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Nintendo announces Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game + DLC bundle arriving November

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games

Nintendo has confirmed this evening that there will be a Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet bundle which includes both expansions for the games and it will be available to purchase on Friday, 3rd November. Both copies of Pokémon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet contain The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1: The Teal Mask and Part 2: The Indigo Disc. We still don’t have firm release date for The Indigo Disc expansion for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet so it will presumably be available before 3rd November or launch on the 3rd.

6 thoughts on “Nintendo announces Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game + DLC bundle arriving November”

  1. I can see having a complete edition being available bundled with all the dlc “when it’s actually available” For me, a bundle would imply all the additional content that’s available for a specific game not a portion of it. It look’s like they just wanna push out a half baked bundle for the holiday season, despite all the dlc being available. We can only assume the 2nd half of the dlc will be available when the bundle releases,

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