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New Nintendo 3DS Model Will Be Released In August

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the Nintendo 3DS XL. The new model will have a 90% larger screen than the original 3DS and will retail for $199.99. Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in Europe on July 28th and in North America on August 19th, which is also the day that New Super Mario Bros. 2 releases.

220 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS Model Will Be Released In August”

    1. intendo may be focused on a certain audience but dude, they need to think before they rush 2 new consoles to store (i know the 3D XL is the same as the 3ds but just bigger) still its like wasting time when people with 3ds’ are anxiously waiting for games as good as mario kart 7 or something to that standard of game. With the price drops on the 3ds this year here and there and promotional deals alot of people since christmas have just recently got there hands on a 3ds. So why release a bigger version?? Not very good marketing to me, plus its only like 30-40 dollars more than the orginal console, which is bullshit it makes everyone who bought a 3ds feel cheated or fuckin used. Nintendo are only after there own self-intrests and it makes me fucking gag. Nintendo has lost there touch and I cant stop ranting about it Ive been ranting since nintendo direct ended im fuckin pissed. To top it all off we have to wait til august for NSMB2 and prob December for Luigis Mansion which are the only 2 awesome looking game coming out this year for 3ds (kingdom hearts is stupid) and animal crossing when ever it comes out here in the U.S. which I dont give a fuck about cause that game is creepy and for babies, So we feel fucked for buying a 3ds and were fucked on games til august, how are we suppost to feel. I hate xbox but it seems like playstation is calling me home. Nintendo has had its day, ill always love the classics but this modern day nintendo marketing is sloppy and down right dispicable!

      1. “Everyone who bought a 3DS”? I’m sorry, but while it’s nice to have those huge screens, I rather have a portable that’s, y’know, portable. And I’m sure most 3DS owners would agree.

      2. Seriously… I just bought a 3DS… I really love it and bought it because.Nintendo said.that the next handheld WOULDNT be a revision… I cause.I thought they said they were 3ds so I decided to not wait… bad choice

    2. zax is on bath salts

      I CALLED NINTENDO AMERICAN AND B!TCHED ABOUT THE PRICE DROP TO THE LIE OF THE NEW 3DS..YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAID>> WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE DONE, WE CAN’T HELP EVERYONE BUT THEY SAID THEY COULD HELP ME???? I LOVED NINTENDO FOR 25 YEARS–TILL THEY SAID THAT…… i told them how they lied saying there was no enhanced 3ds at E3 press confrence and a week later there was an enhanced 3ds…I went through the price over it but now this….WOOOOOWWWWWWW…..

      So when they asked me what i wanted done.I said they needed to figure out a way for us 3ds owners ( that got the 3ds to where it is today ) to trade in our 3ds for the 3dsXL…..maybe through gamestop or nintendo.. I aslo added that they should scrap our 3ds for parts….

      WHAT WOULD YOUR IDEA BE.???? would you think about your self or others?? I thought of every Nintendo investor….

      1. Thats what i said technically an XL wouldn’t be a redesign and i knew they wouldn’t add a second joypad

        1. zax is on bath salts

          it is a is bigger, battery life is better…most likely fit my hands better..and i won’t have to hold it too my face to see…so yeah they redesigned the battery and screen

    1. from his wording, it seemed that he was more or less avoiding the question so he wouldn’t leak information

  1. But it’s going to be sooooo BIIIIIG in my pocket! It would be a no-brainer if they improved the 3D camera in it but only bigger screens? iiiiiionno…

  2. The Only Pokemon Champ

    Miyamoto:Im happy with the 3DS, there is not gonna be a new one
    *7 days later*
    3DS XL!

  3. Finally the only complaint I have about the 3ds is being fixed you know the screen size. The rounded edges are also welcome because the one now starts to hurt your hand.

    1. not only the size but check out the upper screen they put something to prevent scratch when you close your 3ds about the battery life
      3ds in 3d 3-5hrs
      3ds Xl in 3d 3.5-6.5hrs

  4. The Only Pokemon Champ

    And if you look closely, you can see a large space where a second circle pad could have been fitted comfortably

    1. Personally I don’t see the point in a permanent second circle pad. I mean out of all 3DS games, there’s what, like 3 games that are compatible with a second circle pad? I mean if there were more games that supported it, then it’d be a bit more logical to attach another circle pad, but with only Resident Evil Revelations, MGS Snake eater,Kid Icarus (Only for Lefties), and soon kingdom hearts 3D, that would use another circle pad out of the entire 3Ds game library, I just think a permanently attached circle pad would be useless more than half the time. The only odd thing is… where are you gonna get a circle pad pro for that colossal console.

      1. The Only Pokemon Champ

        well then dont you think they should bundle a circle pad pro xl with it to give gamers the option?
        I mean that would not only cut down cost price but it would get the CPP in more 3ds owners hands so it would encourage developers to add the abulity to used a second circle pad

    1. They don’t want to make the XL version the obvious choice for buyers, they want both systems to co-exist. The original 3DS is for those who takes it around with them and the XL version is for the people who use it mostly at home. If 3DS XL would’ve had the extra circle pad, then why would a person choose the original one, which doesn’t have one.

        1. I don’t get why people don’t understand they want to make more money by selling a cpp XL.

          If they had included a second analog it would have forced developers to make 2 sets of controls for every game.

  5. The Only Pokemon Champ

    Does anyone see what nintendo is trying to do?
    Let me explain
    Nintendo 3DS has been long confused with the predecessor Nintendo DS
    so people have been ignoring it and getting the old one
    Nintendo has made a 3DS similar to DS in some respects, causing the casual buyer to buy a 3DS thinking its a DS,
    or maybe they want the DS owner to have the same feel with 3DS that was with DS
    or this could just be huge speculation on my part

    1. 3ds has hardcore games too like resident evil revelations and the mercenaries,ghost reacon,kid ikarus uprising etc

          1. Ooh. So relevant. I bet fakie is quaking in his boots because he’ll never reach your level of relevance.

  6. So, here’s the thing. What if I wanted to buy one of these, and I already have owned my 3DS since launch. I have some nice GBA games on here, and as I understand it, you can’t copy them over to other systems…I hope they offer a nice solution for the Ambassadors that would like to upgrade to this model.

    1. nintendo offers a solution somwhere in the 3DS settings that allows you to transfer all files from one 3DS to another, including ambassador games.

    2. I’m sure you can link your current 3ds with club Nintendo and you should be able to transfer everything from it to the new one….also do it on your wii also so you can transfer purchases from wii to wiiu

    1. I’m not sure if youre doing it on purpose but your mood for every comments you make just happens to fit your gravatar..

  7. Why not include a second circle pad. That was really important and secondly this is way to early to release a new model with the Wii U coming out this year. Next year would have been perfect -_- and most importantly I feel screwed.

  8. Hmm, an extra circle pad would be nice, but bigger screen solves one issue so im good with this, might actually buy one now, just hope the wiiu doesnt come out too soon

      1. I know but i meant like at least 2-3 months between them, because i want this and some games, but if its release is says september/october, then i might not have enough. This would all be solved if they a tually released the dn date and price for
        Wiiu :|

  9. ANALOGUE PAAAAAAAD!!!! da hurr hurr derp.


    I fuckin’ hate people.

    1. why it doesn’t have a 2nd circle pad people should use their brain it’s an XL version of the 3ds does the 3ds have an 2nd circle pad NO!
      i hate them too it’s annoying

  10. Nintendo should have released this from the start. They should think about what they think would be perfect for the sytem. And do it. Large screens? Yes. Rounded edges? Yes. Two analog sticks? Yes. Just do it right the first time.

  11. The Only Pokemon Champ

    Hopefully they fixed these problems
    -loose hinges
    – and my stylus fell out way too often

    1. I’m proud to say I probably will be getting it…unless the games look like shit on the xl compared to the original because the resolution.

      1. Trust me they will be. Nintendo isn’t going to increase the resolution, just like DSi XL

        All of the supposedly “good looking” games will look like hammered crap.

  12. Lol people feel screwed yet they didn’t buy it. iT would screw you over if it did have a second analog. Why? Because origional 3ds owners didn’t get hat luxury and it would be uncomfortable du the systems size, people your not being forced to buy so kindly shut the fuck up. Ok? Dont buy it then. I am and i will thoroughly enjoy it

    1. Yeah I’ll be getting one and passin my old one down or trading it in and a year from now if they release an hd3dwiiuixl2 ill ill get it to.

  13. This thing looks incredibly ugly. Had a problem fitting the original 3DS in you pocket? Well now we’ve made an even bigger one with no extra circle pad and the CPP won’t even work on this. So now you have to buy a brand new one. And now you can get a bigger screen but with no new resolution so games will look even blurrier.

    Fuck you Nintendo. This will be even harder to carry around then the Vita. There is no reason to buy this thing

    1. And don’t forget how Miyamoto told us that the 3DS wouldn’t get a fucking redesign. Great Ninty, lie to your fans as well as show this piece of shit

      1. Are you retarded? The only thing different is that it’s bigger, Miyamoto didn’t lie. Jesus Christ it’s like these sites are filled with self-entitled 12-year-olds who’s only contribution to society is to bitch and moan about game devices they don’t even have to buy.

        1. the thing is a redesign. Look at it. Does it look exactly like the original 3DS but bigger? no, it doesn’t. The fact is Ninty told us there wouldn’t be a new type of 3DS just a fucking week ago. The point is that its a stupid way to cash-in on Ninty fanboys that will buy everything Nintendo-related because they are blindly in love with Nintendo

          Oh and I like your user name. Cute.

      2. bro, don’t be so mad. miyamoto didn’t give a flat concrete “no we are 100% NOT doing a remodel of the 3DS”. he gave an unclear answer (with tip-off words like “probably”) 10 days prior to the announcement. he was avoiding leaking information.

        and here’s a strange concept: you don’t have to buy this thing! there are some people who like a bigger screen or would like a better battery life, as well as the fact that owning a handheld does not always mean that they will put it in their pocket and take it everywhere with them. if you’re not one of those people, get a regular 3DS and stop complaining

        1. I’m not going to buy the thing. I just find it ridiculous that people will pay $200 for something that you can’t fit into your pocket with a slightly bigger screen and absolutely nothing else. Oh it has a very, very small battery improvement. I could get that with that slicker Nyko CPP that actually comes withan extra circle pad for $30. Oh and by the way, the fucking point of a handheld is to take it places, that’s what most Ninty fanboys rag on about the Vita and now Ninty comes out with something twice the size of the original 3DS

          But you are right that I do need to calm down, I just can’t believe someone who already owns a 3DS would actually pick this up

            1. I believe a better way to say it would be “Get a purse if your going to whine like a girl”
              But I’m with him on this one! How can Nintendo get away with such a cash-in. I mean seriously, one year after the 3DS and a week after Nintendo saying there weren’t going to be any hardware revisions, we get this revision with a bigger screen (keep in mind that its not a better resolution so games are going to look so much blurrier). And if you want a better battery, buy the damn Nyko thing that comes with the extra circle pad.

              Oh and by the way, the argument that “You don’t have to buy it” is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. We don’t HAVE to buy anything yet people still complain about it. Its a bad cash-in that brings absolutely nothing new, whether or not we HAVE to buy it doesn’t change what it is.

  14. people, for the love of all that’s good in the world, stop complaining about the lack of a second circle pad! what, did you want it to happen so developers could start making games that require the second circle pad? that’d be pretty unfair to the people with the first 3DS and no circle pad pro. it’d basically force people to spend extra money to play a game and that’s not cool

    1. ….But what’s the point of the CPP then? Nintendo themselves admitted that they should’ve had the extra circle pad, so when they got the fucking chance to put it in, they didn’t. It would increase sales because people would want the thing with the extra circle pad instead of the ugly CPP
      Let me ask you this question. Say you got Kingdom Hearts 3D. Would you rather have an awful camera or a nice camera with the second circle pad? face it, with more 3D games, the 3DS needs the extra circle pad

      1. the CPP is for games COMPATIBLE with it, not games that require it, since they don’t exist. and personally i find it unnecessary. i’m left-handed and played kid icarus uprising without it despite owning one. why? because the controls were able to be configured to accommodate people who’d be inconvenienced or entirely screwed over without it. why can’t other games just do that? heck, touch-screen camera controls would work just fine if all the buttons would be put to use! they were in super mario 64 DS and i used them seamlessly with button controls. one circle pad is enough

        1. So, why would it matter. They don’t need to change the CPP is used now. Its just a connivance sake and you don’t need to lug around an add-on to your 3DS wherever you go

            1. Yeah, it makes no sense whatsoever to include something in the hardware which only benefits 0.01% of games released.

  15. Alright, so damn near every comment on all sites posting this story are all about how shit this is. So ok then.. fuck Nintendo, let’s all spend more money on a Vita with all the gadgets and tech we bitch about wanting and then just stare at the fucking thing, cause with no games that’s all it’s good for.. staring at.

    1. Actually, scratch that.
      Nintendo! It is time to completely pull out of the western market and sell only in Japan. The west doesn’t deserve your awesomeness.

  16. This is not true, this is not true, this is not true, this is not true, this is not true, THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! ._.

  17. You fuckin people digust me. Fuck nintendo? Who said go buy it if you already have a 3Ds? Nintendo didn’t screw over origional owners with this. How? No added circle pad. I’m getting this. It looks great. It’s cheap when think about it an attery lasts longer. I bid you hating douchebags adue~

    1. I don’t completely disagree with you, they didn’t screw us over with this, but they should have at least waited until 2013 to announce an update, and to be honest it could look better. Its nowheres near as sleek and sexy as the original 3ds, looks to be a DSiXL with 3d, thats it. And actually if screen size didn’t matter you could just buy the charger docks that have the battery in them, doubles the battery life.

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  19. Hm. I’ll stick with my current 3DS. I like to put my 3DS in my pocket, and even now it doesn’t fit very well. Anyway, I’m saving up for da Wii U! :D

  20. An interesting little bit of info: I’ve been tracking Nintendos stocks and it was down all day (-90 before the Direct started) but now has since shot up to currently sit at +120 and up for the day.

      1. That’s a nice reply.

        Except it doesn’t prove me wrong in any way. It’s just a fanboy getting ass-sore because I’m right.

        DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL…

        7 portable devices, all $150 or adove, in only 9 years.

        They’re fucking worse than Apple with the iPhone! And you turds keep buying them! LMAO!

          1. 1.5 years actually. I forgot, SIX handhelds in nine years… Not seven. I mean, Nintendo isn’t THAT crazy, eh?!

            No no, they just love making you pay upwards of $150 every year and a half. That’s all.

            1. PSP, PSP Slim/2000, PSP 3000, PSP Go, PSP E-1000, PSVita.

              Well look at that. 6 handhelds in 8 years. Ha.

                1. They are the only two companies making dedicated portable gaming devices.

                  They both do it.

                  Your point would be valid if there was a company somewhere making dedicated portable gaming devices and not releasing multiple iterations. But there isn’t.

                  It’s also nowhere near as bad as the smartphone market which is supposed to be stealing business from Nintendo/Sony. Every company bar Apple has multiple handsets with multiple OS choices on the market at any given time. Apple themselves just iterate their stuff every 12-18 months.

                  This 3DS XL is coming 17 months into the life of the 3DS.

                  1. I even forgot that the Vita launched in Japan last year. Making it 6 in 7 years at Sony.

                    At that rate the first Vita revision will be out by the end of the year!

          1. Exactly my point: it doesn’t change the game. It’s just a bigger screen. And they have the nerve to release one with JUST THAT as an upgrade? Are they having a laugh?

            So people who don’t buy one feel inferior and don’t get as nice of an experience. And people who do buy one are out yet ANOTHER $150.

            Absolutely ridiculous.

        1. You’re implying that all of the ones you have listed are just the same thing. The 3DS is it’s own thing for one. Ntm, you’re acting as if you have to buy every version of the DS or the 3DS. For the DS, DSLite and the DSi, they were spaced out rather nicely. Although the DSiXL and the 3DSXL really shouldn’t have been made.

          1. 3DS is absolutely NOT it’s own thing.

            It’s a fucking DS with a 3D feature that is neither required, nor adds any significant value. It’s a stupid fracture that can even be turned off optionally.

            That’s it. That’s the only difference: a little switch that makes the games not appear to come off the damn screen. Really? You think that is its own thing?

            PS2 compared to PS1 is a separate console:: it’s capable of massively more gameplay and graphics. Same with XBOX and XBOX360, or SNES and Nintendo 64. Huge improvements.

            If someone tacked on an optional feature to the Wii, we wouldn’t EVER call that a “next gen console”.

            Besides, consoles themselves last more than 1 fucking year before another full priced one comes in to fill the spot.

            Hell, GameBoy lasted longer before we got GameBoy colour, not to me room GameBoy Advance, which I consider to be the actual next gen of Nintendo handheld after GameBoy. Adding colour didn’t make it it’s own console. It still played 8bit GameBoy games, had the same power, same sound, some controls, same everything… just more than 2 colours. That’s an upgrade, not a next gen.

            Just like this: it’s an upgrade. Just like adding 3D was. That’s it.

            1. i cant tell if u are been sarcasm or not but a 3ds game cant play on a ds platform, because its a successor. U need to do more research before saying something this blind.

    1. regardless of what you think, we all knew already that some sort of new 3DS ireteration is bound to come out and I for once was hoping for a bigger screen size. I am definietly gonna pick this one up

      1. 2 problems with that
        1. Nintendo already fucking said no more hardware revisions
        2. The fact that everyone knew there was going to be a hardware revision shows how predictable Nintendo is. Are fanboys just supposed to fork over $150 every year for a new handheld that does very little different?

  21. Kinda pissed. But whatever, maybe this model will rid the system of those lines it gets when you close it. This’ll make me and my boyfriend owners of 5 of these buggers though. Oh well, I’ll play it more with the bigger screen. I hated the small screen after having my DSi XL!

          1. He’s referring to the fact a lot of Nintendo fanboys feel like they are the greatest company ever and truly want to please you for the satisfaction of pleasing you. They want to please you for your money

          2. Wanting money and ONLY wanting money: two distinctly different things. But then I don’t expect some 12 year old kid making smartass comments in the interwebz to know the intricacies of business ethics. Go back to school, little boy.

  22. my only gripe with this is, if i wanted to buy an xl, wtf would i do with my circle pad pro? they really should have thought ahead with the design of that thing, like make it extendable or something :|

    1. My thoughts exactly- i have a feeling when smash brothers is shown…people will swarm to this model. – and now people can stop nagging about screen size… its almost a big as vitas jebus O-o;;

    1. I wonder that myself. I guess people are asking for it so fucking badly. i cant even believe that they actually made this decision and releasing it so early.

  23. Don’t plan on getting it, to be honest I dont like it. I have the 3ds and I love it, wouldn’t mind a bigger screen, but they did not do it the right way. The 3ds is sleek and sexy, could use some touch ups, but otherwise well done…but this…its the DSi XL all over again…WITH 3D. It kinda annoys me. Nintendo finally starts moving ahead with a sleeker, more attractive and comfortable device and then go back to their roots. I think that they should have kept the design and material of the original 3ds, increased the size of the rubber stoppers so they actually cover the corners of the system, preventing the screen scratching, made it so the power button works faster and better but still looks sleek (unlike this update), made the start, select and home keys easier to press like this did, but still as sleek as on the original 3ds, then actually move them so they are still attached to the touch screen area, but on the right side of it, with the home button on the top, the start in the middle for easy access and the select button at the bottom, then upgrade the circle pad and add a second one, I mean the circle pads aren’t horrible, but shouldnt be so damn easy to twist and scratch, make the 3d slider into three buttons, one that increases the depth and another that decreases it, and one that toggles the 3d on or off, that way you can easily adjust to a level perfect for you and if you are one who gets headaches from the 3d, can turn it off entirely with the push of a button preferrably in a sleek design in the same material as the updated home, start, and select keys, that I suggested, increase the size of the screens just as big as these, increase the batttery life, and increase the power of the speakers and microphone. There, perfect 3ds, high quality sound, harder to scratch, still sleek as hell, easier accessable pausing features, and its not as easy to accidently shut off your 3d while quickly pausing a game.

      1. Lol yeah, I guess so, but was anything I said wrong, wouldn’t that make a much more appealing system. And don’t get me wrong i love the 3ds and I’ve had the original ds and the ds lite, the 3ds is the best developed one so far and now theyre ruining it, my brother has the DSi and I don’t like the texture, its ugly in my opinion and nowheres near as sleek and smooth as the 3ds in any way.

        1. If Nintendo released a 3DS like that then people will just sulk that it costs too much. But yeah, who wouldn’t want a Ferrari for $1. You could just buy a Vita though if your so unhappy with the current 3DS offerings – A Vita is basically a Porsche without a gas tank. Have fun with that.

          1. ..and damn, so many people caught up on the appearance. I can’t get over how superficial people are. “I only buy things that I can show off and brag about.” WOW

            1. Its not that I only care about appearance, but I would perfer my things to look nice, I dont like the texture of DSi and DSiXL, they bother my hand, and if anything touches them they get scratched. but the things I suggested would not break the bank. If I was working for Nintendo I would have released this suggestion in 2013, the materials would be cheeper and so it wouldn’t really matter, but even if it were released at this point the biggest update is the screen, which is what they already produced with this, maybe the screen I proposed was $10 extra then this one would be, not that big a deal, the mic update could be as simple as extending the hole, because the mic can hear me…unless I’m using it for MK7, the button upgrades wouldn’t cost that much more maybe $20-30, and the speaker could probably be fixed in a similar way for fairly cheep. Moving the 3 buttons over wouldn’t cost any extra actually, but changing their materials, which is what $5-10 and they already did the battery with this, though I would perfer at least 5 hours, not 3.5, and honestly i’m sure the slide pads are cheep and the could use two of those but whats another $20 honestly. And all of this is speculation, but i honestly don’t think any of this would cost much besides the screen upgrade and if nintendo didnt release it only a year later, maybe the materials would have been made more affordable like I said.

          2. Not disatisfied with my 3ds at all, I absolutely love it, but i would be welcome to a bigger screen, and like I said, my updates are not that major, to be honest theirs is a bigger overhaul then mine in some ways, the completely redesigned the our and inner with slightly cheeper materials

      1. thats fine lol, but it leads me to wonder, why did you even comment? ;D And if you read it I actually think you might like my resign a lot better lolol

  24. Pretty happy about this ! This will be my 3rd 3DS !! Cant wait to play Pokemon and Dragon Quest on it !!! No complaints at all !! Im happy it came in black as for some reason Destroctoid made it out that it wouldn’t ! Im also glad they sorted out the home and start buttons as its a bit awkward on the current model !

  25. Why the hell have they upgraded the 3DS into a bigger,ugly console? It doesn’t need a upgraded version. I certainly won’t be buying this. I’m happy with my normal 3DS.

  26. I’m starting to get the impression that people are hating on the XL primarily because they want it but don’t want to spend the money on it. So instead they are making themselves feel better by just hating on it. If anybody who comes to a dedicated Nintendo fan site thinks that this XL is no good then ya’ll are straight up mental and shouldn’t be at mynintendonews. A handheld Nintendo device with two massive ass screens and 3DDDDDD!!!! it’s insane how cool that is. Have expectations grown so high now that even this is meh to us? So sad.

      1. +1, totally agree, this isn’t a 3ds. It’s a DSiXL with 3d. The completely thre out the design. No longer sleek, no longer sexy

        1. So you’ve never bought a pair of shoes or a car for design? in theory each of them does about the same thing, a shoe protects your feet and a car takes you from point a to point b. If you want a bigger sized car you go with a van. Or you can get a slightly smaller more attractive SUV for the same price. You wouldn’t get the SUV?

  27. This is great, since I wanted to buy a second 3DS (for Pokémon trading purposes), I can get this one when it’s cheaper. I’m just wondering how the 3D will look on the bigger screen. If the resolution is the same, doesn’t it look… weird?

  28. Wow I’m pretty surprised about this. I think its great they’re releasing a 3DS re-design with a bigger screen. But, it would have been good if it came with a second circle pad.
    I bought my 3DS day one so…I dunno. If there’s a way you can do system transfer, and providing I have the funds maybe I’ll get this sometime.

  29. Gross. I thought Nintendo had finally learned something about aesthetics. 3DS is a sharp device. This looks like a little girls makeup compact.

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  31. For those wanting a second analog pad, it is not going to happen, at least not on this system (the 3DS).

    By adding a second analog pad would be completely useless and unfair. Useless because there are little games that use it right now, so it would be a waste of money to add it on right now, and unfair because if games required a second analog pad, then early buyers would be forced to buy the Circle Pad Pro attachment. Most games play well without the need of a second analog pad, anyways. I do want the next Nintendo handheld (not a revision of the 3DS) to have a second analog pad. There would be no point adding a second analog pad at this time. The system is over a year old, so it best to just deal with what you have. Saying the system is bad because of one analog pad is not necessary a “con”, but an opinion.

    Besides a little misinforming on a “3DS revision”, I do not see what Nintendo did wrong here. The XL is an option for people who want bigger screens (and there were people holding off on a 3DS until an XL was made). So Nintendo did not rob you of your money.

  32. Notice how they put feet on the top screen right inline with the frame on the bottom screen… I doubt the circle pad pro will work with this… By the by there’s A LOT of people waiting for a redesign before buying a 3ds so shut up about it you poor people

  33. This looks like shit! It looks like a girl’s make-up container… waiting for 3DS XLL, hopefully it comes, or hopefully they make last minute changes to their console, then I’ll reconsider. Plus, Imma buy a Wii U

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  35. I’m not a hater but what I say might sound like it, it’s a bit annoying that they’re releasing a new one since as far as I know they said they wouldn’t. Either way I won’t be getting one since I can’t afford that and a Wii U and the Wii U is more important since I already own a 3DS, an ambassador one.
    To be honest I don’t think the design looks that nice, the current 3DS is shiny and really nice looking but this looks a bit dull and maybe the screens’ll be a bit too big.
    Also where is the 2nd analog stick? I assumed if they would ever make a new model they would include 2? I suppose they just made that new add on one though so I guess it’s ok.

    1. i know thats what im thinking… doesn’t matter anyone cos im not getting it, saving my money for Wii U

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  37. It’s funny how people are calling Miyamoto a lier after this. In case you haven’t notice, this isn’t really a new 3DS or a redesign. It’s the same thing but bigger. It doesn’t even have a second circle pad. In my case, the resolution will stay the same as the others, so the image will be stretched to fit these ne screens. With that in mind, I will keep my current 3DS and wait for the one with a circle pad. I can see why many may be mad, but if you already have a 3DS, you won’t really miss on anything.

    I see this as a move to attract more casual people who bought a DS and haven’t gotten a 3DS because it doesn’t have an AC adapter, though the one from the DS will work. It’s not a product for us, and it’s definitely a product for people who already have the current 3DS.

  38. This is a DAY ONE purchase for me. I have an ambassador 3ds but i love the big screen. So I will just keep both. Am good with this new 3ds.

    I really hope i can transfer all my purchases to the new 3ds.

    Get N or Get OUT!!!

  39. I’m not sure if I would trade mine in for the new one. Sure, it has extra battery life and 90% BIGGER SCREENS!! However, I’m perfectly fine with my old 3DS. BUT, if this one has a higher resolution then I’m going for it!

  40. Is it just me or does the blue x black and red x black XLs resemble the Crimison / Black and the
    Cobalt / Black DS Lite models?

  41. Yes !!! Thank You Nintendo. I have been waiting for a bigger screened 3DS since i bought the original one. I will buy a 3DS XL first day. it’s out. I’m so excited.

  42. I though nothing would replace it but this..IS BETTER!!(I made a plan B,now C,100%Functionable)

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