Ex Darksiders 2 Developer Says Wii U Is A ‘$400 Xbox 360 Seven Years Late’

Ex Darksiders 2 Senior UI Designer, Xander Davis, has spoken to Not Enough Shaders about working with THQ on Darksiders 2, and what he thinks of Nintendo’s forthcoming console Wii U. Here’s Davis’ unedited thoughts about the system.

“I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything (luckily).  But, y’know, I very early on raised my major concern about this.  Anybody buying any Wii U game that’s a port is probably buying it almost exclusively and specifically for how it can play differently through the Wii U’s alleged innovated UI.  I’m already a known skeptic on whether the interface paradigm is at all anything but idiotic.  But if you’re gonna do it?  Fine.  Then, you HAVE to do it right.  You HAVE to innovate on the UI.  You HAVE to enhance game mechanics and gameplay in a MATERIAL way that justifies all the hassle and a $400 Xbox 360 seven years late.”

“I can’t comment on THQ / Vigil specifically.  However, just in general, I doubt any studio or publisher is truly giving it the kind of proper UI design and thinking it deserves.  Hell, apparently this is a huge leap for regular triple-A console releases.  From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago, the games pretty much suck and the tablet is pretty much a complete gimmick.  Still tethered, not wireless.  Maybe publishers can pull off something clever.  But won’t it just kind of be clever for a little bit, then not really worth your $60 dollars and just annoying afterwards?  Kinect comes to mind.  PlayStation Move comes to mind.  Motherfucking Wii comes to mind.  But, sure, we’ll have to wait and see…  I can’t comment on specifics.  I can only speculate, but as a UI Designer applying experienced critical thinking to game mechanics UI and the Wii U tablet, none of it makes sense to me to truly add value to gamers, even if you try.”

352 thoughts on “Ex Darksiders 2 Developer Says Wii U Is A ‘$400 Xbox 360 Seven Years Late’”

    1. Seriously, how can he say stuff like that and still keep his job? He’s working for a company that will make a profit if the Wii U does great for itself, and all he’s doing is causing very negative publicity. Really, he could be costing his company money.
      I get so fucking tired of “proffessionals” acting like fucking 3rd-graders.

        1. “I can’t comment on THQ” WTF?!?!?! You can pick on other developer’s who are truly being innovative trying to come up with different ways to use the Gamepad on AMAZING games coming out (i.e. ZombiU, Batman, Assasin’s Creed 3), but you have NOTHING to say about THQ’s upcoming game “SpongeBob U Pants” really motherfucker, really?

        1. THQ also isn’t in the best state of conditions right now for their own stupidity, so frankly he got saved by not working with those idiots anymore.

          1. Wow. You really are a moronic fanboy. Bashing one of the classic game developers of our time whos brought us great games….just because theyre on the WiiU and had some financial trouble.

            1. Moronic fanboy? THQ fucking sucks and that’s a fact. I look forward to their bankruptcy soon. Nobody gives a shit about them anymore. I don’t care if they’re a classic developer, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Nostalgia ticket makes their bullshit acceptable? No.

              Adapt or stay the fuck out of the industry.

              1. Thats retarded, they STILL make games that people enjoy and love, they just had financial trouble. Go on, name a GOOD developer. “derp, naughty derp”
                Oh, that company that sold Crash Bandicoot and no-one has forgiven them since. That made Jak and Daxter 1 into a pile of shit. That released a fun and pretty, yet only 5 hour long game, and a disappointing sequel and disappoint first game. And now another game thats, another shooter, that looks exactly like uncharted.

                1. What GOOD GAMES? All they do is publish shit and churn out wrestling rehashes for idiotic soccer moms.

                  Darksiders II was of course, overhyped and currently has a ton of glitches. I don’t care about their past games, I want to know about the meaningful titles they’re doing for the CURRENT GENERATION.

                  Right, next to NOTHING.

                  Also, you’re a fucking idiot if you think the Last of Us looks or plays anything like Uncharted. You’re not a gigantic dipshit at all, nope. Not at all.

                  1. Though I agree with quite a lot (not such a THQ fan myself at all), you’ve got this all wrong:

                    “Darksiders II was of course, overhyped and currently has a ton of glitches.”

                    By that logic Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wouldn’t be a good game either, but it’s one of the best ones ever.
                    Better arguments please.

                  2. “What GOOD GAMES?”
                    -Dawn of war series: excellent RTS
                    -Red Faction: great TPS that set the standard for destructability
                    -Saints Row: amazing open world game
                    with a ton of replayability. Many gamers liked this much more than GTA4.
                    -Metro 2033: one of the best FPSs of this entire generation. Great atmosphere, great story, bleeding edge graphics (pc)
                    -UFC: love it or hate it, at least its not another standard fighting game like street fighter or wrestling game.

                    Educate yourself b4 you make idiotic comments in a blind rage and make yourself look like a complete tool.

                2. wow dude but I bet you have fun with your 3 exclusive games on xbox Halo,Gears and Alan wake …Oh!No so this is what you do for your stupid ass comment go put on your fag ass halo get your gear and shine a flash light right up your candy ass….

          2. Yes. You are right.. he is saved because he has no money gained from the job.. yes he is saved.. why work then?? stay in a cave with your ps and xbox piece of shit!!

        2. I worry about the title of this post but then I read this:

          “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything”……….
          “I can only speculate”…….

          He is just doing Patcher’s job.

      1. theres a reason why he’s the “ex ui designer”. he obviously has no creativity, and lacks any from of adjustmen out of his comfort zone. in this kind of industry, you really need to be able to adapt and getr used to new technology quickly, rather than just bitching about something that he even said he hasn’t used.

      2. Actually he got canned and removed from the credits from what I’m told. Kicker is he’s never used a Wii U kit which he stated in his post. He handled the Xbox and PS3 versions. He’s obviously bitter from getting sacked. What that has to do with Wii U is beyond anyones guess. I’m just gonna take it like a grain of salt.

      3. Uh simple… read the first fucking sentence of the article. He no longer works for them. I get so tired of “adults” with the reading comprehension (not to mention spelling skills) of 3rd graders.

    2. Accept it; Wii U is an overclocked 360.

      This system screams 360 all over it, the optional controller, the console features *which are actually LESS than that console*, the process is nearly identical and surprise – even the GPU are from the same manufacturers.

      Not to mention every port just looks like the 360 version with a few exceptions having slightly better textures or framerate. Surely worth the $$$.

        1. That is a rumor, pal.

          This console is nothing but Nintendo’s attempt at emulating the competition but not making it obvious with a stupid gimmick that nobody asked for.

          1. Also, the specs of the Wii U are rumours too, there is no actual proof that anybody but developers and Nintendo know the specs and they still haven’t given us a straight answer which doesn’t contradict with the other, do we know exactly when this guy was fired? For all we know, he was probably fired around the time when the dev kits were in it’s really early state and since they obviously improved overtime, he obviously doesn’t know how powerful it truly is, nobody knows, not you, not me, not IGN, NeoGAF or any site for that matter.

            1. Nintendo is not going to give you the specs, and NeoGAF does know. There was a document detailing the innards if you keep missing it. Several insiders confirming they were legit but not “up to date” with the final device.

              In the end, we all know it’s not a significant leap from the current generation. Nothing proves otherwise. No rumor places it vastly ahead of them. None.

      1. I’m cool with that.
        I was gonna get a 360 until the Wii U was announced. Good to hear the Wii U is similar, but a bit more powerful.

        1. You’re cool with an underperforming next-gen console? Alright, more core gamers to enjoy bleeding edge visuals of real ones come 2013-14.

              1. No, you’re the idiot. All you do is brag how COD got “world breaking sales” and has real gamers, and no that i use it against you, you blurr out nonsense, as per usual. You’re the worst kind of troll, an inconsistant one. REAL gamers dont care about graphics. Star Wars 1313, yeah its pretty, oh its just mass effect 3. Watch Dogs, looks better than most of this gen titles, and a couple of interesting tech hacking gameplay, oh, cover based shooter, again. -___-

                1. All those Aeoluses are clones of the original. I don’t know where the original went to, I believe he might have died in his desktop and we don’t even know. :(

                  Remember kids, staring at your computer screen all day while eating chips instead of going out more and actually getting a job is not healthy.

                  R.I.P The Original Aeolus :/

                  1. It’d be real sad if he is the real Aeolus; just coming up with different avatars and shit. I hope he isn’t the real one either, still sad either way.

                2. I have NEVER bragged about CoD sales, don’t throw shit in my mouth, you pathetic twat.

                  Real gamers care about that stuff like this, real gamers don’t buy consoles with nothing but games they can readily buy.

                  Your taste in games sucks. A lot of your comments prove that too.

                    1. Eh. Can’t be bothered. That’ll take way too much time going through the articles to find where it was.

                  1. Sorry to bring this up but his taste sucks? How? It’s called opinion and it’s subjective to pathetic troll. REAL gamers? Are you a REAL gamer? Are you HARDCORE? I’m just asking because you act as if you’re around 12 years old. Don’t parade around and pretend like you’re the god of opinions and everything you say is fact. Get out of your mothers basement and get a life you prepubescent waste of life…

                    I figured if I was gonna troll him I might as well do it properly…

                  2. whats a “real gamer “? do you consider yourself more real than my lil brother that plays angry birds and the shit?

                1. i know, i wasn’t being rude or anything. Just thought i’d say I’m still a Halo fan and i will never jump on the CoD bandwagon :)

          1. Yeah, who gives a fuck about anything other than graphics, right? Especially on a console that we actually know nothing about how well it can perform, and on engines that as of the upcoming generation are outdated and underperform in comparison for what is to come…

                    1. Isn’t Aeolus just the worst of the fanboys? I take it back about him not being one, but you have be a real patient fanboy to go to other sites and defend Xbox to the death, he’s mad patriotic he deserves a medal right? Wow!! He gives birth to trolls word??

          2. Developers themselves have said that there will be no significant improvement in graphics for the next gen. You can only have so much power before Xbox 720’s and PS4’s start to have melting problems.

      2. Just because a Nintendo console has everything the Xbox has, doesnt make it an “overclocked 360.” The Wii U has much better graphics(confirmed) and it is going to get all the same 3rd party games as the Xbox gets. The only diference between the two now are: Wii U has all the fantastic Nintendo origional titles and Xbox gets… CoD(which everyone is getting bored with anyway…)

        1. “much better graphics”. Confirmed where? Who’s confirming this and how did they confirm it? Find a source then post it again.

          What same third parties? The third parties onboard have NOT CHANGED from the ones on the Wii.

          You’re a Nintendrone.

          1. False, Ubisoft, WB, and EA are all jumping on this system by bringing their franchises to it that they wouldn’t of dreamed of putting on the Wii.

          2. I’m really starting to think you have no life outside of this. You remind me of the fat guy in South Park eating chips ready to bash people. Instead of playing Warcraft, you straight troll. All you do is hate; it’s really bad for your health and preying on Nintendo’s success doesn’t help either man.

        2. Actualy all 3 are going to get cod and xbox is going to ge its exclusives, sorry that your an idiot. That’s the same as saying that cod is a wii U exclusive.

      3. lol @ you forming an opinion (in part) due to consoles having the same GPU manufacturer.
        Get with the times. AMD will be in all consoles from now on unless nvidia want to lower their prices and conform some more.

          1. Check your facts, mate, Xbox 360’s powered by a r500 series ati gpu.
            You are beyond inconsistent. You just said that the wii u is copying the 360 with an amd gpu then say the 360 & ps3 use nvidia? The fuck?

      4. oh golly, i have an nvidia gtx 670 in my computer, so does that mean my pc is just an overclocked ps3 because the gpu’s are both from nvidia? you seriously have no clue what you’re talking about amigo.

        1. Actually, if you read what was really said , I was pointing out similarities in the console, not the power of the GPU. You fucking illiterate piece of shit.

          Goes for everybody else too, with the reading comprehension of a preschooler.

            1. No, I was not.
              “the process(or)* is nearly identical and surprise – even the GPU are from the same manufacturers.”

              Where is this possibly talking about power.

              Learn to fucking read, and stay in school.

              1. Then what else would you be talking about, arsewipe?
                I don’t think amd or nvidia just make ONE gpu, by the way, there’s ummm, literally hundreds of sku’s to choose from. By the way the e6760 amd gpu is rumored to be powering the wii u, miles ahead of the r500 in the 360 or 7800 gtx in the ps3…

          1. you said, and i quote “the gpu is even made bye the same manufacturer!” as if there arent more than one gpu made by said manufacturer. you’r a dumb piece of shit, and you still have no clue as to what you are talking about.

            1. What the FUCK does that have to do about me talking about power?

              Change your fucking avatar, you’re too stupid to be using one of that fellow.

              Also, your grammar sucks ass.

              1. thats what i thought, you were acting as if because its made by the same manufacturer, it means its the exact same card, which it isn’t. and i can use whatever gravatar i want. im pulling things out of WHAT YOU SAID and you’re confused as to what it has to do with what you’re talking about? alrighty then, have fun dissagreeing with yourself dumb ass.

      5. Early days yet, as we all know games built from the ground up for a console are the ones that really show what it can do, and Nintendo/Retro will be slaving away behind the scenes on those games yet to be announced. Ports will always be poor indicators, look at most games for the PC since 2007, console ports with slightly enhanced features. Speaking of which, I do hope that Durango/Orbis turn out to be powerhouses just so the bar is raised for PC developers after a five year freeze on graphical innovation.

      6. Youre an idiot. Nintendo has been working with AMD way before xbox came into existance. When they were still called ATI. And im pretty sure the wii u has way more features than the 360. And theyre not all announced yet. I know about majority of them because they were revealed to me by a friend who went to a.private nintendo shares meeting at CES.

        1. “Way more features than the 360.”

          No ethernet.
          No HDD.
          No DVD/Blu-Ray.
          Probably missing the majority of the apps it has that are across other platforms.
          I’m probably missing more, but these are the major ones.

          Also they haven’t announced it yet? Dude this console is mere months away, they don’t have shit else to announce but other mindless gimmicks no doubt.

          1. And if Nintendo were to announce it now, it would still give Sony and Microsoft time to copy. Which we know they want to do.
            Anyway, the one feature that’s actually important to a gaming console is good gameplay. And I can tell you the Xbox has none of that.

          2. Do I really need ANOTHER Blu Ray player??? If Wii U did play Blue Ray they would have to PAY SONY for the rights! That would drive the cost up! So no I could care less if it plays Blue Ray. Hell I could care less if it did anything other than play and download games! I already have a smart TV and A smart Blu Ray player.So I want my full 1080p Nintendo.

            1. And anyway, the Wii U disks can already hold 25 GB on a single layer. There’s absolutely no need for anything beyond 25 GB.

          3. the wiiu can use even the same converter the wii uses to use ethernet. they will most likely even make a new one for people who don’t have it.
            the wiiu can use ANY HDD as opposed to having to buy outrageously overpriced comparable ones like what microsoft does and will continue to do
            blue ray is a dead format since it never took off in the first place and everyone already has a computer to play dvds on. also netflix. it’s a useless cost to add to a video game console. they are not making a media center. if you want one of those, get the 720.

          4. A great example of the difference between Nintendo and Microsoft Sony. Nintendo is strictly a video game company focused completely on gameplay and new ways to play games whereas Microsoft and Sony have much broader business models and gaming is only a small part of that model. I prefer the more focused of the bunch were the extra features are associated with gaming as opposed to other forms of media.

            1. Yeah, I buy a console to fucking PLAY games. If i want Netflix, Youtube , Hulu or whatever other unnecesary app, I use my PC. I want to PLAY games, not do other shit

      7. Of course every port looks like an Xbox 360 game. It’s the lead system. Just like Xbox and Cube got stuck with PS2 ports. The Wii U and Xbox 360 have similar GPU languages. It’s a no-brainer for a developer to port a game thats more than 3/4 done on Xbox to Wii U. Plus it’s cheap. Its 1st gen software on a new platform. What did you expect?

      8. Do I friggin care? No. Because the whole industry is going to shit at least nintendo will still be alive with their fanboys suppoerting them. HAHAHAHA!

    3. Yep. The quote “From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago, the games pretty much suck and the tablet is pretty much a complete gimmick.” tells us that he’s unprofessional and hasn’t looked into it at all, considering if he had, the amount of people saying how good the console is would prove those few idiots that he’s heard of wrong. He hasn’t even worked on it, so I don’t think, as a developer, he can make an unbiased opinion.

      1. You know I thought I heared comments of people liking the tblet when they used it and enjoying some of the software demos that could inspire similar ideas in core games.

    4. Not only is this guy an ass. He is WRONG. I am not going to go through and link every freaking quote that developers have said, but there are very few people that have WORKED on Wii U (this guys has not) that say its under powerd what they do say is “Its easier to develop for than expected” Its is MINIMUM as powerful as PS3 (we all know PS3 has more power than the 360) The Wii U can run games In true 1080p with NO PROBLEM at all and more than likely at 60FPS The 360 sure as hell can not. Some developers have upped the Graphics for Wii U (Batman Arkham City for just one) because the ports were not pushing Wii U at all. A few developers have also stated that they cant wait to see what they can do with the Wii U’s added power. Crytek said that its game engine runs “beautifully” On Wii U and the 360 chugs….so I don’t know, sounds like this guy is bitter!

    5. He is just being candid. When I first heard about the specs of the Wii U, I was extremely disappointed. The whole problem with this strategy is that developers will likely port mostly X360 and PS3 games to the Wii U. Meaning people are going to be buying a new system and playing old games.

      Considering that most of the Wii ports were just a cash in, I don’t have much hope that developers are going to take the time and give the Wii U the time it deserves in order to really take advantage of the innovations.

      Also the fact that Nintendo is so far off on specs with the other two major players makes it more difficult for developers and publishers to do their jobs. It’s not that big of a deal going from X360 and PS3 in terms of porting. When your CPU power is near halved in a competing system you either have to make a version specific to it OR you have to dumb down all versions in order to get the product out to all platforms at a similar time frame.

      IMHO (me a PS3 fan) I think Nintendo is making some big mistakes. Sure the Wii was a success from the standpoint of consoles sold, but the attach rate was pretty slim and mostly because of low-quality software. If it didn’t have Mario, Zelda, Samus or make some fitness promises people were not buying. The Wii U seems to be following a similar strategy and third parties may not be as gung-ho to get on board this time. Third parties got creamed on Wii.

      You can call me a fanboy and say I am hating, but you can’t refute the facts.

      1. See, this is how someone should act when expressing opinions, not swearing, not abusing and not pointing out grammar issues like Aeolus can only seem to do. +1 good sir.

        I’d have to agree with most you have said here too.

      2. Wow dude old games ok AC3 not out yet,CODBO2 not out yet,Darksiders 2 came out a month ago,Mass effect 3 ok old but understand this the specs on the Wii u are better than the 360 and the Wii U uses a very high capacity disc 25gb and it’s easy to dev for very easy.There are games like Gta 5 that will be on the system and yes max payne also but it’s all good.The funny thing is is how people keep saying that the 360 spec were good no they are not xbox uses dvd format thats why devs like making games for it because they were so used to dvd games.The xbox doesnt render true hd sound or hd graphics at all but because of the dvd format is the reason why Ps3 could not get ahead Sony was and is next gen xbox is still in the 90’s with dvd come on people open your eyes.you’ve been dooped by xbox for far to long.But know this for every great idea Nintendo has come up with Microsoft and Sony have stole them…:) and I’m a Sony nintedo guy.

    6. Wow this guy is and ass and this is why THQ is gonna be sold I guess he hasn’t seen the sales for Nintendo in the past ten years.They’ve been handing Sony and Microsoft their asses,ok Sony had the great success with the Ps2 outstanding!but this was due to the fact that Sony started the very first next gen…if that makes sense.And as far as the Wii U being a 400 dollar xbox seven years late how about the xbox was a 500 dollar piece of shit 15 years late my pc was built in 2002 and my graphics card is still better than whats in the 360 and if you noticed he said nothing about the Ps3 because he knows that the Ps3 shits on the 360 more exclusives and better than Xbox live. oh! we get free shit on Psn we don’t have to pay for retro games like xbox live users do.The Wii U has far better specs than the Xbox does and if Microsoft didn’t use fucking dvd format then we wouldn’t need a next gen as the Ps3 is running the next gen format and so will the Wii U so Xbox needs to catch up you fucking moron I hope this guy never finds work after this ever he need to go eat a bag of baby dick…Go Wii U it’s gonna be awesome.

    1. how can people judge graphics in Wii U, the graphic Engines are old, the new ones aren’t released yet… Wait when micro and sony release theyre console then engines will be released. They said 3D in 3DS is gimmicky (thats what they said when a Nintendo or a new console that can give you a different experience) yet 3DS sell more than any console.. Wii U will par XBOX Durango and PS4.. trust me.. graphics to date wont be more releastic.

      1. 3D is a total gimmick, I’m willing to bet statistics will show few people actually use the 3D function at all.

        Also, handhelds will *usually* sell more than a console. Derp.

          1. So how the motherfuck does that have anything to do with what I said of it not being a total gimmick?

            Do you like spamming idiotic replies to me?

              1. IT IS A FUCKING GIMMICK. How the shit does pointing out the TVs Sony makes transforms this into any less of one?

                Stop. Being. A fucking. Idiot. Holy shit.

        1. Lol then why has both of sonys hand helds failed to outsell any of their consoles? Contradict yourself much? Nintendo’s handhelds are just successful

          1. PSP outsold the Gamecube lifetime sales and is about 17 million units behind the Wii’s.

            DS same thing, for both consoles this time.

            Educate yourself.

      2. I agree with you the 360 was out of date when it released any way my pc was built in 2002 and the graphics card is still better.The reason Xbox was so popular with devs is because Microsoft didn’t follow the true hd format BR they stayed with dvd this made dev’s jobs easy because dvd was the standard for everything from pc to console and it was easy to dev for.Now that has been changed BR is the standard so MS is forcing the next gen so this means Sony has to stay on par but the systems will not be that much better than what they are now unless you have a pc because for a console to run a game at real 60fps to 120fps you need some really powerful and expensive hardware.This can only be done on pc this is why the new XB And PS4 will have more of a pc feel to them…..and to all whom dont know the xb720 is shit already my current GC shits on it and I bought it last year.SONY/NINTEDO lead the way.

  1. This guy doesn’t even know what he is talking about.The Wii U is far more superior than Xbox 360 and everyone knows that.He is just stupid.

  2. i just wanted bigger/better Nintendo exclusives. WiiU has more power than Wii = potentially bigger/better games. i’m fine with it.

  3. The guy sounds like a 360/PS3 fanboy… He has a completely anti-Nintendo mentality.
    I expect this behavior from 13 year-old gamers, not from industry developers.
    This kind of attitude is probably the reason why he’s the “EX” UI Designer on Darksiders 2.

        1. Yeah! The industry needs more blind fangirls like theplotlessplot who refuse to listen to the obvious facts and constructive criticism from experienced people within the industry.

          Notice how none of the Nintendrone fangirls attacking Xander Davis have any actual argument and resort to name calling? He’s right on the money: It’s a 7 year old $400US 360.

          1. Since when is he giving “constructive criticism”?
            He’s basically saying that he doesn’t like the console and that people shouldn’t bother with it. AND HE HASN’T EVEN PLAYED IT, LET ALONE DEVELOP ANYTHING FOR IT.
            Stop being a blind anti-Nintendo zealot like Xander Davis and start embracing every platform on the market.

    1. I take that as an insult. I AM 13 and i LOVE Nintendo games. I have watched E3 of Nintendo and some of Sonys, and sonys, cause i hoped more Nintendo like games.

      1. Sorry about that! Didn’t mean to offend anyone with that comment.
        As Rchemp said, I was referring to the typical kids I encounter when playing CoD or Halo on XBL.

  4. Maybe the controller was tethered because they wanted to prevent people from stealing it, you know, just a thought. Ahh, well, it sounds like he’s not very confident in the controller.

    1. Oh and he hasn’t even worked on the system and nor has he picked up a controller and actually played the system, yep, he’s reliable alright.

  5. I disregarded this as soon as i saw, “ive not worked on the wiiu version”.
    Ermm, that makes what you say entirely opinionated, and nothing more than the sort of people we get on here.
    If you havent even worked on the wiiu, let alone seen the wiiu specs, or even the price, how can you say this?
    “from what i heard from people the games suck and the tablet is just a gimmick”
    Im sorry, ive heard this from no-one, except idiots like Pachter. And that again, proves hea an idiot, because he hasnt even PLAYED the thing.
    No wonder he’s an ex developer

    1. And no offence to Darksiders, its a awesome game and one of my wiiu day 1 games, but its hardly a major breakthrough in gameplay. I spent the majority of time tap square or hold square, then walking around. And its not the most graphically inpressive game eiter. Again, no offence to it, i love it, but it doesnt exactly do any of the things he think games on the WiiU should be doing

  6. So you’ve never even touched the hardware or played around with it yourself and you’re thankful for it? In other words you have no idea what you’re on about but know you can get back some attention by slagging off a new console and saying ALL the games suck (which has never happened on the launch of any console ever)? Sad really. He makes most of the bitter angry fanboys (for all consoles) on here look almost sane.

    1. Exactly. Even if the hardware was as dated as the wii was to this gen, id get Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid most inportantly, Pikmin, Star Fox, maybe F-Zero, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and most likely new IP’s (we know they want to make some), then theres exclusive third party games like Rayman, P-100, ZombiU, and all of those games, i know for a fact, will be better than the games i end up getting on the ps4. And thats actually if its that weak, which i doubt very much, and wouldnt even matter (im fine with the graphics my os3 offers, i dont need any better)

      1. That is something trolls don’t understand, Wii U is a leap from Wii.
        Compare it to the Wii, not to the Xbox 360 or PS3, if I want their exclusives I will buy a PS4/Xbox 720.

  7. I think the only thing I agree with here is the title of the post.

    The Wii U is 7 years too late, and when Microsoft and Sony release their next-gen consoles, it’ll be behind again. With Nintendo’s console release pattern they’re stuck in this never ending cycle of being behind in terms of technology in the console race.

    That being said, they are innovating though. Without the Wii there wouldn’t be Kinect or Move (or they would’ve come later and would’ve been a lot different). And the Wii U is doing something different, and it is gimmicky but in a good way.

    The tablet should be wireless though.

    I’m not a major Wii U fan, but Xander Davis needs to stfu no wonder he no longer has a job.

    1. Behind again? It will be behind again only if Sony and MS wanna make a 599 US DOLLARS console. Today’s economy in America simply can’t handle TWO $599 consoles! Hell it could barely handle one in 2006!

      1. I doubled up on that comment. The Wii U will be behind in terms of technology. Sales are a different thing. That’s why the Wii was so popular because it offered a decent gaming experience without having you empty your wallet to the dominating Microsoft or Sony.

        And yes I’m hoping the new consoles aren’t $600 (well at least that the PS4 isn’t). Why pay the same price for a handheld when you can get the full console counterpart?

        Who am I kidding? I still want them both.

        1. how you dumbass nintendo will be on top with all the third party developer support behind them so when the shitbox 720 and pussystation4 release in 2014 to 2015 you’ll be getting wii-u ports on you new updated $800 system by then nintendo will have something better up there sleeves

          1. did i forget to mention your precious pussy station 4 will have ads and commercials during gameplay on retail games plus registration tags for games cause games is only good for one system after purchase. ohhh and shitbox 720 has no dvd drive it will be a all digital console and none will be backward compatible. what you think about sony and ms now? lmfao….

        2. I would almost dare to bet on that the PS 4 will be sold for around or above 600$.. 720 I am not sure about, but it wouldn’t supprice me if they’re around the same price or just alittle cheaper than the PS4. I don’t want this to be true, but considering Sony’s way to price things lately I am pretty certain they will shot themselves in their foot again by trying to powercreep themselves out of the situation at the cost of affordability which (only topped by exclusives) is the most important thing for most people when deciding what system to buy.

    2. And it’s going to be wireless when it ships to stores. Reps in videos I’ve seen, along with 3rd-party demonstrations, have said “the final version will be wireless.”

    3. I’m not too worried about it the 360. It is well over a year away. The PS3 more than likely well over two years away. I also do not think the shareholders are going to allow Sony to sell the PS4 at a loss like they did PS3(the PS3 console itself just started selling for profit around a year ago) so that means one of two things. Sony is not going to be
      have such a huge jump in tech, so they don’t lose money every PS4 sold. Or The price will be even more than PS3 at its release and the PS3 was not cheap at launch.

  8. Loooooooolz. Talk about someone not taking their jobs seriously. Everyone is entitle to their own opinions but when you work for a company that makes money on games that sell on consoles you can’t lash out in a tantrum just because you feel the need to do so. Bad publicity = people thinking twice about buying something. People not buying said something = lay offs =D

  9. This article gave me cancer….. it’s so stupid and laughable even if so NINTENDO always focused on their gameplay not graphics and hd and 1080p is enough for me…

    the top of graphics is nearing soon it can’t look better then real life….so i guess within 10 years graphics can’t be better. BUT Memory ram speed etc wil still increase i guess…

    I play games for fun i care a little about graphics 3d/2d is enough for me increased graphics are just a bonus for me…


    1. Way i see it, the WiiU is going to have games that use a 25GB disk, that can be doubled to 50GB. Bear in mind, most games of this gen didnt go over 8GB for a game. And Nintendo always make games over 20+ hours worth of content on the Wii.

          1. That’s not just all though, many retail titles are pushing more than 8GB. It’s idiotic to say this with no way to prove it, and he hasn’t proven it.

              1. Do you buy full PS3 games? Because I don’t think you do, nor have you probably went out of your way to check every damn title.

            1. I have o agree with Aeolus, and what is with the hate for Uncharted. To me it is a great game that I love as much as Zelda. The size of game is dependent on the assests in the game. The more detailed the graphics, the more sound files, the more data, the more storage space it needs.

            2. says the clone. Please come up with your OWN username and stop trying to be the real Aeolus because you are failing at copying him anyway.

            3. No, but the game is still 5 hours long. Oh theres loads of stuff going on it the background? Well its still 5 hours long. Dont get me wrong, i love Uncharted 2 (3 was, meh), but it finished before i felt done with it.

              1. Like what was said before, it is the assets of the game that determines the size of it, i’s more than just how long you can stretch the story and longevity of it. Factor in all of those CG videos all of those landscapes and detail in graphics, amongst other things and you’ll quickly be eating up space. Ironically, they could have avoided such a file size by just doing some in-game rendering instead. Many PC games doing this aren’t even near 50GB.

  10. As I read this I heard this hook on the radio. All we do is win, win, win no matter what middle finger in the air cause we don’t give a fu** keep in mind that the wii u pad helped pave the way for the new era of controllers.

  11. “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything (luckily)”

    Lost respect for that guy after that part. Sounds like pachter

  12. First he admits to not having had any experience with the system.
    Then he cites only negative reports of the system alongside false prices.
    THEN he says the “tablet”[blind or idiotic, one of the two has to be true to mistake it for a tablet when it's clearly a controller] is still WIRED……

    I’m sorry, but, was this article put up for the sheer sake of giving us someone to pity?
    Because this guy’s so blatantly stupid that it kinda comes naturally, alongside a sensation of disgust…..

  13. Well, it is pretty much in the same position as the 360 was 7 years ago. First console out to the next gen and many games that’s availble for it that’s also availble for current gen consoles. Only difference is that it has some good exclusives at start!

  14. ”  Still tethered, not wireless”

    Well this is a new one lads, apparently a device with a permanent constant, power supply has a battery that lasts 5 or so hours. He might as well complain that wheelchairs aren’t pedal powered.

  15. It’s not really professional that he has to swear in a report. That gives BAD representation for his company (or, at least, his previous company).

    I don’t see the need for swearing in a professional work environment/interview.

    ““I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything….”

    Kind of tells you that he didn’t have any 1st hand experience with the Wii U. I feel that a developer (or anyone for that matter) needs to see the system 1st-hand in order to try to make a statement about it and sound credible. Using 2nd hand sources/speculations ONLY does not really make one credible. You have to back it up with 1st hand experiences as well.

    Based on his tone, I feel as though not many people like to work with him.

    That being said, I probably will buy this game for the Wii U. If it doesn’t work with the Tablet well, then no worries. I could just use the tablet as a controller WITHOUT using the touchscreen. Or I could use the Pro whatchamacallit controller.

  16. “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything”

    Ignore this person, he knows nothing and he just expressing his own unjustified opinions.

  17. Funny because he said he wasn’t worked on it…. So he can’t say anyone… I would accept opinions that make sense and he has tried it… So his opinion is irrelevant…. It is like saying one president is better because his sense of fashion is better than the other…

  18. In my opinion, I think that Nintendo really has done these things that this guy speaks of. Games like Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play Motion, Wii Music and all of these cool ideas for the Wii comes to mind. Surely they are great games but you got to admit that those were only fun for a while, then you wanted to go play Brawl, Mario Kart, Zelda, Mario or anything else that we’re used to. I bought most of these games to try them out and they seriously suck in replay-value. With Wii U, I want from Nintendo another bunch of these games, BUT I want them to be the best they can be. Nintendo Land for example looks like the first step of making good and innovative games that you’ll come back to, not after a couple of years but maybe one or two years after it’s been released. I can say that the only good example of a game that has used the Wii’s best potential has been Skyward Sword. But it took 5 years for a game like that to come out.. making me doubtful about coming innovative games for the Wii U.

    And I’m saying this as a person who has owned a Wii since 2008 and have 50+ games for it. Don’t think I’m saying this to bash Nintendo.

  19. 1. He obviously only saw the earliest Dev Kit.

    2. He is an asshole because losing his job for probably being an asshole.

    3. A redneck that loves Microshit.

    4. Good Luck getting many jobs in the future, specially outside the US.

    5. Nintendo have said countless of times that they do not directly compete with the other 2.
    They are the ones asking for a fight.

    Idiots today makes the idiots in ancient times geniuses.

  20. People should seriously stop comparing wii u to the next playstation and xbox. Nintendo have said that they are not competing in a spec war. What part of that do you not understand.

  21. Did no one read the first line he said?

    “I’ve NOT worked on ANY WIIU version of anything”

    How can you judge something if you didn’t work on it at all. That’s like being a Fanboy of Final Fantasy just because you played FF7.

    1. Also, if any graphic whores are here buy a PC and get over the whole fanboy sony and microsoft. Crysis 3 most likely won’t look that good on either console if you seen any of the trailers those are all on the PC running SLI of the newest GPUs

  22. Well… if we resort to that name calling then we could say that Darksiders is just a fancy $60 Zelda game 24 years too late. I’m not saying it is, but that would be the comment of similar idiocy that Nintendo fans could strike back with.

  23. Staff-D on August 15, 2012 at 4:49 pm
    I havn’t work on it “Wii U” but it sucks……hum that reminds me of someone else logic………The Wii U is going to suck compared to the 720/PS4 witch we know nothing about……hum who could it be……O thats ringt Aeolus…man when did you become a ex developer? Being fanboy gets u fired everytime. WII U MAD….lol. Leggo…..

  24. @ another copy of Aeolus


    thats wat games are supposed to be to do….
    these graphic whores rlly are getting annoying….

  25. All i hear im a little b*tch who a hater because i lost my job & didn’t get to work on wii u because i suck as a developer & cock riding & listing to hater like patcher & xplay & never played the system so all im ddoing is guess like anyother hater. Well mister jobless b*tch maybe you wasnt worthy enough to work on it p.s no one give a rats ass about a ex developer fu*k you & have a nice day

      1. I agree. I was an ambassador so I got the 10 free GBA games, but would love to see more (and for the people who didn’t get them to get them also).

        Mainly, I would really like to see mario and luigi superstar saga on the eshop. I would pay 10 bucks for it if need be!

  26. Looks like they had a hard time porting this one didn’t they. Can’t you see how much it looks like it sucks (sarcastic)

    1. Im very impressed with how quick the transition to the gamepad was, i almost missed it, but, i already have this game so probably wont bother, same the Arkham City.
      Ninja Gaiden 3 on the other hand…

    1. “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything”……….
      “I can only speculate”…….

      That’s all i need to hear to ignore Xander Davis

  27. Seems like the ex employee is bitter. It will be ok sir. I’m still buying the Wii U. In fact I will trade in my PS3 & use that to buy my Wii U. I then will not play your game as you’re too bitter in life.

  28. I love opinions- they don’t even have to be based on reality! I’d rather work on the next gen console 1st to form an opinion rather than purge nonsense all over the interwebs.

  29. Well, the only reason I play on nintendo consoles is because they have awesome games and unique experiences that I can’t get on my pc. The problem I have with playstation and xbox is that they don’t really have those unique experiences and a lot of the games on there I can on my pc and it runs better

  30. the system is at least 3 times the power of ps3 from major sources so this guyhas no motherfucking clue whats going on . he hasnt worked with the system, he doesnt even know that its tethered because they dont want the controller to be stollen lol XD dumbass seriously this guy is just stupid and ignorant the worst i have seen in awile. he is just confused to why people want this because he thinks this is the only time a new console has games from other consoles that are older which has happend even worse when the xbox 360 was released

    No respect

  31. He sounds like a narrow-minded freak just by his opening sentence alone. You know the type.

    Really now, you can’t possibly comment on something you haven’t even worked on. That’s like saying you’ve never had a black friend (“luckily”) but from what “everyone” has told you, black people are just outdated white people from “seven years ago”. You see how stupid this sounds? And yet people ACTUALLY DO THINK THIS WAY!

    There are many other people who have more legitimate concerns about the Wii U than this guy. Even PACHTER has more legitimate concerns at this point than this guy. That just goes to show you how stupid this tard is.

    Just turn him away. Don’t bother listening to him.

  32. Wow, this is fanboy/troll bait like I’ve never seen. Anyways, as an aspiring game developer (hopefully, at least) I can think of numerous practicall uses for the Wii U pad just for a shooter game. Being able to use the touchscreen to tell teammates where to go and how to position themselves for an attack. Pulling up detailed schematics for enemy vehicles so you can find a weak point that is easiest for you to exploit at the moment. The touchscreen could allow for complex yet somwhat realistic ‘minigame’ puzzles for when you’re hacking an enemy instilation (think RE: Revelations lock picking only better). Managing complex opperatons when piloting a vehicle: for example, your vehicle is hit from behind, gas is leaking and the area is overheating; you use the touch screen to stop the gas flow from that pipe until you can fix it and turn on a cooling device. The screen could be used to moniter your damage levels across either your body or your vehicle without inturupting gameplay. I could go on to explain many different ideas I have, but they are a bit complex and I don’t want to be taking up too much room. Just hoping I can be a voice of reason in a slew of comments that no doubt show blind fanboyism and add no helpful insight into the situation. (havn’t bothered looking through most of the comments, ↑ but where there’s fire [the article], smoke will follow)

  33. I find it funny just how much his biased opinion is, like, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what other developers have already stated: the Gamepad being a gimmick? I highly doubt that if you consider ZombieU, the Miiverse and how would MMORPGs would work with it. The Gamepad is hard to work with? Even Crytek said that they managed to put Crysis 3 to work on Wii U, how’s that supposed to be hard to develop? Also, Isn’t the Wii U gamepad wireless already? I think this guy needed to play at least the latest version of the dev kit to say anything about a new console. That is a complete biased opinion: no wonder he lost his job.
    Now I dunno anything about Draksiders or whatevers, but the good side of all of this is that developers ARE interested on the Wii U. EA and Ubisoft were the first ones, with Capcom still to announce their goodies. I don’t care if the graphics won’t be like the next PS4 Xbox 720, I’m gonna buy it because of the Gamepad. Also, Nintendo is tired of saying that they “learned their lesson” with the 3DS sales, I don’t think they’ll screw up with the launch of this console again.

  34. if you think the Wii U is a generation behind go look at Gun or Tony Hawks American Waste Land for the xbox 360 and tell me those games are the best looking ever. Its the beginning of new hardware it takes developers some time to start showing the capabilities of the new systems!

      1. yup and thats a 360 game its funny how everyone thinks the Wii U wont be powerful cause it looks like ps3 games or 360 games just cleaned up they forget how far the 360 has come when supposedly it way less powerful then ps3

  35. Looks like we jus learned the real name of a certain troll on this site. Xander Davis. You know which troll I’m talking about. Only this troll constantly says things this stupid.

  36. And that’s why he’s a ex-developer, How dare he to say “Motherfucking Wii” it looks like this guy hates Nintendo, Just that.

  37. Super smash bros, probably more legend of zelda games, pikmin 3… this is why I would buy a Wii U… not for whatever he was talking about

  38. Funny lately I’ve been seeing the U pad being played wirelessly….did he only watch the Rayman trailer to come up with that line? Maybe he should stop clapping his ass for a mouth like some damn hooker analyst and get back to making games…oh wait that’s right u got fired. They probably had a meeting for wii u and he was the one with the least innovative ideas for the game pad, probably wasn’t even trying. He got comfortable where he was at and they let his lackluster mindset go lol patcher will probably recruit him to his “Hate NINTY” secret society

  39. I’m glad that Vigil Games have fired that hypocrite Xander Davis. If he’s having issues against Nintendo, then he has a messing with each and every gamer who owns all consoles… no matter what company it manufactures.

  40. Xander Davis = Butt hurt ex-employee trying to get ms and sony approval. Just like the stupid ford commercials on tele.

  41. “Motherfucking?” So another hater, huh? He essentially said that the Wii U Gamepad is stupid. Aren’t the reason for getting enhanced ports more of a why not rather than a why? Why is he an ex-developer? Who told him the games suck and that the Gamepad is a complete gimmick? This guy is very critical. I swear these haters can’t be pleased. But this is just what one smug ass dick thinks and a few others. Then again, all consoles have their skeptics.

  42. “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything”
    “I doubt any studio or publisher is”
    “From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago”

    “I can only speculate”
    yup, it’s just like reading the comments section of a video game news article


  43. This guy is a complete deusch, never worked on a Wii U and game got fired because of his shitty narrow minded attitude. Now he sits under a bridge talking shit about things he can’t comprehend while fapping and using his tears as lubrication. If you can’t understand how this new gamepad and system will enhance gaming you are not a true gamer just a fanboy hater loser.

  44. he should be more professional than that. If you don’t like the Wii-U..fine…you don’t like it. But don’t use that language.

  45. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and stuff but what I want to know is where he got this from
    “From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago, the games pretty much suck and the tablet is pretty much a complete gimmick.”
    From my personal experience with hands on and from listening to others around me who got to play the Wii U AND reading people’s thoughts online they’ve loved it, I’ve rarely ever seen any hate about it at all thought I’m sure it’s out there but to claim the majority who’s gotten a hands on hated it is a outright lie.

  46. This guy is clearly not legit. No developer would curse out a system on record, it’s bad for the image. And everyone who’s not a complete dumbass knows that it was only tethered at the showings so people can’t, ya know, walk off with the controllers. Even.the Wii controllers are wireless and its mentioned that when streaming to the gamepad, there is some very slight lag do to the gamepad being wireless. Stupid impersonators

  47. I was actually taking what he said into consideration…until he said everyone says ” games pretty much suck and the tablet is pretty much a complete gimmick” I haven’t heard anyone who has touched the gamepad say that. But he is still right on that first paragraph

  48. If you read the article, he mentions how he’s super invested in the Ouya because it’s a “unique next-gen console”. HAHAHAHAHAHA. What a pathetic attempt to take away hype from a competing platform

    1. Only in the wonderful land of make.believe . Shut the hell up, hater. Nintendo haven’t confirmed the price of the Wii U until this fall’s Nintendo Direct presentation. There’s a strong possibility the Wii U’s price will be $299.99 for a stand alone, while it would be $349.99 for a bundle including a game.

  49. … Hes a freaking UI developer… He has no clue what hes talking about. UI means user interface, its the easiest job in programming. Thats the menu and HUD part of the game. His job is to come up with a hud that is completely different than any of the huds previously used by other companies for no other reason than to piss off gamers…

    So yea hes no better than the people who went to E3 and played the Wii U for themselves. Someone probably just got frustrated with something on the console complained and he doomed the console over it.

  50. Ok so wwi U will be a slightly more powerful PS3/360, 720 will probably run DX11, and PS4 will probably do nearly the same thing, and guess what! They are all still going to be underpowered compared to PC! Its just not possible to sell a 800 dollar console in this market, sure they could take a loss, but in the end it won’t be worth it. I really don’t care about PC games I hate them all in fact, except for minecraft, which happens to be on my 360 right now. I really don’t care about PC power. All 3 consoles will be at least more similar to eachother compared to what just happened this gen, sure the Wii U will be staggering behind, but I think that it may still get enough good 3rd party titles and multiplat titles. 720 will quickly fall behind pc before it comes out, but I’m guessing it will get a ton of pc ports in the beginning to middle of its life, and ps4 quite possibly the same thing but in higher resolution then what most if not all TVs do, to make it last a little longer. But seriously I don’t see an immense power gap like wii to ps3/360. Just a noticible gap, maybe a little more then what happened with PS2, gamecube and xbox. So seriously all of you are acting like whiney fanboys I’m so sick of you people you should all be ashamed of yourselves, and I’m sick and tired of people back and forth hating on other consoles because they are fucking blind fanboys! I hate to have my 360 insulted, my 3DS insulted, my ps1 and every other console I own insulted.com by fucking fanboys!!!!!

  51. Clearly not a creative guy if he can’t think of good ways to use the controller.

    ZombiU comes to mind…

    Also, where does he get off using that kind of language and attitude in an interview? Not very professional.

  52. Well. The “Ex Senior Designer” is pretty mad at life.
    “Motherfucking Wii” = pretty sour, anti-nintendo. Wii made loads of Money for everyone.

  53. If you think something is “pretty much a complete gimmick”, it just means you couldn’t think of anything new and unique to do with it.

    Pretty sad actually, considering this is coming from a developer.

  54. I’m a hardcore gamer and I’m not buying the wii u, and I’ve bought every single console that has come out for many years at launch, I just simply don’t see anything that gets me hyped for purchasing it. Graphics are current gen meh, the tablet controller looks an interesting concept but not a deciding factor. Games at launch are either rehashes of old titles wirh tablet gimmicks,a few uninspired new games or some nintendo franchises that are not really tempting me. Nintendo wants to repeat the trick of old gen graphics with innovative interface, the thing is that the tablet is not that innovative or interesting to warrant a purchase.

  55. >lost his job as a ui developer
    >can’t see how a separate screen can be intuitively used for ui

    correlation much? lel

  56. One knew the Wii was not the generational winner when purchasing it – and the console consequently has brought me entertainment regardless. As a result of this, one is entirely okay with not having a TRULY Next Gen console for the time being!

    So long as there are games being made, it shall not be a problem to us in any way!

  57. So. You’re just going off of others’ word, instead of trying it out and testing it on you’re own. Ok, that’s good for ya, i guess…

  58. Not to be a bitch, but does he knows the specs of the Wii U to be saying such things? Nintendo hasn’t even released the price yet.

  59. Fucking LOL , Wii U is basically an overclocked xbox 360 !! HAHAHAHA powerful my ass !! you nintendrones dreams have been crushed !!!!

  60. Cue Ninfanboy rage that this guy doesn’t suck on the Nintendo teat.

    “ZOMG! How can he not think Wii U is amazing like I do, even though I’ve never even played it?! What an ass! He must be an idiot!”

  61. Accept it people, it just can’t be good enough to be bought yet. WHat games have they announced? No specs have been announced, and no pricing has been announced, therefore; what the fuck is this shit. nintendo expects us to buy a console that we know nothing about. thats plain stupid and arrogant.

  62. ‘m not one for violence, nor do I anger easily; but this guy..oooh I wanna kick him square in the NUTS! I think there’s some secret Sony lab breeding Patcher drones or some shit. Everytime Sony tries to imply the vita can do what Wii U does and people dont agree, some wack-ass, half-wit insider comes along and bashes the Wii U. These guys are mindless speculators and nothing more! smh

  63. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA at the butthurt Nintendo fanboys calling this guy an idiot when he’s the one in the industry and a hell of a lot smarter than these morons calling this guy who is an expert in his field an idiot. Wow xD Summer is almost over kids. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?

    1. Xander Davis is a fucking hypocrite. He has no rights of bashing Nintendo or it’s future game console. This is like saying “I refuse to be a Democrat just because I’m a Republican”. Vigil Games have done a great job firing that waste for his refusal of developing a multi-plat title for the Wii U.

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