Nintendo 3DS: Big Pokemon Surprise Coming At Next Month’s Jump Fiesta Event

The latest issue of Jump reveals that there will be a ‘big Pokémon surprise’ at next month’s Jump Fiesta event. Jump Festa will be held on December 17th and 18th at Makuhari Messe in Japan. Any guesses as to what the Pokémon surprise will be?


99 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Big Pokemon Surprise Coming At Next Month’s Jump Fiesta Event”

    1. i just bought zelda skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
      the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

      1. Jesus Christ, vent your rage on a page which is actually to do with Zelda… And it is a great game, your just playing it wrong…

        1. Oh and if you think it’s more of the same than you probably didn’t enjoy any game that came out this year except maybe Catherine

    1. there are actually rumors there going to be remaking them for the 3DS because there havent been any pokemon games yet and super pokemon rumble doesnt look like the best one…

      1. Dude, of course they’ll make the RS remakes, but probably not yet. I’m guessing Grey will come first before they mention anything regarding RS remakes. And if it isn’t on 3DS then what the hell.

  1. Possibly Grey since the domain was registered but the three obvious answers are, as always:
    *R/S remake
    *New “stadium” game

  2. No doubt this ‘Big Pokémon Surprise’ will be the next game in the DS franchise. Possibly the hybrid for the 5th generation like Platinum was, or could be the 3DS game we’ve been waiting for… I’m guessing Pokémon Neon?

  3. Pokemon r/s remake or Pokemon Grey Version or a brand new Pokemon stadium or Pokemon Snap 64 for 3ds. Hopefully all these for Nintendo 3DS.

  4. We all know it’s gonna be Pokemon Gray. It’s not been even a year since they released Pokemon Black/White so it’s obvious it’s gonna be more of the same with some tweaks and probably in 3D (Hopefully good 3D)

  5. I’m saying it’s either PokePark 2, or Pokemon Gray. It wouldn’t be a Ruby Sapphire Remake, could it? Like What happened with Ruby, Sapphire, then Fire Red, Leaf Green, and then Emerald.

  6. I hope it’s a new Pokémon Stadium, or maybe a new game that goes along with Colliseum or Gale of Darkness….god those games were badass

  7. Well Black and White are barely a year old, so I doubt it will be Gray. Ruby, Sapphire remakes would be more likely I’d say, since they’re having their 10 year aniversary next year.

    1. Yeah, but by the time they announce it and release it in North America, B/W will be almost two years old. I really hope it’s not R/S remakes. Those games were the reason why I stopped playing Pokemon temporarily years ago.

  8. Why 3ds???? Maybe a ultimate full Wii U 3d version o all 5 gen.
    A ultimate adventure with awesome multiplayer modes with a complete stroy, characters including all 928475 pokemons and continents with amazing enviroments character reaction and full hd

  9. Is it too much to want a 3d (not actually 3D) pokemon game? Just like how .. what final fantasy went from 2D to 3D… why is pokemon still functioning on a 2D plane? This game could be e p i c if it was 3D. a;lskdjf;aklfjs

    1. i know right? they hav the technology and the ppl to do it, cuz u c many 3d version of pokemon in games eventho its crappy. I mean they hav the new 3DS pokedex, they can jus use that, or use a crappy verion and edit a bit from the new pokemon rumble(?).
      i hope the new game has some 3d effects if its for the 3DS.

  10. It could be a ruby and sapphire remake, gray version, new ranger game or new stadium game. Personally I hope it’s a stadium game. I hope a ruby and sapphire remake doesn’t get released anytime soon. That way it will be more anticipated but if that were to be the surprise, I would definitely be exited as I adored the ruby and sapphire versions. If it is the gray version I hope they call it Pokemon Chrome.

  11. I think it will either be a Event Pokémon that hasnt been anounced yet or a new pokémon game…i dont think it will be R/S remake..i Think Grey, or a new mistery dungeon…or a completly new game..

  12. I’d love another Colosseum-type game, the slightly darker game with the warren wasteland had a really great atmosphere for a pokemon game.

    Not to mention the Jazzy tracks some areas had.

  13. if its pokemon grey, generation 3 remakes, or a stadium game, then i hope its for the 3ds instead of the ds so it has better graphics and is in 3d

  14. What would they even call the remakes of Ruby & Sapphire? they added tags to Red/Green, and Gold/Silver (Fire, Leaf, Heart, Soul). . .

    Maybe Crimson Ruby and Azure Sapphire? Cobalt Sapphire? (No, Coblat Sapphire doesn’t sound right) . . .

  15. im pretty sure it will be the ruby and saphire remakes since this event takes place in japan and next year ruby and saphire become 10 years old in japan either that or they will make pokemon red/blue/yellow vgold/silver/crystal firered/leafgreen downloadable on the eShop

  16. I’m gonna aim low and realistic and say something like a Ranger game (which I do like) or some sort of non-main series/non-Dungeon game. Like a musical game, pinball, puzzle, farm game. I would love for it to be a main series or Dungeon game, but the fans’ idea of “big surprise” sometimes differ from a company’s.

  17. Pokemon RAINBOW. You can visit all of the places.
    Or at least, that’s what I hoped they’d do since Gold and Silver were like that. That was really fun. :<

  18. Does nobody listen to GameFreak?? They said there were no plans of making a mid generation revamp, “Pokemon Grey.” Why would they spend the money to remake a current generation on a new system? My bets, ok hopes, are on dlc for Rumble or a new Pokemon Stadium style game.

    1. My hopes aren’t on dlc or a Stadium-style game, but these are kinda in the ballpark of what I’m expecting. A new generation Pokemon game or a remake is wishful thinking–I personally want one with all current regions open and the player to have more control in choosing which region they originate…that’s too much like right though–and shooting a little too high.

  19. Well, lets see what we’ve got here. has been registered and in october serebii said something about someone saying a game coming out in spring. I’m thinking perhaps pokemon grey (even though it’s a stupid name and it’s kind of early). An R/S remake perhaps? But then they wouldn’t make Grey after the remakes… Maybe the release date of Pokepark 2 in Europe and America? Or another Dungeon / Ranger game for the 3ds or a Colosseum-ish game for the TV? Or simply a Keldeo etc event even though it doesn’t classify as a BIG SURPRISE. Anybody else agree??

  20. Like some people are saying, it’ll probably be an Event Pokemon. I mean, Japan makes a big deal about everything. I wouldnt be suprised if it was an event pokemon.

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