Resident Evil Revelations For Nintendo 3DS $25 On Amazon

Amazon are currently selling the fantastic Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS for $25. The online retailer was selling it for $19.99 earlier, but clearly they have decided to bump up the price due to the demand. Still, it’s an absolute bargain at $25.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

60 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations For Nintendo 3DS $25 On Amazon”


            ok that was very off topic when people post these “free give away” ( i hate it, its not even free to begin with)
            oh and the link don’t work.


  1. well i got this game on launch for £35 . and i would of payed more . this game is near enough perfect .
    did anyone else manage to workput that there is an option for ‘gyroscope’ aiming . you can control the whole game with gyroscope . and let me tell you . it is super acurate and super fun :).


    1. I did that as well. Never looked back.

      Even with the circle pad pro, gyroscope aiming is so much better. I just used the pad for camera control.


      1. it works , 100% perfectly!!!!! its more precise than analogue controls definately. its an underated feature and one that should be mentioned in reviews.
        glad to know i am not the only one who figured it had gyro :)


          1. you can , but it works better with the 3d switched to its lowest setting or off.
            its awesome tho , really imersive and exciting :). the 3d will work with the gyroscope if your on a pc chair and can swivel 360 degrees to keep your eyes in line with the screen .


          1. no they arent . go and do some research spastic.
            mgs , resi rev , resi merc , ghost recon shaow wars , fifa , pes , heroes of ruin , kid icarus , zelda , street fighter , dead or alive , tekken , ridge racer , splinter cell , shinobi , tales of abyss , KHDDD , nano assault , shin megami tensei , the list just keeps going.
            the 3ds is for gamers and everyone . also the 3ds is awesome and the ps vita is str8 up shit and a flop.
            so what else are you going to play ????
            ps vita games arent even that mature .
            little deviants , rayman , mod nation etc etc . its a little wet ass console.


            1. the vita is a fail with no games. so if you were mature enough to know the 3ds has better games and is more fun with more support . you would buy the 3ds . the vita is well , RIP VITANIC.
              i hate people like you with a passion . you play LBP and dick and daxter and hatchet and frank and alll those silly kidish game on ps3 .
              so gtfo . mario is good for kids . but its good for adults who want to finish it properly aswell .
              sorry you are too stupid to understand this . your mother should be ashamed of herself


              1. I don’t LBP or any of that fisher price crap that Sony made to attract a kid userbase to their console. About Vita games Killzone mercenaries, assassin’s creed liberation, LBP, tearaway, sly 4, allstars battle royale, black ops declassified would like to have a word with you.


          2. O o





        1. sweet . i am playing NSMB2 , and i am w8ing for wiiu to get darksiders 2 . cus i want to play it away from tv on gamepad screen :D just to be cool .


          1. Its a damn good game. I can see the gamepad helping often if im honest, but unless they add lots of new features, i doubt im missing too much. Id happily buy it again xD Vigil Games deserve my money


            1. indeed sir. i am temped to but it for xbox or ps . but i will w8 . i am busy with tons of 3ds games atm anyway :)


        1. The prices on all Wii U titles haven’t been finalized until September 13th. There’s a possibility that the Wii U games will be priced between $49.99 and $59.99 and digital download Wii U games will be priced between $15 and $20.


  2. THE best RE title available. I’d say it’s on-par with RE4 honestly.

    I mean the game’s worlds better than RE6, and that game’s not even out yet.


  3. Great news! I hope they release an RE:R direct sequel or prequel some time on major consoles. I mean, hand held is great but having such a great game on more recognised consoles such as Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 will be great news! We need another good Resi game. None of that action orientated gameplay crap (I’m looking at you 5&6.)


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