169 thoughts on “Nintendo: ‘Wii U Will Have A Strong Account System’”

    1. I suspect as much, seeing as the code seems to resemble a Steam ID number more than the codes we saw on Wii.

        1. Steam just wanted Nintendo’s online to be able to accommodate their service while EA was attempting to outright pressure Nintendo into making Wii U exclusively run Origin in order to eliminate Steam as a competitor on it.

          Nintendo appears to be walking their own road with online*, so simply allowing other services like Steam to run in conjunction with their network would be much more likely than an exclusivity deal with EA.

          * The online network was designed with an unnamed outside expert. It’s possible this person was from Steam or EA, but we really have nothing to go on. http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/26825

        1. Have you ever played the arcade game STAR FIRE? That game was way before Star Wars had an arcade game. StarFox is for hardcore gamers. If you don’t like it, do a barrel roll.

          1. starfox is for babies because it doesnt have humans,they have hahahah they have talking animals and its too funny

  1. It’s cute how Nintendo is trying to learn about basic online functions that people have been using for years..

        1. So why are you on a website for Nintendo Fans?
          I know your mom left you alone at home ever night whilst she went out partying with her friends and not giving two shits about you but it doesn’t mean you have to be trollen

          1. i am here to warn you that nintendo lost the e3 and they especially lost the next console war because of their weak console haha

    1. I don’t buy from GAME anymore, they’re to expensive. You don’t know the price as well, could be £300. I made that mistake with the 3DS.

    2. GAME store is so awesome :3 We have on Portugal too, but after game got the ”pre-order” the Netherlands games stores already had pre order

  2. I prefer how the miis look in that pic to how they actually look!! Hopefully they will make them look a bit less… Simple with the Wii U.

  3. The way those miis look in that picture reminds me of Big Brain Academy on the wii, that’s the only game I can think of that played around with the Mii in a cel-shaded kind of way.

              1. Xbox system looks horrible and is weak compared to PC. Microdick lost.

                See how unoriginal that comment is? Seriously, start being creative.

                  1. Correction:
                    “I’m siegfried von schroder, the village idiot.”

                    1. What proof is there of the first statement?
                    2. The second statement is just an opinion.

      1. Although, then again. GTA IV has been out for ages, and it’d be worthless bringing it to the Wii U with GTA V coming soon.

  4. Its cute how nintendo is learning how to make a hardcore consold by stealing xbox live,console and controllers awww arent they innovative.

    1. 1. How did they steal Xbox live? Dreamcast did this first.
      2. Stealing their console? Like it or not, Nintendo did a console first.
      3. Yeah. After Microsoft stole the Gamecube controller.

      Don’t try trick yourself. You’re an idiot.

      1. really? fucking really? dreamcast existed first than the xbox live so i guess xbox is copying dreamcast and not vice versa

        1. Review by S.Papstein for Rating: Nintendo knows how to make money. The DS Lite is moving 550,000 units each month (this has been going on for 4 years now) and the Wii is going sotnrg with 750,000 units each month, and after it’s two and a half year life, it’s still hard to find. By now, Nintendo knows whatever they make from here on is automatically gold. This is how the DSI was born (or as I call it, the DS Lite 1.5). Right now, there’s no need for a DSI. for 40 dollars more than a DS Lite, the DSI brings you a shoddy digital camera, high end microphone, which right now, has no use until someone acutally makes a game that uses it’s functionality. It also has it’s own version of WiiWare (of course your Wii virtual money is not compatable the DSI virtual money), a slightly larger screen and is slightly slimmer in size than it’s predicessor. As of right now, there’s no use for a DSI, because no games (except for it’s dismal DSI Shop titles) are going to be using the functionality for a while, except for the cheapy, gimmicky games that are looking to make a quick buck (remeber Wii launch games? Think of that minus Zelda). If you have a DS (lite) and are thinking about trading in, wait until you hear of a game that will use the functionalities of the DSI. If you are a first time buyer of a DS, and are contimplating a DSI or Lite, pony up for the DSI because eventually, youi’ll need one.

  5. Wii u is an embarrasment its an upgraded xbox and itz still garbage compare to pc and the batteries life on gamegear put to same the wii upad smh srsly dawg they copy xbox online functions

  6. Srs third party like rockstar hate shitendos draconian online measures they wont bother making a srs game for them since they know gaytendo fags love mario so why bother anyways the pc pwns this shit look fowRd to modding that controller to my pc

  7. Welcome to 2012, Nintendo. Go ahead and act like XBOX Live hasn’t been doing this for nearly a decade. Go on…

    1. And Xbox should stop trying to act like Nintendo has’nt been doing motion controls for a few years before they decide “oh let’s go copy and make our own motion controls” STFU FAG

      1. Yes, calling someone a “fag” for pointing out a factual point is ALWAYS a real sign of intelligence. And tact. Have fun being a bigot. I’m sure that’ll get you real far in life.

        XBOX doesn’t give 2 shits about motion controls. They did it just to make money. It’s an afterthought, as it should be, because the vast majority of gamers don’t give a shit about flailing their arms about. They want to sit down, relax, and enjoy their favourite game.

        I just like how Nintendo is explaining account based online as if it’s something that hasn’t been going on for 10 fucking years for consoles. Hilarious. It’s like IE7’s “new tab” window, explaining a concept that other browsers were doing for YEARS, simply because IE users are too stupid to follow progress. Kind of like Nintendo fanboys.

        Shame too; I used to be a Nintendo fanboy… when I was 10. Then I grew up and began appreciating games, not consoles. Maybe you should give that a try, you narrow-minded prick :D

        1. You’re being the narrow-minded prick. You’re acting like Nintendo is making it out as if they’re the first ones to do it when they’re not.

        2. “Shame too; I used to be a Nintendo fanboy… when I was 10. Then I grew up and began appreciating games, not consoles. Maybe you should give that a try, you narrow-minded prick”

          I don’t get it. If you’re so grown up for us simple-minded Nintendorks, why waste your time on MyNintendoNews? If you appreciate “real” games, than why come here? Nintendo doesn’t make “real” games in your eyes so why comment on this blog? It’s easy to ignore an obscure sight about Nintendo.

  8. ^this yeah fagboys say they copy shitendo but shitendo copy oddyssey light gun,atari lestick.atari robot console companions,atari 3d games, ps gyroscope,l3.l4 and clickable buttons,n64 waz inverted mouse thus sony did anolog first and 2 of them lol shiten

  9. Dont forget they copy xbox controller,xbox live functions. Xbox idea to install ur own harddrive, segas cd, segas idea to bundle console with games cheap 4 christmas, segas umd which was first before gba link and they stole from myths to make games smh

    1. We’re not idiots on this site. We know it’s only two people spam-posting hate. Go away before you make even bigger fools of yourselves.

    2. *copied, dunno what you meant by “Xbox idea to install ur own harddrive”, what is segas cd? “segas umd”, still hard to see what you mean. Aaaaand the last line is not understandable.

  10. @nooblet u are a noob xbox controllers were inspired by dreamcast u nintendo sperm brain heck the guy who design it work onthe original xbox. Yeah sega did online either way shitendo still copy lol innovation fail :)

    1. The Xbox controller shares aspects from both the Gamecube and Dreamcast, although you have to remember why we’re still not using joysticks for gaming today. The (S)NES controller was the one that brought in nearly all elements of the Dreamcast controller.

      Online is no innovation in the gaming world. Everything that existed is connected within a web. Consoles followed. Online would have happened due to PCs anyway, it’s just that Dreamcast was the first to use the Online world.

      1. nintendo stole the xbox controller
        nintendo must die
        nintendo stole the analogue sticks from sony
        nintendo makes weak consoles
        nintendo’s games are for little children

        1. ‘nintendo stole the xbox controller’
          Microsoft stole the N64 controller.

          ‘nintendo must die’
          I’m bored of people saying that. It’s not gonna happen any time soon.

          ‘nintendo stole the analogue sticks from sony’
          I’m sorry, I was under the impression that Nintendo and Sony were working together to create the Nintendo Playstation when the Analog stick was created.

          ‘nintendo makes weak consoles’
          One out of 6 being weak isn’t bad.

          ‘nintendo’s games are for little children’
          Kinectimals. Microsoft’s game(s) are for little children.

        2. Now my take on this!
          Sony and Microsoft (no unoriginal hating nicknames) stole:
          The SNES face buttons layout
          The SNES D-pad
          The SNES shoulder buttons
          The Gamecube design (Microsoft)

          Nintendo invented motion control into gaming, which Sony and Microsoft later copied.
          Nintendo invents a GamePad controller with built-in touchscreen, which Microsoft suprisingly copied very fast with SmartGlass (thought it can probably only be used as a remote/statistic screen.

          I could list more, but I want this to look readable.
          Your turn mate ;)

  11. Fagboys hate microsoft …but they sure like our customisable harddrives,controllers and xbox live lol hypocrates

  12. @nooblet actually doing online is innovation sega was coined ahead of its time for offering such an aspect. Pc did it first but sega was 1st console to have online gaming

    1. So if Nintendo brought in a Mouse and Keyboard controls to a console, they’d be ‘ahead of their time’ for offering it?

  13. @seigfreaid yup since n64 is not an anolog stick , it is actually an inverted mouse ball that uses light refractors like a mousepad to send signals. Sony ps1 did anolog first with in 96 with an anolog flight pad…forgot name of it but u get the picture

  14. Also famicom offered and online banking account so it wasnt first to offer online gaming. Famicom offered disk system and online banking.

  15. @seigfreid actually to be fair nes,snes,n64 and gamecube were the strongest consoles of their generation. N64 even though it had no cutscene had barely loading times. Plus their cartridge will outlast ps1 cds :)

  16. @nooblet not gunna lie but sony stole snes control ur right there. Dont get me wrong i like nintendo thing is i hate how gay and kissass their fanboys sound so i try making ninty fags stright

  17. @skygrounder actually atari lestick made motion control even though it was shit, wii revolutionized motion controll. Listen if wii u heck ninty cab prove and get 3rd party games+online right, i personally will shit on sony and xbox

  18. Im a fair guy ill admit move is a disgrace, vita memory card is an enbarrassment and allstar just for some reason looks boring cant quite explain why but i think its levels . Kinect if done right can be great but ads kill it. Pc gamer till ninty step up

    1. get a life. i feel worthless for even replying to you… i can and love nintendo and all they have offered to the world of gaming.

  19. its funny how much of the trolls are here and some of them hate nintendo even knowing they are replying to a nintendo fan page, lmfao

    i guess this turned into a hate place i dont know, cmon people stop insulting each others, lets do this trolls fuck out, dumb people fuck out and nintendo haters always fuck out, thanks

  20. Am I the only one who doesn’t like account systems (at least the 360’s)?

    I have younger siblings and I don’t want to have to unlock characters/certain things on both of our accounts, but I also don’t want them messing with my account. So I really hate when you can’t copy a save file from one account to another. Also, it’s stupid that you have to pay to change the name of an online account.

    Not only that, but constantly having to sign in/sign out to specific profiles is annoying. Yea, it’s really no big deal, but when you have to do it constantly (like if you and your siblings take turns playing different games), it really does waste time in comparison to just picking your data.


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