Upcoming Platformer ‘The Cave’ Confirmed For Wii U

The Cave, which is being developed by Double Fine Productions and will be published by Sega, is coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console. The game’s director, Ron Gilbert, has confirmed that The Cave will be a downloadable title and will launch early 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

62 thoughts on “Upcoming Platformer ‘The Cave’ Confirmed For Wii U”

    1. could be ok. one thing is for sure. there is already a huge amount of great games o get the wiiu up and running. especialy considering nearly all of the wiiu’s downloadable games havent been anounced yet.
      i already feel spoilt for choice with games on wiiu .

      mother fucker please!!!!!

        1. Ya when i first came here a couple months ago,it had like 10 news a day,but now,it’s only like 5 and usually two I’m not interested in.

          1. Ikr, I use to be able to come one every hour or two and having some to read. Now I wait like 5 and oh look it’s this boring shit.

                1. an article saying ” zelda , fzero , starfox and earthbound all announced for wiiu with launch date price and specs , confirmed with screen shots” .

                  please reply if you know how this article could possibly be beaten XD

                  1. Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City, Lego City: Undercover, Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth, A Metroid Game, 3D Mario Game.

                    1. @RCH, @nintend, sounds like we just made our own article, alba sickr, get on this post it now THIS ARTICLE WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY!

          2. maybe thats because e3 was a couple months ago. seriously there is going to be next to nothing until september 13th. just deal.

        1. Remember when mynintendonews had actual cool avaitor pics
          Remember when mynintendonews had likes and dislikes
          Remember when you could post videos and hive them stars
          Remember when this plqce had cool members that comment like naruto guy,dragonball and yugioh fans

          Remember nintendo avaitor guy
          Remember when you actually could post pictures like mocospace
          Thumbs up this comment so we can start a mynntendonews revolution.

    1. I no understand why you “” story. Y U SO STUPID? I understand the “cave” part, but it seems to me you think this will be shovelwear. YOU SIR SUCK BALLS.

      1. That’s pretty hilarious cause I never said this was shovel ware. It really upsets me that some people can’t take a VERY simple joke.

    1. actually your right. I would much rather hear of something else. like IDK a new IP an HD zelda, or 3D mario, Smash Bros. something intresting. Wii U price and release date. Hell a XBoX 720, And PS4 announcement, or a new graphics card for my Rig Price drop. Something :l

      1. A double fine game is dull and doesn’t interest me. Shut the fuck up you hipster faggot. As if your shitty taste of games will honestly mean a rat’s ass to me.

        1. Thats Cool. I mean We all do have different opinions. and you are very well allowed to speak it as you please. IF you dont like it then maybe someone else will. You Know.

            1. I loved it…besides the whole base defend parts…i hated them, particularlly the ending one, pain in the ass. But otherwise, amazing game, really beautiful, awesome art style, epic soundtrack, just a great game

  1. After watching gameplay and hearing Gilbert talk about the concept and the characters’ different abilities, the game looks more unique. The trailer does it no justice, just makes it look like Trine 2 or Rayman Legends. I’ll be watching this one!

  2. But is it confirmed confirmed? You know how easy it is for someone else to come out and say, “whoops, we didn’t mean that”

  3. Bing Bang Bop!!! This game looks like fun! I loved the trailer a while back. It looks very unique and the character roster seems pretty large compared to other side scrollers. Bop Bam BOOM!!!

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