Wii U To Be $200 And Launch November 18th?

A supposed source who claims to have attended the GameStop product conference says that Wii U will launch for $200 and will be released on November 18th. Nintendo has mentioned numerous times that have made mistakes with the pricing at the Nintendo 3DS launch, so you never know. We should find out for certain when Nintendo of America holds its Wii U event on September 13th.

287 thoughts on “Wii U To Be $200 And Launch November 18th?”

  1. Seems that Novemeber 18th is coming up a lot so maybe it will be that day. $200 seems rather too cheap though in my opinion but I wouldent complain paying that much :D its just it seems like it would be a $300 gaming machine with that controller.

        1. Did you really believe that? 200$ is under the price that the Wii was sold, there’s literally no way it’s going to be that cheap, unless they want to take losses, like MS and Sony are doing it.

    1. true . i think the wiiu will be $299 . seems right. or £279 . seems right again.

      no way hose is it $200. thats the same as a 3ds XL . and correct me if i am wrong. but a wiiu s worth more than a 3ds XL with its tablet controller included etc etc.
      key word here is ‘anonymous source’. aka ‘troll’. come september 13th nintendo will say something like late october launch @ $300. and this will just be one of many faulse troll articles.

      1. I think ive metioned it enough times that I own all 3 systems….Here is a list of what i own.Nintendo: Wii, 3DS, DSi, Original DS, GBA, GBA SP, GBCPlaystation: PS3 (x2, one is broken), PS2, PSP, PS VitaXbox: Xbox 360

        Reposting this just incase you miss it on the other article so I can get my point across.

          1. Im not sure if you can see my gravatat but its a picture of my game box tower/display showing almost everything I owm video game wise.

            1. Im not rich its just stuff I have from over the years and saved. My birthday is also one week before christmas so I have a lot of money at that time rather a smaller ammount twice a year. Plus Canada’s version of black friday is December 26th so Ill usualy buy my video games and such on that day cause of the sales.

              Now I have a full time job and I make good money so I can easily afford this stuff all year long. There just isnt anything I want now console wise until Wii U has games I want released on it.

        1. nope just 1. confirmed. the gamepad is an xpensive piece of tech. about $80-$100 .
          normal multiplayer is like 1 GP – the rest pro controllers or wii remotes.
          some games will suport 2 gamepads at once. but not all of them .

    2. There is Zero % chance that WiiU will sell for $200.
      This is a hoax, a bad rumor, a straight-up lie.

      As we approach WiiU launch, expect all teolls and Nintendo haters to be fighting with their dying breath to disparage, undermine and discourage WiiU fans.

      Defend yourselves! The final push approaches and we must not faulter at the hands and words of Trolls!

      1. the fucking 3ds XL cost’s $199 XD. and they think the wiiu will sell or the same price as a 3ds xl ???? utter BS!!!!!.

        $250 FOR THE ORIGINAL 3DS was too much.
        but $300 for the wiiu isnt too much because of its tech and the gamepad.

        final point. the wiiu WILL NOT cost the same amount as a 3ds XL that is bull shiznit.

        wiiu = £279 , $299

        1. Oh yah i forgot about the 3ds xl price.LOL.Or maybe nintendo was lying about 3ds tech and it actually has a secret power O_o.

          1. 3ds has good specs . for a handheld. but the main thing which bumps the price up is manufacturing all these small sterescopic 3d screens.
            if the 3ds didnt have its 3d capabilitites it would be $50 cheaper at least .

        1. cool. i have a decent collection. its not exactly pete dorr’s but its mighty impressive anyway.
          my prized posession is my boxed copy’s of LOZ oracle of ages and LOZ oracle of seasons for the GBC :). they arent the rarest thing i own , but they are the BEST!!!!

            1. i am more of a fan than a troll :). i dont go saying shit to xbox fans and ps fans , i just defend the nintendo cause on nintendo websites :).

              the oracle zelda’s are true masterpieces. when are they going to put those on the 3ds virtual console .

    3. It could be 200 but then for a pro version without the Tablet and just the Pro controller.
      Then they could make a version that costs 270 with a tablet and then sell the tablet for 70. That seems fair. Not?

  2. It will definitely not be $200. Why in the world would they release it for cheaper than the Wii launched, and even more so why would they release it for cheaper than the 3DS at launch? The November 18th thing makes sense though, since both the GameCube and Wii launched around that date.

    1. A couple of reasons: they launched 3DS way too expensive and they paid the price for it. Also the Wii U has a massive struggle on its hands against the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

      It will be very hard to convince current “casual” Wii owners that the Wii U is new enough and worth it – $200 would be an excellent way to get a huge audience very quickly.

      1. But they aren’t taking losses, Iwata himself said that, if I recall correctly. And let’s get serious, we don’t know how strong the competition will be, heck, the SEGA Saturn (When it wasn’t announced.) was rumored to be as strong or stronger than what Nintendo offers. Expecting history to repeat itself is kind of stupid, it’ll likely that the competition will be stronger, but it’s not going to be the same scenario as this generation, that would just be a miracle.

      2. The 3DS was a handheld so that’s why people complained about the price. $250 was the Wii launch price so $200 for newer tech sounds too good. Actually the November 18th date is supposedly fake. It was leaked by PDP supposedly because they listed an accessory for that date and somehow they correlated it with the Wii u. PDP came out and said it was fake

        1. True, I told my friends who are mostly Xbox fans that the next gen is coming this year and the next Xbox will be out in 2013 probably and they almost cried cause they shelled out $300+ for their systems when they got them and they don’t wanna have to pay that kind of money again. But we all know that it’s only gonna be 1 more year of big titles for those systems and almost gonna force an upgrade. So I’m curious if they’ll just hold off on next gen, or go for the, likely cheaper, wii u.

        2. Im happy with PS3 and Xbox360 my self right now. The Wii also. Not exaxtly wanting next gen until they have titles I love going to it.

        1. Not really people already own a mobile device like iphone,itouch,andriod tablets etc. Million too. All theyve have to buy is an xbox. I dont care about buttons i just want to sit and play a game a few hrs and thats it. Dont nee it to cook me dinner.

          1. I am going to be dead honest with you now.. And I know that you might not like it. But the Smartglass will be bad. It will feel like playing mobile games no matter what game you are playing. Why? Because of the lack of buttons. It might not sound bad, but have you ever tried to play a “real” game on the smartphone without buttons with virtual joysticks? Do you know how horrible it will be playing a decent game that uses more than 2 buttons and a joystick? It feels bad. If both joysticks are involved in the game you have no ability at all to press buttons and that sucks hard. The Smartglass will mainly be used to do small tasks and will not be able to compete with the WiiPad when it comes to gameplay. If you don’t trust me, let time tell.

  3. 200$, isn’t that cheaper than the Wii was at 1st? I HEAVILY doubt it.

  4. $200 is too good to be true. And yet, part of me hopes it’s true :P Still, not buying into this, waiting for official word… and however much it costs in America it’ll probably cost at least $100 extra in Australia. :/

      1. i’m jealous of you guys. do you know the price of a PS3 in my country (Brazil)? about $1000. I guess the WiiU price will be at least $2000 here at launch. so sad…

        1. Well the ps3 was $600 at launch in the states, so if the Wii u is around $300 then you’d only be $500 about. Maybe up to $600, I doubt much more than that.

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  5. $200 would be a very easy way to rush into everyone’s homes before the other consoles come out, but it would likely mean Nintendo taking a loss again, which I can’t see happening. Perhaps if the $200 model would be a very bare-bones base model without any game and only one GamePad.

    1. I suppose they could be hoping to somehow offset the production cost with massive, massive launch sales due to a low price, but that probably wouldn’t work too well.
      Also, I imagine Sony and Microsoft would shit themselves if it came out that cheap at LAUNCH. It’d already be cheaper than their CURRENT systems, let alone their upcoming ones…

  6. Well, it seems cool. I may not buy it though, depends on the reviews ( not the same thing I did with the 3DS, I just don’t need it ). But so far, the system seems cool and I can’t wait for it to come out

    1. Please don’t tell me you took the price seriously, c’mon people, that’s cheaper than the 360 and PS3 right now, that’s not happening.

  7. Yeah maybe 200 with console only.amam sounds crazy but that’s the only way I see it. I know the gamepad is the attractions but maybe nintendo is thinking someone would buy just the console and maybe gamepad pro controller. Idk 200 seems like a slap in the face to this gamer I would feel like I’m taking advantage of them

      1. Actually, all reviews that I’ve seen promote the XL for being hugely superior than the original in terms of gameplay – for a start, the screen is larger and a smaller strain on the eyes, secondly the ‘sweet spot’ for the 3D is larger, and thirdly, the console’s much more comfortable to hold.

      2. It has better 3d,it has better battery,the screens are bigger,it comes with a bigger Gigabyte card,and it’s more comfortable.The only bad thing is that it’s less portable.Sadly i have a 3ds but don’t wanna pay $100 just to upgrade.

    1. If you’d sooner pay that much extra money for a console that doesn’t even exist not has been officially announced yet, then please, more power to you… just don’t complain when your all important specs do nothing to improve the gaming experience, and only make light cast shadows in real time, or some superficial crap like that.

    2. WTF is “bad money ?” seriously? You mean cheap then i hope your ready for the 720 then. ” After all 720 is gonna have the casual base. Kinect 2 augmented reality glasses,” get ready to pat your stomach to play halo 9. wich ill be pirating on my Pc and buying games for my Ps4, and Wii U. You know “The real Next- Gen systems” with more exclusive’s. Have Fun with Kinect 2 times the shovel ware. and whatever colored ring of death they can think of.

    3. Doesn’t exist if it hasn’t been announced. Honestly, it’s not smart even in the slightest to put such faith in something that we know NOTHING about! It’s just gonna be the same as current gen with a few better specs, anyway! Microsoft and Sony never try to change it up and get creative or original. Nintendo is always coming up with new ways to play and delivering on an amazing experience. If you wanna be left out of that, then fine. However, don’t come crying about it on a Nintendo news site.

      1. Because then nintendo will lose money and eventually they’ll go out of business but some dicks complain about high prices.

    1. No… $200 makes it LOOK cheap like it has old hardware, but it clearly doesn’t and the price could be meant to make it more available to people. It’s easier to pay $200 than $250. Take it from a poor guy. XD

      1. That’s not the real one I think, there’s been a number of imposters, and frankly, he just didn’t say any of the shit that ”siegfried lo(whatever)” said, and that’s usually what he says.

  8. $200 might be a good idea. It’d get a lot of people who weren’t planning on buying it to buy it. I’m pretty against buying a WiiU right now (I prefer gaming with regular controllers) but at that price I would probably get it. At $300 or more, Nintendo will probably only get their diehard fans to purchase a WiiU right away.

    1. It has a regular controller, and it’s already getting implemented…

    2. Why? -.- i know it has regular controllers too but does the idea of the gamepad not intrigue you at all? Theres already tons of ideas that has come from it that chamge gaming.

    3. I agree completely. Even if it were 250, i wouldn’t pick up a U and I’m a massive nintendo fan. if it is 200, I’ll definitely pick one up and 200 sounds like the sweet spot to be honest. It’s old technology whether you guys want to admit it or not.

      1. Even if it is old technology, it’s unlike any other console on the market, and don’t tell me that Microsoft and Sony are gonna do it better because they won’t. I barely heard ANYTHING about Move once it launched and it was just a Wii copycat. Kinect isn’t even worth mentioning. So, whether you like it or not, this is new and innovative for the gaming community!

        1. No ones mentioning the competion, god. Maybe if morons like you didn’t stop bringing up Sony and Microsoft People like aeolus wouldn’t be on here. If the WiiU has old tech then it has old tech, who gives a shit, fans and fanboys are gonna buy it regardless.

        1. Just because they’re selling it for $200 doesn’t mean it’s a cheap console. It’s supposedly more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360. This is just a strategy for getting people to buy it if it is true.

          1. Yes, selling a home console for 200$ at launch means that it is cheap. They will not use this kind of thing as a strategy because it would be the most stupid strategy ever. They would be selling it at a too huge loss, which means it would take them years to actually gain money with it. I mean, the price drop of the 3DS caused them to sell it at a loss for a whole year. They just recently started not to sell it at a loss. Now imagine a home console being sold for 200$. It would mean nothing but the WiiU having crappy hardware.

  9. When Nintendo said “pleasantly surprised”, I don’t think they meant $200. Not to mention the Wii-U’s architecture is closer to 2012 standards than the Wii’s was to 2006 standards so I doubt it’ll be that cheap. Maybe $300 at it’s cheapest, seeing as Nintendo confirmed that the Wii-U will not be as cheap as the Wii.

        1. As you said they had to, not that they wanted to sell it at a loss, and I can’t blame them, you can’t rest on the shoulders of the 3rd parties, so selling it at profit is safer. It’s not like there haven’t been bankruptcy’s because of losses, even though the product is selling fine.

      1. Okay, rly? Maybe Nintendo’s late to get on board with things like Internet connectivity like XBL, but do you see the competition using technology as intuitive as the GamePad looks to be. It even solves the problem of someone else wanting the tv while you play your game! It may not look like it’s all that at first, but it is. It’s even been decided that this console is more powerful than PS3 or 360! So… HA!

              1. In the article where it said wii u won’t run at 1080p, you said the wii u is underpowered so i corrected you. And sony is smart with their consoles,the only reason sony wasn’t smart was be cause of their cockiness.

  10. This will send out the wrong message. People already think its a weak console, a price that low will encourage that thought process. It’s probably too late to crank up the power, but at least $200 is more than reasonable, maybe they’re even making a loss on it too, which is why its low. I would pay £250 at the most.

  11. I highly doubt the Wii U would be priced THAT low… but a November 18th launch of Nintendo’s console would be the perfect date before the Black Friday stampede begins. I’m still hoping for a $299.99 price point for the U.

  12. Hey my nintendo news guy who write these articals shut up and wait till nintendo reveal the price and date, im so tired of u writing all these clames about rumor price and dates of the wii u shut up and wait till reggie or iwata tells us what the exact price and date is………………

  13. $200 is good but I think they could get cheaper than that, I’ll wait a year for the good games to come out and later for the prices to go lower

    1. …wat…
      Are you talking about some other kind of dollar, because I’m pretty sure they can’t go lower, or else it would just be a Wii tech wise. If it’s a Power7 CPU, or even a custom Power7, then that’s already about 100$, crank that up with a half decent Radeon HD 4-series GPU, plop in all the other parts like the MB, manufacturing costs, distribution costs, and so on, and you end up with about 300$-350$.
      I’m not sure in which dream world you live in, but that the price won’t be lower than that of the competitions CURRENT consoles is pretty much the point where you should think the rumour is BS.

      1. I don’t think this price is unreasonable but rather that Nintendo is just gonna take the price down eventually, it happened to the 3DS and don’t say it’s because it wasn’t selling

  14. $200 is pretty much impossible seeing as the Wii launched for $250, unless they want to take losses which I highly doubt. I know it’s going up against the PS3 and 360 with comparable pricing but to launch at anything less than $250 would be stupid. $300 is perfect, it’s only $50 more than some models and at most probably $100 which isn’t that bad especially considering there’s other PS3 -or at least 360 models- that are over $300.

    1. People seem to be forgetting that the PS3 costed 600 DOLLARS AT LAUNCH!!!!! You people are acting like the Wii U will NEVER get a price drop in a lifespan of 5 or 6 freakin years. SHEESH

      1. Sure, it’ll get a price drop, when sales start heavily declining, and I picture that they would only drop the price shortly before holidays to exploit weak minded peoples urge to buy something just because it’s cheaper.

  15. LOL! The Wii U will be cheaper than the Wii was at launch? Yeah right. People are really going all out with the bullshit predictions this time. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I’d like to get the Black Wii U- which will obviously come with a GamePad- and a Pro Controller thrown in too, for maybe £280. That is the kind of deal though that the retailers will make themselves.

    2. They wont do 2 gamepads in a bundle, no games actually use 2 yet, would be a waste.
      Im hoping its $300-350, with the 1 gamepad, 1 or 2 wiimote+, and they might even throw in a 2-5GB SD as well like they didnwith the 3DS

      1. Well, there are quite a lot of unannounced games (According to Nintendo and various news sites.) so there could be some games that use it. And I think it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that the first 2 GamePad using games will arrive late spring – mid summer.

      2. Sorry, that’s what i meant, but by the same price.
        Console + Gamepad + Pro Controller + Nintendo Land $349,99

        Nintendo won’t be selling a bundle with 4, in the price.

        1. Ahh i see. Well thats a possiblity. Personally i dont a Pro controller until i buy Rayman, or even till Smash Bros comes along. The gamepad suits me just fine, no point playing the game in a inferior fashion

    3. Bing Bang Bop! I dont think Nintendo Land will be a package deal with the Wii U. Nintendo wants Nintendo Land to stand alone as it’s own game and not follow in the “exact” same steps as Wii Sports(which was more of a collection of “minigames”) Bop Bam BOOM!

    1. I think that’s a tad bit too high, unless it packs more of a punch than any of us were expecting.

  16. $200 is a freakin bargain. It would sell so many units at that price, and I’d definitely get one at launch day. That seems extremely unrealistic, unfortunately D:

  17. The reason why the 3ds sold so poorly at first, wasn’t necessarily due to its price, but the lack of quality software. As long as the Wii U, has quality software upon release, it should be able to command at least a price of $300. Would love to buy it at $200. However, if it sells that low, it may create the impression to many people that it’s a cheap system. Regardless, I’m still buying one.. :-)

    1. The price didnt help, although the software line up was meh, until 3D Land and Mario Kart showed up. The WiiU is gona ve at a great price and it has an insane launch line up. Bring it on!

      1. an insane launch line up of 80% of games already on a console already on the market :P

        ZombiU is the only game worth getting for wiiU but that will be ported too acccording to Ubisoft. |dont care about the gamepad gimmick used in it . I jus wanna kill zombies

        1. ZombiU is a Wii U EXCLUSIVE! What are you talking about “ported”? Besides, the GamePad controls will add so much more depth than games like Black Ops. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re rummaging in a backpack while the hordes chase you down. I’m not much of a fan of violent games, but that sounds terrifyingly fun! Also, Batman is different on Wii U than on other consoles. And what about Nintendo Land, WarioWare, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Pikmin 3? Those are all new and only on Wii U.

                  1. not really. Resi 4 was exclusive to gamecube but then they made ports for ps2 aswell A LONG TIME after.

                    Rayman legends might also be ported. Ubisoft said this aswell. Rayman origins was ported on every single system you can imagine… even PC.


                    Why you so angry? You are still going to get the games. Ubisoft want to make money. They will always port thier games to the system if it can handle it.

                  2. you are a pathetic fanboy. ANd well done on quoting family guy you retard

                    I give you source of proof and you react like such a angry fanboy U MAD?

                    1. How the fuck am I a fanboy when I own a PC and PlayStation 3? You don’t know me and you’re nothing but an Xbot pothead who pays $50 to $60 for playing games online. End of story! You lose! Good day sir!

            1. I can see why this article would lead you wrong. They said it was something to think about, but COME ON! The game is called “ZombiU”… WITH A “U”!!! This game was even NAMED for the Wii U! It’s not gonna get to 360. Just you wait and see.

                1. I guess, but it would make more sense to change a few things about it first, including the name, or change the name if they want to port it over. Besides, Microsoft would be LUCKY to have that game and have it still be as good as it will be on Wii U. You know what I mean?

                  1. Zombi U is easy. Change it to just Zombi :P u do realise Zombi was released on the 80s I believe it was their very first game

                    the 360 has smartglass and Ubisoft think it would be a good idea to port zombi over to 360 to use the features.

        2. Ummm I dont know if ZombiU will be ported to any other console anytime soon… Best get the Wii U one lol! If it is ported, the game will be vastly diferent as you wont be able to use the gamepad as a scanner and survival pack, etc, etc…

        3. Actually its more like 45-50%, the rest are exclusives like Pikmin 3, NintendoLand, Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Lego City Undercover, ect ect, amd the games on other consoles have new, unique features. Better than the 360’s launch, ps2 games, Kameo and Perfect Dark. Gee, stellar line up

        4. Still a better launch line up than the 360 had.. Actually, this line up is better than what the 360 had after 1 year on the market.

        5. Yeah I’d have to agree, ZombiU is one of very few games that actually interest me. Pikmin being another. I’ll still get the Wii U though. The gamepad really does intrigue me.

  18. If this is real then you can say goodbye to any future competition. Im more cautious I believe 250 will be the right price. or 300 max. Even at 300 still a steal. So I hope im wrong on the 300 and they keep it at 250

    1. Cool!…lol but that game is wayyy too scary for me. Maybe my brother will play it and I can watch in terror lol!

  19. Anything is possible. Think about it. What’s one way to beat the competition around the holidays and get everyone top have one and something for the whole family on every level? The price. $249 for the 3DS at launch was high, but I was cool with it. Then came the price drop and we were all like grrr. lol, but Nintendo tried to make up for it.

    Now the Wii U…aim it at the $200 mark. One thing people/parents are going to look at is why get this if it “will play like the Wii?” You have to price it right to get people to buy.

  20. Here’s how it is: This is likely false. We won’t know for sure about this until the 13th, but $200 could be either a very smart move that is likely, or a fantasy of a move that just won’t happen. The 3DS launched for more money than people were willing to spend. Nintendo doesn’t wanna make that mistake again. If they sold it this cheap, then they would get a lot of people to buy it for sure, and they would have to hope that it would be enough to make a decent profit. On the other hand, maybe they would be compensating for the low price by not including something, or by having worse quality in the product. Honestly, if they’re trying to keep the price down without going overboard either way, my guess would still be $250 ($249.99) for the launch price, judging by the launch price of their two latest consoles. (3DS and Wii )

  21. I’m thinking the Wii U will be $250.00- $300.00. However, I would love if the Wii U came out at that price! :D Maybe the Wii U console costs $200 and the gamepad costs $50 or somthing?

  22. I think $300 is closer to the right price. They may chose somewhere around $280 so make it a better deal. Nov. 18 seems right, but given the bad prediction for price I don’t think this guy knows the release date. Also, they should just re-release Twilight Princess in HD- I haven’t had that game in a while because I beat it too many times, but I”d be happy to take that HD venture.

  23. Welsh Nintendo will sell the wii u at $200 they will sell like hot cakes! And that would also probally get them a lot of third party support. Maybe they could sell the wii u and 1 game pad at that price. 11 more days until we officially know.

  24. I honestly dont see why people play these stupid mario games anyways, like the wii only had some shitty mario game with alot of other characters and mario games, why do people buy this SHIT

    1. Because it’s quality fun, we enjoy it even if you don’t and you’re a troll. (on the nintendo news site talking trash about nintendo? COME ON!)

  25. Bing Bang Bop!!! The Wii U will be $250-$300 for sure. However, if the Wii U was $200 I’M NOT COMPLAINING! :P Bop Bam BOOM!!!

  26. 300 dollars at minimum if they want all the third party support , which they are getting because this system is the same power as xbox 720 or even stronger taking the dedicated kinect 2 into thought.
    in short this is fake. and who the hell wants it on novmber 18th? thats a terrible idea for third party games lol

  27. 200 bucks would be a dream come true but I dont believe it, will probably be between 250 and 300 bucks..either one is fine, but hoping for cheaper

      1. The Wii U has tech which is higher than the PS3, currently retailing at $250, and it comes with the most complex gaming controller ever invented. Selling the system for $200 would make no sense and would be financial suicide.

        Many previous consoles in the past have launched at $200 (not counting for inflation), these include the SNES, NES, TurboGrafx-16 and Genesis. Does it mean they “suck farts”, no.

        The financial stiuation has also gotten worse in fecent years since the last console launch in the form of the recession which started in 2008. Selling a state-of-the-art home console for that price has simply become impossibe in today’s financial world.


  28. Be funny if early adopters get the low price of $199.99, but after New Year’s it goes to $299.99… no, it’ll just be $299.99. Price’ll probably drop when the competition comes.

  29. Maybe $200 is not crazy for final price. Maybe the console comes with just the Gamepad and no bundle minigames DVD, so $200 + $80 (1 Wiimote and nunchuk) and $50 for Nintendoland. Just an opinion.

  30. 200 sounds way too good to be true… but it’d be nice =) I truly hope it is just the console, needed cables and power supply, and the Wii U gamepad. I really don’t want to pay any more for nunchucks and wiimotes which I already own.

  31. LOL unbelievable , stupid rumor .. the 3DS is $199 the wii U cant be that much , i think the price would be $600 AUS and $400 US cause nintendo usually overprices their products and they cant afford to take more losses. But the Wii U is not a next gen system so it can be less.

      1. Let’s not forget about one important thing that the millions including third party developers have said numerous times, Dark Pit… the Wii U is a next generation console that can do many things no other consoles can match.

        1. I wasn’t talking about nintendo when I said them I was talking about Sony. They charged 599 us dollars for the ps3, tell me thats not overpriced. Also SONY looses money per vita. That’s why that memery card is overpriced and sold seprate. The Wii U is a next generation console and I plan on getting it.

  32. 200 sounds way too cheap. For 200 I don’t really trust it’s a powerful system. I’ll buy it, since I know good games wil be released on it, but I’d be happier to pay 300 for better system.

  33. I don’t believe it’ll be $200 since Nintendo itself said they want to make profit from the start. But I believe it’ll be something between $250~$300, no more than this. But what makes me really sad and angry is seeing how people think price equals to quality and power… Just because the game console is cheap (compared to others) doesn’t mean it’s a poor console, just that you can afford to buy it!

  34. I do not believe that’s the price for a next gen console. The price should be around $300, which is a perfect price in my opinion. Let’s just wait for the official date and price on the 13th.

    if it is, then fuck power! I’ll getting the console and two controllers with Nintendo Land (if it comes with the launch)

  35. Lol, keep dreaming. Even as underpowered as it is (barely does better than XBOX360 graphics and almost all games run 720p), it will still cost more than that. Remember, Nintendo always sells at a profit. There’s no way they make this console cheap enough to still make a profit on $200. Absolutely ludicrous.

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