Reggie “Would Love” Nintendo GameCube Games On Wii U eShop

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was recently asked whether Nintendo GameCube games will come to the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Fils-Aime responded to the question by saying Nintendo currently has nothing to announce, but he would personally love for it to happen.

Will GameCube games ever come to the [Wii U] Virtual Console?

“That is a great question. And personally I would love for that to happen, but we have nothing to announce right now.”

85 thoughts on “Reggie “Would Love” Nintendo GameCube Games On Wii U eShop”

    1. Hey guys guess what…Microsoft has……….renewed the license for KILLER INSTINCT HILY FUCKING SHIT KILLER FUCKING INSTINCT!!!!!!!!

      1. You do realize that companies renew copyright all the time and never use it right? Besides RARE sucks now so it will probably involve avatars

      1. good thing the Wii is backwards compatible then ;)
        Shame that the really good Gamecube games are usually pretty expensive though…

      1. Yeah I don’t think they’ll put that up any time soon considering it’s on the Wii and Wii games will work on the Wii U. Yeah I know, some people prefer the Gamecube version, but as long as the Wii version of Twilight Princess is readily available, Nintendo don’t have much reason to put it up as a download.

    1. It’s not his fault that NoA doesn’t include the headquarters. He probably has influence, but not nearly enough as Iwata or Miyamoto.

    1. makes too much sense, but honestly hd would practically double the download size and i think lots of gamecube games are fine without it

      1. It depends on the games. There are HD remakes that do not take up too much space on the Vita, PS3, and 360.

        Also, while this article is obviously talking about downloadable titles, HD remakes don’t only have to be on the eshop. Disc-based remakes. :D

  1. i hate to say this but every since the PS3 dropped PS2 Support companies have fallen into this milking of old games we already own on old systems since the new systems only support Backwards Compatability through digital means for really old games its a bummer when your pauing multiple times for the same exact game!

    1. I wouldn’t compare Nintendo to PS3 here. Unlike them, the wii was backwards compatible to the last generation and the Wii U is to the one before it. GCN games are great but years and years old.. I don’t think milking anything comes into play here. If anything I’m glad. It makes the Wii U cheaper so most of the people buying the Wii U will save money. I’d love to play some GameCube games. But I see no reason why they should feel pressured to have included it.

      1. Plus it’s not like Nintendo is forcing you to get rid of your Wii. If you still have GameCube discs by all means keep the Wii, or even if you still have a GameCube just play your games on that.

        1. Exactly. Heck, it might even be cheaper to buy a disc from Vintage Stock than download it, especially if the request is backwards compatibility you’d think you’d already have it. I know not everyone has kept their Wii or GameCube but they’re definitely available.

  2. It would be nice for when they don’t have anything at all coming out for a few months to throw a gc game in between but even if they do they will be slow with releases. The eshop is an example that comes to my mind.

  3. This would be awesome without a doubt, but also worrying as to how much they would charge. I look at the prices on the Wii Virtual console and 3DS e-shop and shudder sometimes. How much would Nintendo charge for re-releases of Gamecube titles; £10/£15, maybe more? Are we willing to pay that much for a game that we’ve already played and probably still own? I know I couldn’t resist one or two myself after giving in to some of the more recent HD re-releases on other consoles.
    Unless Reggie is lying, I also find it worrying that there are no plans/annoucements for Gamecube games on the e-shop yet…actually there hasn’t been hardly any annoucements for the e-shop yet. I’m looking forward to the Wii-U (more to unannounced future Nintendo titles really), but I can’t help but feel sometimes that this console has been rushed out the door under pressure from what ever sources.
    The e-shop has so much potential and I think I would have bought every title on the Wii’s virtual console, but the prices really put me off; here’s to hoping.

  4. there are many gamecube games people seek to this day, make it happen nintendo!
    if they were to just include the nintendo selects/player’s choice GC games, that’s a huge library in itself and i’d love to have tales of symphonia again, you can’t find that game anymore :C.

      1. N64 games ran on wii at twice their original resolution!!
        So its not unreasonable to suggest that HD/Widescreen GC games could be released on wii U

  5. Reggie screwed up nintendo and so did cammie that old hag , Reggie is a fat shit that ruined the relationship between Nin USA and Nin JAP and wont bring Mother 3 to the western world, and this doesnt confirm that gamecube games are coming to Wii U he’s probably lying , Remember when they said Mother 3 coming to virtual console? LOL FAIL SHITENDO

    1. How is he lying? Reggie just said he would love to put them on the eshop. He never said that it’s 100% hapening. Learn to read.

  6. Why would anyone want to buy a game they already have on gamecube? unless their gamecube got broken or something.
    I would only buy games I have never played before.

  7. i still have my game cube i think i will need to hunt it out when i upgrade to Wii U. the cube was a console. also i liked it on windwaker you plugged in a gameboy advanced. it was the same with crystal chronicles

  8. Oh, it will come. I suspect that’s one of the reasons they removed Gamecube support from the Wii. This way, even though I have Windwaker sitting on a shelf I have to rebuy it to enjoy it on my Wii U =) Brilliant! Sony did the same thing.

  9. I hope they do put Gamecube games on the Wii U eShop so then the Wii U could have games from all Nintendo home console’s from the NES all the way up to the Wii U games themselves. If they do put Gamecube games on there then I hope they put games such as Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , Mario Party 4 – 7, Wario World, Zelda Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures & Twilight Princess, Kirby Air Ride, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pokemon Colosseum & XD: Gale of Darkness, Star Fox Adventures & Assault and more.

  10. I thought they’d already said it’s likely there’ll be GC games on the Wii U eshop? Similar to how N64 games are on the Wii shop channel. I just assumed it was a given? But not from release which I can understand, maybe in a year or so when more people have the Wii U.

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