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Next season in Splatoon 3 coming 1st June

Nintendo has provided a date for the next season in Splatoon 3 which will be aptly titled the Sizzle Season as we approach summer. When the new season kicks off on 1st June, players will be able to purchase two new weapons which are the S-Blast ’92 and Paintbrush. There will also be two new stages which are Barnacle & Dime, which is a brand new map, and Humpback Pump Track, from Splatoon 2. There will also be a new Challenge Mode which looks set to be Turf War with modifiers such gravity boost and fog etc. You can check out the trailer for Splatoon 3’s Sizzle Season down below.

4 thoughts on “Next season in Splatoon 3 coming 1st June”

  1. Challenge mode is something that we been needing since 2, and thank goodness we got another salmon run stage it gets so old with the others and I originally thought we were gonna get another one fresh season, I hope salmon run gets some new interesting modes soon as well.

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