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Nintendo 3DS: Full List Of Free NES Games For Nintendo 3DS Revealed

Nintendo Japan has announced the full line up of NES games for Nintendo 3DS ambassadors. We already knew we were getting Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber, Donkey Kong Jr. and Balloon Fight. Now Nintendo has announced the other five as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Wrecking Crew, Yoshi, Metroid, and NES Open Tournament Golf.

105 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Full List Of Free NES Games For Nintendo 3DS Revealed”

  1. Well, I got 2 of the titles I didn’t mind. Mario open golf? Yoshi? Never heard of either of those. Wrecking crew is nice, would have preferred something else though. Zelda 2, sweet! Metroid? Awesome!

    1. Change “buy” to “bought before 8/11” and you’d have these games free. They are going to either add 3D or advanced multiplayer play on them for you to PURCHASE later. With a decent amount of them being single player, not sure muliplayer is an option.

      1. they are not going to ad 3d to these games…they already stated that…they are adding multiplayer wifi…not 3d

    2. No, you had to register your 3DS system before Aug 14th to get the games for free. You can buy the games later on the eshop, though, but just the NES ones, not the GBA games.

    3. no, you have to had bought your 3ds when the price was higher to be considered an “ambassador” theyre giving people who paid 250 for the 3ds free games, and everyone else has to buy em.

      1. False. Plenty of people caught the deal when retailers jumped the gun by lowering the price a few days before August 12, and those buyers are ambassadors. People who paid full price of $250 got their first taste of Nintendo shafting. Was it good for you?

        1. Yes, I didn’t feel shafted at the slightest.

          Do you ever feel shafted when the Wii or PS3 dropped in price? What about those that paid $250 for a Wii and it’s $130 now? Or those that paid $600 for a PS3 and it’s $250 now?

          Price decreases happen. If I wasn’t willing to pay $250 for the 3DS, I would have waited until the price drop.

          The only thing I would feel “shafted” about would be an early redesign.

          1. +1

            I got my 3DS for 250 and my behind has seen no disruptive activity of any kind.

            In addition, I’m looking forward to playing classics I’d never played such as Zelda 2, DK Jr. and Yoshi. I seriously have too many games to play right now for my Wii and 3DS and the list is only gonna keep increasing these next few months X)

            1. It’s not the price drop he’s talking about, it’s the retailers that decided they were going to drop the prices before August 12th to move units–meaning those who jumped got it then for a lower price are Ambassadors along with true Ambassadors who bought the system when it was $250.

              “We got it at $170 AND we got free games! C-c-combo breaker!”

              That is some shafting more so from the retailers than Nintendo itself. Regardless it’s still shafting. If you think of it as “Well at least everyone is getting the 3DS and that’s good for Nintendo and its fans!” then there’s the ointment there.

              …on the list itself: Zelda, Zelda II, Super Mario, Metroid, and Ice Climber. Half ain’t bad…would’ve made it a win with Mother (worth two games to the list) or something random and not Nintendo like River City Ransom, Castlevania, or SKATE OR DIE 2, but its solid.

              1. It is entirely the price point. I don’t feel shafted because a percent of people got the system for 170 and got the games. Kudos to them beating the system.

                I don’t have an entitlement complex where “hey only those that bought the system for 250 deserve the games”.

                As you stated, Nintendo had no part of it, it was a retailer sale. They have sales all the time. Last November I believe the DS was a 80-100 (before the price dropped to 100). Same difference, it’s a temporary retailer sale. This sale just happened to align with Ambassador program. Again, kudos to those that beat the system, I still don’t feel shafted. I could have done the very same thing, but I chose to get the console when I did.

        2. Personally I really enjoyed my 3DS over the summer. I finished Pokemon, TWEWY, 100%’d Pilotwings, Shantae, and Zelda. Only two of those are 3DS-exclusive, but I didn’t get a DS so it was like having two console generations in one.

          And ya I was pissed off some people got it cheaper AND became ambassadors, but retailers sold the consoles at a massive loss in profit; they bought it where $250 was its selling price. Yet they sold it at a loss, which they hoped to make up with software sales. I highly doubt it worked; people had to buy upward of 3 games for them to make up the difference to the retailer, and most people would have bought only one game, if any.

    4. Not if I don’t already own one. These downloads are avaliable only to those who bought a 3DS system before a certain date, which is when the price was much higher.

  2. I guess 6/10 good games isn’t a bad ratio. Never played Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Mario Open Golf, or “Yoshi”.

    Not surprised that the entire list is all Nintendo IPs, majority being well known icons. Wonder if Ice Climber or Balloon dude is going to make a comeback (either 3DS or Wii U)

    1. They’d need permission from other developers and publishers to use their IPs, and most likely pay them as well for selling them, even having them free for a limited time for a significant amount of people. Nintendo would be losing a lot of money there, so it really is no surprise. :P

    2. Why do you assume the 4 games you’ve never played aren’t good? I’ve never played Balloon Fight either, but Ice Climber and NES Open are both great games, and Yoshi is a fun little puzzle game to play if you have a few minutes to kill.

      1. I make that assumption since there’s at least 4 games I’d rather have.

        Replaced with:
        Super Mario 3 (NES version, not a updated remake GBA/SNES version)
        Kid Icarus
        Super Mario 2 (same note from Super Mario 3)
        Super Mario: Lost Levels
        Punch Out!!
        Kirby (I’ve been wanting to try this, and after the GB version, I feel this would be good enough to make the list).

        Based on the “mini-game” versions of Ice Climber and Balloon fight, they don’t seem like they’d get a lot of playing time. Either from a Warioware game or something I thought they had a super basic version that I ‘played’.

        While I know there’s a ton of 3rd party titles I’d even prefer over some of the first party stuff, but I knew realistically those didn’t have a chance.

          1. I’m a very nostalgic player. I still enjoy playing my favorite NES titles from time to time. I recently beat the mario games and Zelda NES games.

            Let me put it this way, I was more willing to get rid of the advance game, and the NES cartridge still works like new. I have it on the Wii VC and play that one more than the cartridge one (as the NES is currently disconnected), but it’s basically the same play just with a different controller.

          1. Thanks, free is free, and I’ll still give the 4 games a shot. Just thought there’d be those games in the official list considering I believe all of those are Nintendo 1st party, and not 2nd or 3rd party (I could be wrong, but I was fairly confident they all were 1st party). There’s probably other 1st party ones I missed that could have made the list.

  3. They should have added “mother” to the list. in my opinion, this game would have been a great reward for people who purchased a 3ds.
    who’s with Me?!

          1. “Mother 1 + 2” was a port for Game Boy Advance that contains the first 2 games in the series. would be excellent to play them. well, I hope they add the “mother 3” on the list

              1. I suggest that we should put pressure on Nintendo
                let’s tweet @NintendoAmerica and @Nintendo
                they MUST know there’s a lot of fans that would like to play a game (or all the games) in the series.

  4. Zelda, Zelda LTTP, Metroid… I don’t care if they are 2D. They are now Portable. Nintendo really F**ked me over with this whole 3DS fiasco, but I officially forgive them and upgrade my status from “super effin pissed” to “disgruntled” :-)

    By the way, Devil Survivor is 80% 2D, yet it is still an amazing 3DS game.

    1. Zelda LTTP hasn’t officially made the list yet…. that’s Zelda 2: Adventures of Link, the second installment on the NES.

    2. I upgraded from “super effin pissed” to “annoyed”. I do need to get Devil Survivor Overclocked. I loved the title on the DS, still need to play the other Shin Megami game on the DS too.

  5. This is actually very disappointing… Where is Kirby, Mario 3, Kid Icarus, punch-out, Final Fantasy, Mother? The only one I am excited for is Metroid… Seriously, I thought Kid Icarus would be a given with Uprising onot the way…

    1. Final Fantasy isn’t 1st party and was never released in the UK on the NES, so that explains that one. Mother was only released in Japan, do you really think they’d give people a story driven game written in Japanese? Because there’s no way they take the time/money to translate it.

      Must admit though, I am disappointed that there is no Kid Icarus. One of my have NES titles.

  6. Meh. I’m not looking forward to NES Open Golf, but there is no possible way for me to complain.
    10 NES games, 10 GBA games, for free, when I got my 3DS for free for my birthday in early April

    1. Oh, and anyone saying that I may not understand how they feel about “losing” 80 bucks, I have a strong scence of empathy and I would not mind, even though thats like, 4 months of allowence (a bit less than 5.00/week) from parents that wont let me get a job.

  7. Nintendo did the ambassador program to compensate for the extra $80 we 3ds owners had to pay. They figure 20 free games is good enough and they would have each game worth $4. But what if we don’t like the games? What if out of all 20 we only like 3 or 4? that is $16/$80 of the money we would getting back. This is nintendo’s was of kindly ripping us off. It would have been much more fair and logical to just deposit the $80 into our accounts so that we can spend them on whatever we like. And don’t forget that the NES games were going to be released anyway so the people that wanted those still would have been able to get them. I am so torn up about this and I have considered bringing nintendo to court about it many times. Never has anything in the video game industry defined the word “bullshit” as much as this does.

    1. Yeah, I’m of a similar mind when it comes to the “rewards”, in that I’m not even sure all their games will actually add up to the amount extra we paid (especially if one doesn’t have a strong nostalgic connection to the NES and would never have bought them, like myself).

      Agreed with Mii, though, taking them to court is the best way to promptly lose the rest of your gains, quickly and efficiently.

    2. If you brought this to court you would be thrown out immediately. Nintendo is not obligated to give you ANYTHING. If they wanted, they could drop the price further and then give the people who bought after the price drop all the free games just to screw with ungrateful folks like you. And you know what? You could do nothing about it. You could not take that to court, despite being even less “fair” to you then this.

      Instead, they are giving you free stuff. Shut up and be grateful.

      1. I almost replied with a similar comment. You hit the points perfectly.

        Nintendo did not have to give anything, nor is anyone entitled for anything due to a price drop. This decision was for customer appreciation, not to “refund” $80.

        1. Actually that is false. The president of nintendo said himself that it was to compensate. I will not be grateful for something that is ripping me off. If i sold you a box of crayons and you opened it and all the crayons were melted together, you be grateful? I know I wouldn’t.

  8. I’m a bit annoyed about the whole ambassador thing. I bought a 3DS at launch and paid £200-£230, whatever it was Game Station was charging. Not long after, figures show that the 3DS sales are struggling and the manager told me that GameStation is sending back half the 3DS systems they got from Nintendo, but Ninety wouldn’t accept the other half back.

    So Game Station lowered the Price to £150. That the price my brother paid for his, and this was before any of the ambassador stuff was brought to our attention, so he’s one too. Where’s my love for preordering the thing and paying a heck of a lot more than everyone else that picked them up at that price.

    Lots of people in the same boat as me, but what can Nintendo do really? Sigh.

  9. Nintendo did the ambassador program to compensate for the extra $80 we 3ds owners had to pay. They figure 20 free games is good enough and they would have each game worth $4. But what if we don’t like the games? What if out of all 20 we only like 3 or 4? that is $16/$80 of the money we would getting back. This is nintendo’s was of kindly ripping us off. It would have been much more fair and logical to just deposit the $80 into our accounts so that we can spend them on whatever we like. And don’t forget that the NES games were going to be released anyway so the people that wanted those still would have been able to get them. I am so torn up about this and I have considered bringing nintendo to court about it many times. Never has anything in the video game industry defined the word “bullshit” as much as this does.

    1. Whoa, chill out man, after all it is just $80.00. Many other companies have done the same thing. Apple has done this on numerous occasions with the Iphone, and weren’t going to give customers anything until there was complaints. It is tough when a company puts a product out that didn’t sale to there expectations. It’s part of the risk of being an early adopter to new technology. The price was going to come down whether it was sooner or later; it just happened to be sooner since sales weren’t that great. Nintendo is still a good company and will continue to put out great games. After the holiday’s you will probably forget all about this when you are able to play all the great titles coming out for the 3ds.

  10. Everyone shut up and take your free games. Nintendo doesn’t have to give anyone a damn thing for free. A nice gesture often goes like pearls before swine. Merry christmas, you red-headed step children.

    1. ^ This. Twice over. Be grateful you get something peoples. Because they haven’t even announced the GBA Games.

        1. They announced those five plus Gba kirby magic mirror.
          Also they announced that one of the 3 donkey kong games will be on there too. And for a GBA game we’re getting YOSHI ISLAND!!! You know how long we’ve asked for that? Now we get it for free!!!

    2. THANK YOU. Nintendo didn’t have to give us the free games peroid, much less 20 of them, especially 10 exclusive GBA games. Big deal if some of the games aren’t the giant titles that we want, we’re getting important titles like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, and I’m sure other big title NES games will come to the Virtual Console soon and we can buy them, and nobody should expect the big 3rd-party titles because Nintendo doesn’t own exclusive rights to them, so shut up and buy them in the shop.

  11. Metroid was the one I was really hoping for! Yush!

    Also, Legend of Zelda II is awesome as well. I’ve only played the original a few times at my grandmas house many years ago, then my cousin (whose game it was, apparently) took it back.

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  14. I was hoping for Super Mario Bros 2 instead of Zelda II but maybe it’ll be included in the free GBA collection, or hey I’ll buy it straight off of the Virtual Console if it will eventually be available.. I have plenty of nostalgic memories that more then compensate for the fact that it’s a reskin of some other game.

  15. Zelda and Zelda II or great!!! I’ve always wanted to play zelda II. It looks very different from the first. Also it’s one of the two most hated zeldas (zelda II and majoras mask) I would love if they made a majoras mask 3ds. That would make me love nintendo forever.

      1. I wouldn’t say “hated” but I guess more commonly ‘disliked’.

        I rank Windwaker at the bottom, and Zelda 2 in the middle. Majora’s Mask is more middle-bottom.

        1. In my opinion majoras mask is the best and if any zelda game needs a 3ds remake. If they could put windwaker up I’d also love that. I never said “I” hated those games, I just said they’re disliked. Which is stupid cuz I love em. No zelda game is terrible. I think nintendo is done with remakes though
          :( They’ve had many remakes already. One totally failed (Rayman 3d) one was AMAZING!!! and im still waiting for another. So my point Nintendo (If your listening, which you aren’t :P) make a MM3DS remake pls?

        2. Here’s my list

          1. OoT
          2. Majora’s Mask
          3. Twilight Princes (NGC)
          4. ALttP
          5. Original
          6. TP (Wii)
          7. Zelda 2

          I only listed the console ones in case your wondering.

    1. Funny how Majora’s Mask is one of the most popular and most loved Zelda games, and yet it’s still thought of as hated. I guess there are a few people who dislike it, and some really hate it, but probably no more than dislike Twilight Princess or Wind Waker. Some people even dislike Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past. The console games seem to get the most emotion from people, and Majora’s Mask may be top in that right–stirring up the strongest opinions amongst Zelda fans, mostly positive with a loud negative here and there. The least hated game would probably be one of the Oracle games, it’s rare you find anyone with strong feelings either way about them. A pity, they were great.

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