Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Has Been Delayed On Wii U

Ubisoft has announced today that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs has been delayed. The game is still coming out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC sometime between April and June 2014. It’s just the Wii U version that has been delayed until an unspecified date. Ubisoft didn’t reveal why the game has been delayed on the platform.

131 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Has Been Delayed On Wii U”

      1. I have a feeling that e3 well be a very big year, of course we well see lots of new indie games, and our first line look at the new Zelda, as well as the finished version of smash. But I have a feeling that we well see a lot more new games and possibly a star fox or metroid.
        we well most definitely see more of yarn yoshi and x. I would imagine X well be out this year as well.
        I think we may get a Nintendo direct late this month, early next month.

        1. Oh this is just the Nintendo cycle all over again. Fans expect great things from nintendo and then Nintendo presents 1 or 2 good things and the rest is banana iwata. No metroid or zelda being announced, maybe talked about a tiny bit to get your boners started but then it will slowly just go away.

    1. So they can delay Rayman for WiiU to support the other consoles, but they can’t delay Watch dogs for the other consoles to support the WiiU. Um..yeah, fuck that, I won’t spend my money on it, It’s not my cup of tea anyways, but I was going to buy it to try it out and support 3rd Party WiiU releases but I’m not going to bother with it anymore.

  1. Ubisoft seems to really enjoy slapping Wii U owners in the face, what with Rayman Legend getting delayed and now this.

    And I’m sure this delay will cause the Wii U version to make even less money now… Poor Wii U, you just can’t seem to catch a break.

      1. Uh…Activision, Capcom, Tecmo-Koei, Warner Bros(granted probably for not much longer) Monolift Soft, Slightly Mad Studios?

        Just to name a few.

    1. I can tell you the reason, 1) the Wii U is a different system type then Xbox 360,ps4,ps3, or Xbox one, it also has the game pad to worry about, which they said their giving special attention to.
      hopefully it well be worth it in the end.

      arnt we still waiting for ghost recon?

    2. And watch them piss on about how the WiiU version sales are low when it is gimped with no online, no dlc, ect on top of being released later than every other platform.

    1. Mario kart isbeing developed by a completely different studio and is being released in march. Watch dogs being delayed by mario kart is impossible.

      1. 1) Mariokart is releasing in May – it was revealed at the investor briefing
        2) Even though it is by a different developer, it still impacts sales. Wonder why Rayman did horrible in September? Might have heard of a indie title called “Grand Theft Auto” (joking on the indie part). Some developers take this into account, since it will jeopardize sales.
        3) since it’s that time frame (April-June), I imagine they were targeting May, which would overlap Mariokart, and going against a juggernaut title of that caliber would jeopardize sales of Watch_Dogs

        1. I see what you are trying to say but it doesn’t make sense from this standpoint. Ubisoft could have released Rayman Legends COMPLETELY unopposed by any major 1st-party Nintendo titles, and 3rd party titles on the Wii U and even any major 3rd party titles on the PS3 and 360. They chose to delay Rayman Legends (a FINISHED GAME) 7 months and then put it up against Grand Theft Auto V???????????

          Gee, I wonder why it didn’t sell?


          1. I think it had to be delayed due to the agreement with MS. MS is supposed to get titles FIRST or at the minimal on the same day as others. So since they added 360 support, it was required to pull the title and release it later. Had they not gone this route until it released, it would have been acceptable (I believe). It may still have been against MS policy if it was already out, not sure there.

            1. Rayman Legends was not designed for the 360. It was a Wii U exclusive that Ubisoft decided after it was all finished to PORT to the 360 and PS3. That is the problem and why everyone was in a uproar.

  2. always the same…
    after everybody has the game on ps3/4 one etc. the bring it on the U.
    a half year later… and then ubisoft says… the U version dont sell good.
    now we decided… no more games for the U.

  3. And that’s one of the reasons why 3rd party games don’t sell well on Nintendo consoles. You give us inferior versions of the games and you give them to us after it was released on other platforms. Do you people still consider Ubisoft WiiU’s biggest supporter? Biggest supporter my ass. Ubisoft is no better than the other 3rd party companies who don’t support the Wii U. Fuck you Ubisoft.

    1. Please. All 3rd parties are fucking selfish, manipulative bastards wanna to brainwash the masses of stupid people/gamers thinking graphics are everything about gaming except gaming experience itself.

      They’re all on a greedy vendetta against Nintendo for sure and wanted to kill the company for obviously beyond retarded reasons, always regarding money by persuading the market to fall for pretty pixels and hardware that’s no better than a 2006 laptop.

      That’s why I’m never falling for their weak BS and wasting my money for their lazy, greedy asses to continue this blind trend just to destroy Nintendo’s reputation.

      1. Sad part is that they CAN’T kill Nintendo. Nintendo can’t even kill itself. If Nintendo wanted to they could buy every one of these clown 3rd parties and still have money to burn. That’s why they are so jealous. No matter how bad things are going, Nintendo makes profit.

    2. At least ubisoft is still supporting the wii u. Not like activision or EA. EA said nintendo wasn’t dead to them but where are the games?! Anyways, I’m sure the wii u version is being delayed for good reasons and wii u owners will probably be rewarded with exclusive content for their patience.

      1. lol And what we were rewarded with when Splinter Cell Blacklist got gimped and waited more than 9 months for an already completed version of Rayman Legends over some fucking superstition from Ubisoft of Wii U getting lesser sales that got proven wrong?

    3. Activision is Nintendo’s biggest 3rd party supporter. Skylanders is the main reason and probably the reason why Nintendo has not released any similar 1st party games using NFC. If they did that it would bring in tons of cash to Nintendo, but would eliminate any reason for Activision to stick around. So it is a catch-22.

      1. No its not. None of these bastards are serious supporters. Activision lied about Wii U COD DLCs twice and not porting Destiny I bet. Ubisoft screwed Wii U too many times with BS excuses of delaying and gimping their games and EA..well, fuck EA and its royal butthurt ass over Origin being denied.

        Pretty much all of the major 3rd parties are greedy liars and traitors of Nintendo’s business.

        1. I’m not discounting that. I’m just saying that Activision is Nintendo biggest support “right now” because of Skylanders. But like I said, once or if the bottom falls out on that then Activision will go bye-bye too.

          If it hasn’t already began, Iwata needs to start merging and acquiring studios RIGHT NOW.

  4. Watch. Its gonna be cancelled for no fucking reason when we all saw the version running just fine and then Ubisoft will start a real shitstorm for Nintendo fans. People (or mostly idiots) may have forgiven them for pointlessly delaying Rayman for some “Multiplat = better money sales than Wii U” hypothesis which was proven dead wrong and forgiven Splinter Cell being gimped but this time there’s no fucking excuse in the world that’s gonna save their ass from pulling off one more big mistake on porting Watchdogs. This is last chance for redemption for Nintendo gamers and they’re getting close to fucking it up for the last time.

  5. This pisses me off. Dont even release it then cause im sure many people have the ps3 and 360 so whats the point of waiting for the port to come out all late.

  6. The delay does meam they can potentially spend more time giving the Wii U version unique Gamepad features, but c’mon, it’s not likely. And even if they did do tjat, by the time the game is released, most people who were interested in it probably will have already bought it for another console. By delaying the game, Ubisoft has effectively slashed the amount of sales the Wii U version will have…and that sucks. Here’s hoping they don’t just cancel the damned thing altogether. -_-

  7. Concordo com o amigo q disse q a razão do adiamento seja o Mario kart 8, com certeza o lançamento de wach dogs seria ofuscado por MK8.

    Estratégias de Marketing. …

  8. Guys you should calm down.

    Remember what happened when a something is done under time constraints? Sonic ’06? Launch titles? Anyone ?

    You should also remember that Ubisoft fears direct competition hence the original delay (GTA V Anybody ?) what do you think Wii U (only) people will pick up in May ? Mario Kart 8 or Watchdogs….

    1. I for one will play this game on PC and I AM GOING TO “double dip” if this isn’t another Assassin’s Creed IV situation where talk about stable framerates and visual improvements were just lies. That’s why I won’t get the game until July or so when framerate tests and both versions are out for some time.

      1. Good man. I do what I can for third parties on Wii U and I’ve built a decent library so far. Of the twelve U games I own, only 4 are first party. The sad part is the big third party titles I own receive no dlc or love after release. That’s why I’m “double dipping” on Steam. Thank God for super cheap Steam sales.

  9. Sigh, what’s the difference between third parties and indies…why do indies care about the WiiU and third parties not? Well, I suppose most big Pubs are already losing enough cash because of the unsustainable AAA business model…

    1. Ubisoft delaying Wii U Rayman Legends cost the Wii U most of its chance to gain so much early momentum and as for EA deciding to hold off its original Wii U launch games, because Nintendo simply denied Origin (EA’s spyware service), who fucking cares about the greediest and shittiest gaming company on earth?

      1. Yeah, Ubisoft had Rayman in the Kiosk of the Wii U, cause it was a Wii U exclusive. They pushed it back taking all the free advertisements that Nintendo was paying for. It also gave the air of lack of confidence in the Wii U, cause Ubisoft was suppose to be a big supporter. And left a big hole in the release schedule. Then it was Splinter Cell which was suppose to have cool extras but was giving to the the new studio in Shanghai, which is a c-grade studio.
        Nintendo is like Charlie Brown and Ubisoft is Lucie with the Football.

  10. At the end of this year we will ask: “Hey Ubisoft, where is Watch Dogs for WiiU?” And they will answer: “What? Did we even announced it for that platform?”

      1. You’re right, that’s not funny! If they delay it about 1 or 2 weeks (HIGHLY unlikley) I will still buy it, but it seems like Ubisoft wants to kiss my ass, by delaying the game for months or cancelling it altogether!

  11. Everybody to the Ubisoft facebook and twitter pages to complain that wii u version gets delayed. What happened to their release the game on all platforms at once that they told us was the reason for Rayman legends getting delayed.

    1. I heard that some of the workers involved with making rayman legends were also angry that the game got delayed. To me it looks like the game was pretty much finished, they delayed it to maximize sales with a multiplatform release while not giving a shit about whether or not the Wii U version sold well. The worst part is that it ended up selling as bad as the other versions.

      1. That was their own fault for many reasons. Delaying the game and also launched it at a very bad timing (near GTA5) but Wii U version still sold the most.

        Ubisoft has already gone retarded.

  12. LMFAO So the Wii U version has been delayed?Ubisoft are treating Nintendo like crap, first Rayman Legends and now Watch Dogs.
    By the time it is released for the Wii U consumer interest would have gone.
    Why don’t they just say it is cancelled?instead of talking utter crap?
    They NEVER wanted to release it on the Wii U to begin with, and Nintendo are just as bad for even allowing them to be a third party after what they did with Rayman!!
    Nintendo need to fook them off as this is getting a disgrace!!
    It is like ALL third party want the Wii U to fail, by delaying or cancelling games.

    1. Don’t worry Xbot…

      Our empire will crush and annihilate our enemies just as we did back in the Golden Age when the Atarians fell and we took over as the dominant power!

  13. Watch Dogs is already coming to the last gen PS3 and Xbox 360 so why in the hell are the developers missing the game on the Wii U which has similar tech?
    It really is a pathetic excuse as it should have been easy to port from PS3 to Wii U no problem.
    The REAL truth is that Ubisoft have ZERO faith in the Wii U and are just putting the game on the systems that have sold millions.
    The Wii U has sold 2 Million more than the Xbox One but Ubisoft are delaying the U version?
    This is a big F U to Nintendo and if Iwata had any balls he would stop Ubisoft being a Nintendo 3rd party!!

  14. dear god. for the third party that’s most supportive of the Wii U, they sure don’t seem to be putting their heart into it.

    first with rayman legends
    “here’s an exclusive game! except now that it’s finished we have to work on ports for other systems so it’ll be a delay that only affects you!”

    and now with watch dogs
    “okay okay stop your constant complaining, we’ll confirm watch dogs so you’ll shut up and stop thinking we hate you… except now we’re delaying it only for your system so it’s another delay that only affects you!”

  15. Damn. Watch_Dogs was among the few multiplats I’m interested in. I’ll probably still buy it for Wii U when & if it does release, but I’m probably in the minority. If Slightly Mad Studios can deliver Project CARS on time, but a big publisher can’t do the same for a big title, then the delay of Watch_Dogs is just further proof the video games industry is in a sorry state. I mean, the GCN & Wii had great 3rd party games, many published by Ubisoft & they weren’t multiplat. A biased delay certainly doesn’t bode well for what might be the start of a new franchise. & it could’ve filled that ‘GTA’ void that some cared enough to notice.

    I wish Ubisoft—who claims they still support Nintendo—would prove it & develop another entry in their Nintendo-exclusive franchise Red Steel. They made significant improvements w/ 2, & if that continued into 3, then Nintendo would host a stellar FPS that actually suited them. I really wish they’d resurrect Buck Bumble for the Wii U. Then again, I’d be happy if the Wii U was the exclusive home to 8th gen Prince of Persia games, even if that means no more Assassin’s Creed (inferior imo anyway). Ubisoft would spend less on graphics & overall resources compared to what they’d have to spend when working for the twins.

    What happened to my beloved industry?! So many franchise & potential… *poof* gone, immolated in Multiplat Hel.

    1. (In case this isn’t a joke.) You mean Aliens: Colonial Marines? Yes. It was delayed… but eventually canceled for Wii U when it was nearing completion. Sure the game had a shitty start cuz of the lieing first trailer, but it still could have sold some even if it was just a low number. In fact, a limited release would have been a safe way to sell at least some copies without blowing too much money on a game that probably wouldn’t sell more than 500k-1m, anyway, by making over 1m copies for retail. Or it could have been a download game only. That definitely would have kept them from wasting money on making a lot of doomed retail copies. (And I really was going to buy that game because I’m big enough of an Aliens fan to dip for a game that might have sucked.)

  16. Well I guess I’ll wait and see what others have to say about the game and base my purchase on that. I was planning on getting this release date but this, sort of, helps me out in terms of saving/wasting money.

  17. Lets just pray that this is to add some extra features with the gamepad, I mean they could do something really interesting with it

  18. I cant see it being cancelled.
    Its been available for rewards and such on Uplay for quite some time now.
    The amount of people it would piss off if it did get cancelled..well damn I like to not think about that

  19. February 8, 2014 at 7:25 am

    Their investor’s meeting is Feb 10th … very soon … so, wait for it! … Nintendo doesn’t even mention which eShop games are coming until day-of … they’re pretty good at actioning change, corrections, announcements up to the last minute … remember, Ubisoft is a regular e3 attendee … they know when to speak and when to keep their mouths shut.


    that’s right, i predicted that 2 days ago … and guess what? … i predict furthermore that it’s canceled still!!! … they’re having difficulties porting it and don’t know what to do … it’s being shelved and it will collect dust.

  20. Im gonna get this on WiiU if it even comes, anyway this game wont sell good on WiiU, they delay this game so many people give their attention to other version, secondly they probably wont even promote that its avalaible on WiiU i mean seriously everytime theres multiplatform title that is on WiiU its always the same that you dont see WiiU version on ads, thirdly WiiU install base is small put all these things together and its not a suprise that it wont sell. I hope im wrong though. Nintendo just needs to put all their devs on hard work and put game after another out on WiiU, third parties dont deliver on Nintendo systems, thats why Nintendo needs more devs like Retro,oldRare,MonolithSoft etc. They need to acquire more good devs.

  21. They will most definitely cancel the Wii U version. Could be that they want to see if the Wii U will pick after the release of Mario Kart 8. But we all know how that will turn out…

    The Wii U will probably keep selling around 30-60k on it’s whole lifespan.

    1. well i wouldn’t bet on it.. this may sound like a very dead horse but mario kart was actually the top seller on the wii with approximately 35 million copies sold

      it will definitely sell consoles, the question is: how many

  22. Wtf man. So sick of these games getting canceled. I’ve been looking forward to getting this game for my Wii u since it was announced.

  23. On the other hand this could easily be remedied by Nintendo. They truly don’t seem to care about 3rd party supporters. Help them out maybe. Throw some money at them. It could have been a mutual agreement though that ubisoft wanted to boost sales by avoiding Mario Karts release. Either way ubisoft kind of sucks as of late. I find their games to be very unpolished and glitchy. I liked assassins creed 4 a lot but when I really came down to it I couldn’t get past the on foot combat. It was sloppy, uncoordinated and rittled with glitches. I don’t remember AC1-2 being like this. Only 3-4. Also splinter cell was a joke. The textures were so muddy and ugly I just took it back to the store and exchanged it for something else. Ubisoft, finish your games, respect the nintendo community, and maybe just maybe we’ll invest our hard earned money. You fucked us on Rayman that would have sold like hot cakes had you not broken exclusivity. And AC Had a crap frame rate on Wii u even more so then the other consoles. Turning into EA is never a good thing. Accept your faults and work harder to correct them.

    1. throwing money at someone doesn’t help… even ubisoft has limited resources.. you can’t just hire a huge team of developers at a whim for a single project..
      that needs some better planning

  24. If the game is delayed to make it better then I am all for it, otherwise this is just the most stupidest thing I have actually known Ubisoft to do.

    I don’t see why we should have to wait for a game this good. It’s like they want the game to fail on the console and not make any money on it.

    1. Ah, here is the reason:

      “We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team’s resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft”.

      So I shall re-word this: “We wanted to concentrate on the X1 and PS4 versions to make them look really nice and good to look at. With Wii U we’re going to stop working on it for now, release it unfinished and make it so buggy no one plays it”.

      1. that’s probably fairly close to the truth…

        do i even have to mention that, should they ever even release the game on wii u, they’ll later complain that it didn’t sell well and act all surprised?

        1. That sounds about right. I might not even bother with Watch_Dogs now. I’ll just wait & see how well it sells it’s first 2 weeks on Wii U… if it doesn’t get canned like Aliens: Colonial Marines did. (Alien fan so I was going to buy that game for Wii U regardless of the bad publicity.)

    2. oh delaying rayman legends is a pretty tough contestant for the number one spot on the “stupid things to do” list..

      right in the middle of some major game releases in fall

      result -> didn’t sell

  25. What was suppose to be a day 1 buy is nowa never u mind. And infact what is that side scroller rpg child of light by ubi art… well forget that too. Infact Just as I have done with ANY EA game Ubi is now on my boycott list. EFF UBISOFT.

    1. they stated the reason: it’s not so they can optimize it for the wii u it’s so they can focus their efforts on where “they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft”

      basically wii u owners have been declared 2nd class customers where ubisofts products are concerned

  26. They are probably waiting to see how many people buy mario kart to see if a good game comes out people will buy the wii u. If mario kart doesn’t get good sales they will probably cancel it.

  27. you have GOT to be kidding me

    i’ll bet in the end they’ll complain again that the game didn’t sell on the wii u

    how could it when people don’t want to wait for several more weeks… if it comes at all.. who knows, they might end up cancelling it altogether

    in that case that will have been the last ubisoft game i ever considered buying

    even if that doesn’t happen: really bad form from ubisoft, i don’t like being sold for an idiot like that

  28. lets look at it like this, it gives us time to recoup our money from buying mk8 and games coming out during the summer and gives ubisoft tine to polish the game for wii u and fixing any kinks. either way i can wait

    1. they already said it’s not so they can polish the wii u version it’s actually so they can further polish the *other* versions

      so much for that

  29. I will never buy a video game UbiLOL more!
    for any gaming platform! Forever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for my bad english!

  30. Oh look! It’s Rayman Legends all over again! Only this time, we WON’T get the game the same time the other systems do. If it doesn’t get canceled altogether. *just has to wait & see*

  31. Cancel this stupid game, I don’t give a fuck! I have a PC where I can get these kind of “mature games for insecure man bros that makes them feel manly and mature”, I have my Nintendo consoles for Nintendo exclusives that aren’t half-assed, aren’t released with glitches, they do put DLC and GOOD DLC! And they are quality games, no matter if they are mature or for everybody!

    1. god for you, but what is with does who havent a pc or 2 consoles…
      just have the money for one…?
      exacly that is the reason why the U fails.
      wgen i must decide sony or nintendo.
      i would leave mi first love (zelda, Star Fox, metroid) and go to sony (quantic dreams, team ico, naughty doc, Metal Gear, GTA, etc. ) there is more and stranger ips.
      you must know i dobt like mario games (only mario galaxy)

      1. So you’d leave your first love that is good to you for the girl that is prettier & stranger than her that would screw you over when something better comes along? You… sound like a shallow, idiotic person. A pity…

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