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Crash Team Rumble leaked gameplay (updated with official content)

official logo for Crash Team Rumble

Update: Previews for the game have been published and the game is due to be released on 20th June. Beta starts 20th April 20. Pricing is $29.99 for the Standard Edition and $39.99 Deluxe Edition. Both versions come with Premium Battle Pass. Nintendo Switch version not announced. Gameplay video here.

Original post:

Activision and Toys for Bob have been working hard on Crash Team Rumble for a while now and the last we saw or heard of the game is when it was announced at The Game Awards in December. Today the new footage of the game has leaked and it looks like fun chaotic mayhem, which is probably what the developer’s were going for. Crash Team Rumble is a team-based four-versus-four MOBA and is scheduled to launch this year, though it should be noted that a Nintendo Switch version has yet to be confirmed.

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  1. I usually try avoiding leaked gameplay footage because of spoilers, but this look’s surprisingly good. 4v4 MOBA gameplay look’s like something i’d be interested in.

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