Japan Goes Crazy Over Yellow Pikachu Nintendo 3DS Console

Hundreds of eager gamers queued up at the Tokyo Pokemon Center today to pre-order the Pikachu Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL console. Preorders for the limited edition console began today at Pokemon Centers throughout Japan. The lines were so big at the Tokyo Pokemon Centre that it took four hours for Pokemon Centre staff to process everyone’s pre-orders.

123 thoughts on “Japan Goes Crazy Over Yellow Pikachu Nintendo 3DS Console”

    1. pikachu is a little ‘gay’ dont you think ???? iw ould rather a charizard or a mewtwo 3ds xl . without the big black nipples which pikachu is flossing.

      1. To be fair, Pikachu IS their flagship. The reason they did this is because when you see Pikachu you instantly think Pokemon. Although I agree that it would be nicer if they did it based off something else this time around. It would be interesting to see one produced based on who wins the tourney: Meaning either Mew or rayquaza.

        1. Ugh but why pikachu? Eevee deserves to be the mascot. It’s a useful pokemon and it’s the perfect starter since it can evolve to other types. Plus its so adoreable.

          1. Well Eevee is more of a “rival” to Pikachu, as indicated by Pokemon Yellow. Since Eevee is the “rival” as well as “starter” in a couple of games, we would be more likely to see a Eevee themed console than other Pokemon besides Pikachu and the starters.

    2. I would love to get one, but want to save my e-shop transfers. I only got 3 left.The latest one was done to the new XL version. I hate these limits. But it will save me money I guess.

    1. Fi:Master Mike S i have a report for U as well.
      Fi:There is a 88% chance that sony might stop the game media.

    2. there was this one ass hole stood in line for vita. claiming it had the best games. his name was sigfried or aeolus clone . i think it was the same sad fuk.

    3. I bought one last week, wonderful special on them at toysrus and I love it. I havent even finished a single game ive own on my 3DS and I play my DSi more then that now and that is just for the odd pokemon battle and thats that. The vita is just clicking for me more then my 3DS.

      1. You’re 1 of 10 people playing the Vita.
        When I picked up my 3DS XL, I asked how the Cita was selling. The store owner just shook their head.
        I think businesses are depressed. Tey thought they’s be making all this money with the Vita, and they can’t sell the fucking things.

          1. The GameStop I go to told me they only had a few used Vitas on stock and due to circumstances, they weren’t willing to restock on New copies.

            Sucks for my brother because my dad refuses to A) buy old and used stuff and B) buy stuff online.

        1. I think that the Vita will pick up once those hyped up exclusives are released for it like it was for the 3DS. Its just a longer time this time.

          I like the feel for the buttons a lot more on the Vita and how you hold it. I cant play Mario Kart for more then an hour on my 3DS but I can play Modnation Racers on my Vita for at least 3 with out my hands cramping up. Its even worse when I try to play Zelda on my 3DS :/ I havent seen a single one of those slider pad thingys in store at all and I dont buy things off the internet. Vita did it right with the buttons thats for sure.

          1. try the 3dsxl it is awesome. wtf are you doing playing mod nation ??? i heard it is awful compared to MK7 with no online.
            the 3ds xl is awesome. i recomend you trade in your 3ds and get an xl . you wont look back .

            1. Uhhh hell the fuck no I am not wasting my money on a 3DS XL and tradding in my limited eddition zelda anniversary 3DS for one! all it has is bigger screens and that is it!

              I have it because I love that game and I play the hell out of it on my PS3. The lack of online is annoying yes but if it had it would be better on PS3 anyways. I love creating stuff on modnation and ive gotten pretty skillfull at it.

  1. Fi:A report master!!
    Fi:I catulate a 100% that sony is in deep trouble with their enconomics and Nintendo is doing very well.I also recieved a report which says that microsoft has a 99% chance to fail with their xbox 720 console.I advise you to don’t give too much money to that company if you want to save the gaming industry

    1. fi calculated my dick wasnt gunna end up her ass hole. she was 99% certain!!! but my dick ended up her ass hole !!!!

          1. It’s mostly the young teens with Xboxes. And those ‘hardcore’ adults.

            I’m somewhat wishing I got a PS3 instead of a 360 now as well.

            1. I have both, and one of my favorite online Xbox games is BlazBlue. But looking back now, I’ve realized it would have been cheaper to re-buy all of my games on PS3 rather than to pay to simply play online with Xbox…

              1. I have all 3 systems and appreciate them all. Just wish more people on this site would appreciate them all more.

                But PS3 is my favourite.

      1. i am from uk. if anything the 360 is more popular than ps3 in uk. and the ds and 3ds are the most popular all round. the wii sticks it out to. although has reached the end of its lifespan .

        sony doesnt dominate europe at all. the psp was unpopular so is the vita. the ps3 is selling below what sony expected etc etc.
        they all do ok . overall nintendo rules europe if you think about their handhelds aswell.

        1. I remember Sega use to rule the country of Eurpoe :( why sega why u had to be handicapp *starts crying the dream will always li…Oh look the playstation has dvd *throwz dreamcast in trash. Turly sega was ahead for its time cuz it was first console to fit nice in trash can truly innovated and Ahead of their time

                1. Its cheap price is reason to believe that it will hold up as a gaming device, but probably about similar to an android/iPod/TV-plugin combination device. That’s what they’re making it seem like. They’ve got a large store, it’s powered by android and highly accessible. Thing is, it seems to just do games but doesn’t even do discs or anything. That’s what makes it not a full-on console.

            1. Not according to our President and representative of our nation Mr. OBAMA… are you saying your more smarter than our president obama a BLACK man smh thats racist xD

              1. europe is a collection of powerful countries. the UK is really powerfull wealthy country considering it only has 60 million citizens. compared to USA’s 3 million .
                UK FTW.

                  1. really though country,states and union go hand in hand pretty much theyre similar. theres certain things needed for a land To fit the quota. example united states of america is also a country as in go bless our country. EUROPE is a country,state,union and kingdom.

  2. I’m suprised they didn’t have a clefairy pink one there considering she’s almost as big as pikachu in japan.

    1. i am going to reply to you , to pretend that i care about what your saying and that i am wound up . not your a clown shoe cock muncher with no life XD

    2. I think you’re being the baby because you feel the need to put others down through this means of bullying just like in school. So you know what? You’re such a baby that Justin Bieber wrote a song for you. (Oh, that was a good one!)

    1. If it comes to US, I won’t get it because I’m happy with my 3DS. It’s just bigger, bulkier and more money. Now, if they had a Pikachu yellow 3DS…

    1. Pokemon is fucking awesome thats why. Only reason why I play nintendo, but Zelda is good too. Not as good as Pokemon :P

      1. Pokemon and Zelda are great in their own ways. Pokemon is good for just battling and coming up with strategies and stuff once you get through the story (I’m a terrible trainer for never making it through on my own, but that changes before B/W2 release) and Zelda rocks for its stories, visuals and puzzle-based dungeons and gameplay.

  3. If it was something different then pikachu and it came to canada id buy it if it was bundled with black 2 / white 2.

      1. I know it was going to be for ash’s pokemon instead of Pikachu but it was a last minute decsion to switch it. If it was clefairy I still wouldent get it.

    1. Yep. They would. They don’t care what idiots like you think about them and buy what they want. I’d have respect for them.

      *cue unoriginal insult from Aeolus*

      1. Sure thing, of course little virgins like them and probably you would wait in line for a glorified faceplate swapped toy.

        No self-respecting gamer would do this to themselves.

        1. Looks like Smitty’s prediction on an unoriginal insult was spot on. Then again, Aeolus is rather predictable…
          Also: “No self respecting gamer…”
          *Confirms belief that Sony drones are brainwashed by Jack Tretton*

  4. was 4th in line at oosaka pokemon center and got mine….there were only 10 people in line from 12 am to 530am (when the first trains start)…by 9am i heard there were roughly 1000 people

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