Japan: Wii U Sells 18K And Nintendo 3DS Sells 51K

This week’s Japanese software and hardware sales figures are now in thanks to Media Create. The recently released Hyrule Warriors entered the Japanese all-formats chart at number two and has subsequently boosted Wii U hardware sales this week. The Wii U sold 18K compared to the previous week when it only sold 13K. The Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita remain on top once again.

  1. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level-5, 07/10/14) – 118,526 (2,212,518)
  2. [Wii U] Hyrule Warriors (Koei Tecmo, 08/14/14) – 69,090 (New)
  3. [3DS] Yoshi’s New Island (Nintendo, 07/24/14) – 29,933 (144,162)
  4. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 28,221 (627,635)
  5. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 (Bandai Namco, 08/07/14) – 27,273 (108,857)
  6. [PSV] Monster Hunter Frontier G Beginners Package (Capcom, 08/13/14) – 21,169 (New)
  7. [PS3] Ultra Street Fighter IV (Capcom, 08/07/14) – 11,604 (53,931)
  8. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 10,879 (138,721)
  9. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 10,420 (1,245,042)
  10. [3DS] Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (Marvelous, 08/07/14) – 9,624 (56,119)
  11. [3DS] Pokemon Art Academy (Nintendo, 06/19/14) – 6,644 (91,232)
  12. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V Low Price Version (06/26/14) – 6,286 (45,283)
  13. [3DS] Pokemon X / Y (Pokemon, 10/12/13) – 6,053 (4,127,888)
  14. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 12/01/11) – 5,535 (2,368,112)
  15. [3DS] Mario Party: Island Tour (Nintendo, 03/20/14) – 4,728 (423,075)
  16. [3DS] Gundam Try Age SP (Bandai Namco, 07/17/14) – 4,705 (41,748)
  17. [PSV] Freedom Wars (SCEJ, 06/26/14) – 4,542 (280,209)
  18. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 4,447 (3,774,698)
  19. [PSV] Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Bandai Namco, 04/24/14) – 3,984 (238,539)
  20. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom, 09/14/13) – 3,796 (3,327,503)


  • 3DS LL – 42,365 (33,172)
  • PlayStation Vita – 20,825 (17,084)
  • Wii U – 18,161 (13,598)
  • 3DS – 9,429 (7,873)
  • PlayStation 4 – 6,913 (5,470)
  • PlayStation 3 – 6,260 (6,486)
  • PlayStation Vita TV – 1,491 (1,344)
  • PSP – 416 (301)
  • Xbox 360 – 160 (151)





Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Channel Imminent And Allows For Region Free Gaming

Smealum, the renowned French coder, has announced that a Homebrew Channel for the Nintendo 3DS is coming very soon. The new Homebrew Channel will work on current Nintendo 3DS firmware versions and should also allow you to play games from any region. However, you can’t run commercial or pirated 3DS ROMS.

  • It works on the latest 3DS firmware, unlike previous hacks that require outdated versions from a year and a half ago
  • This will not load commercial or pirated 3DS ROMs, only homebrew apps and games (though it will be able to run emulators like this SNES one for 3DS)
  • It will support North American, European, and Japanese systems
  • While Smealum hasn’t implemented region unlocking yet, he says “playing games from other region[s] should almost definitely be possible”
  • Presumably you’ll need a homebrew device to patch your system once Smealum releases the hack.

Nintendo Says There’s Mysterious Travelers Now Hidden In Wii Street U


Nintendo employee Toshiaki Suzuki has informed visitors of Nintendo’s social network Miiverse that there are mysterious travellers scattered around Wii Street U. Suzuki says that you can use the hints in the above image by using the Record button to find them.

Hello, this is Toshiaki Suzuki from Nintendo. We’ve confirmed that there are new mysterious travelers hidden in Wii Street U! Use the hints below by utilizing the Records button to find them!


Thorium Wars: Attack Of The Skyfighter Launches August 28 For 3DS eShop

Big John Games is gearing up to release its air fighter title, Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter, on the 3DS eShop next week. Arriving only in North America for the moment, while details of the European release are marked out, the sequel to the 2009 DSiWare title will bring players back into the Thorion war and feature a choice of three Skyfighter air crafts to pilot in a heated battle to save humanity.

Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter will also introduce players to three difficulty settings before taking on a mission, as well as numerous opportunities to earn combat medals in levels. There’s also a special boost manoeuvre enabling accurate dodging and an all-new charged shot mode for when players find themselves in a sticky situation.

Developed by 3PM Games, the sequel will arrive on the 3DS eShop on August 28 for North America, priced at $7.99. Check out the trailer above to see some of the air combat in action.


Bandai Namco Reveals Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin For Japanese 3DS

Bandai Namco has announced a new Japanese 3DS game based on the Seven Deadly Sins manga. Revealed in this week’s Famitsu magazine, the Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin is an action adventure game and stars characters such as Gowther, Hawk, King, Ban, Diane, Elizabeth and Melodias – all familiar to fans of the manga series.

The title will reportedly feature a number of quests found at the in-game tavern, where players will then be able to train or strengthen their characters for subsequent battles. Fans will be pleased areas such as Baste Dungeon, Lyonesse Vicinity, and Dalmally Village will also make an appearance.

Though the 3DS game is yet to receive a release date, development is roughly 40 per cent complete. An animated series based on the manga will begin airing on October 5 – make sure you check out the teaser trailer above, which gives a few scant details on both the series and the game.


First 4 Figures Has An Adorable Sword Kirby Up For Purchase

sword_kirby_figurineFirst 4 Figures has added a new figurine to its growing Nintendo line-up. Revealed by the company yesterday, Sword Kirby is the first in a colourful, dreamy collection of the Kirby series. Standing at just 16 inches, the pink puffball will set you back a chunk of hard-earned coins, priced at $239.99 (roughly £144 or €180). But because he’s so adorable in his green and yellow hat and LED sword, you’ll soon forgive his makers for setting such a meaty price.

Made from polystone resin, the same material used to make the wonderful Princess Zelda figurine, Sword Kirby arrives with a Cookie Country level-designed base hailing from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land on the Nintendo Wii, plus he comes with an authenticity card, numbered base, and full coloured packaging.

Sword Kirby will come in two exclusive forms at First 4 Figures. The special LED sword edition is limited to 850 pieces worldwide, and is priced at the aforementioned $239.99. While the standard edition – having no LED light in the sword – is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, and priced at the lower $219.99. Both can be pre-ordered at the official First 4 Figures site, here.