Wii U Box Art To Be Nintendo GameCube Style?

Ubisoft’s Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth and Assassin’s Creed III will be released this year for Wii U and according to Amazon.ca, their box art designs have been revealed. The designs – shown above – look more like Nintendo GameCube box art rather than Wii box art. What do you think of the design?

148 thoughts on “Wii U Box Art To Be Nintendo GameCube Style?”

      1. Looks better in white, but for some reason this doesnt feel official. wouldnt they go with a more mature look? well.. it is nintendo, so you never really know

      1. I don’t understand how you get “zOMFG HEZ A PS3 FANBOI!!” out of “I’d perfer a different color, one that is more traditional.”
        I swear it’s Nintentards like you are the reason why I hate most
        commenters on this site.

      2. I actually hate the PS3 and im not a fanboy to anything, to be honest, i am getting the Wii U, and i already had my 3DS since launch date, and i plan on getting the XL. It just seems to me like someone didnt love you while growing up =/

    1. So you think people are going to look at the box art and say “GRRR!! FUCK DIS SHIT!!”… yeah, you must be a PS3 gamer because all you seem to care about is the box art. Do you just take the discs out and display the boxes of the games like some sick hunter with his trophies…

      Go back to playing with your Artistic games that have dodge controls that could reveal a film to video game… video game.

    1. I guess the same size as a regular DVD/Wii/360/etc. box. The discs are standard 12cm, just like CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, and the boxes probably won’t be short like the PS3 ones.

    1. Yes, I like the layout, and the blue looks nice, but I think the yellow is not too great together with the blue. But in the end it’s just a case so it doesn’t matter too much anyway.

    1. It doesnt have that cheap look either. I admit the Wii cases were pretty meh. But glad they made it look alot different, easy to find in the store and stands out. Also makes it more clear to morons that its for a differen console -.-

      1. Maybe Nintendo is going to make the box art like this so people dont confuse it with the Wii (i still cant believe people dont know its a new console and not an update to the Wii *facepalm*

  1. Eh, I reckon it should more be in the style of a white or black ‘U’ shape going along the bottom and a little up the sides with Wii U in black or white (the opposite of the main colour).

  2. The idea is cool but not the color. I really hope the boxes are still white. I liked that. My Xbox games are green, my PS3 games are see through-ish plastic, and my Wii games/3DS games are white. And my Vita games are blue.

    1. I wouldnt mind a blue case, like hos the xbox is green. I think the white fit with the Wii, because all the systems are white, until recently, but they show the black one alot, and people gave it alot of positive feedback, so itll most likely be released in black too, so shite cases may not be a fitting

  3. Love it, if it’s real. Yellow outline seems out of place though, doesn’t really flow with the blue and white.

  4. I can’t say I like it very much. It might be just me, but I think the Blue & Yellow give it a sort of…kiddy feel, or a sense that it’s not “serious”. I don’t know. If you look at the Wii U box vs the PS3 box of Assassin’s Creed, I feel that the PS3′s black and modern style make it seem more serious and intense.

    1. I agree, the blue and yellow really does give me a “kiddy feel.” It was the first thing I thought when I saw it.

  5. They should go with a clear white, BluRay style box. With the Wii U logo in blue on the hollow top part. And about the same size.

  6. I think the box looks good . Its a slick new look and i think it looks alot more ineresting than the wii or gamecube games imo . I just wishthe blue was darker but owell its a box ill look at once and get rid of so idc lol

    1. Yes, in a small way. Particularily with the PS3′s cases, they just look alot nicer, the 360 and Wii cases look cheap, and just have this void of unneccessary space. Box art is solely designed to make people buy a game, so that answers that question. Special editions too, and steel cases (drool) help alot.

  7. I don’t really like it because they could went with something more creative the rebooting an old design,well it doesn’t have to be the real thing I wish it’s not.

  8. It kinda reminds me of a PC box art. Probably because we haven’t seen the color of the case itself, but from the way they show the pictures, they don’t appear to have case colors. If the case colors are white again, then they’re going to have to do something about that yellow; otherwise it’s fine.

          1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 internet points because you told the truth.

  9. My comment is not really about the wii u it is regarding flipnote studio for the Nintendo dsi and dsi XL systems I think instead of making flipnote studio just for the dsi systems I think they should make it for the 3DS systems and also for future handheld systems when My daughter had a dsi flipnotes was the best game ever to her so she keeps begging me to make it available for her 3DS thank you for your time and please consider making flipnotes available for the 3DS system

    1. Flipnote Memo for 3DS was confirmed for 3DS in 2011
      But apparently Nintendo is unsure how to protect children against Adult Material which tends to surface in almost EVERYTHING
      Why not get her colors 3d or new art academy
      Those are fun art games which Im sure she’d like

  10. Looks babyish, but then I remembered wiiU is for babies and casuals…

    ps3 boxes look much better…. hell even Snes boxes look better than this… lazy design as always

  11. I like it, although there shouldn’t be a yellow there. The yellow should be replaced by a blue. I personally hope Nintendo makes the overall color of the Wii-U blue so they could distinguish it’s cases from the Wii’s.

  12. Looks fucking gay , somthing a faggot woulld buy,they could have went with black,white,grey BUT NO .. They went with gay shitty blue , Ofcourse it’s shit it’s coz the wii u is shit !! Matches perfectly :) WII U IS GAY !!

  13. Really, Nintendo? Really?
    You didn’t think we would want Black?
    You thought THAT shade of blue would work?
    The Yellow MIGHT have been ok with Black,
    *sigh* still buying the game… *grumble*

    1. this is probably not the real box art
      the games aren’t even rated
      also, online stuff usually goes on the top left

  14. Looks interesting but the yellow kind of makes the game and the console look like its geared towards little kids.

  15. My only problem is the Nintendo Network logo. It’s unneccessary to have it on the front cover, especially since you have the ESRB or PEGI age certificates and other logos taking up all the space already.

    1. Current-gen games already have logos for Xbox Live, Nintendo WFC or PlayStation Network. I guess companies like showing off online features, or they think consumer like online features to be shown off.

  16. I dont like it. Its really childish. Nintendo said that they want hardcore gamers to play with the wii u. Well, tbh i cant see this box in a hardcore gamers bedroom :/

    1. I’m pretty hardcore I have over 300 Wii and 360 games I don’t care what the cover looks like . I’m not gonna be staring at it im gonna be playing Hardcore. Damn some of you fools probably never get pussy. I’m not gonna fuck her, her hairs got yellow streaks in it. Why is she wearing a blue shirt I’m not gonna fuck her.

  17. I really hope the actual case is short like the PS3′s and a different Color, Maybe like a Baby Puke Green. Make it stand out as much as possible so morons will finaly see the difference between wii and wiiU.

    1. Yes, I like it too :)
      I don’t see the problem with the little splash of yellow. Hell, what’s wrong with yellow? It looks beaut.

  18. Other than the yellow line should be white I like this. It should also help to prevent people from being confused about what’s a Wii game vs what’s a WiiU game.

  19. No gray logo with a blue U? Aww I like that it was the opposite of the 3DS’s black logo with a red 3. They ruined a good thing.

  20. It looks pretty cool to me. I don’t really care about the the box art. I just want the game. Leave luck to heaven.

  21. I like it, though I hope the sides of the boxes don’t have that shade of blue. Might look a tad garish. Also, I’d prefer it if the yellow strip underneath were perhaps jet black (would look badass in my opinion) though special editions of some games could do it (I remember AC: Revelations on the PS3 had a different coloured box).

    Either way, I’m pretty happy – not that this’ll really matter to me.

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