Nintendo Says Mario Doesn’t Wear Suits; He Transforms

During E3, video game journalist Neal Ronaghan played New Super Mario Bros. U for Wii U and, while he was playing, asked a Nintendo representative where to find the Flying Squirrel suit. The representative corrected him by saying that Mario doesn’t wear suits but instead transforms into something after he touches a special item. Ronaghan then asked if the claim is a response to PETA’s attacks on Nintendo’s well-known plumber and the representative said, “No, it’s always been that way.”

134 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Mario Doesn’t Wear Suits; He Transforms”

    1. Of course, we’ve seen it at E3 and the trailers. You have to touch an Acorn Mushroom to turn into Flying Squirrel Mario.

              1. That would suck. Hunger Games is a good movie/book, but it’s highly overrated and no one gave two shits about it before the movie.

    1. Please, don’t. They’ll just ruin the great community there. I don’t want to see immature little pricks trolling the forum.

    1. Peta is good but stupid.
      I mean, when they attacked Mario, do you realize how many young developers and graphic artists were commissioned to help their campaign?
      By helping the younger developers of the industry, Peta is helping a new generation of developers grow.

  1. Why has official sources referred to him wearing a “Propeller suit” and “Penguin Suit” The problem is, when you go back into Mario’s history and read some of the instruction booklets, there clearly mentions of suits. This goes against what the rep said, especially when she mentioned that the suit terminology is something the fans came up with. She is retarded.

        1. You know that your avatar gives you away as being the same person, right?
          Why do you do this? And on multiple articles, multiple times.

          1. Nova: I asked myself the same question before I noticed that I had the same avatar when I posted anonymously! However, I find it strange that some anonymous posters have different avatars. I guess it has something to do with the entered email address.

    1. Alright, yeah, the rep seems uninformed, but let’s break it down.

      In SMB, touching a Super Mushroom transformed Mario into Super Mario, a Fire Flower turned him into Fire Mario, and a Starman made him invincible (or Invincible Mario). In the original SMB2, a Poison Mushroom demoted him to plain old Small Mario if he wasn’t already.

      SMB3 is where suits were introduced. The Tanooki Suit, Frog Suit, and Hammer Suit. However, take a good look at the Super Mario Wiki page, and you’ll see phrases such as “turn into Hammer Mario” and “transform into Tanooki Mario”. Nothing about “wearing” suits. Even if it’s a technicality, the original (English) instruction manual says that the Tanooki Suit “Changes Mario into Tanooki Mario,” using the same wording for the other suits.

      It would seem Mario does indeed transform into different forms when touching magical items; some of those items happen to be suits. Thus, the Penguin suit lets Mario transform into Penguin Mario (even if it seems obvious he’s wearing the suit). Also, becoming Propeller Mario doesn’t even involve collecting a suit; it’s a Propeller Mushroom. ;)

  2. I guess after myamoto made staements about Halo1 …Metriod ”transformed” into a fps ‘adventure” lol trickery words to hide blatant ripoff sure sure hey i had an adventure in halo too smh conaving theif -_-

    1. Have you played the two games? Just because they’re in the same perspective doesn’t make them even kind of similar. Halo is closer to Contra than Metroid Prime. An argument could be made to say that Prime was a bit too similar to Super Metroid, but in no way is a comparison to Halo legitimate, let alone calling it a blatant ripoff.

  3. And after 26 years we finally find out he transforms… I mean wasn’t it obvious people… He touches a FireFlower and he turns orange, A leaf a puff of smoke appears, and he’s a racoon, a frog, a puff of smoke appears, a feather and well-that’s obviously a cape but, yeah I can agree that for about 90 percent of his powerup- they are transformations, the other 10- suits. Now Let’s see if we can put all Official Mario games in2 an official time line Timeline… Super Mario Land I would say be first and then it has to be Super Mario Bros. 2 But really that takes place between levels 2 and 3 of super Mario Land- where …

  4. Makes sense I guess but doesn’t explain why they were calling the Tanooki item in SM3DL “The Tanooki Suit” in marketing. This is clearly just PETA or some thick as shit rep.

  5. He transforms into a party animal, a kart racer, a tennis player, soccer player, a bully when he beats the shit out of bowser, a brother, he gets on that XTC and starts glowing he hits them mushrooms, hits more mushrooms and thinks he can fly, and still cant keep up with his bitch and doesn’t know what castle to go to


    Look right there, it says “grab a super leaf and SUIT up” many powerups are indeed suits. Since when does one statement of a Rep become the companies entire view.

    1. I dont get how the leaf turns into a tail, then appears out of nowhere on the back on mario. Id say transform.

  7. I find it pretty obvious that he transform… Anyone who’ve paid attention would see that… I mean it’s kinda impossibru to wear a suit that makes you grow to twice your size..

  8. in japanese folklore the tanooki or racoon transformed by putting a leaf on it’s head. so i think she may be right since i belive mario has always been referencing japanese folklore (well with the tanooki suit anyways @ the least in super mario bros 3) it was probably just easier to explain him changing costumes to westerners, as opposed to transforming. It’s a cultural thing. See the movie Pom Poko to know what im talking bout it will make sense

  9. Imo the best 2d Mario was super mario 3. The best 3d mario was Super Mario Galaxy. Mario 64 is overrated and the new super mario series just feel like the same old same old. I think they should give him a rest and try Wario or Luigi for a change

    1. you are an idiot. Mario 64 was a revolution in 3d interactive worlds.

      you are probably under the age of 10 to make such a claim…


              1. Tell me about it. Everyone hated on it because of FLUDD. It was a great game, I don’t understand why people treat it like a shit game.

  10. I couldn’t care less if it’s a transformation or a Suit up.
    PETA just take things to far beyond it’s actual intention.
    By PETA Logic, The Frog “suit” is 100 dissected frogs stitched together.
    What’s next An Anti Drugs Company who is just a stupid as PETA is going to say the Mega Mushroom is Mario on LSD or Viagra

      1. Fish ‘should be rebranded as sea kittens’

        Oh… God.

        PETA ‘should be rebranded as complete morons’

  11. This is really up to ones interpretation of wearing a suit or transforming……sometimes, B he keeps his overalls own which would suggest a transformation, while other are complete “body suits” Frog, Tanooki,Penguin,etc. Then you have the ones like that are crosse breeds like the Hammer Bros and Boomrang Bros suits. Honestly, he always has to touch a maigical item anyway….so groups like PETA are a waste of breath for an issue like this. If he went around skinning animals and putting on their fur….then we would have an issue.

  12. @Peter I could be wrong here but werent the arcades the beggining of hardcore gamers before atari i think?

  13. Shit it’s just a videogame, who cares if is a suit or a genetic altered plumber. Why are people trying to find logic in a Mario game? lol

  14. @aeolus just because it revolutionized it doesnt mean anything Mario galaxy improved and masterd the gaming mechanucs & physics. I DARE U TO PLAY MARIO 64 NOW it just doesnt stack up to galaxy-facts

      1. That’s an opinion. For me, Super Mario Galaxy is better than Super Mario 64, the only thing that made Super Mario 64 better for me at first was nostalgia and…that’s it.

        1. For me it’s not nostalgia. For me it’s that I don’t think galaxys gameplay (running around planets and stuff) is as fun as the basic mario 64 gameplay. I also think 64 had better hub world, because tou could interact more with it.

          1. It’s all based on preferences. I felt that Super Mario Galaxy had more creativity and more life in it’s levels than Super Mario 64. Although, I do agree on Super Mario 64 having a better hub world, but both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy’s hub world pale in comparison to Super Mario Sunshine’s.

  15. PEACH IS BOWSER JR MOTHER! So thats why the skank preyends to get capture since super pribcess peach clearly shows she can defend herself lol shes into submission lol bitch says:

    @p100 Nope in mario 3 he hope into the kuribo shoe and then theres the star and the big and gaint mushrooms which dont transform him per say but increase his stature

  16. @reskin how so? Mario galaxy has orchestraded music thats superb,better graphics,more challenges,better excuted story,better phsyics control,more powerups and stunning enviornments. Marii 64 had 2 good tune which was dock bay :/

    1. It’s just my opinion. Galaxy may have better graphics, music, story and better controls. But I didn’t think the galaxy gameplay (running around planets and stuff) was as good as mario 64s gameplay. So that’s why I prefer 64 over galaxy.

    2. Your lack of proper spelling and grammar is atrocious.

      Let me type it like you do:

      Mario galaxies orchestraded music isnt superb as its opinionated, more challenges? big whoopee. better graphics? is that all u care about? theyre both challenging in deffernt ways. better excuted story? mario dosnt specalize in stories. obviosly the physics are better, they worked hard on them. again, yes it has stunning environments, but so did Marii 64 back in the day. Marii 64 has more a ot of memorable tunes, other than dock bay.

      You see? I totally wrote in the same way as you did; but with a little more sense (even though the atrocious spelling and grammar made my eyes, metaphorically, bleed). Now, it’s all opinionated, yes; but your grammar and spelling made it too hard to take as a valid explanation.

      1. How ironic: I found at least a half dozen grammatical errors, as well as several syntax faux pas. I suppose those who can’t do, teach. Or at least, they try to.

        Side note: stop overusing “atrocious” and semicolons. It doesn’t make you sound smart, it makes you sound pretentious.

  17. Lool, does the representative wear a suit or does it simply transform into a suit on his way to work xD

  18. lol PETA is ridiculous…Even if they were suits (and I’m pretty sure that representative is wrong as it’s called a “tanooki suit”) I don’t see why having a tanooki suit means it’s made form the skin of a tanooki…It’s like saying someone dressing up in any animal costume is wearing the skin of the animal…

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