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Nintendo: Check Out These Super Awesome Samus Aran Statues

Tokyo Hunter has posted some fantastic models of Zero Suit Samus and Samus standing proud in her Power Suit. I believe the models are currently only available for purchase in Japan but let’s hope someone brings them over to the West. They certainly look like must-have purchases.

29 thoughts on “Nintendo: Check Out These Super Awesome Samus Aran Statues”

    1. If it comes to the west, then I’m certain it will cost more then that. But I’d be surprised if it even did come here.

  1. WOW, those actually look better than the First4Figures Metroid series of figures! I’d more than likely buy those if they were made available over here in the UK. (So far I’ve only been getting Zelda ones)

  2. The New modal from Other M looks so good, and It’s clear they used the very same sleek design here to make this statue. And as for Zero Suit Samus… HAWT

  3. hehe 15pounds? .. if that were true I’d be like a Japanese guy! 1 for show in the box .. 1 for show out of the box and 1 to keep in storage. But I think these will end up on the european market for .. more than a weeks pay

  4. Just to clarify, the Power Suit Samus is a POSEABLE figure, whilst the Zero Suit Samus is a statue. The Zero Suit Samus will be 1/8th scale (so about 6-8 inches tall), and the Power Suit Samus will be shorter than that. It’s likely the Power Suit Samus will be £30-40, and the Zero Suit Samus about £60-80.

    In other words, they may look nice, but be warned, they WILL be quite small. Don’t expect anything as large as the First 4 Figures versions.

    1. PS: I know all this (the above) because I buy a lot of figures and know about the companies making these. You can find out more information by going onto and typing Metroid into the search bar.

      1. Thanks for the info dude! Metroid M is one of my favorite Metroid games. Shame it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. Very underrated game in my opinion.

        Gonna save up for the Zero Suit figure fo sho. Mmmm so fine…err, and I have the Varia suit figure from Prime…yea.

  5. Once AmiAmi, HLJ or Playasia put them up for pre-order I’ll decide. And also will go on the quality. These are promo figures so quality may not be so nice when released

  6. Ahh i freaking love Samus! =D [no homo i promise!] these look great! i wish i could run around in an AWESOME power suit! and maybe hook up with Iron Man while i’m at it. =) haha.

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