Nintendo Working On Traditional And Brand-New Games For Wii U

The Legend of Zelda and Metroid were absent from last week’s E3. Nintendo may be working on those titles along with other traditional franchises for Wii U. Satoru Iwata clarified that the reason Nintendo focused on Wii U launch and launch-window titles during E3 is because they don’t want competitors to develop “similar proposals” of their unannounced games. While speaking to investors, Iwata revealed that he and Miyamoto are working on  existing Nintendo franchises “and of course new prepositions.”

Speaking with investors, Iwata said: “First, what we’ve shown at the E3 show are both the launch titles that will be released with Wii U hardware this holiday season and the launch window titles that will be released early next year or not long after the hardware launch.

“We do have ideas of what kind of software we will be releasing after those two periods, and Mr. Miyamoto as well as I are both directly involved in the development process. Those include both our traditional franchises and of course new propositions as well.

“However, because we are now in the era when similar proposals can be made by the others just one year after we introduced a brand-new hardware system proposal, please understand that we really can’t say much about what else we are planning.”

92 thoughts on “Nintendo Working On Traditional And Brand-New Games For Wii U”

        1. Same. I want an HD Star Fox game on the Wii U badly. And online multiplayer plus local multiplayer with A.I. bots would make it even better.

        2. Thank you. I can’t believe so many people look down on Star Fox now. It never fell so far as something like Sonic did.

  1. Completely understand. Thanks for this ‘playstation move’ and ‘Xbox smart glass’. I do wish competitors would try and be innovative in their own way. Why is it always Nintendo who take risks? This is why I love them! :D

  2. Another dig at the Smart Glass?

    I’d say Nintendo do have a number of other games but are only announcing games they know will be available in the launch window so they don;t have a repeat of the 3DS launch window. Weren’t Icarus and Ocarina launch window titles whose release slipped?

  3. Thats why I thought their E3 presentation was lacking. If they let all their cats out of the bag MS and sony would try to copy them. Copy cats, get it?

  4. Nintendo’s messages about games after E3 seem way more appealing than what they showed at E3.
    I hope they are looking into more traditional Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero. But I really want to see a proper 3D pokemon title (maybe mixing Pokemon Stadium with Collisseum and then going even further by making it even bigger). That could be amazing.
    Excited to see what they have in store – Although I need more information before they start to win me over.

    1. Yeah, I wonder why… Playstation All Stars = Copycat version of Super Smash Brothers

      Yeah, they are pretty much saying that. Next thing you know Microsoft is going to copy the- oh wait they did with Halo 4 looking a lot like Metroid Prime

  5. Makes sense .. and a goo proof of that it’s the the PS3 brawler PS All Stars (something..)… an obvious-cheeky clone of Super Smash Bros ….

        1. Thank you! its time for Sony to remove our penis out from their buts! and them to came with something original for lord sake

    1. I wish the next Smash Bros will have MORE third party characters like Rayman, Spyro, Enzo from AC3, Mega Man, etc..

          1. + there should include an stage or event in where you have to kill “Team Mii” like in the past was the “Fighting Polygon Team” … so you can SMASH all Miis from other users worldwide in a sadistic way !!! yaaaay

            1. THAT’S WHY I MUST USE LOGIC TO BECOME A SCIENTIST BIOLOGIST XD!.(i am a teenager so dont be mad for my comment) :)

        1. Metroid is my favorite… but Halo’s gameplay is still very different so it doesn’t matter to me. PS All Stars pisses me off though…

  6. Thank you, basically this is them saying “we see what Sony and M$ are doing, and we won’t support it anymore. They need their own products, not bootlegs of ours”

    no fanboy, just logic.

  7. who cares?
    Blacktendo is doomed and they will become 3rd party developers
    i hope you will enjoy this my litttle friends

          1. Same with Microsoft and Sony… only as their slaves, whilst Nintendo gives their Black, White and Asian employees good working conditions and treats them with respect.

            Try harder when trolling

            1. - super duper excited to have you over at Elle’s Studio! you will love wonirkg with her what an awesome team- and i have to agree with your PS!! made me laugh out loud!!!

          2. Dude I’m a Caucasian American – German – Italian living in South America so you can shut the fuck up… don’t be Fucking racist!

            1. fuck YOU,you mother fucking little chocolate kid,you are the asshole here and everyone knows it you black gepse kid

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    1. Its funny because you know the company you support is going under, lol.

      Stop bitching about your period and man up

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  8. I’m glad Wii U having 3rd party support but I really hope Nintendo remembers that there REAL fans are the ones that like there first party and second party games. WE WANT SSB4!!!!!!

  9. Iwata is having a field day. I wonder if that was the reason Retro supposedly pulled their game from the conference.

    Btw, I’m currently at over 4 hours of gameplay in Xenoblade (just got out of Colony 9), and holy s**t! By far the best RPG/JRPG I’ve played this gen already. Valkyria Chronicles is in a distant second. Xenoblade is everything I wanted Final Fantasy 13 to be when it was announced, but XB goes beyond that. The battle mechanics take a while to learn completely, but once you do, it’s worth it. I’m now want this game on Wii U and use its controller for this game. To think that I only got this game so that Pandora’s Tower could make it here, yet this is already the best Wii game I’ve played hands down, and I’m only starting! I love the story so far.

    1. That may definitely have been the reason Retro was absent. Nintendo pulled an Illusive Man and told Retro to “wait”.

    2. I Know! Xenoblade is now consider my favorite RPG/JRPG of all time. just wait, once you get farther in the game, The Story gets Crazy!

  10. Yayyy, it’s very good to see continuous news updates regarding Nintendo’s plans for Wii U. Honestly, I much prefer this than waiting a whole year for a damn one-time only conference. At least with news updates we can enjoy the information throughout the year.

    To celebrate, I’m going to play some Smash Bros Melee today.

  11. “Similar proposals.” Yes, totally understandable. This is the reason I expected why Nintendo couldn’t divulge every single thing. Wouldn’t want everyone else to develop games as awesome as Metroid. Or make consoles as (supposedly) awesome as the Wii U. If I can enjoy the Wii U about as much as I enjoyed the N64 and Gamecube, I’ll be alright.

  12. How funny, I’ve been seeing comments on here and other sites about how Nintendo shouldn’t have said anything about Wii U last year for the same reason. Though the result of it this year at their main conference wasn’t the most pleasant, it’s good to see that Nintendo is taking this approach.

  13. Wii U is going to have so many insanely awesome games, I’m thinking I won’t buy anything that doesn’t come out on this system.

  14. Nintendo is playing the long game. Very smart move. No need to throw all your cards on the table at E3. Leave luck to heaven.

  15. like i said nintendo dosent want sony and microsft to come out with there ideas after seeing microsft smart glass i would do the same thing well played iwata

    1. Yeah, games that got released on the PS3 and 360 months ago. Nintendo’s E3 wasn’t very good, plain and simple. You’d have to be a fanboy (not fan) to think otherwise.

  16. The comments in this section are absolutely ludicrous get your heads out of your ass, and stop believing what some dick is saying and wait till actual games are announced/rel;eased. Stop being fanboys, grow up and stop sucking nintendo’s dick. They had a TERRIBLE conference, probably the worst conference with NEW HARDWARE. its pathetic and i WILL NOT be buying there new console unless they have decent games are than new super mario brothers 500.

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