Nintendo UK Advise Super Mario Box Order Delays

We posted earlier last month about the Super Mario Box being available to pre-order on the Nintendo UK store. The box includes a Mario Classic Colours amiibo, a retro Mario T-Shirt, an 8 Bit Mario Soft Toy and a Mario Hat. The official release date for this box was today,  however Nintendo has been emailing some of their customers advising that their box will be delayed, and they will now receive it before October 23rd.

“Dear *****,

Thank you for pre-ordering the Super Mario Box (Limited Edition) with the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Regrettably there has been a delay in the dispatch of this product which unfortunately means your order will not be arriving today.

We are expecting this item to be delivered to you by Friday 23rd October 2015.

Should you wish to contact us about your order, please feel free to contact a member of our support team via your account.

Kind Regards,
Nintendo Official UK Store”

This may have been down to demand for the item, however Nintendo has not disclosed a reason in the email. Let us know if you have received a similar communication.

SNES-Inspired Title Lumo Aiming For Wii U Release

Not many people have heard of the upcoming indie title, Lumo. Developed solely by seasoned professional Gareth Noyce, the isometric puzzle game is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux in 2016. While the list presently excludes Nintendo platforms, Noyce isn’t stopping from pursuing a Wii U release. In a Twitter conversation today, Noyce addressed rumors saying he is “100% trying to make it happen”:

Lumo is inspired by SNES game Equinox, which was also an isometric puzzle title. For a better idea of what Lumo constitutes, check out the video below. Would you want Lumo on Wii U?

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Gravity Falls: Legend Of The Gnome Gemulets 3DS Release Date Revealed

Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets for Nintendo 3DS has been known about for some time, though eagerly waiting fans had only a speculative Amazon estimate for release. However, today developer Ubisoft announced the game would be released on October 20th in North America and October 23rd in Europe. The game is based on the cult-classic TV show from the Disney Big Grin channel. Check out the teaser below for more information:


Splatoon System Bans Being Given To Hackers

You may have noticed an increasing number of news reports detailing Splatoon hacks on the internet. Nintendo is clearly aware of the situation and has started handing out system bans to the perpetrators. If you weren’t aware of the situation, hackers had gained access to a number of unreleased character models and weapons and were also causing save file deletions. This has now been stamped out by the Kyoto based company.

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Video: Chibi Robo! Zip Lash First 2 Hours

Those of you in the United States will be able to get your hands on Chibi Robo! Zip Lash starting today. If you are on the fence about the game, or you are just interested to see how it plays, Tilmen has uploaded a video of the first two hours of the charming 2D platformer. Chibi Robo! Zip Lash reviews have already started to roll out and the delightful title has an average Metascore of 66.

Nintendo Dominates Japanese Video Game Market Share

If you read our Media Create sales charts which are published every week you will know that Nintendo titles have traditionally been doing particularly well in Japan. Figures published by Dengeki Online for the first half of the financial year show just how much of a lead Nintendo has over its competitors. Nintendo has established a 32.1% lead with its closest competitor being Level 5, who are the brains behind the incredibly successful Yo-Kai Watch franchise.

1. Nintendo – 32,1%
2. Level 5 – 11,9%
3. Square Enix – 11%
4. Bandai Namco – 10,7%
5. Konami – 5,3%
6. Capcom – 4,9%
7. Sony Computer Entertainment – 3,1%
8. GunHo – 2,3%
9. Spike Chunsoft – 1,8%
10. Marvelous – 1,5%

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Play Asia: Animal Crossing Vol. 2 Amiibo Card Packs Buy 4 & Get 1 Free


If you have been hunting down Animal Crossing amiibo cards then you may want to take a look on Play Asia. The website is currently running a special offer on Animal Crossing Vol. 2 amiibo Card Packs. The latest deal is buy four packs and get an additional pack for free. You certainly can’t grumble at that!

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