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Battlefield 3 Canceled & Battlefield 4 Coming To Wii U?

According to a “source from EA,” Battlefield 3 was being developed for Wii U but has been canceled because of a disagreement between Nintendo and EA, which presumably happened toward the end of 2011. The Battlefield team is supposedly working on Battlefield 4 for Wii U, which will be a “straight port” of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game but will feature touchscreen controls. Battlefield 4 will launch 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

90 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Canceled & Battlefield 4 Coming To Wii U?”

      1. It has already been announced as a 2013 title by EA. There will be a beta for those who buy Medal of Honor or something like that.

  1. Lesson learnt from this gen, don’t buy battlefield games on consoles if you can avoid it. Battlefield was meant to be played with 64 player online. Anyway please EA don’t fall into the ways of CoD :(

      1. Being an owner and regular player of Battlefield 3 on PS3…we must declare your last statement absolutely false.

        We have had absolutely no problem getting into matches – and whilst one would rather have a PC that would run BF3 as intended, We have currently had no problems as a whole with Battlefield 3 on the PS3 to this date!

    1. I was tired of war simulators until I played the BF3 beta on PC. It was refreshing and intense… quite easy to play for hours. 64 players online was fantastic enough, but to jump in with a squad of friends? I don’t recall ever feeling so absorbed in a shooter since CoD4 back in 2007.

    1. Honestly, i dont think this is legit, or not entirely. EA are so fucking lazy and DICE seem to hate consoles so much that they literally wanted to do the ps3/360 game amd shove it on the WiiU, but BF3 on ps3/360 has that stupid texture pack, which is an ridiculous amount of GB, which the WiiU can do, and wont be designed around installing games, nintendo hate load times ect. So in typical EA fashion they went “mhhh, too hard” and just decided to do BF4 for the WiiU and rape everyone of money again. But do i think it’ll be a straight port of the ps3/360? Maybe. Should it? No. Can it be its own version and look alot better? Hell yes.
      But if this is true, BF4 wont have that texture pack, or at least not on the WiiU, so thats nice

      1. Nintendo hate load times?

        Care to explain about Dragonquest X and the INSTALL time?

        Or how about smash bros brawl LAGGY ONLINE?

        I will list more if I think of any. Nintendo are good with load times generally. one good thing about Nintendo

  2. Well i never got a chance to play BF3 i played it a bit on my friend’s xbox.And i liked it so i’m looking forward to BF4.At least trolls don’t have what to troll about here…or maybe i spoke to soon.

  3. Battlefield 3 on the PC is fantastic, the Frostbite engine really feels like a step up with max settings on. I can’t imagine it being as good on current consoles but I am intrigued about how the Wii U gamepad could be used, if you could a view from above showing enemy lines, troop positions, air support etc. it could be a cool new addition to the game.

        1. *You’re
          Using a touch screen I see.
          Not as bad of a sin as the guy before you though…
          10 lashes with a Wii Nun-chuck instead of 20!

  4. Well, considering that it would have run through Origin, I don’t view the abandonment of it as a bad thing.
    It kept the Wii U from getting something that would have screwed over its net capabilities for certain.

  5. Good Move, if it’s true…. the wii u will get too many old ports…it needs new games to catch PS3/XB360 gamers

  6. Lol why would u Nintendrines care for this game?? U hate FPS games so why are u guys excited for the awesome BF4 ?? LOL nintendrones are hypocrites …NINTENDO IS GAY !!! END OF STORY !! Who the fuck still plays Nintendo ? Lol grandmas playing the wii !! HAHAHA

    1. THIS ^

      fucking Nintendo fanboys hypocrites. Bet you if zombiu was a ps or xbox exclusive you would be like baa another generic shooter…

      1. The BOTH OF YOU are fucking MORONS.
        Assuming that someone who plays on Nintendo consoles doesn’t like shooters, what the fuck was running through your infantile minds?!
        Just, get the fuck out.
        NO ONE thinks you’re funny, and you FAIL at being serious.
        Neither of you can even TROLL PROPERLY anymore because you can’t even think up creative lines.
        Do you faggots have some sort of script that you share for moments like this? I wouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how you always let haters, company reps, other trolls and small, dumb animals do all of your thinking FOR YOU.

        Frankly, we all find you PATHETICALLY PITIABLE now.

        You’re just ASSHURT that the Wii U is getting great shooters.
        You’re feeling threatened by the impending success of a system you aren’t even giving a fair chance, and you come on here to mess with people who don’t like what you like, because you’re too immature to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and play some video games instead of coming on here to vent your childish frustrations.
        You both need your fucking asses whupped, because beating the stupid out of you is the only way it’s going to vanish, and it’s obvious your daddies weren’t men enough to do it when it needed to be done and your mommies had a slap too weak to wise your dumb asses up.

        I’m fucking DONE with you neanderthals.
        Just seeing your NAMES makes me feel like I just walked into a retard convention, and the both of you are the king and queen of the party!
        Have fun trolling those few who will fall for it, because I’m not paying an iota more of attention to either of ya. Neither of you are entertaining enough to bother responding to anymore.
        I hope you both become victims of a drive-by shooting. It would be doing the world a huge fucking favor if you were dead and buried.

        1. LOL I laughed so hard at how bad you failed … Wii U 3rd party is a joke , no crisis 3 ? So much for crytech support LOL.. Wii u has really shit 3rd party support and its going to fail ! The WiiU is te wii all over again , ANOTHER CASUAL PIECE OF SHIT !!

          1. He didn’t fail, Ness.
            You did.
            You’re calling a system that’s not even released yet a failure when you have not seen everything planned for it.
            Do you know how fucking retarded that makes you?
            10X more retarded than the majority here, and that’s pretty fucking retarded.

            In fact, you know what?
            The casual audience is better than you.
            You hear that, faggot?
            The Wii out-sold EVERYTHING you hold so very fucking dear, you pathetic piece of shit. It sold because GAMERS WANTED IT.
            And now the Wii U is poised to cater to that crowd AGAIN, while ALSO giving CORE GAMERS a reason to look the system’s way.
            With more reasons arriving all the damn time!
            You’re too blinded by all the thick spunk Sony is squirting into your eye to see that though, so in the end, all we can do is laugh at how much of a sorry fail troll you are!

            The fact that you can’t see Casuals as gamers, means you don’t deserve to call yourself a gamer, so shut the FUCK up, boy! Go back to getting your ass curb-stomped and tea-bagged in CoD or BF, you fucking loser!

            1. “GAMERS WANTED IT” ??? HHAHAHAHA OMG LOL !! Who the fuck wants a wii ? Only 5yr old,soccer moms and grandmas …Stupid pathetic fanboys like you are the reason gaming is becoming shit

          2. Nintendo own xbox and Microsoft division in their on home court. ms is like that German looking wrestler that got knocked out in UFC remember the big WWE wrestler Brock Leshner.

    1. BF4 wont come to wiiU. by the time its released… TRUE NEXT GEN will arrive and smash wiiU in hardware specs…you might aswell give up with Nintendo

      1. Buddy, I remember the PS2 version of RE4……. God, that sucked.. Yeah, so I stick to the GC version. Haha.

      2. Idiot for your unknowing mind next gen started with the 3DS. A slightly weaker system to the PS vita, but the 3DS is out selling the vita 26:1. shake my head at your support the corporate leeches microsofty and phony.

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  8. (EA) You are so far less then what you were, you are more then half machine , you are like a painter gone blind, a composer gone deaf, you can remember. Where the power was, but the power you can touch iss only a memory. (Darth vader)

  9. Huh?
    I thought Nintendo isn’t working with EA anymore because they wanted to connect Origin with the WiiU and things like that. Why would they develop BF4 for the WiiU if Nintendo refuses to connect Origin with WiiU? Doesn’t make sense to me.
    Anyway, I wouldn’t buy BF4 for the WiiU anyway, if I even would decide to buy the WiiU. Never. I can’t even imagine playing a FPS with such a huge controller in my hand. And before you tell me that I could play with the other gamepad… The tablet-like controller is what’s special about the WiiU and if I can’t even use it, I don’t see any reason to buy it or a game I can’t use it with.
    But since I’m going to buy the PC version of BF4 anyway, waaay better than any other version. Means, the last few lines I wrote were just a waste of space, I guess.

    1. man calm down.PC is different than a console.Personal computer has the same and same gameplay experience,but consoles have something new,a new controller for example,stop saying nonesenses and calm down

          1. You didn’t read his whole comment.
            He specifically stated that since the console was designed to use the new game pad, not using it and choosing the classic controller would feel like a waste, but he doesn’t like how the new game pad looks in regards to shooters.

            To be honest, I think your fears over the game pad being awkward for shooters are a bit premature, dude.
            From reports on the show floor from people who’ve used it, it’s surprisingly light, and fits well enough in the hand. People used it on shooters demos for the Wii U and found it worked just as good, if not better, than standard controllers, for the shooters on display at the events, so give it a try before dismissing it, k?

            1. Just because other people liked it, it doesn’t mean I have to like it as well. Everyone has different feelings on things.
              And I never said that the controller is heavy or doesn’t fit in the hand. I based my opinion on the experiences I had with FPS so far and so I do not think that such a big controller would be that “beneficial” for me when playing FPSs. It is my opinion, whether you like it or not is up to you.

              1. I never said you HAD to.
                I only said that your reasoning sounds off.
                Yeah, it’s bigger, but it isn’t disjointed like the wiimote+nunchaku, and it’s not so large that it becomes difficult to hold, and it has all of the same buttons that you are used to from a standard controller, so I don’t see how the size is a problem for you…..

          2. He doesn’t want it, learn to read. Plus it’s his choice, stop making it seem like you’re buying the console for him.

            1. You know what, lol… Eric Sellers is right. You have to experience using the Game Pad. No longer you’ll be pausing your game… instead you use the touchscreen to check your inventory, use sonar or radar and scan your entire surrounding, etc. Once you get used to handling the Game Pad, I’m sure you’ll have that experience using it in no time flat.

                1. Orly? You people are telling us that we can’t judge something without having tried it but then you are telling us how fantastically awesomely amazing the Gamepad is… So let me ask you a question you basically asked me… How the hell do you know it is good before trying?

              1. I didn’t come here to bitch about it. I got here to check news based on video games. And since there’s a commenting option, I decided to comment on it. And by the way, I am not going to ask you fanboys what my opinion has to look like. Fucking can’t accept any critiques on Nintendo, that’s damn awkward, seriously.
                But of course, if anyone happens to not like 1 single thing Nintendo did, it makes them a Nintendo hater who hate Nintendo. And don’t like anything about them, because they are haters.

                  1. Sorry, but how the fuck am I hating on the Gamepad? Just because I don’t think it would be that good to use it when playing FPS games means I hate it? Uh huh, that’s really interesting.
                    And because I said I can’t imagine playing FPS games with such a huge controller means I’m bitching? I see, I see.
                    And to reply to your comment below, I didn’t say you called me a hater. I was referring to the usual behaviour of many of the members of this community. But yes, you were basically attacking me because I had a different opinion the Gamepad than you. Oh, and I never said I hate the Gamepad. To be precise, I didn’t utter any kind of thing about my general opinion about the Gamepad and if I think it is a good controller or not. I merely said, once again, I can not imagine playing a FPS with such a big controller. This doesn’t say any single thing about my general opinion about the Gamepad, so calm your tits.
                    You just are not able to accept the fact that there are people on this planet who don’t see Nintendo as the definition of “perfection”. As a Nintendo fan, I am NOT forced to like every single aspect of every single shit they do. I don’t know about the duties of a fanboy, though.

                1. To be honest… Not really.. Even tho the Wii U Classic Controller it’s as comfortable as the 360 controller.

                  1. Ahh…well I’m going to mainly use the Wii-U Pro Controller as it is so that’s not too bad. Besides, not to mention, as long as the GamePad is at least more comfortable than the DualShock, I’m fine.

  10. The Only Pokemon Champ

    If this is true
    Then why would EA bring ME3 to Wii U?
    Unless they were already through development and it was gonna cause them a loss if they didn’t , I don’t see why EA would break it off, yet bring a hardcore game to the Platform

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