Nintendo 3DS: Record 10 Minutes Of 3D Video On Nintendo 3DS With November Firmware Update

Respected Japanese news publication The Nikkei has revealed that Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to take up to ten minutes of 3D video footage and upload them to external sites such as Youtube. Nintendo will reveal more information at its press event which takes place tomorrow.

97 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Record 10 Minutes Of 3D Video On Nintendo 3DS With November Firmware Update”

        1. probably 10 minute long per video. Also do you have a terabyte card or something!? Sites like youtube have 10 minute limits still anyways right?

  1. So if you can upload the videos to youtube i think it might be possible, that they will introduce a way to watch youtube videos on 3DS!

      1. its technologically impossible for the 3ds to project 3ds video form youtube, without the actual video being shot with a 3ds camera, or edited by 3ds software. If nintendo ever makes a program for the 3ds to convert 2d frames of video to 3d…the nintendo would be on top of the world (not that it isnt already)

        1. No it isn’t, all YouTube has to do is made a 3DS mode for the website, and the 3DS would need browser support.
          Besides, 3D videos are already on YouTube, he’s not talking about all videos being 3D just the ones that already are and the ones recorded by the 3DS.

        2. if a phone can upload a video to youtube than i think it would be possible for a 3ds to upload a 3d video. youtube already has a bunch of 3d videos. all nintendo needs to do is talk with google, get some coding done, and get the ball rolling. although i personally think nintendo would build there own social video distributing network or w.e to keep the videos only to 3ds owners. imo.

        3. Turning a 2D video into a 3D one without a human spending ages modifying it is hard, but there are currently 3D videos on youtube and youtube gives you an array of methods to view them. It’d be rather simple for the 3DS to join in with that functionality.

    1. So basically, from the string of arguments in this reply thread, all you need to take away is:

      1) Maybe we’ll be able to watch YouTube vids on the 3DS one day. Yay.
      2) it’s possible for YouTube to (one day) display 3D videos. Yay.

      Nice and happy! :)

            1. No it is not, use your laptop screen and go slightly cross-eyed. The special screen, glasses, etc. are so people can see the 3d images without going cross-eyed. Just putting that out there.

              1. This is correct. There is a way to go cross eyed and focus the difference in the two images into one image you see between the two images, making you see in perfect 3D, if you have both frames of the image/video next to each other, and youtube has a mode for this on their 3D videos. There are sites on the net explaining how to do this.
                Obviously it’s a trick that takes a while to master and is rather hard to maintain and obviously not great for the general public, so generally, of course you would have to use a 3D screen, such as the 3DS’s

    1. I could have been shorter. Don’t complain. Also, we’re getting a video system, so don’t complain about that either.

    2. i actualy enjoy being that guy, but really? a film? i love my 3ds but the camera quality sucks ass and im not expecting great videos coming from it so 10 mins should be ok, plus considering how youtube has that 10 min limit for non youtube partners, i think this is perfect.

      1. Except the time limit was increased to 15 minutes and about a week later time limits were removed altogether.

        Seriously, get with the times, bro.

        1. well excuse me for not uploading videos to youtube in a long time and doing thing that keep me busy enough to not keep up with youtube. either way i stand corrected, but honesty, 10 mins should be enough

    3. I’m sure it’s 10 minutes for a couple of reasons:
      1. Youtube videos are now only 10 minutes or less
      2. The included SD card only has 2 Gigs, Nintendo doesn’t want it filled up super quickly and receive complaints about it.
      3. There is room to update it if needed depending on the popularity.

  2. LOL PSVITA will record hd videos lol the ds shitty vidos in 3d with bad camerassssssss booooo piople wait for th psvita trust me Im a experienced gamer hardcore and nintondo only has zelda and mario and they ar baddddd so wait TRUST MEEEE!!!!11

        1. this made me lol, but seriously dude, you must love nintendo alot to talk about it like this, just like all the kids at school that hate gays with a passion because deep down inside there gays… let that inner gay… i mean Fanboys out!!!

            1. I was gonna buy a Vita but thanks to you, now I’m not. Congratulations, you just put me off Sony completely, for fears of becoming… whatever you are.
              Your attempts at promoting Sony have presented negative results. You failed, embarrassing.

        1. It sucks so much that you are on a Nintendo site?

          Average? So a system that outsold the PS3 is average? A system that outsold the PSP is average? Yeah okay. Vita may have a chance, but we will see come February.

            1. You are so fucking ignorant and pathetic it’s sad. You are a travesty of a gamer and a disgrace to us all. First, Nintendo is the most current and relevant gaming company out there. They have been doing this longer than anybody else and they do it well. They have enough insight and foresight to understand that the future is not just HD and ultra-realistic graphics with more polygons; we are reaching a plateau in that area anyway. What matters is true innovation. Thinking outside of the box. This is how Nintendo has always been. It’s their essential
              philosophy. Without Nintendo, gaming as we know it today would not exist. It might not exist at all. So I say to you, get with the times. Open your eyes, you blind sheep. Also, stop trolling.

              1. As much as i hate people “trolls” bashing a console/handheld on it’s own blog, but telling them they shouldn’t be here is stupid, internet isn’t free so they can do what they want .Just ignore them, they want you to respond to them…

            2. You are using the label incorrectly.

              A gamer is casual or hardcore, the system itself is not. There are (“hardcore”) gamers out there that don’t play the mini-game collections like Wii Sports and play games like Goldeneye and Zelda which are geared at (“hardcore”) gamers.

              I will agree that the vast majority of Wii owners fall into the casual crowd, but that does not include “all”.

    1. First of all, I have a huge hunch this guy’s is being sarcastic. Let’s get that out of the way; if he is the next few sentences will be invalid.

      Now, on to the anti-trolling; first off, the Vita has the same 0.3 MP VGA camera as the 3DS. Same quality. We got that clear?

      Second, the Vita isn’t HD. Not only is the screen quite large (you can actually see the pixels), but it’s not even 720p. So stop using that.

      And finally, if you call yourself a hardcore gamer we can all agree you’re not a hardcore gamer. Not only does hardcore not mean anything, but even if it did a “hardcore” gamer wouldn’t need to prove him/herself to others. That’s just sad. And when someone uses crappy grammar and calls himself hardcore in the same sentence, you can be damn sure he plays Call of Duty.

      1. Applause for Abujaffer. I wasn’t able to retort quite eloquently and incisive as you. And I’m pretty sure he was not being sarcastic. Either way, cheers to you.

    2. Pretty sure you’re just trolling, but because it’s related:

      If you’re going to be viewing the videos on a HD screen, then a HD video is nice, but these are 3D videos and by the time 3D screens are the norm, we’ll be on at least 3DS3 or something.
      Technically, the video quality will be poor probably, but it should be perfectly fine for viewing on the 3DS screen, which is what 99% of users will probably be viewing the videos on.

      Just upping the numbers technological wise isn’t your answer to everything.

  3. LOL trolls, trolls everywhere. Nintendo this year is looking insane! One thing I would love about Nintendo would be Kirby Air ride 2! That would be awesome!
    Cheers Nintendo gamers! :)

    1. Yeah it’s awesome when the trolls turn up, it means that Nintendo is on fire and the foul fiends are feeling threatened.
      Even better is to know that Nintendo is only warming up. They are soon to blaze bright like a warp star and burn them hideous hordes while they quiver in their hidey-holes.

  4. I highly doubt were getting Youtube on the 3DS guys. It will probably be just 2-D video, and it will do the process of uploading through the camera, it won’t do it on the interenet browser.

    1. I hope youtube has a section for videos recorded with 3DS. Being only 3DS will be able to see the 3D. Itd be cool to see other 3DS’ owners vidoes

      1. It would almost HAVE to be 10 per video. That would be really stupid to add a feature that would only let you record 10 minutes and then be done.

        Like I said, that 2 GB card is going to fill up quick. I’m looking to update mine in the near future.

  5. 10 min ain’t bad, who in their mind would want to make movies with the 3DS anyway like a professional. Also this is great news seeing how Nintendo is taking steps to becoming more social

  6. Dude, the trolls from the Vita blog are migrating to this side. They claim Nintendo is crap and all, yet they keep up with Nintendo news, don’t they?

  7. I don’t see why you’d need to record any longer… I mean, my iPod Nano records less and I’ve made movies using multiple snippets of video footage. On another note, the fact that you can upload to YouTube just gives them another reason to have a 3DS YouTube browser! :D

  8. hi there youtube dose not have 10 minute max the longest video is the full e-3 2010 wich is 2:53:54 long thats close too 3 hours thats 3d avatar movie length long

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