ABC Refers To 2DS As “2Dees”, Refers To Wii U As “Wii”, And Says 2DS “Has Lower Resolution Graphics”


American news network ABC has posted a short video which attempts to explain the recently announced Nintendo 2DS and the Wii U price cut. Sadly, the publication refers to the Nintendo 2DS as the 2Dees and says that the device features lower resolution graphics than the Nintendo 3DS. The network also calls the Wii U a Wii when explaining that the system has received a price cut. Interestingly, Reggie Fils-Aime only said a few hours ago that there is no confusion by consumers over the Wii U. You can watch the video, here.

108 thoughts on “ABC Refers To 2DS As “2Dees”, Refers To Wii U As “Wii”, And Says 2DS “Has Lower Resolution Graphics””

    1. altough the 2ds does have a lower resolution then the 3ds, but only because the 3d screen displayed at 800×240 (or something similar) and only displays at 400×240 when used in 2d so that’s actually true

          1. You are completely wrong here, it has the same resolution as the original 3ds screen. You are wrong. There’s no argument here. You’re wrong.

          2. the screens on both are 800×240. when the game is in 2d, it “stretches” the 400×240 signal to the higher resolution (that’s why most games actually look WORSE in 2d, except for ocarina of time, which turns on anti-aliasing, when put into 2d). in 3d, it uses the whole resolution for the game, each eye receiving 400×240, effectively making it 800×240. learn your info.


        800×240 dedicated to 2d is higher resolution than 400×240 for 3D

        The whole peak res is now dedicated to 2d there cir 2ds operates in higher res not lower

        Price plum

        1. the game doesn’t run at full resolution in 2d mode, it still Is a 400×240 resolution running at 800×240. it’s basically similar to what it does with ds games, only it is a higher resolution to start with. the system never runs one “instance” of the game (meaning it never runs one view, whether it be one 2d image, or two 2d images, to make a 3d image) at higher than 400×240. a game will never run fully at 800×240 in 2d, unless it is made without 3d support at all. this is why, when you turn 3d off in most games, it looks worse, with some exceptions being ocarina of time, because when you turn 3d OFF the game turns anti-aliasing ON.


    1. That’s not correct. The 2DS hasn’t lower resolution. The 800×240 resolution is for 2D and 400×240 is for 3D, 400×240 for each eye.

      1. It is correct. The 3D shutters provide brighter, and very crisp graphics compared to that of the regular 2D.

        While the tech is the same in regards to specifications, as you said, it is obvious that the 3D truly makes games look better.

      2. nope the way the screen is made is it displays 400×240 in 2d and when it turns to 3 d each pixel is split in half vertically so you get 2 times more pixels vertically( 2x 400×240 making it 800×240 altough each eye only sees one half of the 800 pixels so it’s 400×240 per eye)

      3. but the games never actually run at 800×240, because they were built specifically with the 3d resolution in mind. most games in 2d will still only be 400×240, but will be stretched to the full resolution. sort of like how the wii only did 4×3 resolutions, and you just stretched the image on your tv. actually, it would make the games look better if they did lower the screen resolution, but effectively, the screens on the 2ds are exactly the same screens that the 3ds has, just on one panel. the screens aren’t actually even what makes the games 3d, it’s a parallax barrier between the screens and the backlight.

  1. That’s what you get when you try to milk your success too much. Nintendo didn’t dare to be make significant name changes, and this is what you get. Although this is only an excuse for consumers, it obviously is very sloppy journalism on ABC’s part in this case. Unjustifiable for a big company that actually makes money from sharing false information.

      1. No, it’s Nintendo’s fault that the names confuse a decent amount of people. ABC has no excuse whatsoever, since they are a company (thus, commercial).

        Wait… Wow… That’s pretty much exactly what my first comment said, but it seems you didn’t manage to read my argument concerning the difference between consumers and companies, even though my entire comment was a mere five lines. Remarkable!


  2. I knew that thus would cause confusion to non gamers and parents. They would think that old 3ds games is not compatible with 2ds. Nintendo should issue stickers for retailers to slap on 3ds game boxes that its “2ds compatible.”

    1. They must be utterly destroyed…

      Oh great Tornados of Tornado Valley, destroy the HQ of ABC for putting our machines in a bad name!

      1. Its probably one of those jealous jews behind everything, im sure abc belongs to jew. They are jealous because their shitty israel isnt makin as much money as 3DS/2DS and everyone knows jews want money and destroy every non israel thing. Israel sucks.

        1. No, it’s most likely an undercover Xbot agent corrupting the minds of these already weak ones to bash our Empire…

          Just remember the whole “Microsoft Leaders sent out Xbot agents to try luring innocent civilians away from the sacred Wii U to the evil Xbox Done at Best Buy stores”…

  3. Lolololololololol. Ironic how Reggie just said the name is not a problem. But i won’t pin this on Nintendo because of the fact that they’re stupid to pronounce the 3ds as 3deeees.

  4. xbox 360 had a failure rate of 54 percent in 2009.
    ps3 had ylod.
    wii had 1 percent failure rate in 2006.

    wii u online=free
    ps4 online=60 a year
    xb1 online=60 a year

    sony/microsoft fans are brainless zombies.

  5. a non gamer will of course be confused about wii and wiiu. Nintendo needs to think outside of the box if they want the wiiu to not end up like the gamecube.

  6. Good god abc Is just as terrible at reporting on tech as ey are politics. Fucking MSM needs to go the way of the dodo.

  7. sony cant rely on third party forever.

    rare developers work for retro studios.thats why rare cant make good games anymore.

    squaresoft devolpers work for monolithsoft.
    thats why squareenix cant make good final fantasy games anymore.

  8. Wow. Although it does speak to some of the consumer confusion Nintendo is facing that is just embarrassing for ABC, especially the 2 “dees” and 3 “dees.” Someone will get a stern talking to over this…luckily for them it looked like a web only video.

  9. Personally, I think everything looks better in 3d than 2d graphic wise on the 3ds, defiantly fire emblem even when 3d is barely used!

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