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Japan: Latest video game software and hardware charts from Famitsu

The Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu, has released its estimated sales data for physical game software and hardware sales for the two weeks between April 24th to May 7th, 2023. The data revealed that Hogwarts Legacy for PlayStation 4 was the highest selling new release, including Japan’s Golden Week, with 31,918 retail copies sold. Following closely behind is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PlayStation 5, which sold 16,742 retail copies in its first two weeks of release.

On the hardware side, the Nintendo Switch family takes the lead, selling 216,525 units during the two-week period. The PlayStation 5 family is the second-highest selling hardware, with 99,938 units sold, followed by the PlayStation 4 family, selling 2,067 units. The Xbox Series family had the lowest sales numbers with only 1,324 units sold. In terms of software sales, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch continues to hold its position as the top-selling game with 32,713 units sold during the two weeks. The full rankings are as follows:

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) – 32,713 (lifetime sales: 5,283,684)
  2. Hogwarts Legacy (PlayStation 4) – 31,918 (new release)
  3. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) – 27,325 (lifetime sales: 419,970)
  4. Pokemon Scarlet / Pokemon Violet (Nintendo Switch) – 23,401 (lifetime sales: 5,022,302)
  5. Splatoon 3 (Nintendo Switch) – 18,304 (lifetime sales: 4,009,837)
  6. Minecraft (Nintendo Switch) – 18,244 (lifetime sales: 3,130,249)
  7. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PlayStation 5) – 16,742 (new release)
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch) – 16,534 (lifetime sales: 5,185,620)
  9. Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch) – 14,179 (lifetime sales: 1,074,358)
  10. Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo Switch) – 12,541 (lifetime sales: 1,226,636)

The remaining rankings from 11 to 30 are yet to be announced. In terms of hardware sales, the rankings are as follows:

  1. Nintendo Switch OLED Model – 184,609 (lifetime sales: 4,439,072)
  2. PlayStation 5 – 84,999 (lifetime sales: 2,984,697)
  3. Nintendo Switch – 21,429 (lifetime sales: 19,299,135)
  4. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 14,939 (lifetime sales: 486,274)
  5. Nintendo Switch Lite – 10,487 (lifetime sales: 5,291,825)
  6. PlayStation 4 – 2,067 (lifetime sales: 7,869,037)
  7. Xbox Series S – 674 (lifetime sales: 252,212)
  8. Xbox Series X – 650 (lifetime sales: 185,609)
  9. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 132 (lifetime sales: 1,191,553)

It’s important to note that these are estimated physical game software and hardware sales data, and do not include digital sales. Nonetheless, the data offers a useful insight into the Japanese gaming market, especially during the popular Golden Week holiday season.


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  1. correct me if i’m wrong but if Mario kart 8 is the top selling game it means that it is leading the sales, right?

    1. I was confused as well lol. Tears of the kingdom greatness is affecting our good friend at mynintendonews 😂.


      1. Or they are back to their wii u era shenanigans of baiting…Or Aiden is just another TK (AKA the sh1tty poster from back them), still the headline needs a correction.

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