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Skybound Games: WrestleQuest delayed

In an announcement that left wrestling fans eagerly awaiting its release, publisher Skybound Games and developer Mega Cat Studios have revealed that WrestleQuest will be delayed from its originally scheduled May launch window to this summer. The highly anticipated game will be available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One,and PC via Steam. Mega Cat Studios, in a heartfelt message, expressed their excitement for players to delve into the world of WrestleQuest. With four years of development, over 200,000 words of original content, intense focus groups, and extensive playtesting, the team is now in the final stages of polishing the game.

During the additional development time, the studio seized the opportunity to incorporate new and improved features based on player feedback. This includes a completely revamped user interface, accessibility options, an updated world map, enhanced visuals, intensified gameplay balancing, and, of course, more sweat. With over 50 hours of gameplay content, WrestleQuest promises to be a project the team is immensely proud of. However, as the finish line approached for the May 2023 release, Mega Cat Studios secured an exciting new partnership that caused unforeseen challenges. These external factors, beyond their control, led to the decision to delay the launch of WrestleQuest to this summer. The studio aims to announce the official release date later this month, ensuring that players will soon experience the culmination of their hard work. While the delay may disappoint eager fans, Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games are confident that it is the right choice, considering the dedication and effort poured into creating the best game possible. The development teams are grateful for the continued support and enthusiasm from fans, and they can’t wait for players to finally get their hands on WrestleQuest.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting wrestling adventure as the release date announcement draws near. WrestleQuest promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, and wrestling enthusiasts across various platforms can look forward to a summer filled with action, sweat, and epic battles.


2 thoughts on “Skybound Games: WrestleQuest delayed”

  1. A single player turn based RPG, based off 80’s and 90’s era wrestling sounds like an awesome concept and i can’t wait until it releases whenever that might be.

  2. I’ve never heard about this game, but now I’m very interested. Is this going to be a physical release, or only digital?

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