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THQ Wii U Games Get Listed By The ESRB

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has listed two THQ games for Wii U. Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune have both been given ratings by the ratings board. You may remember that both of these titles appeared on a leaked internal retail listing a few weeks back.

Thanks, Simply G

131 thoughts on “THQ Wii U Games Get Listed By The ESRB”

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      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        Hey, musical shovelware, and above the musical shovelware there’s a report for game shovelware, all we need is movie shovelware now, and the holy triforce of nobody gives a fuck shit will be complete.

            1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

              Impossibru, the shovelware will continue to be made until we are able to lock down game engines to developers that are capable of using it, in other words, it won’t be depleted until it’s impossible for any loser to make games.

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  1. casual shovelware.

    suppose the wiiu will need a bit of that.

    the launch line up and upcoming games for wiiu are amazing tho. if the wiiu can replicate the same quality amount of games as what the 3ds is doing . i will be very very happy.
    for a year and a half there is already tons of awesome high quality games on 3ds. and there is some children’s shovelware but a tiny unnoticeable amount. which is great.
    wiiu – take the 3ds’s example and do better .

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        Dude, we can see that you are the same guy, your avatar only changes when you change the e-mail you are using, so…EPIC FAIL! Don’t be such a forever alone man, somebody would have posted ”LOL” anyway, you didn’t have to do that yourself.

          1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

            I’m not really signed up, so I should also have a anon gravatar, shouldn’t I?

          1. @ Anon,, lol. your avaatar looks like a penis. and the Sad thing is that your penis is the same size as the one on your avatar.

  2. Cmon THQ, you publish great games, stop making crap >.<

    Anyway, i dont really get how this is news what so ever, but nice to see DAT WIIU LADY AGAIN ;D

      1. What was the highest selling game on the 360? Halo? Nope. Fable? Nope. Forza? Nope. Kinect Adventures? * ding ding ding* we have a winner!

        1. Eh, that doesn’t really count. It was more the Kinect Sensors (hardware) that sold that much which came with a free copy of Kinect Adventures. People weren’t lining up to buy Kinect Adventures itself.

          The true highest selling game on the 360 is CoD… (at this time I believe it’s still Black Ops with Modern Warfare 3 just slightly behind) unfortunately.

      2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        You do know that game show games are also available on the 360, PS3, and even Steam (Not sure why Steam allows those games, while declining some indie games, but whatever.). Shovelware was bound to show up, Activision, THQ, and Ubisoft LOVE shovelware, just look up how many shovelware titles they’ve published on almost all the platforms available, it wasn’t the Wii only, it was just more obvious due to the lack of big 3rd party releases.

          1. The only reason Rockstar and other third party publishers haven’t released their games on the Wii is graphical power and that’s no longer a problem. The only thing PS4 and the next Xbox will have over the Wii U is slightly better textures.

          2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

            Rockstar says what Take 2 makes them say, and guess who makes a LOOOT of shovelware, yep, Take 2, with such amazing games like Baseball Blast! and Birthday Party Bash. So they basically fucked a girl, and then accused her of being a slut, that doesn’t higher their credibility as much as you’d want.

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        I think I recognize your avatar, aren’t you one of those Aeolus imposters? Yeah, the penis avatar guy, where have you been man, did you get a life for about a week? Looks like it’s gone again though.

          1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

            No shit, their gravatars describe them perfectly.

  3. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    Why are we even considering this as news? News are usually new things that we are interested in, but who is interested in game show games, nobody, so let’s not pay attention to shovelware announcements, they may be new games, but who is going to miss them, I sure won’t.

          1. Exactly. I don’t respond directly to obvious trolls on this site anyway, not worth it.

            I play games on everything: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Vita, 3DS, Wii, iOS and Droid, I plan on getting a Wii U, and whatever comes in the future.

            I play games from JRPGs, platformers, RPGs, MMOs, FPS, TPS, ARPGS, point and click, RTS, action, adventure, racing, sports, music, etc. Ratings E-M. If the game is good, I’ll play it. Even sometimes when the game isn’t good, I’ll play it.

            As long as I enjoy playing the game, that’s all that matters to me. A real gamer doesn’t let a single system, company, or group of people dictate what they play, we play what we enjoy, no matter what it is.

            I am by no means a ‘casual’ gamer. But hey, haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, fanboys gonna be fanboys.

  4. Wii U is gay , why waste money on a system with xbox360 graphics and a clucky controler and they copy my 360 controler !! nintemdo can suck my balls

    1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      Only don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.

  5. Last time THQ had released Wheel of Fortune for the original Wii, it was actually a fun game. Although it had Mii characters including Mii Pat and Mii Vanna, the gameplay was simple and easy to use… just like the TV show. Now that America’s Game is coming to the Wii U (alongside Jeopardy!), I’m sure the fun gameplay (especially when using the Game Pad), will continue. Whether the developers use Mii characters or not, it’s all up to them. Graphics doesn’t matter when it comes to playing fun games no matter what age you are right now.

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  7. Yea the end of 2012 and we looove jeopardy and wheel of shit. FUCK NO!!! Who the hell still cares about this shit. No wonder THQ is on the brink of extinction

    1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      There was already some fish racing game announced, don’t worry, shovelware is inevitable for any system, the question is, can the Wii U get enough 3rd party AAA games to dilute the amount of shovelware we notice. My answer would, it’s going to be able to dilute it.

      1. I doubt it. This thing will be all about the family, the controller says it all plus since it can use those Wii controlers too. This is nintendo too… almost everyone now adays see’s it as a the family gaming machine.

          1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

            What the hell are you talking about, you are a troll, why would you type ”sadly”, all it takes to know that you are a troll is to scroll up the page.

            1. Excuse me? A troll? I can air my opinion when I want. Dont like it? then SADLY i am here to stay :P

              This is shovelware. Are you defending THQ? ROFL

              1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

                ”it is news. its games for the wiiU. The platform for shovelware just like the Wii”
                Nice opinion you have there, mind making it any more troll-like?

        1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

          Have you ever heard of change? Who was the leader among gamers back in the 80’s and 90’s? Nintendo. Who was the leader among gamers back in the 2000’s? Sony. And who is now (sadly) the leader among gamers? (Again, sadly.) Microsoft. Times change, who expected SEGA to stop making consoles after only 2 consoles after their biggest success?

            1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

              Yup, that’s why it’s so sad, the 2 biggest gaming countries are America and Japan, I’d like to include Europe as a whole, but Europe isn’t a country, and sales figure say otherwise, as much as I’d like Sony to be the ones with big sales, if it isn’t Nintendo, Microsoft has the most sales, which is a complete mystery to me. I guess patriotism isn’t so good as it’s meant to be.

              1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

                Not most sales as in most sales, mind you, most sales as in Sony vs. Microsoft sales.

                1. you slag off MS but I bet you used their products. Be it hardware or software :P

                  Most people who slag off MS on here are hypocritical. Sure some of them are apple fanboys but most of the community here slag off APple even more…hmmm

                  1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

                    Sure, I use their products, but only their software as it stands. I just can’t get behind paying for online, while other offer it for free (Could be because the others are Japan based companies.). And I also don’t see any reason to buy it for it’s exclusives, unless you are a HUMONGOUS shooter fan. Sure, Halo is great and all, but it’s a another FPS, inovational FPS or not, it still is another FPS in era where FPS is mechanics are in every game. And Gears of War, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it more than Halo, is still the same game all over again, and not just in a stereotypical game all over again, like people are saying about Pokemon games, it generally only offers a new storyline, and that’s about it with major changes. At least they aren’t shoveling the games out every year. I’m also on a fence about their quality and pricing. That’s about all I can think of for now, do you get why I dislike them now?

                    1. u pay online but the online is great unlike the PSN. Plus if you have a job then the fee you pay for great quality online gameplay and live demos destroys the Wii’s wiiware shop. Wii’s online was a joke. WiiU rly needs to step up their online game or they will be laughed at and it doesnt matter if they sell loads or not. Only shareholders care about sales. Gamers WANT games.

          1. I dont see what is wrong with xbox as much anymore then I did 5 years ago when I was a hard core nintendo/sony fangirl. The only thing I can complain about is that xbox home screen is a cluster fuck of adds and paying for live. Other then that the slims made it a lot more enjoyable.

            I dont see nintendo changing any time soon, like I said almost everyone see’s them as the family gaming machine. If anything its PC that is getting more popular with Steam and the fact that computers are a lot cheaper then 10 years ago. I would never PC game though, mouse and keyboard = no thanks.

              1. I use a Wii Classic Controller with my laptop via an adapter… I use Wii emulators a lot (legally) even though my PC sucks cock in regard to frame rates, lol.

              2. I just really cant be botherd to get a computer in general as I can do anything I want on my samsung galaxy s 3. Ill get a laptop eventualy for pokemon programs like RNG reporter and Pokegen etc.

            1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

              I explained why I dislike the Xbox part of Microsoft in a comment above yours.

              1. Yeah paying for online is a pain… and I play online on my PS3 more. But I have noticed that it is more reliable in terms of stability on xbox live, but half the time I get disconected it is because of my router messing up.

        2. wrong. just look at the launch line up. its chock full of great games.
          the gamepad is a lot lot more hardcore device than the wii remote aswell.

          the wii had some great games aswell. so keep your fangirlism to yourself.

          the 360 is a pile of shit with kinnect.

          the wii was good. and wiiu is going to be even better.

          1. I hate kinect and move… and well with Wii there isnt getting out of motion gaming but thats okay Zelda skyward sword did it right. And I tolled you that I like mario games lik galaxy and the Zeldas for Wii because they are awesome, its why I have a wii. Not for the motion gaming but for the games. Plus its useful to have pokemon XD and pokemon colloseum when you run a giant pokemon trade shop like I do. Those two are my favourite game cube games plus super mario sunshine, but I cant find it anywhere now :(

            I like the Wii U but I lt doesent have games im intrested in for it yet.

            1. you will be able to find those gamecube games on ebay , no problemo :).

              i just hate it when fanboys or girls , start saying ”the wii is just casual lardy dardy dahh , you should only play 360 or ps3.”
              its bullshit. the wii is awesome. if you are a ‘hardcore gamer’ . you should own a wii a 360 and a ps3. like me.
              the wii has some childrens games , shovel ware and family party games, yes . this is a fact.
              ok moving on , the wii ALSO has a lot of ‘hardcore games’ . skyward sword , xenoblade , muramasa , the conduit , red steel 1 and 2 , monster hunter tri , the last story , metroid prime trilogy , capcom vs tatsunoko , mario galaxy 1 and 2 , donkey kong country returns ETC ETC ETC.
              these arent ‘shovelware or kids games’ . these are stellar games that are just as good if not better than most ps3 and 360 games. why is that so hard to understand for sony fanboys ???
              yes the wii and the wiiu will be good for casual gamers. ie children , family’s women etc etc.

              but the wiiu will ALSO be good for hardcore gamers to.
              soloution = buy a wiiu and a ps4 .

              1. I think ive metioned it enough times that I own all 3 systems….
                Here is a list of what i own.

                Nintendo: Wii, 3DS, DSi, Original DS, GBA, GBA SP, GBC
                Playstation: PS3 (x2, one is broken), PS2, PSP, PS Vita
                Xbox: Xbox 360

              2. And i also really hate how fanboys say “Nintendo never made new ip’s after the gamecube”and it’s not true.The Wii and 3ds brought many ip’s.

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            1. He bashes everything Wii U related and its not even released yet. I like Sony as well and cant stand microsoft. At least I dont go on Xbox sites and troll on how shit I think it is.

    1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      Behold, something that’s been on every console ever since the Magnavox Odyssey, shovelware. Al, you really need to find better ways to troll, shovelware really isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

  9. Come on guys cut them a bit of slack, do you know how much these guys are down in the hole? And by that I mean money wise? They have already given us darksiders 2, even the metro has been pushed back and not in planning for wii u it still might get here, home front 2 is rumored for it and that’s pretty much their biggest titles (aside from war hammer which is pc exclusive and the subpar saints row game)

    1. Fuck them they canceled Metro for the Wii U and WWE 13 isn’t coming but they give the people planning on buying the Wii U two pieces of utter shit and think that’s fine? THQ can fuck off I’m not buying their shit.

      1. Well they are a business, they can’t be like Sony and run their business off fanboy dreams, I don’t know if you played the first metro but it’s one of the best looking single player fps on pc and a game like that would huge production costs, that they might not recover from, even the first metro although one of the best survival horror games I have ever played it did not sell to well.

    2. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      Nobody pushed them in the hole, they dug it, and jumped into it. They still make good games, but they should just stop making shovelware, how much money does shovelware really earn, I’m guessing rednecks buy them a lot, but rednecks usually don’t own consoles.

      1. Shovel ware will rake in more of a profit then a game such as metro (if it doesn’t to well) lower production cost, way less advertising etc. Like I said, they have already given us ds2 and the new home front rumored plus with their mass studio closures and financial status I think you can at least let it slide from these guys. If it were from Activision or EA then yes, complain away and I will join in. But at the moment, for a company that is in this deep hole, I don’t think they are comfortable to sink a lot of money into a lot of their major titles on a new system that at the moment has install base of 0.

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  11. You guys do know the Wii U is for all ages. So of course it will have kiddy games. Thats basic. Don’t like those games don’t buy them. You call them crap but I found Skyrim crap so yeah.

      1. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I love the friendly/party games. I mean I’ll stick to my PC normally, but when I have friends/family come over, these games are always a treat. Wii Party for example was a good game for this, and wheel of fortune is pretty damn fun too :)

  12. I wish shovel ware for ALL systems should be saved for downloadable titles. They would be cheaper to buy, and cheaper to make in terms of manufacturing.

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  14. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy shows up every generation sometime 3 or 4 times. It is nothing new and it is not shovelware. Those type of games have always been good to great games. Just become repetitive after you know all the questions.

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