Europe Gets Nintendo 3DS System Update On April 25th (Mario Kart 7 Update For May)

Nintendo UK and Nintendo Europe have announced that European Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS system update on April 25th. The Nintendo 3DS system update brings Home Menu folders and the possibility to download ‘update data’ aka ‘patches’. Mario Kart 7 will be one of the first title to receive a patch that will fix the Maka Wuhu glitch. The Mario Kart 7 update is coming in the middle of May,

55 thoughts on “Europe Gets Nintendo 3DS System Update On April 25th (Mario Kart 7 Update For May)”

      1. You kinda have to use it online! And anyhow, it actually makes it feel like a proper race to the finish. Not fun if you don’t know how though..

        1. I know how to do it and don’t find it amusing. How is it a proper way to race? aren’t you just skipping a part of the track by using that glitch? I wouldn’t call that racing.

          1. Because if you know how to do it, you’re realise that whoever is the quickest to pull it off properly will most likely win the race, not a lot of coins or power-ups to give an advantage once you’ve glitched further on the track. Anyway, interesting for its short run. Glad to be able to play the whole track again competitively!

  1. I hope they patch the Maka Wuhu glitch. It’s so annoying playing online and every little brat only wants to play there because they think they get an advantage. What ever happened to dignity and actually getting better at things?

  2. Since it says it will fix glitches, I’m just wondering if this counts as a glitch, and if it’s happened to anyone else, but sometimes my Mario Kart 7 game is quite slow when connecting the internet and stuff like that, but also it’s frozen a few times when I try to leave the wi-fi online part of the game so I’ve had to restart to 3DS which then takes a while to load back up again, is the game or the 3DS a bit glitchy do you recon? I’ve noticed a few things with the 3DS being “glitchy” such as when you turn it on only the first few channels/slots/games appear then takes a few seconds to load the rest, has that happened to anyone else. thanks!

    1. The channel thing happens to me, but I have 50 some odd channels, so I just figured it was taking a second to load and register the others. It always my built in channels that load first and then the rest come up.

      1. ok thanks, yeah it was probs something like that. Another problem which I think has been fixed with an update was the power button sometimes taking 2 presses for the power to turn on. Hopefully the Mario Kart update thing will restore the glitch problem I have.
        As a side note, when trying to find players on MK7 online sometimes it takes forever then says there was a connection problem but the internet is fine, does this happen a lot to people?

    2. I’ve also noticed that it takes a few seconds to load up all the games and programs on the home menu but I wouldn’t count it as a glitch as it only is a few seconds.

      As for the online slowness, I’ve never had it happen to me.

    3. Built-in software loads first before downloaded software, which the console takes a few seconds to recognize.The online “slowness” you mentioned is probably a firewall issue.

      1. The slowness for mine is all the stuff thats on my SD card, which could take a bit longer to load. Not a bad thing though

  3. Folders ? YES !! My home screen is messy and is full of apps this will help a lot .and the MK7 patch . No more cheating :)

  4. The Folders things is really good idea especially for those (like myself) who have all the ambassador games that fill up a lot of space.

    In regards to the “patches” it would be really good if they could release one for Kid Icarus: Uprising to allow you to use the circle pad pro in order to move and aim better.

  5. I also remember that Nintendo is going to release firmware for the 3ds to increase the speed of the home menu. Does anyone know anything about this?

    1. I haven’t heard anything like that. I’m sure if you stay posted to the site, you’ll hear information as it comes to them.

  6. they know there’s a glitch in wuhu loop too right? and how is this patch going to stop the ones that won’t update? u_u

    1. What’s the glitch in WuHu Loop? Doesn’t really matter; No one’s ever used that, anyways, and it’s not being exploited nearly as much as the Maka WuHu one.

      1. I guess it depends on where your VR is. I’m in the 10,000s and the Japanese pick Wuhu Loop to do the glitch. You can go from 1st to 5th in a matter of seconds!

  7. FINALLY! About bloody time they fix that glitch! Now we’ll separate the cheaters from those who’re actually skilled at the game! I’m so sick of being in first, then suddenly in eighth. It’s really not fair!

    1. I disagree with calling it “cheating”. You could perfectly well do it yourself. It’s not like the actual cheaters on Mariokart Wii that have infinite items and ruin games.

      1. Cheat: Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination: “she cheats at cards”.

        I think the glitches in maka wuhu/wuhu loop are used to gain such an advantage, therefore using them is cheating.
        What’s happening in mkwii is more than just cheating; it’s hacking.

        1. So by your definition using a blue shell, lightning bolt or the like is cheating. You use those items to gain an advantage by knocking out other players. A well timed lightning bolt knocks players off the course, as can a blue shell hitting the leader in mid-air.

        2. I don’t actively use it or approve of it, I just don’t call it cheating as anyone can do it, like the glitches on Mariokart 64 where you can cut out half of Wario Stadium, a 1/3 of Rainbow road, or hitting a correct spot on Frappe Snowland or DK Jungle. I wouldn’t call those “cheating” either. I would say they are “cheap”, as a cheap shot to win easily, but I wouldn’t say it’s cheating since any player can perform the same glitch just as easily.

  8. I never choose Maka Wuhu because of this. I only use the glitch against the people who choose it because of that glitch. i hate losing because of it, so you gotta stay competitive. I won’t miss it, though.

  9. It’s a good thing they’re fixing the glitch, but they should also fix the Wuhu Loop glitch and all the other glitches! Maybe they should add new characters that were left out in the game!!!

    Maybe new kart customizations!!!

  10. 1 thing, is the update only for Europe or all over the world? Cause I watched the Nintendo Direct…

    -New Topic-

    I kinda dont really mind that glitch in Wuhu Mountain Loop. So what if people use the glitch? If they discover it, or find out, they will want to use it probaly cause it is a new route to the track? Not disagreeing or anything… Just sayin.

  11. cant wait for the folders but y do they have to take away my best glitch i never realy knew howw to do it until i got 3 mushrooms and i was jumping of the edge and thats how i found out i used it
    online all the time

  12. got the update :D
    folders=awesome, could’ve had more slots in height though…
    patches WILL be awesome :D (no more losing on maka wuhu >=D)

    now i just can’t wait for Heroes of Ruin(June 15th EU & 26th NA)

    just do it ;)

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