Miyamoto Says He Feels He Once Made A Bad Game


Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who’s known for creating iconic video game franchises like Donkey Kong, Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, has revealed that he feels he once made a bad game. In an interview with Kotaku, the video game designer was asked, “Do you feel like you’ve ever made a bad game?,” to which the he replied, “Yeah.” Tomorrow, June 18th, Kotaku will divulge Miyamoto’s answer. Until then, which game do you think Miyamoto isn’t proud of?

163 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says He Feels He Once Made A Bad Game”

      1. WOW…..smh….”My 6 year old son” and you spend your every waking moment posting “First” on MyNintendoNews………fcking embarrassing, lol.

        1. Don’t be such a jealous guy. Spread the love and be happy <3
          You can get first next time ^^ Just refresh the page every second <3

      1. Super Mario Sunshine (as well as SM64) trumps the Galaxy games in my opinion. It was actually open-world and explorative with a nice tropical atmosphere. The Galaxy games just had you jumping from planet to planet in a linear fashion in every stage in a bland space setting. The second game got even more linear since they took away the hub world from the game and just made you select stages.

        1. While you do have a point with the openness of sunshine, the galaxy games just had so much more creativity in them, every level was unique, the graphics were gorgeous for the wii(so was sunshine in the gc), the bosses were incredible, besides, the fact that every level in sunshine was tropical made it tiring, and boring. While in galaxy you found every atmosphere you could think of. Thats the reason the galaxy games are 2 of the best rated games of all time..

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  1. Wii Music is just casual, most of the Wii stuff wern’t that brill but had their moments. I don’t think he would make a game if he felt it was awful, just people are douche bags and like to state the obvious because they just saw this. So what if he made a bad game, it’s them that make sure the future stuff stay good :)

  2. I’m gonna guess.. Star Fox Adventure… he’s the one that made them change it from dinosaur planet. And its the one game I have bought that I truly regretted.

      1. Eh, I think Dinosaur Planet without Star Fox would have been a decent game. Problem was it wasn’t the Star Fox that we experienced from 64.

    1. Adventures was made by Rareware, but I think it was Miyamoto that suggested it should be turned from the stand-alone Dinosaur Planet to a Star Fox game.

  3. Wii Music wasn’t really “bad”. It was just thoroughly disappointing. I’m personally expecting a more interesting answer.

  4. Please don’t bash about Wii Music. It was master’s only Christmas present back in 2008. ;(

      1. i loved super mario advance 2 if thats what your talking about. it even hd some clasic bonus game! it was awsome! XD i liked that because it was relatable to how metroid zero mission had the original metroid. that was cool, i still play metroid zero mission like every year. i love that game to death. XD

  5. You forgot Urban Champion because THAT was a bad game. Ice Climber was also considered another criticized game on the NES/Famicom (which could explain why nobody is interested in making a sequel).

  6. Guys Wii Music isn’t that bad of a game. Miyamoto really likes Music, and Nintendo did it in a great and fun way. I still enjoy playing Wii Music with my husband, naked in the backyard (Thats also our Wii Music band name).

    1. i love that temple, it was very clever design like, 3 doors, 3 keys, take the path you want, Genius, for a zelda dungeon is amazing, they are always linear

      1. The design in the original version was a complete clusterfuck. He even admitted to regetting that design.

    1. agree, i loved all previous Zelda games, and SS is the worst of all.

      ill place it right next to the CD-i ones. (yes, i went there)

      1. Yeah, they focused way too much on motion controls, and it just didn’t have the attention to detail that the other zelda games had– The Sky was barren and had only like 3 things to do, and you kept on returning to the same areas all the time but with some new boring twist. Personally, I would’ve preferred an open world. What they tried to do with the sky was like a shitty attempted copy of the Wind Waker.

      2. Uh… no. If you want a bad Zelda game, look no farther than the DS ones… seriously, what the hell was Nintendo thinking with those terrible games? Those are easily the worst ones.

        Also, I don’t understand this hate for Skyward Sword. I still haven’t beaten it, myself, but it’s an amazing game with extremely responsive motion controls. Not a lot of Wii games have very good motion controls, I will admit, but Skyward Sword had absolutely AMAZING motion controls.

  7. Ironically, the very game that Miyamoto is playing in that picture is (in my opinion) probably his worst game. And that’s Wii Music. When I bought that, I was like (o _ 0)
    It was NEVER worth full price. It should have automatically been one of the more value-priced Wii games.

  8. Wasn’t aware Miyamoto created Killer Instinct but I thought that was a Rare IP? Plus there are alot of games I wasn’t aware that he created, like Pokemon Red and Blue? I’ve yet to play every single game he’s made but haven’t played a bad game from him from what I’ve played. Watch, it could be something obvious or something unexpected.

    1. Um, he didn’t create Red and Blue, one of his friends did. It’s just Wikipedia being a piece of shit, as usual.

      1. Yeah, Satoshi Tajiri did, which I knew. I did began to ponder because I can see alot of games where I haven’t seen Shiggy’s name on the credits. Damn Wikipedia lol

  9. He’s probably gonna say he’s made a ton of bad games, but through those bad games he’s learned how to make the games we all know and love.

    1. If you’re being Sarcastic, Ocarina of Time was horribly overrated, the nostalgia people get from seeing it clouds their judgment about the quality of the game.

  10. I know this won’t be it, but I would feel so satisfied if he said Sticker Star. That game was a mistake.
    ((I really hope they continue making Paper Mario games though, so long as they don’t work off of the changes set up by Sticker Star.))

  11. Donkey Kong 3 was probably his biggest flop sales wise. but his worst game if he worked on it might have been DK Jr. math, although im not sure if he worked on it. or gyromite or something, the mans worked on a lot sometimes I can’t keep track XD

  12. Um… I have absolutely no idea why people keep saying Skyward Sword… that game was amazing. It had the best motion controls of any game on the Wii, not to mention, the graphics were beautiful. A true testament to show that a system doesn’t have to be a powerhouse to have beautiful graphics. Shame no one seems to realize that.

    I sincerely have no idea where this sudden hatred for Skyward Sword came from, because it’s obviously not a bad game. When it first came out, everyone loved it. Then suddenly, random, stupid hatred for it started pouring out. Want an example of a shitty Zelda game? Play Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass. Try not to gouge your eyes out from the absolute atrocity of those two games, though. Hard to believe that the sequel to such an amazing game, Wind Waker, had to be such trash.

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  14. Wii Music. Especially since the E3 he announced it at is regarded as the worst Nintendo E3 press conference ever.

  15. What do I think he is going to say? Wii Music. What do I want him to say? Paper Mario Sticker Star. Look I’m sorry but that game was a mistake. I would love for them to acknowledge their mistake.

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