Nintendo America President Calls Wii U “Tremendously Powerful”

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has praised Nintendo’s forthcoming console, and says that it’s a “tremendously powerful” system. Nintendo themselves have yet to reveal the complete Wii U specifications, but Crytek recently said that the machine is “minimum as powerful as Xbox 360″. Here’s what Reggie had to say about Wii U.

“We’re about to launch a tremendously powerful system. A system that pushes out great graphics, a system that has an opportunity to do a lot of things. What I’ve heard the fan community say is, I want my Mario, I want my Zelda, and I want the best of third-party. And that’s what we’re looking to bring to consumers.”

“I think in the end, the consumer choice is going to be… Once I buy my Wii U, that satisfies my Nintendo cravings and my cravings for all of these other great multi-platform franchises, then what is the role of a competitive platform? It’s going to have to live on the backs of some sort of unique proposition, or unique content. And to me that’s the million-dollar question. Of our potential competitors down the road, who’s going to have that compelling content that’s going to say, hey, now I need to branch out and pick up this additional system? I think it’s for them to answer.”

182 thoughts on “Nintendo America President Calls Wii U “Tremendously Powerful””

        1. Actually i wouldnt mind a Mother game for WiiU. Ive never played one honestly, and WiiU is perfect for RPG’s so would be something i can get into

              1. Earthbound used music and pop references which at the time wasn’t so bad. Now it infringes copyright. Its not nintendos music.

                Plus the creator of the series does not want to continue it for some reason. Google it and ull av ur answer

        1. And there was Super Mario Land, Mario Kart 7, And Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario and another Mario game coming out for the 3DS as well. Mario games are good but they really are being pumped out like Call of Duty.

          1. Yeah but Marios actually good. Plus, those games a genuinely different altogether, be it spin off or differemt gameplay

          2. I don’t think all those games are being made by the same development team. Super Mario 3D Land is a 3D Mario game, so it is very well welcomed, and it’s for the 3DS. In fact all those games are for the 3DS, the Wii U needs some Mario games for itself, not everybody owns a 3DS.
            P.S. Luigi’s Mansion is a Luigi game, Mario is just a cameo at best.

            1. Even NSMB3D (mouthful), is new. I mean, who’dve thought youd be playing a mario game where the goal is to get 1,000,000 coins, so awesome

          3. I don’t understand why people can’t make the distinction here. CoD is FPS every time, every game. The Mario games you mentioned are different genres. 2D platformer, 3D platformer, kart racing, RPG, sports title, Luigi’s mansion is exploration/puzzle solving. Just because it has “Mario” in the title doesn’t mean it’s the same game. This is the laziest excuse to attempt to accuse rehashes, which are usually made by those who have never played the games anyway.

        1. the only thing that i am waiting exclusive for the wiiU is no more heroes 3.FUCK YEA! NMH1 AND 2 WERE THE BEST WII GAMES INCLUDING ZELDA GAMES,MARIO GALAXY AND METROID PRIME etc

        1. I swear, it took me 10 minites to work out i could do that. Which is pretty said seeing as i went through the game using skywards strikes constantly

          1. I actually beat Demise without doing that…I would side-jump his attacks, and the attack him. Took a while, and I barely did it, but heck, I was proud of it.

            1. I tried but i took so long, and i eventually sort of went “oh what the fuck do i do!?” lifting the controller in the air and bam.
              My face –> 0.o

          2. I died five times before I figured out. It seems as if whenever you need to look at the in-game descriptions you never do.

            1. I died a couple of times, which was bullshit because it counted that i used my red potions, and started me with 4 hearts :|

      1. You best be trollin’. A LOT of people hate on it. It’s basically getting the same hate that Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. Over time, people will begin to see it for the master-piece it is.

      2. really? because i see a ton of people blindly hating it for no apparent reason besides graphics, and the graphics in that game are actually pretty good so i really dont understand all of the hate for it. it is seriously, to me, one of the best zelda games ever made. it’s right up there with ocarina of time and a link to the past imo

        1. No, the graphics were the least of the complaints.
          More people complained about the controls.
          But then again, the majority of those people never went into their Wii settings to adjust and optimize them to prevent hiccups with the controls, so that’s on them. Either that, or they were waving like retarded gorillas or were using broken/close-to-broken equipment then wondering why it wasn’t working for them.XD
          Seriously, I’ve never seen a complaint so stupid, and there’s one video out there, one specific video, that completely debunks any and all claims that the controls of the game are naturally inaccurate.

          1. yeah i thought that the controls were perfect and fluid as long as i kept my batteries charged. seriously i not once got mad at the controls.

            1. my big bro said to me that skyward sword’s controller was awfull.I have a retarded brother.He became like that when nintendo released wii.he wanted HD.Well i said to him that if wii had HD then the wii would cost five hundred and ninty nine U$ dollar$

      1. Agreed. I mean, something so simple like rolling bombs, genius.
        The only thing i didnt like was the lack of exploration, and it was linear. The great sea i WW got boring after a while but the Sky in SS made me fall asleep

        1. True. The sky had like nothing going on in it. It was just…bleh… It didn’t have the sense of exploration that Wind Waker captured so well and nor did it have a vast open world you’d want to explore like Ocarina of Time.

          1. Hopefully in the next Zelda :D
            Although when i come to the next one, i think they’ll scrap motion with the wiimote, but still keep that combat depth, maybe using the right anolog the swipe the sword in a direction. Other than that, i just want them to combine all the good stuff from OoT, MM, WW, TP and SS, add lots of new stuff, bing bang boom, best Zelda ever

              1. I think its the juggling of the Wiiu pad and wiimote and nunchucki dont want :/ but the game pad opens up its own new possibilities. I always imagine say, blocking fire then sending out a Beetle amd flying it in the enemy using the gamepad while Link stay in defence on the tv

      2. It was. I just wish I hadn’t watched my brother play it; that kinda ruined my desire to continue playing it

  1. Well, The Regginator works for Nintendo, it’s not like he would say: ”Yeah, it’s not really that powerful, it’s basically 2 360′s taped together.”

          1. Except play videos, stream music from a networked PC, load a modern web page or flash video over 10 minutes without running out of memory, emulate SuperFX 2 games…

            Damn, I hate the Wii. If it wasn’t for a few good games, I would have sold it long ago.

            1. Except you should know the fact it CAN play videos (Google: Netflix on Wii U). Streaming music…? If you have an SD card or external hard drive, you can. The Wii U has a web browser (see Wii U prototype trailer).

              1. The original quote I responded to was, “Come on… it’s Nintendo. It does everything!”

                I was merely pointing out that Nintendo’s consoles are not known for being all-in-one entertainment machines while pointing out the Wii’s shortcomings.

                For videos, Netflix streaming doesn’t count. It is a paid service. The 360 and PS3 both have the ability to play videos from a USB drive or streamed from a PC on the local network. As for music, the Wii used to be able to play local MP3 files, but was gimped with an update. It cannot stream them from a PC on the local network either (a feature of the 360 and PS3).

                I am well aware that the Wii U has a web browser. However, given that the 3DS browser doesn’t support flash or H.264 video (the standard format for HTML5), I am wary that the Wii U browser won’t either.

  2. I think there are more significant and meaningful things said by Reggie in that quote from the article than saying the Wii U is “tremendously powerful”

      1. I’m going with the white one, personally.
        My first Wii was white, as is my second Wii now that the first one is dead[too many hours of Brawl. Poor little thing could not handle all those years of it.XD], and I’ve already got a black console thanks to my PS3.[my 3DS is black, too, but it has a green Zelda armored case]
        I think I should keep the tradition going and get my Wii U in white, unless otherwise forced.

        1. i dont think the hours of brawl killed ur wii. i have over 1500 hours invested in my brawl file and that didnt kill my wii.

          Ah, Brawl. what a fantastic game

          1. Oh believe me, it did kill my Wii.
            I’ve had the play timer reset on me at least three different times on Brawl. That’s how often I played it. Same for Melee.
            My Wii was almost continuously on. XD

    1. Google ”Wii U games list Wiki”, look at the Wikipedia page for Wii U games. Plenty of content, and that’s just the launch window.

      1. I have to admit, theres probably over 10 launch games i want for the WiiU. I only got Zelda TP with the Wii (amd WiiPlay, but only for the extra Wiimote, hopefully NintendoLand has a similar package, i only have my gold SS motion plus)

        1. That’s what I mean. Everyone just looks at E3, and proclaims that the Wii U has nothing to offer.
          E3 is nothing anymore, it’s just a handjob for the investors.
          I have some words for advice: Do not take E3 serious anymore, none, except for the Big 3, of the giant corporations goes there anymore, RockStar said nothing, Valve said nothing. And even the Big 3 don’t need it, look at Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Livestream, that had more info on the console than the actual conference. Or look at Microsoft, instead of showing us the Microsoft Surface tablet, which I think would have been ready 2 weeks ago if it can freeze now, they showing something lamer, the SmartGlass. WHY DO I NEED IT? To distract myself while watching Game of Thrones? Ok, I can continue watching a movie I watched on the tablet, smartphone, whatever on my 360. That’s not enough, I’m petty sure that there are apps that allow me to do that on a PC. And I probably have to pay to continue watching the movie, just like everything online on the 360.
          Kinda long words of advice, you can ignore the latter part of those words, since that was some rambling, just remember that E3 is nothing now, Gamescom surpasses it, TGS surpasses it, PAX surpasses it, and I’m not even sure that you can take those serious.

          1. I know what you mean. If i just watched the conferences, or even just followed news stories, i wouldnt of had a good impression on the wiiu, but i didnt want to believe it so i looked and was very happy with what i found. I mean we have 4 secret games, 2 are EA published, not sport games either (hopefully one is Mirrors Edge 2), Retros game, and the one using CryEngine 3. I havent been this excited about a console ever

  3. I have all 3 big name console..360/wii/ps3— if they get all the good 3rd party games i will only invest in nintendo.. I beleive that nintendo was and is the best…I bought the 360 for live/halo/COD ps3– was for ninja gaiden/MK/Skyrim— so if this is true i will drop xbox/ps3 for sureeee

    1. As someone who owns a ps3 amd ninja gaiden…did the game seem….off to you? Especially with the sound, sometimes it didnt even match the game

        1. No i meant Sigma 2, mainly in the cutscenes. I didnt expect the dubbing to be stop on but sound fx are all over the place. 3 just seemed to be, not ninja gaiden so i didnt get it, wiiu looks like the proper version though.

    2. Me too man. My 360 extorts me and it’s unreliable. If it has the big third-party games, well then NINTENDO ALL THE WAY!!!

      1. I really want ps3/4 to become my secondary console. Games just look more fun on WiiU. And according to the Darksiders 2 developers, porting on a WiiU is incredibly easy, even with the added unexplored terrain of new consoles. Said it took them 5 weeks to having a full running port, and that was just 2 people! No excuse for developers not to port onto it, just sounds like fanboy lies when stories came in saying porting on the wiiu has too difficult

      2. yeah my xbox has been broken for a year now…and im NOT buying a new’s funny..I can plug in any nin product starting with my nes and it will still work….my 360 had a life for 3/4 years….

  4. My first priority is to purchase the Wii U at, during, or after launch (If it’s sold out, I’ll be pissed!!!!). I have already given The Regginator the final answer… and I’m sure the anticipation of the 8th generation video game system will be the most epic of worthyness.

  5. ammmm how is this news? President of Nintendo America praises the console theyer about to release that’s just common sense its not like Reggie is gunna come out and say this console we are launching in a few months is completely crap don’t buy it

        1. He wouldn’t say it if he didn’t believe some part of it. It’s really hard to act like you care about something you don’t believe in.

  6. Is anyone else mesmerised by the WiiU’s design? The consoles looks nice but the controller just looks damn nice, especially on the home button

    1. the only thing concerning date i saw in this article and the linked source, this was posted yesterday. where exactly does E3 2011 come into this?

  7. This whole situation with the Wii U reminds me of the standoff between Cyborg Freeza and Trunks. Cyborg Freeza, his father King Cold, and his minions represent Sony, Microsoft, and all the retarded narrow-minded boys. Trunks represents the Wii U. They all scanned Trunks’ power level at the beginning and thought he was full of crap with his “5″ power level rating. But over time (emphasis on over time), they noticed that every time Trunks made a certain small attack, his power level kept spiking for like a fraction of a second (the news here and there about the Wii U’s power). And it wasn’t until the big moment (aka Wii U’s launch) that’s when Trunks went FULL ON SUPER SAIYAN and SLICED THE CRAP OUT OF FREEZA and BLEW THE FUCKIN SHIT OUT OF KING COLD. And this was all after he finished TOYING THE LIVING BEJEEZUS OUT OF THE STUPID ASS LITTLE BOYS WHO CLING ONTO SONY’S TEATS — I’m sorry, I meant, Freeza’s minions.

    Moral of the story: Don’t rely on scouters (aka your narrow-minded perspective regarding Nintendo)

  8. I cant disagree with that statement. I mean Wii-U might be the weakest compared to PS4/720 but take a look at where nintendo came form with the Wii in terms of hardware (a beefed up gamecube) Its like they skipped the PS3/360 gen and moved right onto the next one. So yeah it is a really powerful machine.

  9. Just one problem Reggie. A lot of the multiplats announced for the Wii U are ports of games that are already out. You don’t have RE6, you don’t have Bioshock Infinite, you don’t have GTA5, and you may not get Metro Last Light. You do have few games that will be new when this thing launches like AC3 and Aliens Colionial Marines. You do have ports of Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, etc. But those games will have been out for a while at the Wii U release and can be bought for cheaper on PC/360/PS3 since those versions are older. So right now at least. I don’t feel Nintendo is statisfying anyone’s craving for multiplats just giving them tiny nibbles.

    1. U mad? First of all, Aliens: Colonial Marines is NOT A PORT of the PS3/X360…. it’s evidently the DEFINITIVE version only on Wii U. If Bioshock: Infinite or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 were to be released on Wii U, would you call it a port? Double standards… you’ve been EXPOSED!!!!!

    2. “Chris Faylor, the Community Manager for developer Gearbox has stated categorically that Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U is not a port. When Faylor was asked if the game was indeed a simple port of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game he replied ‘I hate that word. The Wii U version is not a port. Remove it from your vocabulary.’ ”


    3. Those games have releases dates and plans though, they dont want to delay it, althougj porting to WiiU is apparently very very easy, according to Darksiders 2 developers

  10. New 3ds huh wow and nintendo doesnt lie huh yup this garbage company as stated before gets a free bullshit pass

  11. @revolution jelouse of what faggot that they’re obviouse liars lol whatever as long as they sell who cares and microsoft is greedy wtf yup shitendo is in it for the money alright

  12. Sickr, on NIntendo’s facebook they have announced that Namco Bandai is working on the next SSB and the new 3DS XL

  13. ^dont bother these faggot excuses any shitendo weakness and defend shitendo lies and obviouse consomer ripoff of ppl who just baught a 3ds atleast microsoft doesnt release an updated kinect after a year of release smh worse than apple

    1. I wouldn’t call it incredibly ugly and pointless, FAILIN BOY!!!! I say it’s an incredible HULK of a handheld. The dual screens are 90% bigger and the 3D looks even sharper in detail. Plus there’s an 8GB SD card. And it’s cheaper than the PS Vita!!!! The Nintendo 3DS XL is priced at $199.99 US. To me, it’s a seller for the Big N.

  14. @gfag Hmm i remember iwata stating they wouldnt release any updated 3ds because it would bring distrust and insult consumers intelligence…3dsXl release LMFAO even they knoe ya stupid tools and ya okay with this lol wow carry on with ur dignity Whitetras

  15. Well looks like Namco’s making the New Smash Bros. Here comes Digimon,Naruto,Afro Samurai, Tekken,SC,pacman, to the roster

  16. LMFAO IWATA promised he wouldnt do such a thing to not bring mistrust or insult consumers intelligence/trust Aw fuck it who we kidding Ninty fans are tools,blind & idiots keep defending them ya the real dumb tools. NINTENDO ARE LIERS WHO ONLY CARE 4 $$$$

  17. Gfagwatcher i fing it funny how your avoding my critic & opt for bashing..NINTY LIED,THEY KNOW YA BLIND STUPID TOOLS CUZ HE RELEASED IT ANYWAYS LMFAO your such a Tool duchbag this confirms it that ninty knows how blind ya are they the greedy ones


  19. @evab SURE thing now proven ninty tool but you must be proud haha ninty thinks ya stupid 100% confirmed wow mario must be > your dignity but than again your playing baby games on a gimp up gamecube shovelware system so meh XD

  20. Hey they should release that mario gold with confirmed payed Dlc that new 3ds game Lmfao xD Damn ninty only you guys can get away with doing this kind of things really says volumes about the intelligence level of your manChilds lol xD proud to be Used:D


    @gfag go play on your garbage system full of barbie.redneck jambori and shovelware while defending iwata the backstabbing liar u worthless brainless duchbag tool as iwata has proven u morons to be :D

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