Here’s The Legend Of Zelda Timeline

Nintendo’s new Legend of Zelda book titled Hyrule Historia has revealed The Legend of Zelda timeline that fans have been struggling to comprehend for years. Kotaku and the Official Nintendo Magazine are confident that this is the official timeline, but Nintendo may decide to say that this isn’t the super secret timeline that they’ve been guarding for all these years. What do you think?

Main Timeline
1. Skyward Sword
2. Minish Cap
3. Four Swords
4. Ocarina Of Time

Split 1: Link defeats Ganon – childhood branch
a) Majora’s Mask
b) Twilight Princess
c) Four Swords Adventures

Split 2: Link defeats Ganon – adult branch
a) Wind Waker
b) Phantom Hourglass
c) Spirit Tracks

Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina Of Time
a) A Link To The Past
b) Oracles
c) Link’s Awakening
d) The Legend Of Zelda
e) The Legend Of Zelda II

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        1. Now when you play any of this:

          a) A Link To The Past
          b) Oracles
          c) Link’s Awakening
          d) The Legend Of Zelda
          e) The Legend Of Zelda II

          Deeper in your heart, you know that Ganondorf killed Link D:

            1. I think it applies to when Link refuses to take part in Zelda’s plan to stop Ganondorf. You how she asks you if would help her retrieve the other two stones and you have the option of saying no. Think about it.

              1. I must say that can’t be possible, because in all those games Ganondorf not appears, only Ganon, then, it means that Link ”failed” AFTER Ganondorf transformed into Ganon at the end of Ocarina, he was indeed killed, because there was no exit at the final battle.

                1. When Zelda asks Link to go get the other two stones, or when the Deku tree asks Link if he has the courage to save him from Gohma.


          1. problem????
            relax it makes sense! as for call of duty storyline being better, never! and skyrim is the only game that can give zelda competition

            1. dude it can’t be a broken time line. THEY invented the freakin’ time line. Therefore every body else is wrong. lol. And a time line is quite important in a serie like Zelda, they wouldn’t just butch it up.

      1. The other funny part is that TEDDERSON THEODORE jizzed on his caps lock button and didn’t finish elementary school grammar. Also get off MNN if you’re going to hate on “Ninty fags” and learn to use “smh” properly in a sentence. But more importantly; good timeline.

      2. It doesn’t make any difference, each game is it’s own just subtly tied to add depth to the series. You are a fool, If you’d bother reading the story…

      3. Please use punctuation. It all looks like a big jumbled mess. Can’t understand it at all. Thank you and have a nice day.

    1. Yeah same here. Well I still dont play zelda. Honestly, cant stand the game, I do love everything else Nintendo has made, before anyone calls me a sony/xbox fanboy

    2. Agreed. I played Ocarina of Time was I was young but did not really understand it. I started being aware when I played wind waked so everything before that is over my head

      1. I like zelda, but I just started playing the series so the timeline might as well be chicken scratch. I dont hate zelda at all, but for the record animal crossing is my favorite nintendo game.

    1. The Zelda series has always seemed to involve split timelines and, technically, every decision you make in the game would have multiple splits. But these are the big ones

        1. The splits ARE caused by the changes. The adult timeline is where Link defeats Ganondorf and then leaves on a new quest when Ganondorf comes back and the gods flood hyrule. The child timeline is where Link returns to the past before Ganondorf invades hyrule and the whole thing is stopped and Link goes on to Majora’s Mask. The third one is either if Link fails or if he declines.

  1. Mind = blown. Wait…………………………Does this mean the end of the series? I thought they wouldn’t reveal it until the series was dine?

      1. Playing through the game, It’d be impossible to fail…. Lets see…..
        Ganondorf takes over Hyrule while you’re in sleep for….7 years?

        Lets see….where could Link have possibly died…

        1. I don’t think it references him dying, I think it references him failing to act. Almost if you didn’t play OOT, the events happened anyways allowing Ganon to succeed, and link just being a child, growing up and still having descendants.

    1. the games take place after OoT. Gannon/(insert evil person) suceeds and thus you have to go in and fix the fact that link did nothing.

        1. Yes, I think split 3 is if Link did not do the events of OOT; like he enjoyed his time in the forest, grew up, etc. It could mean he died; but then how did he have a descendant?

          1. I don’t think all the Links are necessarily descended from each other. I think it’s more that whoever the next hero is inherits Link’s spirit so to speak, which could explain this part of the timeline.

            1. Yes, in Skyward Sword… MAJOR-SPOILER-ALERT (IF YOU HAVEN’T BEAT SKYWARD SWORD DO NOT KEEP READING)… when Demise is killed he says that who posseses the goddess blood and the hero’s spirit are cursed. So Zeldas are descendents of SS Zelda and Links aren’t necessary descendents of any Link. They just have the unbreakable spirit of the hero.

              1. So full of reason man, as you say they do NOT necessarily need to be direct descendants of Link. Only having their soul or stuff like that. If you put that thought in all the games, this timeline makes A LOT of sense.

                Although I did not want to know it. =/

  2. I’m not convinced about the OoT failure possibility, that’s just not very credible… I think all of the games listed there should be distributed in the other 2 branches. WELL That’s MY OPININION, of course this Timeline will create a great debate =O

    1. There’s no point in stating that it’s YOUR OPINION. Unless someone is dumb enough to mistake you for Aonuma him self, or you’re too afraid of hurting the sensibilities of some over sensitive lifeless moron.

        1. I’ts called being over cautelous because the internet is filled with people who can’t see a opinion contrary from their own without freaking out, you anonymous prick.

  3. Wow, that’s incredible. So there are branches of the story for every possible outcome. I like it. Funny that the original Zelda is way down on the list.

    1. Split means it diverges off the main path and enters a separate timeline depending on Link’s actions (or inactions, as the case may be). If you follow each one, it looks like this:

      1. Skyward Sword
      2. Minish Cap
      3. Four Swords
      4. Ocarina Of Time

      [Link defeats Ganon – childhood]
      5) Majora’s Mask
      6) Twilight Princess
      7) Four Swords Adventures

      The second timeline looks like:

      1. Skyward Sword
      2. Minish Cap
      3. Four Swords
      4. Ocarina Of Time

      [Link defeats Ganon – adult]
      5) Wind Waker
      6) Phantom Hourglass
      7) Spirit Tracks

      The third possible timeline:

      1. Skyward Sword
      2. Minish Cap
      3. Four Swords
      4. Ocarina Of Time

      [Link fails to act in Ocarina Of Time]
      5) A Link To The Past
      6) Oracles
      7) Link’s Awakening
      8) The Legend Of Zelda
      9) The Legend Of Zelda II

      The numbers represent chronological order (i.e. this is the order shit happened in during that branch of the timeline). It’s easy to understand, dude. :/

  4. haha The legend of Zelda has always been a confusing series to put together

    and the creator has said many times that link is a exstension of yourself in this world
    Im more inclinded to belive that the timeline is also set differently to each player

    i dont know if there really is any set timeline for the Zelda Series but hey maybe there is

    i personally see more connections for Twilight princess being placed after Skyward sword as the second game in the timeline considering the ending of Skyward sword and the regions and locations of such things like the Master sword in Twilight princess

    there is also the history of shadow warriors wielding forbidden Magic attempting to claim the triforce in Twilight princess but they were sealed away
    to me that sounds like the Demon wars that took place in Skyward swords history
    but hey thats just my opinion nobody has to take it to heart

  5. First off, I’d like to thank Nintendo for killing a chunk of what I was going to be doing with my Christmas break T_T Now, here’s why I personally think this timeline is a “Here’s a timeline (Trollface) no, no, it’s totally the right one!” They just recently said that the entire series is all one universe, that there’s no parallel universes. Not only is there parallel universes, but the took the very first two games and said that they only happen if you died in Ocarina? Really? What if you pwned the crap out of that game? That means the game that started it all didn’t happen, doesn’t it?

  6. So basically what I gathered from this: y’know that time you died in the Shadow Temple or anywhere else in the game? Congratulations: you’ve just created the LttP/Oracle/LoZ/Zelda II timeline

    1. Let me get this straight…split 3 is based off of the theory is dying was a possibility in OoT? After looking at the list over and over again it kind of doesnt make sense

      1. When Link gets a game over he is technically dying. When there’s no Link to stop Ganondorf, Ganondorf takes over and evil is everywhere.

        1. I stated above, it’s as if Navi didn’t come to Link. Link was still born, but it was him not acting to stop Ganondorf. Like if you refused to assist the Deku Tree, it’s as if time goes on and Link just spent his time in the woods, grew up, still had children, etc.

          1. I dont think that that is something that would happen… i mean, Link does have the Triforce of Courage so i dont think he’d wimp out and not help. If he didn’t do anything then would the Link’s who got his spirit do anything? In a Link to the Past he just hears a voice and decides to go see whats up..not even needing anymore motivation.

  7. Maybe a future game will continue from Zelda 2 with Ganon being resurrected again or something. My guess is that at some point his minions will attempt to shatter the Master Sword, I’m calling it now!

  8. This seems a little sketchy. I mean so the only way the very first game in the series ever happened was if Link fails in Ocarina??? I just dont buy it. We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo says

    1. When you get a game over, link dies. In real life you don’t just respawn after death. So say link stayed dead and ganon won. Then those games in timeline 3 took place

        1. I thought the Link’s were not direct descendants? But more of chosen ones selected as the Hero’s by the gods? That’s what I understood, that say, Link from TP is not bloodline related to the one from OoT

            1. The same thing sort of goes for Zelda too. “The prince, stricken with guilt, issued a decree that all females born into the royal household were to be named Zelda in honor of his sister.”

      1. Wow, then there has to be a split time line being created for every single Zelda game! Link dies in SS, Demise reigns and there is another split time line there! Link dies in MM, Majora is never stopped, Termina is destroyed, MM goes along destroying other stuff.

  9. I’m not sure I understand or agree with the placement of the four sword series. Maybe Vaati was the first incarnation of Demise? But what about the backstory of minish cap where it said the hero had no hat and the piccori sword? That wasn’t skyward sword link..

  10. OH! so thats why Ganon invaded the sacred realm in A Link to the Past… cause he failed to defeat him in ocarina…! still i dont understand how hyrule recovered from Ganons intervention, maybe there will be a game that explains this… : / gah! confused!

  11. I knew Minish cap was before. All those theories said it was later.

    As for the splits, I think it makes sense.

    Split 1: Link defeats Ganon, returns to childhood
    Split 2: Same scenario, but time continued after Link left
    Split 3: Seems to be if Link refused to help in OOT. I don’t know about “failing”, more like “failing to prevent” etc. I don’t think that means he died in the process, more that Ganon got what he wanted. Which seems like this is part of the “main” storyline

      1. @ Joseph Urbina
        If you are trying to say that FSA does not follow FS because they have different villains and the references that FSA makes to FS are null then:

        Ocarina of Time = Ganondorf/Ganon
        Majora’s Mask = Majora

        By your logic these two games are not connected.
        If you meant something else please excuse me.

  12. So, what IS the Picori Blade?
    Who was the Hero of Man?
    How did the Picori blade(if it IS the Master sword) get shattered
    Made into the Four sword
    and then made back into the Master sword?

    1. the first two questions are if The picori blade isnt the MS/the sword SS link uses. and if Link WASNT the hero

      Since we’re on this, if the Picori WERE skyloftians, how did they adapt to be tiny?
      And why were they surprised to see a human?

      1. The picori aren’t the people of skyloft, the wind tribe are. The bird that you use as a warp in MC is a baby/ decended loftwing, the people of skyloft later evolve into occocos and develop better technology for TP…
        It all suddenly makes sense!

          1. The picori are a race that live in hyrule but only make one single appearance in MC and the picori blade is the four sword in a previous form as the master sword

  13. DON’T ARGUE WITH THE CREATORS! Split 3 makes PERFECT sense. It’s a “what if” timeline and I think it’s pretty cool! No wonder no one was able to figure it out.

            1. It was translated and put together. The timeline isn’t there all cut and dry. But it goes in an order and reveals the timelines as you read it. The rest needs to be translated.

              1. Okay, but where is the page that was translated?
                If you’re gonna have an article about the timeline being revealed, you should ATLEAST have a screenshot of the page in the book

                    1. Objection.

                      It is clearly typed out that it was revealed in the book, not that it was information gathered from reading.

                    2. The timeline was translated by fan, but that fan did not put up scans of the pages in the book, so WE DON’T KNOW FOR SURE THAT THIS TIMELINE IS THE ONE IN THE BOOK.

    1. I guess there would be a lot of different stories, they just haven’t done any game corresponding to any other split but the one in Ocarina of Time.

      See Nintendo? That’s what happens when you mess with time itself.

    2. I’m very sure that the ‘failure’ timeline doesn’t come to exist due to Link “dying”, but rather because in OoT, Link had the choice of meeting the Great Deku Tree. Once Link “saved” the Deku Tree, he had more motivation to leave the Kokiri Woods and meet Zelda — that’s how OoT technically began. Link could have simply ignored Navi, or managed to get lost in Hyrule Field; Link even may not have listened to Zelda’s plea. The point here is that Link technically did not have a reason to leave the Woods, let alone go on a journey, because he wouldn’t have known Zelda’s significance to Hyrule or the danger that she was in. In every other Zelda game, Link is either forced into a journey, or he’s following his main human instinct to live comfortably, which would not be possible if someone as important as Zelda (or himself) is in peril.

  14. When they say “Link fails” it could also mean that he fails as a child. So he didn’t get the master sword and ganon didn’t his part of the triforce. Without the triforce ganon could have been defeated by someone else.

    1. (comment attempt 4)
      Ganondorf already HAD black magic, so no normal person would’ve been able to defeat him
      2nd, he stopped at nothing to get the jewels, killing the Great D. Tree(and eventually, the Kokiri), and (would’ve) killed the Gorons and Zoras.

      Then, after having the 3 jewels, what next than to attack the Castle.

  15. Doesn’t the King of Red Lions say before the Tower of the Gods that the Hero became separated from his world or something like that? I always thought that meant Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker were in the same timeline.

    1. Link wasn’t “The Hero Of Time” until the Adult timeline. When he was sent back at the end of OoT he was separated from that world (timeline).

        1. So we have a missing Link, what happened to him?

          What I’m saying, is, if the Link from the beginning of WW IS OoT Link, and WW “takes place after adult OoT”
          Where did he go that Ganon had enough time to take over?
          Did he return from Termina as a kid and then after years, went back to see Skull Kid? and then dying and turning into a stalfos, “The Hero’s Shade” and teaching TP Link?

          1. If u watch the beginning of WW, it mentions the hero of time beating ganon and sealing him away. Then canons power sunk hyrule bc link never returned. At least thats how I interpreted it.

                1. . . .
                  . . . . .
                  Okay, yes, I know that, but I’m talking about the ADULT timeline, which WW takes place in.

                  Meaning it’s the continuing if Link was still in the future after defeating Ganondorf.

                  1. No, it’s the continuing of the future RIGHT AFTER he was sent back as a child. Meaning from then on, there was no Link in that timeline. However time still went on. If you’re still confused, think about it. Did you ever see two Adult Links? No, because the timeline didn’t split until after he was sent back at the end of OoT. However, that split means that if he grew up again, it would be in an alternate timeline, NOT the one where he defeated Ganon.

              1. Technicallyaadult link in OoT didnt exsist bc ganon was defeated and the MS was sealed again. Link then left hyrule which is why he never heard the prayers

    1. Skyward Sword spoilers?
      What Skyward Sword spoilers? Like how the Skyward Sword is actually a prepubescent Master Sword? Or how Groose comes to help you throughout the game? Or how it turns out the Old Lady is actually Impa? Or how Demise explains the existence of Ganondorf?



        I’m a noob. I began playing on launch day, and I still can’t find the five keys to the Fire Temple (but I’ve been playing Mario 3D Land and Kart 7…)

    2. Jerk?


      Spoilers is more like what Bob said

  16. I used to believe that Minish Cap and the Four Swords were some sort of spin off, not a part of the main timeline. Minish Cap makes little sense after Skyward Sword. Four Swords Adventures makes less sense! It would be perfect WITHOUT those games. GAH! I’ve been debating this thing for a couple of years. MINISH CAP MAKES NO SENSE THERE~

    1. Zelda’s the princess (in most cases), and she’s as important to the story as Link is. She’s not an everyday-damsel-in-distress like Peach. She takes care of half of the work to save the world and Link takes care of the other half.

      Besides, Link’s name is rename-able in the games.

    1. Because, when Link returns to his own time, he warns Zelda and the King about Ganondorf’s upcomng attack. So, instead of gaining access to the Sacred Realm like the Adult Timeline, Ganondorf’s attack fails and he’s sentenced to death in Arbiter’s Grounds, which leads to TP.

  17. Anyone agrees that they should make an OoT remake where you can finish the game as an adult defeating Ganondorf in the future, or defeat Ganondorf as a child?

  18. I think they’re setting up a game to connect all three splits (this “tri-split” to to speak), and bring it all together for one timeline in Legend of Zelda Wii U.

  19. This timeline is not from nintendo like some of you think and I’m pretty sure that someone at nintendo stated that the Zelda series had one single timeline.

      1. I wouldn’t say that it’s officially from Nintendo until scans appear of the Japanese book or until it’s localized elsewhere.

        A fan claimed he translated the timeline and uploaded it on the Internet. However, he never uploaded any scans from the book, so for all we know, he could’ve made it up. Until somebody scans the book and uploads it, we won’t know for sure if this is the same timeline in the book.

  20. I didn’t really play LOZ as a kid, bit i’m really getting into it now. I want to play all of these games so I can understand what’s going on

  21. I didn’t really play LOZ as a kid but now i’m starting to really get into it, I want to play all of these games now so I can know what’s going on

    1. Play it from this order, then, bless your soul, you wont be confused and if this is real, you wont be confused and asking questions at all

  22. so…. In Skyward sword link makes the master sword and all the people in skyloft come sown to live on the surface. Then later vati comes and breaks the master sword and link seeks the help of the picori (are they also descended from Skyloft?) then, next game, there is no master sword, instead a sword called the four sword. then in OoT the master sword is back and the four sword has disappeared (how????) the down the childhood branch, link has some adventures in termina, defeats gannondorf again and then the four sword is back and master sword has disappeared (how????????????????????)

    the four sword and the master sowrd are clearly not the same thing and yet they seem to swap switch whenever they please with no real explanation Can someone help explain it to me please?

    1. mmm, i think its more like they are 2 swords existing at once, lets say there’s the master sword sleeping in the temple, and lets say theres the four sword in another place sealed too, so the two swords exist at the same time, in different cases/rebirths, one of the 2 swords should be used, its not like the 2 swords are the same, its more like they are 2 different swords



    1. wow you are so right, lol @ this timeline. what if i didnt want to help in SS. what if are not true to any series. it is more of an idea than an answere, but ya your defintley the smartest kid on here to figure that out; no help in SS = no zelda’s

      1. The timeline could split if you fail in any other game, but it simply doesn’t lead to another game like OoT.

        Besides, I remember in the beginning of OoT, you were able to refuse to help the Great Deku Tree.

      2. But in SS Links and Zelda are in love, so I don’t think “Not helping” is a viable option. Great, Miyamoto found a way to ensure the existence of the following games. Or so I think.

        1. ya but you could not help her in SS and go no where and do nothing!!
          and the same with the deku tree and zelda in’dnt be able to do anything in the game but remain a kid…… my theory is there’s 3 pieces of the tri force…3 for each zelda, gannon, and link….. zelda,gannon, and link represent the pieces.. zelda sends link back in time in OOT and that giving each a alternate timeline….

  24. Wow, I realized I haven’t played a lot of Zelda games. Anyways, I wonder where are the Zelda WiiU and 3DS going to fit in the story…

  25. when you get the hylian shield from the dragon it says its a shield from ancient times, so it doesnt make sense to me how Skyward sword comes first. I mean in OoT you could buy the shields on the bazaar!! as many as you wanted… im just saying!

    1. Skyward Sword definitely takes place before OoT as there is no kingdom of Hyrule established on the surface. My guess is the Hylian Shield has a lore that has yet to have its true origins explored.

        1. Yes, Hylia is the name of the Goddess so heavily referenced in Skyward Sword. The Goddess Sword is also a reference to her. The Hylian Shield, The Hylian race and Lake Hylia are all named after that Goddess. It’s possible for the shield to have that name before the establishment of Hyrule.


          Isn’t the goddess herself called Hylia? So perhaps the Hylian shield is enhanced by her blessing or something?

    2. Maybe he just means the goddess gave the shield to him ages ago, before she became mortal, so he can pass it on to the chosen hero when he goes looking for the part of the song.

    1. Ps: NINTENDO POWER is publishes by Future US, it use to be pubished by nintendo, but not anymore, future US also publishes the xbox mag along with many others.

  26. Okay so with Split 3 being what happens should Link fail in OoT, does that mean each of those games are noncanon to the series? I understand having an adult timeline and a child timeline, but both of those timelines can happen simultaneously as they are the result if Ganon being defeated at the end of OoT, but Split 3 can’t happen with a defeated Ganon so, are they implying that those games aren’t canon or is the Zelda timeline going to work like the Marvel Universe in that there are multiple alternate realities?

      1. As it was stated before, Link was forced.
        He had more of a choice in Ocarina of Time, he was in a comfortable enviroment.
        In Skyward Sword, his childhood friend went missing in that tornado and he wanted her back. It’s evident if you played it and watched all the cutscenes.

        1. i have ss…and as of right now im not going to get the last tri force piece and just go back to my comfy environment skyloft and not rescue her!!!!

    1. Every time link goes back in time in OoT he creates a new time line. In the the story he goes back the first time to help his future self complete the spirit temple (creating 2 universes) , after doing the child bit in the spirit temple he then get captured and killed/defeated by gannondorf. meanwhile in the future link defeats gannondorf before travelling back in time and warning zelda about gannondorf thus making three parallel universes which exist at the same time.

  27. I think what people seem to be forgetting while debating “Missing Information” in the timeline is that Nintendo has no plans to stop making games. This timeline is very open and ripe for them to create and place stories anywhere. One could easily make a story in between SS and Minish Cap to explain the Picori, or show how split three came to be, etc. There’s no point in arguing anything, especially if this timeline is true from the creators. We’re missing information.

    On a side note, it makes perfect sense to me.

  28. I think I might have this figured out now. We know how the Adult Timeline came to be, but we possibily have TWO Child timelines now.

    Think about it. At first, Link gathers the spiritual stones and then returns to the castle. Ganondorf attacks the castle and Zelda flees. Zelda tosses the Ocarina of Time to Link and he gets the Master Sword, allowing Ganondorf access to the Sacred Realm.

    However, when Adult Zelda sends Adult Link back to the past at the end of the game, he is NOT sent back to the exact point where he grabbed the Master Sword. Instead, he’s sent back to before the attack (possibly to when he first met Zelda). That timeline leads to Ganondorf’s capture and leads into MM and TP.

    We always called them the Child and Adult timelines until now. Maybe now, we should have the Old Child, New Child, and Adult timelines now.

    Make sense to anyone? I hope I got this.

    1. Yep, makes sense. Just like other guy said, your “Old Child” timeline would be if Link doesn’t gather the stones, doesn’t do anything to stop Ganondorf, and the split 3 occurs, right?

      1. Um, not quite.

        It’s something I read on another website. Suppsedly, the third split occurs when Link first gets the Master Sword, but DOES NOT appear 7 years later.

        I think the fact that he was returned to the time before Ganondorf’s attack in the past split the 2 child timelines. The “Old Child” line would be the old one where Link disappeared after Ganondorf’s attack on the castle.

    2. This makes more sense to me….

      Every time link goes back in time in OoT he creates a new time line. In the the story he goes back the first time to help his future self complete the spirit temple (creating 2 universes) , after doing the child bit in the spirit temple he then get captured and killed/defeated by gannondorf. meanwhile in the future link defeats gannondorf before travelling back in time and warning zelda about gannondorf thus making three parallel universes which exist at the same time.

  29. I Don’t want to believe this… I don’t want to and I’m not going to. the idea of 3 split timelines absolutely confounds me and I don’t believe that this is the 100% true timeline. I will continue to believe in only 2 split timelines
    that’s my basic Timeline. It mainly goes over the Major console titles because I haven’t truely played any other portable titles

  30. I don’t understand why Four Swords is where it is, but if this is the actual timeline I don’t think ANYONE has seriously considered a triple split. Everyone talks about the adult and child timeline, not the child, adult success, and adult failure timelines

  31. I was joking around with a friend a few years ago that there were three splits in the timeline, so I think this is pretty funny.

    It could probably make sense if you believe in the idea of a “Multiverse” where each branch takes place in equal, but different universes. Moving forward and backward in time in OoT could be the explanation this as it could have messed up the space time continuum or something like that.

  32. Split three makes more sense than you think. In OoT Ganondorf infiltrated the Sacred Realm. In Link to the Past it speaks of him entering the sacred realm and turning it into the Dark World, and he tries to conquer the light world too. I would reckon that Link to the Past doesn’t take place too long after OoT does.

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  34. The third timeline split makes sense. Take it like this, the third timeline is when link doesnt save hyrule in Oot. Then the first game in the 3rd timeline is link to the past. If you watch the opening of link to the past… youll see that link is not mentioned and that evil (ganon) leaks through and takes over. It also shows that Lttp link is probably not a descendant of oot link because its just some random guy saving zelda. I do believe that all the links are connected somehow though.

  35. 1. YES! I do a 3-Pronged timeline, too. ^_^. If this is indeed a part of thr confidential line, I’m happy to have been right about this. That brings me to…

    2. I still doubt we’re looking at the entire document, if this is their timeline at all.

    3. My one issue is the placement of 4SA and the Oracle games. The former requires Ganon to be alive, but Oracles proves he can be revived. However, Oracles requires the Twinrova sisters to be alive. Ganon could revive them if he wanted to, but they’re the ones ressurecting Ganon. For this reason, the Oracle games go in line A. As for FSA, he has to be resurrected prior to that game, it takes place before LttP and he’s freed from the 4-Sword before then or there’s a split in the line between LttP/LA and 4SA.

      1. I do believe another Ganon does pop up eventually (like you said, in 100 years), but the Twinrova and “stored in the 4-Sword” issues are still there. It has to be asked if the Trident Ganon gets in 4SA is one passed between Ganons or one of many tridents. If it’s one (which I believe), that means 4SA must occur either before LttP or in a split w/ Lttp/LA.

        1. It is my belief, and many will go against it, that the trident is how Ganondorf originally transforms into Ganon. This being said would place 4SA earlier in the timeline though, so my theory is flawed. But it is something to think about.

          1. I do find fault in 4SA happening prior to OoT due to the fact that Ganondorf’s banishment to the Dark World occurs in that game and that’s where Ganon is in 4SA.

            That said, there might be some merit to the trident giving Ganondorf an easier method to transform into Ganon. The triforces being joined was the manner of transformation seen in Ocarina of Time, but that may not always happen. I’ll assume that having the trident allows him to stay in his Ganon form without the need of the entire golden power. This would certainly explain the lack of Ganons in a Ganondorf form later, being able to transform earlier when in possession of the trident.

            This hadn’t actually occurred to me, so thanks for pointing it out.

            1. One other bit from my prior theory is that the triforce resides within Zelda as the power of light in the Minish Cap. This is also flawed but it is not thoroughly explained what happens to the triforce through the timeline.

              1. As far as I understand it, the triforce physically remains in the Sacred Realm until it was disturbed in OoT by Ganondorf. While I’ll agree its power was channeled as “The Power of Light”* through Zelda, I doubt she held the actual triforce at that point.

                * This made me start singing “The Power of Love.” Great, now I have to watch Back to the Future again.

                1. You’re welcome. One last thing on my research, the land in spirit tracks is to the north of the flooded Hyrule. In the far distance off the shore in the south eastern part of the map, you can see the mother child islands.

                  1. That leads into one aspect of Lancun’s research I like a lot: Since the first Zelda takes place in the ruins of Hyrule and Zelda II happens in the land north of that, Spirit Tracks would certainly lead up to that.

                    To make it possible for the other two lines, I actually invented some event where Ganon is destroying Hyrule in a manner similar to Wind Waker. Rather than have the land be flooded like in the Wind Waker line, though, Link shows up to defeat him, causing the goddesses to cease their plan B protocol. As a result, we still get the ruins of Hyrule in the other two paths.

    1. I don’t intend on extending this comment any more, but I have to mention Tingle. The way this line is set, MM isn’t in it. The Link Tingle in Wind Waker describes is the child version of the Hero of Time. W/O MM, the only way to make sense of that is if Tingle has the ability to hop between dimensions at will. He’d basically be the LoZ Pinkie Pie then.

  36. I think the 3rd split applies to when Link refuses to take part in Zelda’s plan to stop Ganondorf. You how she asks you if would help her retrieve the other two stones and you have the option of saying no. Think about it.

  37. I’m very sure that the ‘failure’ timeline doesn’t come to exist due to Link “dying”, but rather because in OoT, Link had the choice of meeting the Great Deku Tree. Once Link “saved” the Deku Tree, he had more motivation to leave the Kokiri Woods and meet Zelda — that’s how OoT technically began. Link could have simply ignored Navi, or managed to get lost in Hyrule Field; Link even may not have listened to Zelda’s plea. The point here is that Link technically did not have a reason to leave the Woods, let alone go on a journey, because he didn’t know Zelda’s significance to Hyrule or the danger that she was in. In every other Zelda game, Link is either forced into a journey, or he’s following his main human instinct to live comfortably, which would not be possible if someone as important as Zelda (or himself) is in peril.

  38. So I guess even though Link fails in OoT – based on the LttP backstory – Ganondorf still gets sealed in the Sacred Realm. After that he turns it into the Dark World and the events of LttP happen. Excuse me if something doesn’t make sense, I need to replay LttP, it’s been like 5 years.

    1. This is why I felt a separate explanation for this line of events was unnecessary, since it’s already a parallel reality anyway. The two aren’t coexisting within the same structure, so there’s no need for some alternate event.

  39. Hey guys..It all makes sense to me except for one thing. maybe I’m thinking too hard or forgot something?

    How can child link defeat Ganon in ToOT? aka the 1st branch…I don’t get it…The only way you can defeat ganon int that game is by being an adult? Is it just another WHAT IF? Im so confused

    1. I have yet to finish Ocarina (playing it on my 3DS) so i dont know if its possible to kill him with child link, but it might be if like after you defeat Ganon, he puts the sword back in the temple? aka. he is a kid, and goes on to live out his full life, rather than choosing to miss 7 years?

      What i dont get is why the time-split would lead to 2 alternatives? why do split 1 and 2 rely on him being a different age, i though Wind Waker fits after TP, because of that guy at Lake Hylia who references a “great flood”?

      1. also any one else noticed how Ocarina of Time (considered the hallmark game of the whole series) is like the “be all and end all” of the timeline? all the splits come from Ocarina :P

        i see what you did their shigeru :P

    2. Young Link doesn’t kill the future Ganon, he alerts the Hyrule Royalty of Ganondorf’s treacherous plan. He is put in the custody of the sages, because apparently the royal family can communicate directly with them, and the sages attempt to execute him but fail. He’s then banished to the Twilight Realm, setting Twilight Princess into motion. Meanwhile, Young Link goes to Termina for the events of Majora’s Mask.

  40. This must have somehow come from 4chan.
    There is no other explanation, this is too contradictory and outlandishly stupid.
    Even if it came from the creators themselves I would deny it.

    1. Congratulations, you’ve proven you consider yourself above the creators. Please, elaborate on how it doesn’t make sense. With the sole exception of the Four Swords trilogy of games I see no fault with this timeline

    History of Hyrule
    ~Finally Revealed, The Genealogy of the Legend~
    The Timeline of Hyrule, Kingdom of the Gods………………………..68
    The Legend of Gods and the Hero of Time……………………………….70
    The Downfall of Hyrule and the last Hero……………………………..92
    The Twilight Realm and the Hero’s Descendant…………………… 110
    The Hero of Wind and the New World…………………………………..122


    “Main Timeline
    1. Skyward Sword
    2. Minish Cap
    3. Four Swords
    4. Ocarina Of Time

    Split 1: Link defeats Ganon – childhood branch
    a) Majora’s Mask
    b) Twilight Princess
    c) Four Swords Adventures

    Split 2: Link defeats Ganon – adult branch
    a) Wind Waker
    b) Phantom Hourglass
    c) Spirit Tracks

    Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina Of Time
    a) A Link To The Past
    b) Oracles
    c) Link’s Awakening
    d) The Legend Of Zelda
    e) The Legend Of Zelda II



    1. The Legend of Gods and the Hero of Time……………………………….70
      The Downfall of Hyrule and the last Hero……………………………..92
      The Twilight Realm and the Hero’s Descendant…………………… 110
      The Hero of Wind and the New World…………………………………..122


      someone was probably like THE DOWNFALL OF HYRULE???? that must mean link dosent help and leads to gannon rise

      LAMO @ U

    2. I find it amussing how you thing you know the timeline better than the creators. BTW SS Link IS IN LOVE with Zelda so he was obviously going to save her ITS EVEN EXPLAINED LATER IN THE GAME. as for him failing in OoT its refering to the fact that zelda gives you the option to help her get the stone when you first met her.

      1. who r u??? LAMO @ U..JAKE…but anyways…you sound pretty retarded

        link has a choice in OOT..but if u want to actually play the game then you have to say yes….

        link has a the same choice in SS….you dont have to save her..EVEN IF YOUR IN LOVE..but you wont get anywhere in the game…..that is the CHOICE thing…every game has the same choice…..HOW MANY HAVE SAID NO IN OOT>>AND WHAT HAPPENS??? NOTHING but link walking around hyrule… SO YOU CAN ANYTHING ABOUT CHOICE IN ANY GAME

        1. Dude YOU ARE sounding like a retard, in SS you dont get a choice Link directly goes to save Zelda he gets the goddess sword and begins the adventure. You should play the game first before saying shit BTW try and fix your caps lock button.

  42. So Link defeats Ganon at the end of Ocarina and he’s sealed in the Sacred Realm. Then Zelda sends Link back to being a kid, which creates the original alternate timeline that everyone already assumed had existed. So now, in Zelda’s timeline, there is no more Link, which means nobody’s there to stop Ganon when he inevitably returns. Instead, the King of Hyrule has to resort to flooding the Kingdom and destroying it, setting the scene for Wind Waker to happen however many years later. Then Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks happen, whatever I haven’t played those. So that’s Ocarina Zelda’s timeline, right?

    Which leaves Ocarina Link’s timeline, which everyone else has thought up too. After having his childhood restored (creating his own timeline) he, what, tells Zelda about Ganondorf or something and they’re able to stop his plans before it’s too late? I don’t understand how exactly this happens, if Princess Zelda couldn’t do it by herself in the original timeline, I don’t know how some kid from the forest is going to convince the court that Ganondorf’s a bad dude. But whatever that doesn’t really matter. So then Ocarina Link goes to Termina and Majora happens etc. etc.

    But now there’s a third timeline stemming off from Ocarina?? Let’s call this one Ocarina Ganondorf’s. In this one, Link either dies or doesn’t take action at all? He does have plenty of opportunities to give up his quest after all, think of all the times the Great Deku Tree and Zelda herself asked “WILL YOU DO THIS” or something along those lines. Aaaaaanyways, so Link’s out of the picture and Ocarina Ganondorf is able to carry out his plan unobstructed. So what happens next?

    I mean, Ocarina Ganondorf isn’t in control of Hyrule come Link to the Past, he’s sealed in the Sacred Realm / Dark World. How’d he get there? Without Link, was Zelda still able to find a way to defeat him and seal him away? Did he make his way there by himself in search of the Triforce, only to find himself trapped? Who really is Agahnim and how did he wind up as the dude Ganon tasks with bringing him back to Hyrule??

    Ergh, or, okay, maybe in Ocarina Ganondorf’s timeline, Zelda doesn’t even REALIZE Ganondorf’s up to no good. Maybe Ganondorf is able to take over Hyrule and control it from the shadows, using Agahnim as a puppet to control the King while Ganondorf makes his way into the sacred realm. Jesus this is confusing. Definitely some unanswered questions about how Ocarina transitions into Past. Thoughts everyone??????

    1. I could see that… skyward starts it all of…but comes to an end in ocrina…..but im not into the whole FAILING thing…Who knows how deep Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma want to take this time travel ” thing”.. There are many theroies of time travel and shifts.. but it makes sense that after Zelda sent back Link, she altered TIME..and giving Link, Zelda and Gannon there own path… leading to there own chapters…. SO ITS LIKE A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE BOOK
      b) Twilight Princess
      c) Four Swords Adventures

      b) Phantom Hourglass THE KING FLOOD THE LAND
      c) Spirit Tracks

      c) Link’s Awakening
      d) The Legend Of Zelda
      e) The Legend Of Zelda II




    2. Remember how in Majora’s Mask they show Link warning Zelda about Ganondorf? And how she gave him the Ocarina of Time once more? I’m guessing this is a “Goodbye, I’ll remember you forever because I’ll be dead” kind of gift, and I’m also guessing this is the failure, because Hyrule had no hero to stop Ganondorf this time. He went to Termina to look for Navi. A lot of people think that Zelda (After being told that Ganon would rise) went to tell the king about it and that he punished Ganondorf. Why would the king believe Zelda just because another little kid said it? And how the hell would they stop him without the hero? Doesn’t make sense. So I think Link’s mistake was running off to Termina.

      1. Oh, here’s another one. In LttP they said Ganon was sealed. So by failure, they could mean Link failed to seal him PERMANENTLY, because he was obviously able to break the seal. I kind of like my earlier theory better, but until they give us more info it’s all an opinion.

  43. EVERYONE SAYING THIS IS FROM NINTENDO! Nintendo said themselves that Skyward sword is the game before Ocarina of time. And by before they mean that Skyward sword happens, then Ocarina of time happens. Minish cap CAN’T be before ocarina of time considering there is no master sword in minish cap. Those who think minish cap is where he got his hat are idiots. He got the hat in Skyward sword along with the rest of the outfit, which originally was a knight uniform but soon became a symbol for the hero of time. Link becomes the hero of time in Skyward Sword because(POSSIBLE SPOILER!) Link travels through time to help zelda and complete other events. So no, unless an actual confirmation from Anouma himself, or at least some sort of proof this is accurate; this is just another theory. Thank you and happy gaming!

      1. But if skyward sword comes first & since there IS a master sword in it; Minish cap can’t come afterwards considering there is no master sword at all in Minish cap. But in Ocarina of time there is. Does anyone see what I mean here?

    1. Actually, the lack of a disturbed triforce is exactly why Minish Cap can happen prior to OoT. Since there’s no Master Sword to worry about and the villain is Vaati, there’s nothing stopping it from being here. Furthermore, having some years to build up the Hyrule royal lineage doesn’t hurt either, and this game would provide exactly that.

      I’ll admit I didn’t read the spoiler part because I’m not done with Skyward Sword yet, so if that did cancel any potential for anything I just said then okay. There’s nothing stopping this game from occuring between OoT and TP/LttP/WW. Sure the events of 4-Swords would be cut short due to certain events, but that wouldn’t stop Minish Cap from happening. It’s a very flexible game.

      Along with the fallacy in the “Link got his hat” argument, there’s also the fallacy in the “all the monsters came from this game” argument. The monsters were imprisoned there in the first place, so they ravaged the land before they were released again.

      1. I see. Well that makes sense, but I think that monsters were existing before minish cap considering there are monsters in Skyward Sword which is undoubtedly first in the timeline. Still, I think that a confirmation from Anouma would be the best thing here, or a scan from the magazine showing that the translator didn’t mess up you know?

        1. Thanks for agreeing about the monsters. If they were sealed in the first place, they had to exist before (Skyward Sword, like you said).

          It’s been awkward arguing all these years about Minish Cap not being automatically prior to OoT yet still arguing for the possibility. :P

  44. this is utter fail there is no what if.. in the opening they clearly say the the hero of time AKA LINK. defeated ganon/ganondorf, THEN left on an adventure AKA Majora’s mask..

      1. and then what happens??? you can do anything in the game

        what happens in SS if you leave zelda and dont go looking for her..EVEN IF LINK LOVES HER??? ….

        What IF…is not true….the book just says hyrule timeline page 67
        and its only on one page…so how much info is on one page…not all this read my post above this

        1. Thats exactly what the “split 3″ means you say no and you can do anything you wanted but ganondorf still tries to attack and fails because he gets sealed by the sages, again in SS link had no choice he went directly to save zelda after getting the sword. You should play the game before saying stuff dude.


  45. im still angry that nintendo forgets the small things that can make the timeline fuck up. like how there are moblins in MC and SS but Moblins werent around until Ganon came to power cause Moblins are Ganon’s creation.

  46. It’s already wrong. The oracle games are based on the split where link defeats gannon, why else would the witches be reserecting him, and that’s coming from a casual gamer, I haven’t even played all the games

      1. He also dies, albeit in Ganondorf form, in Twilight Princess at a parallel point to LttP. Given that LttP is based on the “future” reality, the fact that the Twinrova sisters are dead means they can’t bring him back in that line of events. Maybe someone else does in the future, though the next Gerudo King would already be around anyhow so an additional Ganon would only complicate things.

        On the TP end, though, they’re in the clear. Aghanim gets possessed, and the whole Oracle story is underway.

  47. This timeline doesn’t work properly, there’s nothing to suggest that when you die in any of the games it means a different timeline, because if it did they’d have something put in it

    besides, the whole “timeline theory” is a bit fucked to begin with, seeing as only a couple of games work with it (i.e. ss, oot, mm, ww, ph) plus all the landscapes are completely different to each other which doesn’t really work unless each game is in a different area, different universe, or 100,000 years apart… either that or all the people in the games decide to change the landscape to better suit their environment lol… so yeah plot flaws much?

    1. I think a lot of that is chalked up to the fact this is a “legend” we’re talking about. This isn’t textbook history we’re dealing with here, so there’s bound to be a few inconsistancies with things like geography and the appearance of Ganon.

  48. It makes more sense if you think of it like this:

    Timeline 1: Young Link Pulls the master sword and leaves his timeline. Link is gone and this timeline continues on to the events of LTTP and the other 2D zelda games. (Also what happens if Link “failed” and died or something, same thing as him leaving the timeline)

    Timeline 2: After defeating Ganon, zelda sends link back to his childhood. Ganon is sealed and the adult timeline is now also without a Link. Ganon escapes, Goddess floods the world, WW occurs. PH/ST follow later.

    Timeline 3: After defeating Ganon, young Link returns to the past. He warns the people of Hyrule with Zelda “Yo man with the evil eyes is bad news” and Ganon gets sealed by the sages. Link then leaves Hyrule for termina and the events of MM. TP takes place years later in this timeline.

    1. Basically don’t think of the third branch as if he died; think of it as the timeline continuing on after Link traveled to the future. When Link returns to the past, he returns to a different one than the one he left.

  49. you are wrong because in minish cap they reforced the master sword to the four sword so how in twilight princes he have the master sword or in the ocarina of time please said me that, this timline is wrong

    1. You got that from OcarinaHero10. That was a misguided notion of his, as Lancun will tell you. The Picori Blade and the Four Sword are two entirely different blades.



    Ocarina Of Time


    Split 1:
    a) Majora’s Mask
    b) Twilight Princess
    c) Four Swords Adventures


    Split 2:
    a) Wind Waker
    b) Phantom Hourglass
    c) Spirit Tracks

    Split 3:
    a) A Link To The Past
    b) Oracles
    c) Link’s Awakening
    d) The Legend Of Zelda
    e) The Legend Of Zelda II

    But when the LEGEND OF ZELDA ( nes ) was made i dont think they had all this aligned…even after WW. I think it’s was more of an idea that had to be made…EVEN IF THAT NINTENDO POST IS TRUE..THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LITTLE THINGS THAT DOSENT MAKE SENSE…WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH OF TIME TRAVELING GOES INTO THIS…THERE’S ALOT OF SCIENCE IN TIME TRAVELING/SHIFTING, WORMHOLES, REALMS. So who knows how deep they went with this…

  51. I am doubting this timeline. Wasn’t Ocarina of Time considedered to be the first in the series chronologically before Skyward Sword came out? If so then this timeline is just some random fan’s interpretation.

    1. This is according to an official Nintendo art book. That doesn’t mean they’re actually using the said confidential document, but it could be based on it.

      This is exactly why I believe they would still keep the official timeline secret. They want to keep the unalterable walls to a minimum, so by publishing their document they lose that ability.

      As for Minish Cap and 4 Swords GBA coming before it, those games can feasibly come before OoT due to the following:

      a.) The Triforce remains undisturbed.
      b.) Ganon hasn’t entered the picture yet. Vaati is the villain here.
      And for what it’s worth, Link never uses the Master Sword in either.

      More than these games being able to go before OoT, it proves that a generation of Link and Zelda don’t automatically have to be connected to some great event involving the triforce, Ganon/Ganondorf or any of that.

      In the case of 4 Swords, it does debunk what I’ve heard about 4S taking place only months before 4SA. That part sounded like bs anyway.

  52. Lol@ third split in the timeline. There’s no evidence that this happened. You can’t assume splits in the timeline based on things that didn’t happen in the game.

    OoT shows 2 splits: Adult Link defeating/sealing Ganon and then being removed from that timeline (leading to WW), and Child Link meeting up with Zelda, telling her what happens in the future and getting Ganondorf imprisoned (leading to MM, TP and whatever else goes after that). Nothing else.

    1. Yes, those are the 2 splits…but the one with Child Link meeting up with Zelda completely negates everything he did as a Child. I’m assuming that he is returned to the point where he first meets Zelda. If this is the case, then he just changed history by telling what happens in the future, etc. which creates a third split in the timeline. The 2 are the ones you listed, and the third is basically everything you do in the child timeline before the end of the game. Link basically disappears from this timeline, leaving Gannondorf to do his thing and set up Alttp

  53. Split 3 makes perfect sense to me.

    I am playing A Link to the Past this week, and i think a lot of people who are posting in here forgot the history in ALTtP. The story says that in the old war, it was seven wise men of that era that imprisoned Ganon in the Dark World. So if the Link of Oot lost (or fail to act), this timeline if the seven wise men makes a lot of sense.

  54. Interesting concept with the alternate timeline due to Link failing in Ocarina of Time thing. That’s a pretty clever way to fit all the games into the timeline, and something I don’t think Zelda theorists have considered before.

  55. The third split makes no sense. If it occurs because Link fails to beat Ganon, aka, when you get a game over, There would be a split for every single game cause u are able to get a game over in those too

  56. I refuse to believe that Minish Cap and Four Swords come before Ocarina of Time. This has to either be a mistranslation or Nintendo just screwing with us. And how can there be three splits in this timeline? At no point in Ocarina of Time does Link fail to defeat Ganon

    1. After much thinking i have come to the conclusion that the first split in time is not at the end of OoT as we first believed, but rather when Link first pulls the master sword as a kid and returns, leading to the events that follow:
      Timeline A: The Original timeline: Child Link pulls the sword, disappears from this timeline. Gannondorf gains access to the sacred realm. Link never returns to this timeline, thus he never completes his quest(fails). Many years later the sages manage to imprison him and ALttP follows along with the “Original” Nes games.

      Timeline B: Link is plugged back into the time stream thus creating a new timeline where he returns 7 years later, thus preventing (A) from happening by defeating Gannon. He then gets sent back to his childhood, Time continues without him. WW and the rest of that timeline ensue.

      Timeline C: Link goes back to relive his childhood, warns Zelda and the King of Gannondorfs plot. Gannondorf gets sealed away in the Twilight zone. MM, TP follows.

      So you see, when young Link pulled himself out of the time stream he became an external variable, so when he returned he caused a split in the “Original” timeline. When he got sent back after defeating Gannon, he created another split, only this time along the “Second” timeline. The “Third” timeline is the one OoT Link ultimately resides in. This is the only way I believe it makes sense.

      1. Totally agree. That or the third timeline is just a “what-if” scenario which would mean that the original games are not canon now and just thrown in there for the sake of nostalgia, being relegated to that what if alternate universe. Because, as it was said before.

        I would like to read the complete text for the missing details. The book must explain how can Link fails and doesn’t fail at the same time (thus creating the three timelines))

        1. Yes, We have to know “What” exactly causes link to fail in OoT, otherwise everything is pure speculation and we can’t be sure if it either a what if scenario or another spilt in the time line like i think it is. A third timeline split, not parallel or what if scenario, is the only way i believe makes sense and keeps all the games canon.

  57. Heh… Funny… I had considered a third timeline a long time ago.

    The reason and the order was nothing like this, though.

  58. I really hate this. First they butcher SS by making Fi basically play the game for you. Seriously, why bother including the bs Sheikah Stone when Fi points out the most basic crap? And now they’ve gone and ruined the timeline by throwing a curve ball purely for the sake of throwing a curve ball. Another punch in the face from Nintendo.
    The third split can only happen if one of the other two didn’t, they are mutually exclusive. Link didn’t fail, I saw him not fail when I beat the game.

  59. The third timeline may have been created when Link travelled to the future, walked into into Ganon’s castle, where Ganondorf and Ghirahim were holding Zelda prisoner. Ganondorf sees Link and says “It’s the Hero of Time! Get him!” Ganondorf, Ghirahim and their minions charge at Link.

    Link throws away his Master Sword and Hylian Shield, pulls out his twin Gatling guns, blows all of his enemies away in slow motion, turns slowly towards the camera and says, “Now that’s a blast from the past”

  60. Hohoho. Instead of keeping OoT being the Sealing War from AttP like it originally was, they retconed it as an alternate timeline. Which makes sense because since WW and TP were introduced, they made pretty clear that the original timeline (that is, the games released before OoT and the Oracles) was ignored.

    But even in-Universe, while I always prefered OoT to be the Sealing War, since it was originally intended that way, this retcon into an alternate timeline still makes sense, because, while OoT was the Sealing War in broad strokes, they were some differences between both events.

    So it seems that basically, OoT is the Sealing War plus the Hero of Time, or the Sealing War is the events of OoT minus Link. Now the question I wonder about is, what event triggers this split? I mean, the Child and Adult eras split off because of the time travel and Zelda sending adult Link back into the past, but what event makes Link fail in-universe? Because it’s not like “the player loses”, since that makes the events mutually exclusive -Link wins OR loses against Ganon/dorf, but not both. So what makes the timeline split into two continuities? Seems that this split is just an excuse to outcanon the original games from the main continuity relegating them to an alternate Universe.

    Anyways, while this is not what I thought, it satisfies me because it makes sense, and because I was right in that the Oracle games happened between AttP and LA (which would make that Lo ink the one with the most appeareances, appearing in 4 games). The only thing that saddens me about this is that it seems that because of that, the original game’s timeline will never be touched up again :(

    Originally I thought that AttP, OoX, TLoZ and ZII-TAoL belonged in the Adult timeline: since, before today, we were told that they were TWO and not three timelines, and AttP’s prologue makes it clear that in that timeline, Ganon was sealed in the Sacred Realm/Golden Land, which is the Adult ending in OoT (assuming that OoT was the Sealing War, which was my original theory).

  61. “but Nintendo may decide to say that this isn’t the super secret timeline that they’ve been guarding for all these years.”
    Don’t be so quick to buy this ill thought out list… It’s not a line at all, it’s a time pitchfork! And what in the world did OoT Link do to deserve to be the only Link who could have possibly failed? That last bit alone is enough for me…

    1. That was caused by crossover of events with Doctor Who. When The Silence started to spread it sucked up Hyrule circa the CD-i games, and all the events involved were removed from existence.

  62. So now apparently there is a 3rd timeline, where link fails & is probably dead. What if somehow The Hero of Time was turned into Dark Link? Also, there was a hint given in twilight princess that one of the hero’s died (Hero’s Shade).

  63. I disagree with this timeline OoT has two splits the child goes to MM and TP while the adult goes to WW PH & ST and the rest follow the second SS timeline *SPOILER* that Link kills Demise in the past and leaves the master sword there the goddess sword becomes picori blade master sword stays master sword. it is simple SS goes to OoT or MC followed by LttP then LA then FS and FSA then Zelda followed by Zelda2 AL and then finally the Oracle games.

  64. I’m not critacizing but how could wind waker be adult it said in the beginning that that link dissapeard after beating Gannon so it had to be child

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