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New Sonic Prime to be shown at Netflix’s Drop 01 animation event tomorrow

  • Sickr 

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will want to keep an eye on the forthcoming Netflix01 livestream, which is airing tomorrow to give fans of anime and animation, in general, a look at what’s to come on the popular streaming platform. The official Sonic the Hedgehog account has tweeted that new episodes of Sonic Prime will be showcased during the event, so you’ll want to tune in if you’re a fan of the show. Sonic Prime isn’t the only thing that’s set to be revealed during The Drop 01, as the new Castlevania anime will be streamed too, along with plenty of other animated projects in the works at Netflix. The Drop 01kicks off tomorrow at 9am PT / 6pm UK time.

Thanks to Sonicgalaxy27 for sending in the news tip!

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