Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President of Capcom has confirmed that the forthcoming Monster Hunter Ultimate for Wii U will use Nintendo servers for online play. Svensson then went on to say that he was very happy that Nintendo were supporting the online side of the game. The Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Hunter Ultimate will not feature online play.




  1. gutted for the 3ds but its still a great game that well only help the wii u so im happy still stuck tho i getting the wii u 100% but i was only getting a 3ds for MH3 but now it has no online should i just get a vita or just wait for the wii u


  2. “The Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Hunter Ultimate will not feature online play.”

    Glad i am getting the Wii U over 3ds. hhhahhh, the 3ds looks like a tiny piece of paper compared the amazing WIi U. WII U ROCKS BRO!


  3. Ok, no online for 3DS, but in guessing still local? What about the 3DS and WiiU interactions?

    Also, liking the creativity of developers to use the gamepad as a HUD stand


  4. Well I’m just happy they confirmed online for at least one version. I will probably get both since I’m a Monster Hunter addict and need to play the game anywhere I go.


  5. You figure they could make a more stylish and appealing sensor bar for Wii U, guess they just saving money by using the spare Wii ones. Ether way, can’t wait!


  6. they seriously need to replace the out dated dualshock alike and psp alike control system broken robotic controls and cameras are not core there silly and broked

    wii remote and nunchuck or touch screen controls and il clime aboard and play i aint playing monster hunter with out dated broked sony ported controls

    d-pad on a 3ds touch screen weh the camera and aim could have been stylus mouse capcon seriously drop the sony fanboy controls and update to new gen nintendo CORE GAMER CONTROLS


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