Darksiders 2 Wii U Official Box Art Revealed?

Amazon Germany has posted what appears to be the finalised box-art for Darksiders 2 for Wii U. Of course, this could just be a mock-up created by Amazon Germany. However, the overall design matches that of Jett Tailfin Racers, which was revealed earlier this month.

Thanks Pacho.

59 thoughts on “Darksiders 2 Wii U Official Box Art Revealed?”

      1. It does seem unlikely they’ll use the same design, except with the U, id imagine theyd go for similar like how the 3DS cases compare to normal DS cases, not a big different but at least enough to differentiate to the existing cases.

      2. for one, the blue is the old colour blue rather htan the new updated darker colour. i.e. they used the older version logo

        1. The contrast of the colour is subject to lighting of the picture, colour profile used to create the image, how the picture was taken, etc.

          “It’s a little darker than it used to be” is not a valid assessment. I’m not saying this image is real, I’m just saying it’s not discernibly fake just by looking at it with no other information.

          1. Theres no lighting affecting the picture, theres no glare or any thing, even if it was real, this would be a computer image

    1. It’s Nintendo’s new console coming later this year. It will be compatible with Wiimotes and Wii peripherals, but no, the controller is for Wii U, not the Wii console.

          1. Well, better to ignore him every time he post something, though. I know he’s gonna bite me because I took his name. Well, sort of.

    1. I can imagine so, or at least different in some way from the Wii’s cases. I never liked these cases, the ps3 ones look much better, plus they can be double stacked if your shelf is high enough

  1. I’d say the box is definitely fake, mainly because the Wii U logo looks really ugly up there in the corner and has a bunch of awkward blank space around it.

  2. … This looks too much like a Wii game case. Hoping Nintendo differentiates Wii U from the Wii a little more. Please.

    1. Theres a concept one that looks more like a larger DS case, look it up. I hope the designs are more like that, it would be nice to have this direct link betweek their game cases, plus the logo and the nintendo network symbol makes it look much better

  3. I think it’s just a mock up tbh, just seller showing that it’s for a Nintendo console by using the same set up as the Wii games, I guess. But as many have said, I don’t think that Nintendo would actually have the same exact case design for the Wii U as they did Wii, especially if they had admitted they are working on showing possible consumers the differences between the two as to not get them confused.

    Personally I think a completely new set up with the case is in order, making it easier for consumers, to differentiate between the Wii & Wii U.

  4. It’s fake. Nintendo wouldn’t make their box art look like the Wii box art

    They already have enough confusion with it.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if it was.. I mean the dreamcast still gets some games every now and again. :P

  5. i can’t wait to buy this for my wii, do you have to get that new controller with the screen to play this though?

  6. Didn’t they have trouble because the 3DS Box Art was too similar to the DS one? Why should they risk that again. Also somehow i’m pretty sure the Box Art will be more linear (and futuristic).

    1. They should make it more like the DS, in shape and design, need to put on a nintendo network symbol on too, make it more similar to current cases

  7. I really think they should at the very least change the color of the logo so that it doesn’t get confused with Wii games.. I don’t think the cases should be white this time. I really think this is just going to confuse people even more if they stick to the same colors for their game boxes. Why not have like a blue color.. idk.

    1. Yeah because Pikmin 3, all of the Wii-U’s multi-plats, New Super Mario Bros. U, etc. are crap, right? Please, get your fanboy ass out of this site.

    2. Oh grow up. There’s a reason why a lot of companies tell kids like you to “ask your parents for permission before going online”.

  8. Nintendo needs to change the position of the ‘Wii U’ name if this is real because it’s basically the wii’s box art style with an added ‘U’

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