pauline (assuming she’s in this film) will be the nice one, since Peach is too busy being a ruler. Speaks volumes about what Peach has become post-Odyssey.

    I know people hate negativity on the internet regarding their favorite thing and like to spam dislikes, but these are my genuine feelings about the first animated Mario film that Nintendo is involved with, that Nintendo approved of, that Nintendo feels “Okay, this represents our brand well. If not, then never ask us for any film again”.

    In short: Peach is going to give Mario and her toads a LOT of crap, and I’m not feeling it.

    Addendum: Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds does a better job at writing a female lead. Kind person, nice to the protagonist (who’s also unfamiliar), can defend herself, isn’t a useless maiden throughout the plot. Julia is exactly what Peach should be, instead of Miss Badass-Lance-Wielding-Scaring-Toads-To-Comply-And-Making-Mario-Look-Like-A-Chump-While-Luigi-Is-The-Replacement-Damsel-To-Be-Rescued.

  6. Pratt’s Mario sounds better. Hopefully it’ll be the best it can be in the final product as the Italian-Brooklyn accent is even more noticeable. (Still got awhile b4 theaters.) I’m honestly glad Martinet isn’t voicing him. (Oh no you didn’t!) I want a return to the Italian-Brooklyn accent Albano did. (Martinet’s is too pure Italian.) Did Hoskins also do that accent? 🤷

    JB as Bowser still killing it.

    Peach’s design is nice. (You know it’s gonna get used for you-know-what.) I, personally, like her design. Anya sounds nice. I’m glad she’s not using game Peach’s voice. Not sure I’d wanna hear it beyond catchphrases & the like for over an hour. Maybe if they got the girl who played Bernadette from Big Bang Theory, sure. As for the other thing, I don’t think we got enough Peach in the trailer to know if she’s gonna be THAT version of a strong female character type. If Nintendo wasn’t involved, THEN I’d be worried. Hell! She could get kidnapped after Bowser wallops her in the first battle & finally needs rescuing.

    Luigi was okay.

    Was that Cranky Kong with Toad & Peach while DK slapped the shit outta Mario? (lol) As another pointed out, having Mario not being “super” starting out is a nice nod to the difficulty of the first 3 Super Mario Bros games. I have no issue with the Toads being… whatever they are. (They are adorable, though. Lol) Oh & DK’s design is nice.

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