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Wii U 9

Trine 2 Patch For Wii U Is Now Live In Europe

Reports are coming in that the patch for Trine 2 is now live for the Wii U in Europe. The developers have been promising to release a patch for quite some time, but they became stuck in the submission process. The patch for Trine 2 corrects the gamma settings, adds German voice acting, adds Wii U pro controller support, and also […]

Wii U 67

Trine 2 Patch For Wii U Coming Next Week?

FrozenByte, the developers behind Trine 2, have apologised to the fans for not getting the forthcoming patch out on time. The patch was originally promised to be released mid-December and then early January, but neither of those happened. The developers say that were stuck in the submission process, but they say that next week seems promising. “We have been stuck in […]

Wii U 105

Trine 2 Looks Best On Wii U

Tech expects Digital Foundry have conducted a thorough analysis of Wii U eShop game Trine 2. The publication says that the Wii U version of the impressive game offers better image quality than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 without compromising on the solid frame-rate. Here’s all the technical details. There are no such problems on the Wii U and 360, […]

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Beautiful Trailer Unveils Trine 2: Goblin Menace For Wii U

Developer Frozenbyte announced that the Wii U version of Trine 2: Director’s Cut will include the first set of downloadable content, which is titled Goblin Menace. The DLC features six brand-new levels, improved visuals, and “new revolutionary skills” for heroes of the game. You can get the first glimpse of the new content from the gorgeous trailer above. Trine 2: […]