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Unveiling GameBook: The ultimate tribute to Nintendo’s Game Boy

The legacy of the iconic Game Boy continues to captivate the hearts of gaming enthusiasts. Reminiscing about the device’s humble origins, one writer has compiled the ultimate homage in the form of “GameBook: The Unofficial DMG Companion.” Authored by Paul Murphy, who previously explored Nintendo’s amiibo range, this book is a deep dive into the Game Boy’s captivating journey. The Game Boy emerged from a simple yet ingenious idea by Gunpei Yokoi, sparked while observing people fiddling with calculators on a train. Murphy’s book delves into this creation story, tracing the console’s evolution from an inexpensive handheld device to a legendary gaming system with a monochrome screen. Despite its bulky appearance, the Game Boy wielded unprecedented power, dominating the gaming industry for nearly a decade.

“GameBook“ is a 280-page treasure trove of pure devotion to the Game Boy era, offering readers retrospectives on cherished titles, historical insights, and even a tribute to Gunpei Yokoi. The writing roster includes a team of talented contributors who explore the essence of classics like “Link’s Awakening, Pokémon Red/Blue, Tetris, Super Mario Land, Metroid II,“ and many more. Alongside these narratives, captivating illustrations transport readers back to the early ’90s, capturing the nostalgia of a generation. Murphy’s book also takes an in-depth look at the Game Boy’s legacy, spanning from the original DMG-01 model to the Game Boy Pocket and the elusive Game Boy Light. With meticulous attention to detail, this tribute ensures that readers feel the pulse of the iconic handheld’s history. Originally funded on Kickstarter, the book showcases a labor of love that is now available for those who missed the campaign. Offering standard and deluxe editions, the latter includes exclusive art prints, a foiled Game Boy blueprint, and an enamel DMG-01 pin badge. You can purchase here.

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