Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Gold Wii Remote Bundle Detailed Plus Free CD!

Nintendo America has announced via press release that it will be launching The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with a Gold Wii Remote Plus on November 20th for the recommended retail price of $69.99. The game will also be sold separately at a recommended retail price of $49.99.

As an additional 25th anniversary treat for fans who purchase the game early, every copy in the initial production, whether sold by itself or as a part of the limited-edition bundle, will come with a free CD featuring select orchestral arrangements of iconic music spanning the history of the franchise

112 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Gold Wii Remote Bundle Detailed Plus Free CD!”

  1. This has officially made my day. A whole special edition Wii remote WITH the Motion Plus inside bundled for only $30 more AND a free soundtrack CD.

  2. If this is released in Europe I’ll be very tempted to buy. I don’t have a remote with built-in MotionPlus. And it’s a nice looking design.

  3. I would like the Wiimote, but I have 2 already as well as 2 Motion Plus Addons and sure only 1 ever gets used.
    Want the cd though so wonder if it’s limited in the sense thatt there are only so many available or limited like Wind Waker with extra disc which I don’t think ever left print.

  4. I like the box art and the mote is cool! Thanks again if I didn’t come to this site I probably wouldn’t be the nintendo freak as I am today

  5. *drools* WANT! The cover artwork looks great, the wii remote plus looks great, the cd looks great… How long is that time period? Is it like two days, or more like a month?

    1. It’s because the majority of people are right handed, and since the sword is based on the controller, kinda has to make link right handed in this one. Someone pointed out on another forum that he was right handed in TP too, likely the same issue. Hopefully HD will make him lefty again.

      1. doesn’t make any, but those true to the series know that every Zelda game that Link is left handed, except TP (Wii) and now Skyward Sword. Its one of those things like you were to change his hat (to like a Mario hat), or using a gun instead of a sword. Link wears his green tunic, boots, sword, and mostly considered left-handed. While not as major as my examples, its the fact that it’s not the typical link.

      1. They won’t, that was confirmed some time ago. Aonuma said they can’t just flip the Link model, they’d have to flip the entire game.

  6. Oh how i wish i had the money to preorder this right now…. But as soon as i get the money its mine. I hope the limited edition bundle isnt gone before then because this is a MUST have

    1. The game itself would be $50 when it comes out, if not more. Ntm, the WiiMotePlus costs $40 so you’re actually spending $20 less than you usually would. YOU can spend $20 more while everyone else can just get the awesome CHEAPER bundle.

  7. i mean why pay 70.00 bucks for the bundle when the wii remote should be free ever think of that nintendo no u did not way to rip off a zelda fan geez all i wanted was the wii remote and the game now i have to buy this crappy bundle how is anyone good with this?

    1. If the WiimotePlus was free, than Nintendo would be losing money. Use some common sense. Ntm, you don’t have to buy the bundle and can just get the WiiMotePlus seperate and the game seperate too.

    2. Why should it be free? It’s not called “Wii Play: Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword”

      1. You don’t have to buy the bundle, you can just buy the game for $49.99 which is also available at every retailer.
      2. Other games have bundles, Goldeneye Wii had a bundle with a gold classic controller pro for an extra $20 above just the game.
      3. I’m happy to spend $20 for a Wii remote plus (gold is always a plus). I had original controllers without the plus, and decided recently to upgrade them.

  8. Only $69.99? That’s dirt cheap considering it’s a custom Wii + controller and not just the add-on. Not to mention the art cover and the CD. I hadn’t pre-ordered the game yet since I was waiting for this announcement. I would pay more if it came with more extra like a mini book or a cloth map and with a premium box or something.

    1. I had to go back and upgrade my Skyward Sword preorder to the new bundle. If you don’t do that you’ll get only the $49.99 game by default.

  9. Nintendo is really liking gold covers this year for Zelda games, at least in America.

    First, OoT 3D’s cover and now this one.

    Not that I’m complaining of course. I love it.

  10. I guess I’ll save Sonic Generations for Christmas or else I’ll have to pay 20 dollars for the Cd on ebay. :P Sorry Sonic…

  11. Awesome! Can’t wait for this! I’m actually hoping the Europeans don’t get this since they’ve become a bit too spoiled lately if you ask me

  12. Dont forget the golden Mario Kart Wii wheel! Will make one lovely complete golden set :D .. any updates from nintendo saying they will be releasing it here to? :)

    1. I take it you’re from Europe? You guys got your Xenoblade and your gold wheel exclusives. Let us States guys get something for once. No, I’m just joking. Anyway, I don’t play Mario Kart. One of two genres I suck at ( the other is fighting). I wouldn’t mind a gold nunchuck though.

  13. This looks so awesome!! Wish I had a Wii soo i could play it. I have a mind to but it keep it on standby and play it when I buy my Wii U. Ah, wishful thinking.

  14. Will this be available for all America country??? I mean… will this be avalaible for México, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, etc… Because I want it!!!

    1. En México estará disponible a partir del 20 de noviembre, las principales tiendas de videojuegos ya lo tienen en preventa y el precio sugerido es de $1500 pesos ($125 dls.) para el paquete que incluye el control.

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  16. Pre-ordered the game and everything at least a month in advance….less than a day from arrival…and the UPS reports that something happened and they discarded the package. I have been looking everywhere for the game with controller and CD. No luck. Usually, legally speaking, as it is a special item, it should be replaced by the guilty party…but apparently that kindness/legality is overlooked. I am sooo frustrated right now. Gamestop is at least refunding the money. Any advice?

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