Developer Says Wii U Isn’t About Power, But About The Experiences It Offers

Blitz Games Studios design director John Nash believes that too many people are spending too much time looking at Wii U specifications – rather than the games and the entertainment the system will offer consumers once it’s released this holiday season.

“It’s very easy for people to get hung up on hardware specs and technical specs. It’s great to have a massive processor that’s got a graphics pipeline that uses DX11, but what people need to focus on particularly for games going forward, is, what kind of experience can you build in the space of possibility afforded by the hardware in terms of features? Not in clock cycles. Does it connect out to the internet well? Does it connect to mobile well? How does it connect to your other friends and involve them in that experience? That’s where games are moving forwards.”

“Nintendo’s approach is to say, we’re going to package that other screen with the console straight out of the box so there’s nothing to worry about and the developers have a stable platform, whereas maybe the other platform holders are saying, maybe we’re going to involve other devices. That will bring another set of problems. Sony and Microsoft will go toe to toe again as they have done on this rev. They will do the same on the next one. Nintendo are doing something different.”

“It’s not about beating everyone else in a surface shader processing clock speed war. That’s not what they’re about. They’re about saying, we’ve got this great roster of IP, all these great characters, how do we build a piece of cost-effective hardware – they’re a business, they’ve got to make profit – that will allow our players, our very loyal Nintendo players, to interact with this IP and great worlds and characters in a new way?”

“If you think about the Wii U in that light, suddenly it makes a huge amount of sense. Suddenly we’re going to be able to explore the world of Zelda and Mario in a new way with our friends. And that’s the rationale behind that platform. It’s not a gunning war in terms of hardware. As soon as you do that, you start to think about the games in a different way. You start to get excited about what it affords you as a game designer, and players should get very excited about it as well.”

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      1. Actually I think the reason he mentions DX11 is because that’s what most people seem to be getting hung up on, and he’s just saying “Yeah, it’d be nice to have it in a console, but it doesn’t mean everything.”

    1. indeed. this article sums up why i am mainly a nintendo fan , bt also why i buy and play other console brands (mainly sony) .

      nintendo offers what others dont. nuff said. psas , lbp karting are a joke.
      smash bros and mario kart are the real deal. but nintendo doesnt offer heavy rain and uncharted etc etc.

      the time for people to compare nintendo to sony and microsoft is way over.
      nintendo is established and unique now. sony and microsoft on the other hand are scrapping it out onthe same market share. nintendo’s market share still contains 10 million NES and Snes Fans.

      nintendo is awesome
      sony are great
      microsoft are noobs , but kinda ok .

      1. so u play on wii remotes then dualshocks jesus thats like eating stake then eating those 15p noodles you boil in water u seriosly do this i tried LOL put the aged silly doesnt work right dualshock down went back to wii remote and chuck never looked back ,i just couldnt i look at ps3 a little bit of sick comes into mu mouth lol

  1. And that is why the console is going to suck. So glad I jumped ship and bought an Xbox. Can hardly believe I used to be a Nintendo fanboy…

              1. Sales wise.

                I don’t care about sales, anybody with half a brain knows how much better the Vita lineup is right now compared to when the 3DS was the same age.

                1. Frankly i think vita’s was only a little better and i would buy resident evil mercenaries,super street fighter,legend of zelda,and ridge racer for 3ds back then but right now have Re:R,super street fighter and mario kart

                    1. Yah that’s what awared me of it and LOVED it.But street fighter used a lot of 3ds features and mercenaries has good online.I am not much of a zelda person but apparently it is good.But right now i am enjoying revelations’ online (especially the ghost ship since the other levels are easy now)

                  1. And if I get a 3DS (which I already have), I should enjoy Mario rehashes and ton of garbage casual junk?

                    It’s no wonder you Nintendo fanboys are unanimously the most hated fanboys. You’re just a bunch of deluded idiots.

                    1. No
                      1st:apple fanboys(everyone hates them
                      2nd:microsoft fanboys(sony and nintendo hate them A LOT cause they troll)
                      3rd:sony fanboys(microsft and nintendo hate them cause they troll)
                      4th nintendo fanboys(Sony and some microsoft fans hate them)
                      I owned a ps2 by the way

                    2. mario rehashes have stood the test of time as well as an ever evolving form of entertainment. It just shows that good gameplay truly matters. Sure they can spice it up some like the did with galaxy but keep the core gameplay

                    3. In addition, since you said “mario rehashes” allow me to enlighten you. Almost every successful video game after the first successful one that started that gameplay style in a specified franchise is a rehash. CoD, zelda, metroid, uncharted, gta, sonic, final fantasy, resident evil, the tales of series, kingdom hearts and etc. When specific game in that proves to be successful enough and there’s a large enough demand for a sequel then the gameplay either gets rehashed with some enhancements or changes added to it, or not. You can’t act like mario’s been the only one rehashing over the years when other game franchises like CoD and other franchises have been doing it for years also.

                2. ahahahah . the vita’s line up is pittyfull at best.

                  uncharted . 8/10
                  wipeout 7/10
                  rayman origins – we already played it
                  metal gear solid HD collection. only has 2 games compared to the consoles 3 and is only in QHD . watered down port.

                  thats all i see. they are all ‘OK’ not great.

                  on 3ds i see
                  LOZ OOT3d – perfect remake of the best game ever.9.5/10
                  starfox 64 3d – has been amazinly graphicaly overhauled , with new features. 9/10
                  super mario 3d land – awesome 9/10

                  mario kart 7 – super awesome . 9.5/10
                  kid icarus uprising – perfect game with slightly controversial control scheme – 9/10
                  resident evil revelation’s – 9.5/10 the second best resi game , ever made .
                  street fighter 4 3d – imo , the best handheld fighting game ever made
                  kingdom hearts ddd – another stellar kingdom hearts game. 9/10
                  theatrythm – amazing – 8.5/10
                  snake eater 3d – graphically improved ps2 classic in awesome 3d with some new features.

                  theres about 10 others i could list.
                  and notice how i didnt include any downloadable games like pushmo .

                  the 3ds has an AMAZING library of games. and it is growing REALLY FAST.

                  the ps vita is currently the most useless piece of shit on planet earth.


                  call me on 0800STFU when the vita has even a small library of decent games. untill then enjoy little deviants.

                  1. Come on the Vita’s is ok . Plus you’ll be able to play ps1 games but not many games coming out for it.But 3ds shit’s on it though plus you can play ds games on it which is awseome.

                    1. exactly. old ps1 games arent a big deal. 99% of them are unplayably old. they need remaking like oot 3d and starfox3d to be properly enjoyed once more.

                      the vita’s library is nothing short of a joke.

                      the 3ds’s library is huge , established and has guaranteed amazing games just round the corner.

                    2. Except “old PS1 games” aren’t part of the fucking library you idiot. Show me these fucking “old PS1 games” as packaged Vita titles. Oh wait, it’s a feature carried over from PS3/PSP.

                      The 3DS library it had last year absolutely sucked in comparison to the Vita and that is a fact no matter how stupid you want to make yourself look.

                      Uncharted, Gravity Daze, Dokuro, Ragnarok Odyssey, Sound Shapes, MVC3, Mortal Kombat, WipeOut, Super Stardust Delta, and the list can keep fucking going on and on.

                      What did the 3DS have? FUCKING NOTHING. Fucking Starfox and Fucking OoT. It didn’t have shit and you bitch fanboys know it.

                    3. Uncharted: Tomb Raider wannabe
                      Gravity Daze: Port
                      Dokuro: Sucks ass
                      Ragnarok Odyssey: Sucks ass
                      Sound Shapes: Sucks ass for casual gamers
                      MVC3: Watered down port
                      Mortal Kombat: Watered down port
                      WipeOut: Sony Liverpool’s final game before Sony shuts down studio
                      Super Stardust Delta: Sucks more ass for casual gamers

                  2. lol, okay. Sorry, no. That’s complete opinion and you can’t prove otherwise. The 3DS has mobile phone and N64 ports with DS reskins. The 3DS is utter shit in comparison to the Vita.

                  3. Oh and time to tear your shit up.

                    LoZ? Port. I already played this game years ago.
                    Starfox? Port I can beat in an hour.
                    Mario 3D land, garbage ass rehash for idiotic gamers who don’t know a real platformer if they came across it.
                    Mario Kart 7 SHITTY REHASH with dull and boring tracks.
                    Kid Icarus? Single analog hand-cramping garbage.
                    Resident Evil? Same bullshit as RE5 mid-game.
                    Street Fighter 4? PORT and MVC3 on the Vita is miles better.
                    KH? *Yawn*
                    Theathrythm? I respect myself – I don’t play mediocre rhythm games, thank you. And neither should core gamers.
                    Snake Eater? PORT Vita version looks and plays all around better.

                    3DS fucking sucks dude. Get that piece of crapola out of my sight. sick of you fucking fanboys overrating garbage ass ports, rehashes, barely successful titles and acting as if they’re good. They’re not.

                    1. LOZ isn’t a port,it’s a remake,street fighter 4 isn’t a port.Kid icarus-circle pad pro SHITS on vita controls revelations-that was FAR better than resident evil 5,starfox-again not port,it’s a remake.KH-if it was on vita you would shit your pants.3d land and mk7 are not rehashes and besides ports aren’t bad, or else every game will be for one system

                    2. Circle Pad Pro in Kid Icarus is not used for camera control. It’s for southpaw controls I can tell you’re a really sad liar desperately defending your ShitDS so I’m not wasting my time on you.

                    3. So instead of not commenting back,you wasted your time responding Meg?You should’ve just shut up meg.

                3. you don’t care about sales, and obviously don’t care about games either, because PSV has a library of crap… like always, this is the Aeolus “it starts talk crap” troll…

      1. They only reason microsoft lack exclusives was because of lack of bluray which meant making games wws more costly. Yet it still kicked the ps3s ass lmfao. As for sony they lost because of price plain and simple wii was the cheapest garbage out there.All those games on 3ds didnt mean shit when the price was 250 it was suffering sales. Example the ps3 has better games than wii and it has ps1 and ps2 hd remeastered in hd plus a better browser yet it lost to wii becauee casuals wanted a cheap trash netflix player. Heck just sauing steam alrewdy kills shitendo. As for pc gamers we have the best but we have a small crowd and seeing all the brain dead garbage thats not bad. We have more games than sbitendo. We already have modded game tablets qnd motion ccontrol. While ps4 is getting 4k my old pc can do 8k resolution and keepin mind its old. We have steam,linux and idie support. We have fanmade games like who wants to be the guy. We have all those games your stupid parents pay lol vc that shits lacking compared to my FREE ONLINE roms. We have mods and he ability to make arcade mame machines. Hecki can play my ps3 on my computer with hd and 3d added just cor shits and giggles. Pc will one day destory all these console bitches and trust me the with prices going down everyday it will be sooner than later. Heck adding online to your console is only hurting you and bringing your doom near because whatever you do affects pc price muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah does gta have a mod to play as mario driving a deloreon with time travel in it i dont think so
        Does nintendo have have access to all roms including arcade for free i dont think so
        Can you make roms on handhekds and calculators without pc i dont think so
        Does smash brotbers have richu or mewtwo with pc moddig i dont think so
        Does the consoles have mame fighters
        Muhaahhahaahhahahrelax you will all on day die to pc qnd become unified by rape pc pwns.
        Dont thnk great companies die well ask nintendo power muahabhabab
        And unlike consoles pc will never die because its an open source market that aborbs evrything and unifies it like a blob. Rip to you console fags. Ouya will prove one thing that mobile gaming will destroy handheld watch lol

      1. Pay no attention to that poser… all he wants to do is to be an attention whore. What he fails to accept that The Wii U is combining both in power and the fun in playing video games.

  2. They said similar things about Wii, and look how that turned out. It may be fine now, but what about down the road when more games are developed using DX11 effects, effects the WiiU simply cannot hope to achieve.

          1. Every console has its good games and its bad games. The Wii is not overpopulated by bad games, as some are lead to believe. I actually own more Wii games than 360 or PS3 games, all of the games I own for it are fantastic as well, heck I’ve put more hours into Monster Hunter Tri than Skyrim, that game is freaking addicting, and there are still plenty of Wii games out there that I’ve played and want to get. In all honesty, the console that’s collecting dust for me is my 360. I haven’t touched it in nearly a year, whereas my PS3, Wii and PC are all busy when I’m not working.

              1. this is kinda like the chicken fight and ness,von schroder and aelous are the chicken because they keep losing and coming back for more and we’re peter because we weep winning

            1. Sales are also important aeolus because it means your system will have more support and your company will be alive longer.

            2. Bullshit.
              It sold well because gamers bought the fuck out of it, as did a significant portion of core gamers.
              Because it had first-party IP’s that gamers care about.
              Hint: the term gamer INCLUDES CASUALS, you ignorant elitist.

              1. i didnt experience a casual boom i witnessed a industry totally and utterly disrupted by DS and wii witch is what they were designed to do

              2. It sold well because casuals bought it and the top 5 best selling games are ALL casual. The Wii sucks, deal with it. I don’t give a shit what you say otherwise either. It’s not a relevant device in this generation and the proof is everywhere.


                2. That’s a subjective opinion. I don’t think it sucks, many people would agree with me on this. Just because you think something is bad doesn’t mean everyone else does. Like I so often say, your reality is yours alone.

      1. I like Nintendo games as much as anyone else, but if you can judge how great a console is based solely on the sales, then you can also apply that same logic to Justin Bieber songs and how much they sale.

    1. Nintendo will always offer new experiences and thats what makes them so good. Too bad the graphic whores cant see that. Oh no, the cpu doesnt run like a v8, i dont want this current gen bullshit (sarcasm).

  3. Well when I can get both power AND experiences on another console, why would I want this? Augumented reality glasses a possibility on the 720, that’s more exciting to me then a tablet controller, although ill probably get both in the future

      1. The AR in the 3DS was a clever addition but is thus far severely underused. AR Glasses would be a massive leap forward, but I can’t see them being much use in gaming, VR Glasses on the other hand…

            1. Well I was born near the end of the 1990s so of course I wasn’t old enough to experience it, but back then wasn’t the first console to use it around 600 dolllars I remember watching an old E3 it was the ateri jaguir?

                1. You should give me abreak about grammer or in this case “spelling” because I don’t have a computer and I have to type this on my goddamn slow phone. If I try to fix a mistake I either risk my phone crashing, or risk it sending me out of the browser and then spens half an hour trying to reload the comments on the page*spend

      2. well DUH! Of course I know that as I own a 3DS, I’m merely stating that with the glasses its much more immersive and whole new genres could be created. Sadly there are no great uses for AR tech on thee 3DS yet.

          1. That title technically isn’t AR right? Doesn’t it just plaster enemies onto the screen with the camera in the background? I could be wrong. But anyways what I was talking about is that the 3DS doesn’t have a memorable must have AR title, spirit camera could have been an example of what I’m talking about but it got a bad review, it had a ton of ways using AR to immerse you into the diary or whatever.

            1. That’s what AR is, Augmented Reality, reality with additions, the gyroscope meant that the faces could stay in relative position to reality so technically it was an AR game.

    1. Something tells me the 720 will have just about as many exclusives as any other Microcock console. =| but either way, I just over all don’t care for augmented reality. It’s a really stupid gimmick. Why would I want the characters to be in the real world where they don’t belong? I want to see the characters in THEIR world. I want the experience to be the devleopers trying to make me want the world they created.

      1. Its my opinion, I don’t care if it is considered a stupid gimmick, the wii has motion which is a gimmick, the DS/3DS have touch that a gimmick and guess what both add to the experience in some way. I bet some great games could be created through augumented reality tech, regardless of the console, whole new genres could be created. And about the exclusives I don’t care, the only xbox exclusive I need is halo, and then I’ve got all the third party titles to enjoy. I don’t care if microsoft has only a few great exclusives, I enjoy the games that I play on my xbox, and the same will probably be true for the wii U too when I have enough money to buy it. Quit being such a fanboy, gaming isn’t a religion, open your eyes and experience great gameplay on multiple consoles. Its quite silly that we defend these different company’s to the death, and all they do is make games. Its quite silly and I have to laugh at all of you blind fanboys.

            1. Yes they can… there will be a Virtual Console for the Wii U to play games on NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Master System, Genesis (Mega Drive in Japan and Europe), Turbo Grafx-16, Neo*Geo, and selected GameCube titles.

              1. Hopefully they bring all the ones that were on the wii shop over so we don’t have to wait a long time for the games to be loaded to the wii U eshop.

                  1. They may do what they did with the 3DS eshop, and carry over all DSI ware titles. (Except for flipnote :( )But on wii U bring all wii ware over.

                    1. Except the fact the Wii U won’t have Wii Ware games… except for digital download indie games like Toki Tori 2, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, and The Pinball Arcade.

          1. Lol joey? Anyways how is that innovation, its been done for a long time before. Yes I know the 3DS uses it well, but there’s no software that utilizes it in a truly innovative way, with the glassas, we han potentially have more freedom with our hands free. With kinect and the augumented reality gkasses, we can A finally have a good use for kinect, and B create an accurate and fun AR experience through the console. In my opinion it would be quite fun. I don’t see a downside because its not like every game is going to have to use it. It would just be another addition to the long list of the many ways to enjoy video games. If you don’t want this then that’s your opinion and ill respect it, but please try to understand that I am extremely interested in what this tech could bring to video games.

        1. Fanboy? I’m a game collector. I’ve got pretty much any non-atari console you can name. And I prefer my older consoles over the new ones to be fair. I really want companies in general to get back on par with what made gaming fun to begin with instead of railroading everything. I didn’t support ANY particular company in my post, although I’ll admit I’m not fond of microcock’s consoles. Even Nintendo and Sony need to step it up in my honest opinion. But, that’s a whole different topic that would take me ages to write.

  4. This basically says what I was saying a few days ago on another article… who cares what the specs are like as long as they can deliver an enjoyable gaming experience? Even if the WiiU was only as powerful or only just slightly more powerful than the PS3/360, both of those consoles can provide fun games, right? Then so can the WiiU. And in addition to the extra power, the controller design and company supporting it means it can provide a different gaming experience to other consoles, so anyone who says “You might as well buy an Xbox”, well, try that reasoning with people who are buying a PS3, they’re picking that console for a reason, the games and gameplay it has to offer and the companies and services behind it.

  5. So he is saying what Nintendo has been saying since the Wii, because Nintendo is not about power but about how the games are played…

    Now that I think about it, maybe that’s the reason why they are canceled the Nintendo Power magazine

  6. My ps3 lets me play MMOs and cross games play with handhelds and other consoles (like dust 514, I was literally talking to a pc player in game on my ps3, and we became friends. We talked, he took pictures of my war barge so I could see it, and he gave me 100 million ISK, the in game currency FROM HIS PC.)

    Just because a console is powerful doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or a good experience.

    Because tbh, there is a lot you can only do on ps3 and pc because of their specs

    1. The argument can also work the other way round;

      My Wii lets me play TLoZ and games with motion controls integrated.

      Just because a console is weak doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or a good game experience.

      Because tbh, there are a lot of companies that survived 7th gen due to the lack of HD support on the Wii.

  7. This guy needs to run a bigger company.

    This is what gaming should be about, full stop, be it with Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, mobile or PC gaming. People boasting around about specs when all it is, is something nice to look at. And dont say, “oh the graphics will give developers more opertunies to glcreate something new”. Bullshit. The only limitation in gaming now is imagination. If a developer has no heart and imagination in the project, then its worthless. Any graphical improvements past the current hardware, is unnesseccary, and has just become a deranged marketing ploy, and ammo for trolls around the world. Look at the new Fox Engine from Kojima. Its bein used to make a Metal Gear Solid game, thats open world, and it all runs on the playstation 3. If told that to people 4 years ago, they would say its for next gen systems. But its not, is it.

    Wii was underpowered, no doubt. Mario Galaxy, Both Zelda, Metroid Trilogy, DKCR, Smash bros Brawl, the list goes on, are without a doubt, the best games Nintendo have created, and FAR superior to anythig else i played this gen. Not because of graphics…but because of everything else.

      1. Seriously, gaming has become a joke these days. All through the E3 week, Heoof Keighely from Gametrailers and Spike, would not shut the fuck up about Star Wars 1313. All the time, “this game is real time, look at the graphics, that wasnt a cutscene, look at the effect, blah blah BLAH”. Yeah, look nice, but you showed 10 seconds of gameplay, and it was just fucking Mass Effect 3.

            1. He had no argument, he was complaining about the buzz of a game that deserved it. If that’s an argument to you, then you’re just plain incompetent.

              1. He had a very valid argument on how visuals seem to overshadow everything, even gameplay, and how this shouldn’t be the case. But obviously a graphics whore will never understand this

                1. Visuals will always stand out first in a gaming experience, had they showed Gamecube graphics nobody would have been nearly as amped.

                  Graphics matter, kiddies. Deal with it.

                  Oh and:

                  Hardcore Fox Engine with amazing lighting effects you will never see on the Wii U. Because it’s not coming to the Wii U.

              2. It deserve 0 of rhe credit it got. Its was just a nicer looking mass effect, and was actually disappoiting to me, because i hear it was a Boba Fett game, which wouldve been much better. No surprisingLucas Arts saw how successful Mass Edfect was a copied it to the very point. Deserved 0 credit.

    1. That’s what everyone needs to get through their thick skulls.

      People keep saying, “oh yea, well a more powerful system gives developers more tools to make better games.”

      Yeah, that used to be the way it worked. But now, power isn’t as big a deal as it used to be.

      Increases in system power are not going to be a big deal because graphics and power aren’t a limiting factor anymore. The raw power and graphical capabilities of a system have not evolved gameplay in any meaningful way in a really long time. Like you said, the main limiting factors are imagination, creativity, dedication, etc. (and money, to some extent)

      More powerful systems will make games look better and things like that, but meaningful changes to how we experience games, evolution of genres, etc., that’s up to the developers creativity, not the hardware.

      If the WiiU works as planned, developers will be able to make any kind of game they want. It has the potential to be one of the greatest consoles ever if people would just shut up about power and use all the different tools it provides to make great games.

  8. That’s true, and not just because I like Nintendo, but because people often look at the Wii U, and say: ”There aren’t any good launch games.”, or they say ”This is the only game I’m interested for on the Wii U.”. People just aren’t looking at the games, and the games they are looking at are extremely hyped, which is good for that game, but it overshadows other fantastic looking Wii U games like Project P-100. I’ve even seen a ton of people forget about Pikmin 3, like, that was THE most hyped game before E3 for the Wii U, what now? Nobody cares as it seems. I really hate how the industry has shaped itself into a hype fest, and ”Who’s got the better tech?” competition, and 3/4 of the people that look at the tech of consoles don’t even know shit about tech, case and point ”Aeolus”, he still says the Wii U is a current gen system, even though developers have denied that.

      1. Wii U Tech Specs

        CPU: IBM PowerⓇ-based multi-core processor
        GPU: AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU.
        Storage: Wii U uses an internal flash memory. It also supports SD memory cards and external USB storage.
        Media: Wii U and Wii optical discs.
        Networking: Wii U can access the Internet via wireless (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) connection. The console features four USB 2.0 connectors – two in the front and two in the rear – that support Wii LAN Adapters.
        Audio Output: Uses six-channel PCM linear output via HDMI® connector, or analog output via the AV Multi Out connector.
        Video Output: Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Compatible cables include HDMI, Wii D-Terminal, Wii Component Video, Wii RGB, Wii S-Video Stereo AV and Wii AV.


        1. Bunch of dated formats for memory, and lacking features consoles have had for nearly 7 years.

          USB 2.0? Junk.
          SD cards for expansion? Junk.
          No ethernet? Junk.
          Dated audio output? Junk.

          Current gen specs. No detail done to CPU nor GPU.

            1. USB 3.0 is the new faster standard, this console is using dated formats for Nintendo to cheap out on you idiots. Enjoy your External HDD’s load times.

            1. I don’t care about “Based”. Show us what card it compares to, these “specs” are meaningless fluff known since 2011.

              It’s like an automaker trying to sell you a care and doesn’t even detail what specs the motor or drivetrain has, only an idiot would suck it down their throats or if they’re a blind brand loyalist like you, VirginNation.

              1. The only blind brand loyalist is you, Aeolus. Stop sucking on Sony’s dick for once and just fucking accept it, will you? Your comment is invalid, irrelevant, childish, and 100% BULLSHIT!

              2. Are you seriously trying to refer to USB, lack of ethernet, and SD support as your arguement to prove the Wii U is current gen?

                Yeah, because these things are far more important in the specs sheet than the CPU, GPU, RAM, Video Output, and media type. (That was sarcasm by the way, in case you weren’t able to figure that out on your own.)

                SD support and USB gives the player more options, ethernet isn’t needed since the system has built-in wireless for free, but yet since when did Nintendo actually say with their own mouth that the Wii U lacks ethernet? Never.

                I kind of see your point with the audio output, but it’s really not as dated as the audio output in the 360 and PS3, so if people like the audio in current gen systems, they’ll love the audio on the Wii U, the average gamer doesn’t care about specifics anyway. Your counter arguement is flawed.

                1. Not everybody has Wireless internet or chooses to use wireless internet. Neither should they be buying an adapter like the Wii just to get that functionality.

                  SD is terrible, slow and shouldn’t be the main means of expanding memory on any sort of set top box device, let alone a console. Good look downloading digital retail games.

                  Yes, the Wii U does lack Ethernet, they will most certainly force that accessory onto people again. They would have listed ethernet in the final specs sheet they posted had it contained the output. It does not.

                  The CPU has already been implied to be worse than the 360 Xenon, so if your GPU is “good”, it does not mean jack shit if it’s the victim of a CPU bottleneck.

                  Have a nice day.

          1. It’s going to be many years before USB 3 becomes the standard. What’s wrong with SD cards for expansion? And what’s wrong with Wifi (which is infinitely more convenient than ethernet cables)?

              1. Sure, but how many devices actually utilise the connection? How many people do you see with USB 3 external harddrives or thumbsticks or anything? Jack all, because the technology hasn’t properly caught on yet. Not everyone buys a new PC every year. In fact the vast majority of people don’t, they update maybe every 4-6 years. Stagger that and you have approx. 3-4 years before everyone has USB 3 compatible computers and even remotely feel the need to use USB 3 devices.

      2. Twice the RAM of current gen systems, and a GPU from the Radeon HD RV7 series, as opposed to the 360’s ancient Xenon (Radeon X1900) GPU from 7 years ago, and the PS3’s antique GeForce 7900. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the Wii U’s much newer tech equals better tech equals more powerful. The only thing about that Wii U that can really be refered to as current gen, based on rumors, is the processor, which, even that, is faster than the processors in the PS3 and 360. Wii U will be more powerful than current gen systems, and not by a small amount. Will it be more powerful than the next Xbox and Playstation? Probably not, but we’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we?

          1. Almost always, but they’ll sometimes be downgraded to Dx10, which is still far superior to Dx9, which is what the 360 is running, and the PS3 runs something similar.

            1. “Almost always”? IT HAS NEVER BEEN A DX11 card. There’s nothing to downgrade because the series NEVER supported it.

              Fake gamer detected.

              1. Ok, I made a mistake, for some reason I thought I was talking about the HD 7000 cards, I had a derp. You’re right, RV7 cards are Dx10.1, but your accusation that I’m a fake gamers just shows immaturity, all you needed to do was correct me. But why am I saying this, you’re Aeolus. You’ll jump the gun and call someone a Nintendo fanboy if they so much as say anything in Nintendos favor, even though you don’t know anything about them.

                  1. I said I had a derp dude, I am well aware that RV-7 cards are not Dx11. You corrected me, fine. I’m not going to be mad for being corrected after having a brain fart, but the insults aren’t needed.

                1. That is exactly what I’m refering to. RV7 is basically short for RV770. The Wii U is using a Radeon HD 4000 series card, more specifically the 4770, 4850, or 4870, all of which destroy the Xenon and GeForce 7900.

                  1. Probably 4850, but the CPU in question may possibly result in a bottleneck if it is indeed “worse” than the 360 as implied by recent rumors and that Tekken producer.

          2. I made a mistake, RV7 cards are not Dx11, they’re Dx10. In rare cases, custom cards can be upgraded to Dx11, but again, that’s rare.

            1. …That’s utterly pointless, why customize a card to support that when you can just use a card readily supporting it to begin with. I don’t think that’s cost effective.

      3. Wow, another imposter, anyways, I’ll pretend you are the real dumbass, I mean ”Aeolus”. I mentioned ”you” in my cmment, and how ”you” disagree with very well known developers that have worked with the Wii U, saying it’s ”current gen”, I just have to ask you something, from which specs does ”current gen” start and end? Wasn’t the current gen the Xenon and the Cell CPU’s? Or do you even know what clock speed is, the more clock speed you have, the more fans (The wind blowing kind, not the people kind.) you need. Microsoft being the jackass they sometimes are, had to rush their 360 out before it was actually finished, people may recognize that as RROD. I really don’t know why such a proffessional company had to rush out their system to be ”first”. But I digress, my point is, you and you mentor with the same username as you, are both dumbasses, and should not be allowed to play games because you are obviously mentally challenged by everything.

        1. You don’t know specs, so you’re not worthy to debate with me about them.

          Just look at your terminology, I smell Nintendrone all the way from here.

          Even your username isn’t proper grammar, LOL.

          1. Oh and “current gen” is more than just consoles, by the way. Actually by today’s standards those specs aren’t even current gen in the PC world. It’s 2008 rubbish.

            1. Since when were consoles on par with PC?

              FACT: Consoles will always be far behind PC. If you seriously expect next-gen consoles to be even remotely close to PC, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You have to look at console specs by “console” standards, not PC standards.

              1. The 360 Xenos is based *well, similar* to/on X1800/X1900, which back in 2005 were actually modern cards.

                The Wii U is R700 series, and that dates back to 2008.

                Therefore, you are wrong.

                    1. Yes you always call it weak and current generation and when you saw it had a weaker cpu you said it was weaker

          2. Oh, you mean that 1 letter at the end? I didn’t bother changing it, because I wanted to see who was so stupid to notice it. You are about the 1st person to do that after about 2-3 months later.

      4. At this point graphics don’t matter and if you wanna pay 1000 dollars for graphics even though they’re no restrictions then be my guest

  9. I think that Nintendo is reading me the same BS as they did with the Wii….. but if the wiiu does not support divx11 and unreal engine 4 then I will not be buying it because its life spam will be limited and in 2.5 years the only company. that will be supporting it will be Nintendo and Sega because that’s what happpend to the original Wii third part support just deserted the Wii and every OEM just move on

    1. For starters, it won’t use DirectX11, because that’s Microsoft’s software. And UE4 won’t be used to the fullest by any of the 3 consoles, UE3 hasn’t even been used to the fullest yet. That’s all I’m going to say to you, now go and play whatever shiny game you want, oh, and that good look of games, is only added in the last few months, so it’s like they waxed the game, I hope that made graphics look for you less important than all the other parts of development.

  10. If he really means it, and isn’t just saying this because he’s working on a Wii U game, then get this man a new job, I checked Blitz Games Studios past ”achievements”, and they mostly do movie games and shovelware. Mr. Nash obviously wants to do great things with games, so I don’t want to see a person like that to be caged in movie games and the next Barbie game, he really should work at Nintendo, or Sony, or Ubisoft, basically anywhere they allow to make games that are at least above mediocre.

  11. Alright. Here’s why I’m concerned about graphical power. The less powerful the Wii U is, the less likely it is to get multiplatform titles thanks to possible difficulty in porting a game to a system where the specifications were simply not meant to run it.

    People are simply attracted to whatever is most capable.

  12. Very well said, Mr. Nash. You’re perfectly right. It’s all about the experience. The Wii U will be powerful, but it will be a new way to play as well. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. And people are excited for it. Nintendo knows what their doing. It’s going to amazing. Leave luck to heaven.

  13. I appreciated Nintendo are trying to be different, and good artistry beats cutting edge graphics any day, but considering how the Wii panned out, I have to say the WiiU could be the death of my gaming life. No one is giving me what I want and my appeal is pretty broad.

  14. Why can’t they focus on power AND experience. The wii had a selected few games that were actually good. Mainly nintendo franchises. Hopefully the wiiu will do a LOT better in that department

    1. Because they’re cheap asses who know they’re blind drone army will buy anything they shit out and require them to upgrade when support runs out 5-6 years later.

      1. Seems legit lol. It sad cause nintendo has the creativity to make ALOT of good software and hardware. There are ALOT of good software in japan that never even considered getting a western release. How sad.

  15. Experience>Power anyday…
    But I just hate how Nintendo says it like if power really doesn’t matter AT ALL. IT DOES. I don’t care if the Wii U is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more powerful than the Next playstation or xbox system. All I want is for it to be equally matched or SLIGHTLY less powerful.

    1. you hate it because your in a box get out the box start thinking in stead of following the sheep industry theres 32 pixelpipe cards with massive wattage yet there only doing the exact same graphics as lower cards just at higher than 1080p res

      graphics saturation clearly there all doing the exact same thing theres no graphics war anymore thats commonsense

    1. To keep out of a direct spec/power/graphics-whore-tech-wanker-pandering race with Sony and Micro, yes, it does need to be that way.
      Gamers are still going to like what the Wii U does.
      Real gamers aren’t going to wank off to the specs and imagine how pretty it will all look, they’ll be looking for something visually beautiful while offering something new in gameplay. Something interesting that captures their imagination and draws them into a fun experience.
      There’s always going to be a minority that cares more about specs and graphics in their console, but they won’t be the ones that will drive the sales of games that deserve the sales, so they won’t matter.
      It’ll be the ones that deem a game fun regardless of the specs, so long as they don’t have graphics from the PS1 Era, and purchase the game because of the experience it offers rather than the company it is from, that matter.
      Haters are just gonna miss out this coming gen.
      Horribly so.
      I’ll be getting both a PS4[price permitting and titles justifying] and Wii U[same], alongside a higher-grade PC rig when my money allows it.

  16. totally agree with John Nash, I finished xenogear on PSX 6 days ago then Final fantasy XIII on PS3. Guess which game i had more fun with? Before i started xenogear i was playing final fanstasy tactics PSONE version. i still play and play again chrono triigger (snes version) and final fantasy 6 (snes version). it’s not all about graphic it just about game

    1. That’s right,man. I play a hell of a lot of retro games. I recently beat the original Final Fantasy, FF3, Chrono Trigger and FFX. Now I’m playing the original super Mario Bros.then I’m going to play Super Mario Bros. 3.

  17. I though that that game wasn’t augumented reality, but just the camera with enemies enemies plastered to the screen? Anyways if it is AR then, what I mean is that there are no truly memeorable games that use AR to its fullest potential on 3DS yet. The spirit camera one would be a good example but it sadly didn’t get a great review. But it used AR in an awesome nd imaginative way to immerse the player.

  18. iwata states the obvious the hardlycores dont get it , his just reminding you what wiiu is it happens to be a games console not a gpu and cpu and ram theres a little more to it than a bunch of chips and for the love of god whats dx 10/11/12 got to do with a customized nintendo system running gx 2 nintendo api

  19. I just love how Sony and Microsoft are businesses, but they try and sell at the expense of consumers. Nintendo comes in and sells for the consumers’ benefit. That’s the number one thing that affirms how Nintendo makes Entertainment systems.

  20. Nintendo offers the best gameplay experience and innovation. Super Mario Bros. was the best gameplay of the 8 bit and 16 bit console generation and so was Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda Ocarina in Time was the best of the 32 bit 64 bit generation. Super Mario Sunshine and LOZ Windwaker was the best gameplay experience for the 128 bit generation. (They are so underrated because it was open world enough). LOZ Skyward Sword was awesome with motion controls. Super Mario Galaxy was the best controls and gameplay of any generation. Nintendo still make the best games in the world. When Nintendo works with outside partners, they make awesome games, like Metroid Prime with Retro. A lot of people rejected the Wiimote and the fact that Wii didn’t have HD graphics. The Wii should have had 720 HD graphics and more buttons and another control stick on the Wiimote. The Wii U will be awesome, Nintendo makes the best gameplay experience in the world. Sure Uncharted was good, but after I beat it, I will never play it again. It didn’t have great platforming or shooting mechanics, it was just a good story. But I have rePlayed Nintendo games over and over. I hope third parties make AAA games for Wii U, then I will buy them. But if they don’t, so what, they didn’t for 3 generations in a row. Nintendo games are my favorite anyway.

  21. Why do people need to compare Sony and Microsoft to Nintendo? Nintendo is in a COMPLETELY diferent market. It is like comparing Mario to Call of Duty -__- They are completely diferent. Nintendo does not have a “super machine” of a console to keep it affordable for all gamers. If Nintendo wanted to compete with Sony and Microsoft then they would. Nintendo has a diferent strategy when selling their products to consumers and guess what? No matter how many trolls say Nintendo sucks and no matter how many times Michael Pachter makes his rediculous “predictions” Nintendo’s products will sell well.

  22. LOL their just using that as excuse to release an underpowered system , Just by reading this article i can tell Wii U is weak , SO SIT THE THE FUCK DOWN !! NINTENFAGS !! HAHAHAHA

  23. Doesn’t really matter to me. I just don’t want to miss out on the multi-platform titles.
    This should be a very interesting console war.

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