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Square Enix To Reveal Dragon Quest X Wii U Details At TGS

Dragon Quest X for Wii launched in Japan on August 2nd, but we don’t know much about Wii U’s version of the game; we’ve only heard that it is totally fun and extremely beautuful. Square Enix, the game’s developer and publisher, has confirmed that details regarding the Wii U version will be shared during this year’s TGS, which will be held from September 20th to September 23rd.

96 thoughts on “Square Enix To Reveal Dragon Quest X Wii U Details At TGS”

    1. I’m gonna take a stab and say that it will come out on Wii U in North America and Europe. I think releasing it next year outside of Japan on Wii is too little too late. That’s just my personal theory. No rumors or talk to support it.

  1. Must be really beautiful on WiiU! I mean, look what they did with DQIX, it’s gorgeous on the DS!
    but, let’s see if it’s worth the money to play it online…

  2. I wouldnt be suprised if they show it later this week in the Japan conference, then have it at TGS to play, and then go into more detail

  3. This would be a really huge launch game here in the USA….especially if the online is free!! I hope it makes it here for the launch of Wii-U. This, integrated with Miiverse could do massive damage LOL.

    1. dragonquest is nowere near as huge in america as it is in Japan.

      Hell they even created a law that dragonquest can only be released on the weekend to avoid people missing work or school on purpose to play the game at launch!

    1. I would pay for online. I played WOW and everquest so doesn’t bother me. If it’s free any child will play the game and ruin it with their baby crying and shit gaming skills

        1. never heard of unchearted….uncharted was linear and boring. Least this game has exploring.

          Halo is prob the only good game on the 360.

          1. I liked Uncharted 2, but 3 was just boring, added nothing new, and had a boring story.

            Halo 3 was the only Halo i enjoyed fully. Reach was ok, but that stupid motion blur that happens even when you turn ever so slightly was just annoying.

    1. the artist akira toriyama IS the guy who created Dragon Ball :P

      He has been doing the art work for DQ for over 25 years

          1. Yea i really like the dragon ball series(i don’t count gt cause it was shit)and it is my favorite along with naruto and i hope there is another naruto game with localization.

    1. Does it not hurt being as stupid as you? Like, do ever go in the kitchen and accidently put your face on the gas hob, or drink white spirit while rubbing bleach on your genitals. Id be surprised if you didnt…

    1. Sony and Microsoft are the only companies which they improve the gaming industry,nintendo makes only shits and games for cassual gamers

      1. Define improve? Because they dont improve with graphics, or gameplay, or user interface, or value for money, or sturdy hardware that doent break after the warranty, or even high quality games in Microsoft case.

          1. But they dont improve or advance the industry what so ever. All they’re doing is putting a better gpu and cpu in, which even then is weaker compared to PC’s. No innovation, nothing groundbreaking. Just games that look nicer. Gee, doesnt that sound fun.

              1. Kinect? HAHAHA Kinect sucks balls it’s even worst compared to the PS Move and the Wii. All Kinect games are sex games

          2. they improve their hardware yes, but do they actually improve what makes a game? do they improve the gameplay? the content? the story? do the developers actually make full use of the hardware’s capabilities instead of just focusing it on graphics? or what about the extra stuff like DLC? You can improve hardware as much as you like but unless you actually make a compelling game, the hardware wont matter.

            1. They make compelling games. I like nintendo. But I Know for a stone cold fact they won’t make an Uncharted, or GOW Thats why I like Sony as well, and I also Know Sony can’t give me the best graphics,Frame rate or overall variety of games so i also choose PC. The thing is Nintendo is impressive. They created plenty of characters, That passed the test of time, and are emulated and respected amongst gamers and gaming companies,that are Highly Popular to this day. Not liking nintendo is Fine doubting there game creating and marketing skills is FOOLISH. But MICROSOFT doesn’t give two shits about gaming. only money, or else Why would you have to pay for online when you can get better online on PC, and PS3. Hell even the wii online is free. And why would they have a system failure that fails right after your system warranty. and release there two exclusives annualy,and most of E3 was taken up by Kinect. Plus Rumored 720 shipping with intergrated Kinect 2 augmented reality glasses and Windows 8. AKA Casual Box Lame20

      2. There are MANY people in the world who would disagree with you, Leon. Not just Nintendo fanboys either. Many professional critics are very fond of Nintendo and believe they bring a special kind of unique-ness to the gaming world that no other company can. Dont let your feelings cloud your judgement. Bop Bam BOOM!!!

      1. Bing Bang Bop!!! Why dont you ask the millions of buyers World Wide who are going to buy a Wii U, Aeolus? Bop Bam BOOM!!!

  4. It will be the first DQ game I play, can’t wait. Cartoon-like characters in HD interest me ever since the Pikmin 3 Trailer. I just get “Meh” for anything else in HD for some reason.

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  6. I love the Dragon quest series. I’m not sure about it being an MMO though. I remember what happened when Final Fantasy tried the same thing. Hopefully they learned from that. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. I wouldn’t be that surprised if Square-Enix skips over releasing the Wii version in North America and just releases the Wii U version later when its ready.

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