Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter Ultimate Will Use Nintendo Servers

Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President of Capcom has confirmed that the forthcoming Monster Hunter Ultimate for Wii U will use Nintendo servers for online play. Svensson then went on to say that he was very happy that Nintendo were supporting the online side of the game. The Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Hunter Ultimate will not feature online play.


118 thoughts on “Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter Ultimate Will Use Nintendo Servers”

          1. News Is a plural word in and of itself, there was abso-fucking-lutley nothing wrong with what you said, God, im getting more and more annoyed the more I read it

            1. How stupid are you? he said: “Are this good or bad news?” That is not proper grammar. You sir need to STFU and go to school. How are you going to call me a dick face and you don’t even understand proper grammar. He could have said “Are these” but that still wouldn’t have been proper grammar.

    1. Remember you have cross play :>

      So the 3ds version is just as viable for local group play/playing out on the go. You then transfer the save back and start to play online when ya get home :>

    2. Yeh both!!! Is it just me , or does the picture at the top of this page represent the future of video gaming ??????

      The wiiu is online when you are home in HD , then you can put youuuur character onto your 3ds and take him on the train , bus , car , plain where ever with you . and then upload him back onto your wiiu when you get home.

      In short = both version , definately ….

      That picture has me hyped , i would like all the trolls to please suck on that picture .

      1. Well articulated bro. I really feel bad for Aeolus now, he should have learnt that pride Cometh before a fall. Take your MH3 ultimate character on your 3DS play with friends and family, bring him back buff onto the Wii U. When no cousins or family around play with online peeps = great.

        Buying both games of mh3 ultimate for Wii U and 3DS = priceless.

          1. Why are you cussing me out you inbred crocodile looking beaver face frog. Dead my post am hyping the importance of monster hunter 3 ultimate link on both the Wii U and 3DS.

            1. No dude , I am no captain birds eye , but i can see he was suggesting that you replaced the word ‘Aelous’ with the word ‘Asshole’ .

              Monster hunter ultimate will be hyped all the way until we get monster hunter 4 on 3ds and monster hunter 4 ultimate on wiiu with the same cross play features ;)

        1. how exactly are you doing all of this on these platforms? i mean the only game on the vita that does this so far is mlb, smartglass isn’t even out yet and does not support any type of feature like this, and there is no ipad 3 yet….sooo……

        2. Like nothing on the vita actually does this, or even nearly this well, and Nintendo has been working on it/perfecting it for a lot longer.

          Pathetic attempt at trolling btw.

    3. I will be getting both xD

      I loved playing the portable games, and cant wait to start playing MH on the train again. But having the option to play a high res online version is great. (I will probably play my 3ds copy more though, as I travle constantly)

      I just hope they release worthwhile limited editions.

          1. I can assure you it wasn’t. I tested it out, strong signal strength and every other game worked fine. I know a lot more people who experienced similar issues.

  1. gutted for the 3ds but its still a great game that well only help the wii u so im happy still stuck tho i getting the wii u 100% but i was only getting a 3ds for MH3 but now it has no online should i just get a vita or just wait for the wii u

    1. 3DS still has other good games for it, I highly recommend getting one. Vita’s just gonna die soon due to it’s terrible sales so don’t even bother with it. You should also get a Wii U.

        1. Yeh I am a huge PSO fan , i will get it on the PC , the PC version’s graphics will be about 10 times as good as the vita .
          At least monster hunter which is immensely bigger than PSO is a exclusive to 3ds and wiiu , and monster huter 4 is also exclusive to 3ds.

          So as much as i love PSO , you have no right to play the ‘PSO’ card against the 3ds , because most people will buy it for the PC , probably even the japanese .

        2. I had a bad experience playing PSU and PSU2 on PS2 It sucked bigtime I liked the DC PSO1 better than those. same with PSPortable 1 and 2(the game was like a lullaby makes me sleep after 30mins of playing) it sucked with online mode to its hard to talk there. PS0 was better it was fun abeit lacks on the graphics.

    2. Do you want to buy a vita to help Sony make money to produce th PS4, or are you just rich and spoilt? The Vita is gamelessly dwindling. Buy a 3DS it shall get Monster hunter 4 as well next year, it’s a win win situation.

          1. Humble yourself, the Wii U is not even out, and major stores are preorder sold out. EA is watching their competition throw games on the Wii Ultra like rice at a wedding. You don’t want to cry like drones and xcode when crysis 3 ultimate is released on the Wii U in the near future.

    1. They are fixing them lawl. If they didn’t then Black Ops 2 and games like that might have not been a launch title. Like Battlefield 4 is coming to the Wii U, not many people buy battlefield just for the campaign…

  2. “The Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Hunter Ultimate will not feature online play.”

    Glad i am getting the Wii U over 3ds. hhhahhh, the 3ds looks like a tiny piece of paper compared the amazing WIi U. WII U ROCKS BRO!

      1. You seem to be the only other persone that knows this.

        Monster Hunter Tri G(Japan)= Monster Huter Ultimate for 3ds (everywhere else) expecting online is pointless

  3. Ok, no online for 3DS, but in guessing still local? What about the 3DS and WiiU interactions?

    Also, liking the creativity of developers to use the gamepad as a HUD stand

    1. Yea, I made a comment regarding that above somewhere. Online is for the most part why PS3 sold, free online lawl and half the time the PSN is down.

      1. Agreed on PSN being down alot -.- but i never had a problem with online multiplayer, worked perfectly, its just the store that fucking balls.

    1. Oooo, so at least we know it can be done. Hopefully Smash Bros employs a similar thing, although i get the feeling they’ll be seperate games…

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  5. Well I’m just happy they confirmed online for at least one version. I will probably get both since I’m a Monster Hunter addict and need to play the game anywhere I go.

  6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is gonna be a huge blockbuster for both Nintendo system. Not only you can play the Wii U game via Nintendo Network… but also use cross-platform play using the Nintendo 3DS on the U as well.

  7. I wonder if this means it will be free in Japan as well.
    For those that don’t know, Monster Hunter III didn’t have free internet play in Japan.

  8. You figure they could make a more stylish and appealing sensor bar for Wii U, guess they just saving money by using the spare Wii ones. Ether way, can’t wait!

  9. they seriously need to replace the out dated dualshock alike and psp alike control system broken robotic controls and cameras are not core there silly and broked

    wii remote and nunchuck or touch screen controls and il clime aboard and play i aint playing monster hunter with out dated broked sony ported controls

    d-pad on a 3ds touch screen weh the camera and aim could have been stylus mouse capcon seriously drop the sony fanboy controls and update to new gen nintendo CORE GAMER CONTROLS

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