Nintendo Renews Trademark For Metroid Prime

Nintendo has registered and renewed the trademark for the brilliant Metroid Prime series. The status date for the trademark was renewed and registered on August 13th, 2013. It’s common practise for companies to renew their trademarks, but it would come as a welcome surprise to many if Retro Studios were planning to develop another game in the Metroid Prime series for the latest Nintendo home console, Wii U.

Thanks, Mike S

175 thoughts on “Nintendo Renews Trademark For Metroid Prime”

      1. Fuck you little bitches. You’ve gotten 4 damn games starring that bitch and still you want more? I say let retro do a DKC trilogy you bastards! Although I think it’d be best if the next DKC game comes for Nintendo’s Next him console. Just so it doesn’t become a cheap brand later. But anyways fuck you! They should develop a star fox game instead! Fuck you fucking Whiney little bitches pry me of my SANITY!!!!!

        1. Four? There are only three Metroid Prime games, unless you’re counting the compilation (Metroid Prime Trilogy) as the fourth.

          Also, if I remember correctly, Retro expanded awhile back. Perhaps they are now large enough to work on two games at once?

            1. Ah, yes, I did forget about that one, actually. I suppose Metroid Prime Pinball counts as well? Anyways, I do hope we’ll be seeing a new Metroid game for Wii U, but I also wonder if they may be wanting to rerelease Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD? THAT would be amazing.

            1. You are aware we’re up to like CoD 10 now, Assasins Creed 4, Battle field 4 (even as a botched release).
              One Metroid Prime on WiiU could be epic. Why does Nintendo get dissed for sequels all the time…
              Oh and lets not forget Grand Tourismo 6, GTA V, Tekken (whatever they’re up to now), Forza 5, Metal Gear something or rather, Mortal Kombat uber edition version 2 and Final Fantasy (679^7) x 14

              1. Why do I care about the fucking games you list??? You’ve gotten 6 3d metroid games already!!! Give DK a fucking chance!!!! Let them continue this far more appealing and popular franchise!

                1. Why? This game and the series in general adds nothing gameplay wise that other platformers like Mario do not. Retro may have done 3 Metroid games already, but those were all 6+ years ago, aside from Other M (which many Metroid fans hated) the fanbase has been starved for another Metroid game. Not to mention that Metroid would add much more to the Wii U’s library than Tropical Freeze does, including a genre that isn’t overused by Nintendo and the potential for legitimately interesting use for the Gamepad. Quite frankly, I believe Metroid could be “that game” that turns things around for the Wii U, it’s sad that such a game hasn’t come sooner.

                  1. I would love another Metroid Prime, but please don’t talk down to Retro’s work on DKC. I played DKC: Returns, and it was the best platformer I’ve ever played. I remember most levels individually (as opposed to being just indistinct parts of an overarching thematic group), The minecart levels were phenomenally choreographed, and it was just outright brilliant almost everywhere else. I feel like I could have made a game in the New Super Mario Bros series, but I would not have been able to make DKC:R. I wouldn’t have thought of all of that. If this game had as many sequels as New Super Mario Bros, and they were all of this quality (or even near it), I would eat it up like a starving African child.

                    1. Memorable levels? That’s a rather subjective reason. I didn’t find the game to be that memorable personally, there’s no interesting gameplay mechanic that’s really that unique from other platformers. In fact, despite Retro’s claims that they’re using new mechanics not possible before the Wii U, I have seen nothing in the game that offers a true difference in gameplay from DKCR.

                      See, while I’m sure it’s a great game that a lot of people love, I feel considering what the Wii U is supposed to be accomplishing at this point in its life, it’s bad timing. We’ve had 2 DK games in the last 3 years (or rather one game and its port), and then they give us another one so soon with no evident gameplay changes from the last. And don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to deny that the sales say that DK sales better. But it’s missing the point. At this point, Nintendo needs to be showing innovation and new ideas to expand the Wii U’s user base. They need to expand outside of their core demographic. And you’re not going to do that with TF, you can already get similar experiences from games like 3D World and Rayman Legends. But Metroid is perfect for this purpose. The gameplay is different from most of the usual fare which gets more gamers interested in the console, and the game would showcase next gen gameplay that would prove to gamers once and for all that the Wii U is capable of creating new gameplay experiences not possible on previous consoles.

                      So I’ll ask again, what is it exactly that TF does to stand out and create new gameplay experiences on the Wii U?

                2. holy hell dude, They’re making Donkey Kong, but what’s wrong with them Making Donkey Kong THEN a new Metroid game, I see no problem hell you’re just coming off as a troll at this point.

                3. look at my opinions they’re the best :D

                  there’s only 5 3D Metroid games son, Metroid Prime 1-3, hunters, and Other M

                  there’s 4 Donkey Kong Country games :o and there’s Donkey Kong 64 which kicked ass

          1. I remember them saying they were able to work on one big game and one small game at the same time. Though, if I’m misinterpreting “project” or “development” as “game”, then it could refer to how they (and Monolith Soft) help Nintendo’s other teams with graphics and such.

          1. Iiiii have mental issues???? Tell that to the motherfucking nutter butters who want a fucking 6th 3d metroid game!

            1. Donkey Kong game suck in my opinion they are for kids only not teens and not adults. Where is the challenge? Be a better a gamer and play games that are actually challenging.

  1. And this is how it begins. Reggie wore that Samus pin at the VGX show, and now them renewing the trademark… so many fans are going to take this as some sort of “Sign”, and when the next couple of Nintendo directs show up and there’s not even a single mention of Metroid, everyone’s going to be so disappointed and scream at Nintendo for not delivering on something the fans themselves came up with in their heads.

    I do hope this leads to good things in the future, don’t get me wrong… but I urge everyone to not get their hopes up.

        1. The facts in evidence:
          1. Corruption had an ‘after-credits scene’ which for the other Prime games always hinted at a continuation.
          2. The flipping article we’re posting on is a huge clue.
          3. Its what the fans want.
          I don’t have a Delorean, but I think a Metroid… Prime… game is incoming. I just hope its not too late… (#melodramatic). I think we can agree the 1st thing they should do is add multiplayer, rofl!

          1. Yeah actually i do. We really shouldn’t hype ourselves this much but it’s kinda hard not too because Metroid prime is my favorite game of all time.

              1. what would you prefer metroid prime 4 or metroid 5. I’m really interested in the blue ship, also I feel like phazom can’t be destroyed yet, becouse other leviathans did create phaase clones

    1. But you’re forgetting the part where at E3 2014/2015, a Nintendo speaker says at the end of the presentation: ‘Oh, and one more thing… (METROID TRAILER)!’

      It’s bound to happen eventually. ;)

    1. I wouldn’t discard a HD remaster of Metroid Prime Trilogy. There’s been some talk about that already amongst retailers. Some say that’s why GameStop and a few other specialized stores had a sudden restock of the original Wii game and sold all of them out in a flash.

      It wouldn’t even be a first, as we’ve just had Donkey Kong Country remade some months before a new entry – and by Retro Studios too.

      1. You shouldn’t even join the train anymore. So much Nintendo hype trains crashed.

        E3 2009, E3 2011, E3 2013, VGX 2013, Wii U September event, ….

        All of them went straight against a wall.

        1. But think of all the fast, impressive train journeys we’ve had…
          Just a few weeks ago we were riding at impossible speeds on the 3D World express, and sipping fine wine in the luxury cabins of LInk Between Worlds railways

        2. Nintendo vgx 2013 was actually a highlight in the overall vgx conference. Majority of trailers and terrible hosts. Terribly unorganized. Just terrible. Atleast nintendo showed gameplay, which was few and Farr between. Vgx is dead.

  2. Reggie with a Metroid pin, the Retro guy looking nervous when asked if Retro has two teams, and now this. It’s all coming together :)

  3. Well the last a company renewed a trademark of a major (dormant) franchise in August it turned out to be for a game that actually happened. Killer Instinct.

    So hopefully this will also mean that we will see Metroid Prime soon.

    Personally, I think Retro has been working on it all along. There is no way DKC:TF should take almost 4 years to develop. Super Mario 3D World clowns that and was developed in half the time. I think they have been working on both Metroid and DKC:TF simultaneously.

      1. Yeah. Nintendo has really done a poor job of showing off the capabilities of the so-called “asymmetrical” gameplay with the GamePad other than off-screen play. There is a lot that can be done with that pad and until they show that 3rd parties aren’t going to take the initiative to do it either.

        A Metroid game definitely could show off it’s capabilties. Being able to use the GamePad to look around the room in 3D space to see enemies behind you or crawling around on the floor or ceiling.

        I think it’s about time to break out the Wii U Zapper too.

    1. They first released Metroid Prime 3 in August 07, They released Donkey Kong country returns in November 2010 (3+ years later), then they assisted the development of Mario Kart 7 which got releaswd in December 2011 and then they started with this game. If it aready took 3 years to make the Dobkey Kong title for the Wii which is an SD/ED game with visibly less conplex visuals so it is not unrealistic that the Wii U game takes them longer or as long depending on their experience and the problems they encounter(ed).

      I am sorry to burst your dream bubble but still….

      So much to multiple groups….

      1. Retro Studios within the past two years has hired talent from AAA studios and expand their headquarters. They more than enough talent.

        Not only that, you have no idea how long it took to develop Donkey Kong Country Returns. Plus you forgot that they released Metroid Prime Trilogy in 2009 to which they upgraded the textures and lighting of both Prime 1 and 2 and added Wiimote functionality. This during the same time YOU SAY Donkey Kong Country Returns was in development

        What was the point of your post again?

        1. Simply upgrading the resolution from 640*480 to 854*480 to get a 16:9 image and a self fixing framerate due to a little performance boost is something a team of less than 10 people could have done. Games are developed at a higher visual quality than what you see in the end product. Besides that there’s no sign of ANY “upgraded lighting effects”. Infact they even REMOVED LIGHTING EFFECTS FROM THE BEAM WEAPONS and there is no waving water in the Wii version
          They (Nintendo) also “upgraded the textures and added wiimote support” in Twighlight princess but it still took them next to no time…

          1. Well for one that MPT used Bloom lighting which the Gamecube versions did not. That is a more advanced lighting system than the GameCube versions used. Also, teh reason why the lighting was removed from teh beam effect is because of the various angles that were available using teh WiiMote that weren’t before on teh GameCube version.

            I suppose in your mind someone can just flick a switch and all that is gone. You have absolute no idea on what you are talking about in terms of how difficult it is to develop a video game and all the work that goes into adding or removing things. I’ve worked for a video game studio before. I know what goes into it.

            And you certainly don’t have any concept of Nintendo’s quality control policy and how long of a process that is. Getting back to the point.

            Donkey Kong Country Returns development started in 2008 and was released on November of 2010


            So that is 2 years 6 months that also includes quality control, manufacturing, and distribution time.

            The point is that DKCR was in development less that 3 years and was in development at the same time as Metroid Prime Trilogy.

            You are trying to say that Retro COULD not develop Metroid for the Wii U and DKC:TF at the same time. I say, they have already done this before with less-powerful hardware, a MUCH smaller staff, and less time.

            Retro has hired people from Gearbox, 3D realms, Vigil, Naughty Dog and they are STILL hiring. Plus they moved to a larger building.

            Now you are welcome to have whatever opinion you wish, and I will continue to have mine.

        2. I can further support my statement of the Trilogy being made within a short time with the fact that they didn’t even need to do any porting because the hardware is almost the same.

  4. As much as I wanna day “DONT FUCK WITH ME BIG N, THIS BETTER BE REAL”

    I’m going to take this as nothing more than just them renewing their trademark for copyright reasons and such. I’d welcome a new Metroid FPS (since apparently they have ex-crytek works in their studio now) but yea whatever works and i’m not mad that they chose to do DK

      1. They will in 2014 so it will be interesting to see how much it will kick because Sony has already said they can’t wait for E3. They are already saying that sht and that’s when we are supposed to see Zelda, I know they are gonna have something to do there best to stop that Zelda hype. They are probably gonna leak something like a Crash Bandicoot game being in development or something to get SERIOUS hype for them cause HD Zelda, oh that’s tits right there

                1. Considering Sony usually has better exclusives than what we’ve seen so far, I am as well. I bet Sony has some good ones up their sleeve.

  5. So? This is typical. They have renewed Eternal Darkness a bunch of times over the years. A company renews its stuff all the time. Doesn’t mean much.

    1. Who knows? Maybe they have an Eternal Darkness game in development, but had to scrap it and start from scratch by making the jump from Wii to Wii U.

  6. WOah. I don’t really like this new lay out a whole lot. I mean it’s not bad. But ehh, I’m not sure, it makes me want to read things less. BUT scrolling over this picture of samus is awesome with this layout!

  7. This could be exciting news… ORRRR they could be renewing it just like they renew Eternal Darkness every now and then, which they never do anything with.

  8. Have you guys seen the amazing, 3D Metroid picture you can build in Streetpass? Or the Zelda for that matter?

    Nintendo CAN and SHOULD go with the realism style for the next Metroid. Samus needs to turn some heads!

  9. Please Understand that Metroid is one of Nintendo’s best franchises and a new game would be awesome. A 3DS Metroid Prime 3 sequel would be awesome!!! We could also port it to the Wii U I guess….

    1. Please understand Oimar will whip ur ass in smash Bros U against Samas. Bring it on. Pikmn Franchise RULZ. Who wants some ass whipping with Olimar in Smash. LOL. No offense just talking shit because its nice Nintendo has all these franchises.

      1. Agreed that Olimar is a great character. He may beat Samus in Smash Bros (Because she’s not one of the higher tiers…yet!) but really, Samus would own! Pikmin is a great franchise and I’m glad that they’ve finally started to create some new ones (Like Wonderful 101) That being said, Metroid will always be one of the greatest!

  10. I think that a new metriod title is extremely likely it’s just when? the Wii u needs all the great games it can get I’m personally looking forward to that x game.

  11. Haha! I knew it! This also explains why Zero Suit Samus wasn’t shown on SBBWii U. You see, they revealed the characters that don’t change much from game to game (Link, Samus) but not other characters, because they could have the upcoming game’s looks. A drastic change could give away the artstyle (Compare OoT Zelda to TP Zelda.) so they wait until the games are announced to reveal them

  12. If they do yet another HD port I’m going to be highly upset. I love Metroid Prime, but I all ready played all of the prime games on GameCube and Wii U. I feel this is a better opportunity than ever to surprise us with a new chapter in the Metroid story for the Wii U in HD. I’m just afraid it is going to be Metroid Prime for 3DS or something.

  13. People really don’t want to accept it, right ? The series is done, over, finished, completed! There might be a game that plays similar but IT WILL NOT HAVE “Prime” IN ITS NAME!

    People hoping for a “Metroid Prime 4″ are as delusional as the Bayonetta 2 port beggers!

    1. Dumbass, did you forget about the Sylux cliffhanger ending in Prime 3 if you even played it at 100%? Prime 4 could be continuing the chronicles from that point with not only the MP: Hunters bounty hunters returning but Space Pirates may discover or create a new biological threat Samus must face after Phazon or try to recreate Phazon.

  14. Dont get too excited. Nintendo just had to do this to keep the trademark active. The first registration was in 2003 and you have to update it every 10 years.
    Quote from the united states patend and trademark office: ” The registrant must also file a Section 9 renewal application (Section 9 Renewal) within the year before the end of each successive 10-year period following the date of registration, or within a grace period of six months thereafter, with payment of an additional fee”.

    1. I’m sick of Geoff Keighley asking Reggie about Metroid Prime regarding Retro Studios. There’s still Donkey Kong Country coming out, Metorid will have it’s time.

    1. Yes for the name, no for the character artwork. The character artwork one of two things would happen if they didn’t renew the trademark. It would either fall back to the artist or it would fall back to the company as the holder, if the artist was on a Work for Hire Contract, that is atleast for US copyright law. I believe European Union was pretty similar. If you have more questions look up GAG or AIGA (, they know it back and forth.

      As far as the coding goes, I am not sure but its probably similar.

  15. Metroid Prime 4 needs to happen, it’s just too helpful a game for the Wii U’s lineup to ignore. I mean think about it, Metroid is one of the best games to appeal to hardcore gamers because of its genre (FPA, although in some sense you could consider it to be FPS), adding some much needed diversity to the lineup. Not only that, but I can think of some pretty interesting things that can be done with the Gamepad. It would be very good for visor control, they could easily map the Scan Visor or Command Visor to the Gamepad and they would actually add something to the gameplay (you’d be pressured to scan or guide your ship on the Gamepad while action is happening on the TV screen).

    So to summarize:

    -It’s not the same generic platformers Nintendo is known for.
    -It’s not the same kiddy games Nintendo is known for.
    -It appeals to hardcore gamers.
    -It’s the closest thing Nintendo has to a shooter right now, which is the most popular genre on the market.
    -It can do neat things with the Gamepad that actually prove its usefulness.

    I could see the game being the system seller the Wii U needs if everything else turns out okay.

    1. If Metroid Prime 4 is really happening and releases by next year Q4 2014, that would really help the Wii U like a lot. ^_^ I knew there would be a purpose for Retro’s second development team. Let’s cross our fingers and pray like hell for this to happen. It needs to happen to save the Wii U’s continuing negativity streak and shut them hating bastards up.

  16. Honestly, I would be more “surprised” and “excited” over anything but Metroid Prime.

    Don’t take this the wrong way – I loved Metroid Prime Trilogy. But it’s expected out of Retro Studios, like Donkey Kong Country, and thereby loses it’s “surprise” factor. Maybe they should take on another Nintendo IP or create a new IP.

      1. Well hey, in the mean time Varia Games is making a game similar aesthetically to the Metroid series called ReVeN. It’s core mechanics are that of Metroid but they decided to add some RPG elements to spruce up the game play! They have a website up if you wanted to learn more.

  17. So you guys thought Metroid was not coming to the Wii U? Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero are coming too, you know why?… BECAUSE IT’S NINTENDO!!!

  18. Excellent news…

    And to those who believes the next game would be called -Metroid Prime 4- might be deceiving themselves…

    It might be a sequel to Metroid Prime Corruption but it will certainly not be called -PRIME- in the title…

    1. I don’t think anyone asking for a Metroid Prime 4 cares that the title is Metroid Prime 4. They just want a new game with the same gameplay style.

  19. This is great in all but is SPD1 working on Metroid Dread for the 3ds b/c I haven’t heard from them since Game & Wario back in March.

  20. My opinion is that the “Prime” trademark being renewed is just being done so that in the future it could be put on the Virtual Console.

    Since the Prime series is done it doesn’t mean there won’t be sequels to the story, it just means they won’t be called Prime. I mean the can use so many other names like Metroid Omega, Metroid Alpha, Metroid Beta etc etc.

    But if you really want a hype train to get going in the Metroid community you truly only need one title: Metroid Dread !!

  21. I’m getting a little bit of sick of everything regarding MP and Retro.

    First off, the DK Tropical Freeze announcement at E3 2013, perhaps the biggest hype-related fail since Kaz Hirai’s “RIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACEEEEEERR…!!”. C’mon! Even Retro’s website had been giving pointless… hints? hope? by showing a panel entitled “The game everyone wants us to do!” among their list of games. And there’s no need to say that the former sentence has very little to do with gorillas and that you don’t have to be a trend analyst to know that. E3 news went down like a hammer for hundreds of fans who were expecting something BIG coming from ‘em, maybe even no MP but some Starfox/FZero/whatever, but no: it had to be that. A sequel to a game that had been released a couple of years before and that was enjoying a relaunch on 3DS.

    Then we have this other issue that no one seems to be giving a damn about. Why are THEY (and by “they” I specifically mean Retro) supposed to be developping the next Metroid? No: I’m not suggesting Sakamoto has to get rid of his co-creation to fulfill his nonsense scripting needs again, but put it this way: people are CLAIMING for another MP: Hunters. This is not my opinion or some invention of mine, you just gotta check out this blog’s comments, videogame sites/mags comments, YouTube comments, Miiverse comments… and, seriously, why not?

    It seems like everybody out there has completely forgotten Hunters was developed by the staff at Nintendo Software Technology (NST for short) in Redmond, not by Retro Studios, who only gave some eventual pieces of advice when needed (for example, character design). And there you have it: one of the best games on DS, and certainly the most accurate, best looking shooter on the platform. And some of the most entertaining online battles we’ve ever been into, as well.

    So, it doesn’t matter that MUCH if Retro are the ones behind a Metroid game or not. I’m an enthusiast of their work and I’ve really enjoyed their games, but that doesn’t mean we should be expecting them to create each and every Samus’ adventure from now on. Not only they might be tired of assuming the same role over and over again, as some of them have already stated, but a lot of staff who worked on the MP saga are no longer working for the company. Nope. This bad move comes from Nintendo for not having (at least not that we know) NST, TeamNinja or whoever working on a new title of the series more than a year after WiiU’s launch and with a great deal of fans making it clear that they are thirsty for more. More astonishing, immersive Metroid, not yet another platformer for the same console.

  22. I love the Metroid Prime Series but i would rather if Retro makes a Third Person Shooter of Metroid but hey at least it won’t be Metroid Other M and if Retro is working on the Donkey Kong Country Series they need to make Banjo Threeie and Conker’s Other Bad Fur Day

    1. Microsoft obtained Banjo Kazooie and Conker when they bought Rare, if you’re waiting for those games, check Xbox One (although I wouldn’t hold my breath). Donkey Kong stayed with Nintendo as part of the deal, that’s why Retro is the one making it.

  23. Egads, I totally didn’t expect this.

    I’m being totally serious here; I really didn’t think they’d have it in them.

    But renewing trademarks isn’t anything totally game-changing, so at the very least it’s a foreshadowing.

    1. I loved the Metroid Prime trilogy but I’m tired of FPS styled Metroid. Other M was great in how the game played & would have been even better if not for the fixed camera. If they do use first person again, I hope they use it in tandem with 3rd person. I loved the Scan Visor so first person relegated to the gamepad as the scan visor would be nice. Maybe to add some difficulty, we have to use the scan visor on a regular basis during boss fights or we lose track of it’s weak point.

  24. I feel like we may hear more about this at E3, now I don’t have proof, or any logical reasons other than this, and the Samus pin at the Spike’s trainwreck, but I’m counting on it being one of the last things to get shown alongside or before Zelda U

  25. If it weren’t for Miyamoto kílling Yokoi Metroid would be regulated to F-Zero. And since when has Metroid ever been a console seller? It barely manages to sell even in the states.

  26. There are only 3 metroid prime games, that were made by Retro.They are the best games i have ever played, and thats what fans are waiting for. To discontinue this series is a shame, but Metroid was always Nintendos least interest. No cubeversion, no N64version. (((

  27. …it absolutely matters what studio produces a game. Retro have the imagination, creativity and quality to make amazing games. DKC is proof. What happens, when series are taken over by other studios…well, Metroid otherM is what happens.

    We want a new Metroid Prime.

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