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Next Splatoon 3 Big Run begins June 10th

characters in the switch game splatoon 3

To say that Splatoon 3 has been getting a lot of support from Nintendo would be a massive understatement. There have been lots of updates, many Splatfests, and even some downloadable content. Meanwhile, Sizzle Season will be officially starting in Splatoon 3 in less than 2 weeks form now.

However, that is not all that Splatoon 3 players have to look forward to in June. Nintendo has announced that a Big Run, a major event for Salmon Run participants, will be taking place from June 10th through 12th. You can see the official announcement tweet from Nintendo of Europe down below.

4 thoughts on “Next Splatoon 3 Big Run begins June 10th”

  1. Wait how does it even flood in that stage ūüė≠ like I don’t think I seen an ounce of water in the background of the stage also its so small unless their gonna make the map a bit bigger, I see a lot “one player left” moments happening here.

    1. Trust me, there’s water there. There’s a small hole near each team’s spawn location with a grate a few feet above it; there’s water down there and all around the perimeter of the arena. The map is just hard to fall off of unless you’re actively trying to.

  2. More scales is what I need. Too bad most times my team and I fail when I have the Salmometer maxed out so it’s rare for me to get a King show up.

    Wonder if we’ll be seeing a new type here.

    And FINALLY we’re on a map where it makes sense for it to flood. Inkblot Academy looked very weird since it’s pretty landlocked; you can see cars driving on the road in the background for crying out loud.

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