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Nintendo DS: Professor Layton And The Last Specter Dated With Exclusive Content

Nintendo America has officially announced the release date for the fourth entry in the Professor Layton series. Professor Layton and the Last Spector begins a new trilogy that is a prequel to the original games, set three years before the events in Professor Layton and the Curious Village

As a North American exclusive to the overall Professor Layton and the Last Specter package, a bonus role-playing game called Professor Layton’s London Life containing more than 100 hours of additional content will be available to players from the start of the game. The game launches October 17th.

17 thoughts on “Nintendo DS: Professor Layton And The Last Specter Dated With Exclusive Content”

  1. the mystery series i love is back again :P
    i just recently finished unwound future so now i have something new to look forwar to before skyward sword

    1. It’s still being developed. It will get a Japanese release soon enough, and then we can pray that it will get localized to other regions.

      1. But like you say pray that it happens. Alot of people doubt that it will be released in the West. Man I hope they are wrong.

  2. Wasn’t the London thing already in the game? Even Nintendo Official Magazine in the UK included it in their preview of it last month.

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