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Reggie Presents Wii U On Jimmy Fallon (Video)

As reported yesterday Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to present the Wii U to the audience. Reggie immediately showed off Takamuru’s Ninja Castle from Nintendo Land. Fallon seemed extremely enthusiastic about the mini-game –  which sees you throwing Ninja Stars from the Wii U GamePad at the television screen. The second game that was shown off was Ubisoft’s promising ZombiU. Reggie ended the segment by reiterating that the console will launch this holiday season.

89 thoughts on “Reggie Presents Wii U On Jimmy Fallon (Video)”

            1. Pay no attention to that racist troll. He’s probably jealous at Nintendo’s innovative technology and quality of games.

          1. Yeh U racist man? just cos we black u wanna f*** us? You want “peace” outta poo too? Lame-trollers….

      1. @BlueKaiTheEnd – Very good question. I assume that the Regginator have told Fallon to “Step Your Game Up!”

      1. Its not a shooter, it’s a survival horror game. A gun just happens to be one of your tools of survival… which I would have to say is a good tool to have.

      1. Reggie is the beloved son of Nintendo. He kinda looks like Donkey Kong, which is funny enough. But that’s fine with me. He’s about kickin’ ass, takin’ names, and making games.

      1. Now you retards are just getting rediculous…All that Zombie U and Nintendo land gameplay was indeed in the conference so what the hell are you talking about?

        1. there was no gameplay. they didn’t play anything just showed videos, hell they didi’nt even showed the ninjas shot back. However it is still a pathetic try from nintnendo, Nintendo land sucks, 12 god damn minigames are not worth it, how can they do that weak attempt(in a game with their brand name) when mario party has 70 of them. Not happy with nintendo i still feel cheated by them. However Now I may love ubisoft ZombiU looks AWESOME. If I get one at launch it might be solely for that game, because pikimin is in the launch window which according to reggie are the 6 months after launch.

          1. The ninja did shoot back. How is it a weak attempt? it is way to show how the controller be used. We can talk more about when ALL the mini games are announced.Until then SHUSH!

    1. siegfried von schroder

      doomed since the 1800s…can u see the future? hows the other two consoles looking? KINECT?! what a shame…

    2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo…
      kinda funny…. they show a fun game with very good feedback and your 1st thoughts are:
      It’s over, Nintendo is finished.

    3. False. Nintendo is able to hold constant failing consoles until 2050. Their last financial report said that. Nice try though.

      1. so being embarrassed by the annoying, immature, pretentious, and trashy Nintendo fanboys spamming all over the internet cause him to not be a Nintendo fan. Lol, unless you thought that you thought he was talking about the Wii U itself, then that is an extreme logical fallacy.

        1. what kind of fan says there a fan of this abandoned them then goes back to them, that just what i call a person goes where its popular ONLY.
          i hate people like that.

  1. I’m really liking that Takamura’s Ninja Castle minigame. Looks fun. NintendoLand could turn out to be a big hit if marketed right. I still think it should be packaged with the Wii U, though. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. Not going to lie…..that ninja game looks pretty good and fun!! I can see some hidden depth to it, E3 press conference should have been like this for over an 1hr!! Did u hear the audience they were into in, that’s good marketing! They need to keep doing show like this…

    1. it has been confirmed the released version is wireless.. so dont worry.. so i guess the explanation is, that wii u is a prototype

  3. Thats it ! The wii u will blow the competition away when it comes along. :) get over it you silly microsoft and sony fans its the future and the graphics blow the 360 and ps3 out of the water. :)))))))))

  4. Hardcore Shitendo kissass faggot

    Holyshit ys seen kotaku the xbox is going to have triple layer bluray,tablet andriod,flex glass, resistive multi touch and its going to be 60x stronger than xbox360 :o damn ninty is finished

    1. U mad or delusional. The Xbox SmartAss is not a fucking controller. It’s a goddamn peripheral for your tablets iPads for your 360. That inferior shovel hardware can’t do many things the Wii U Game Pad does.

  5. ^holy fucking shit forget the wii fUcked damn 60x more powerful than xbox 360 damn jesus its a monster. Its official wii u is becoming s joke im going to kotaku to check it out im nerdgasming

  6. Durango is ready to RAPE and TAKE NAMES.

    Hey reggie hows earthbound dwag fuck ya got all the jew gold so whats the deal cheaptendo

    1. Dodge Durango… do you love sucking Microsoft’s dick while playing Sesame Street on your Xbox 360 Kinect? I know like it and want it badly.

  7. Durango is ready to RAPE and TAKE NAMES.

    @Upadwatcher lmfao Umad broski dont be microsoft is merciful and forgiving as long as you accept them as your savior

    1. Motherfucker please… Microsoft had the WORST press conference in the history of E3. All they show is few games and more Kinect game for casuals like you. And why the FUCK is Usher performing in a live conference?

  8. Durango is ready to RAPE and TAKE NAMES.

    @upadwatcher um you do know we have starwars,halo,cod and gears of wars kinect smh fail. Also we have milo

    1. Shit… that Star Wars Kinect game is as broke as your dick. They also have Disneyland Kinect and Sesame Street. Quit talking out of your fucking ass, Dodge is ready to suck and blowjobs.

  9. Durango is ready to RAPE and TAKE NAMES.

    @dronebuster actually ign stated microsoft winning e3 also they are the number 1 selling system right now sooo….your point is Invalid!

    1. FUCK IGN… that site is the worst fucking piece of shit that’s not worth printed on. Xbox360 may be the #1 selling system in America, but IT’S FUCKING DEAD LAST PLACE IN JAPAN, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!

      Nintendo3DS – 63,004

      PlayStation 3 – 15,928

      PS Vita – 13,542

      Xbox 360 – 978

      There is no future for MicroCOCK!!!!!!!

  10. Also we have hulu,netflix,hulu plus,amazon,twaeter,facebook,myspace,itunes,hbo,cinemax and more lol what do ya have im all ears :D

  11. Besides that we have full tablet intigration and i can play or acces my xbox account on my sexy ipad3 that has ps3 graphics lol reggie even stated they cant offer or compete with our features damn

  12. Japan rofl come on dude where have u been this isnt 90s lol japanese gaming is dead and whatever ips they have like resident evil it is made by western developers now just like metriod prime lol

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