Twitch Bans Adults Only Games

Popular video game streaming service Twitch has announced today that it is taking measures to ban games that are rated as Adult Only. This shouldn’t affect the vast majority of games on Nintendo platforms, but it’s an interesting move by the streaming company. Games that will be banned include Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Manhunt 2 and any other title that has received an AO rating by the ESRB. Twitch also confirmed that the bans will only apply to AO games in the United States.

“Previously, we made game-specific decisions about which games would and would not be available for broadcast – sometimes due to overtly sexual content, sometimes due to Gratuitous Violence.”

“If the game is AO in the US, then it is not allowed. If the game is not AO in the US, but has a different rating abroad, like The Witcher 3, it is permitted.”


Couple In Pennsylvania Holds A Zelda-Themed Wedding At GameStop

A couple in Pennsylvania had a Legend of Zelda-themed wedding this past Sunday, May 24, at a local GameStop, where they first met. As you would guess, the bride wore a dress inspired by Princess Zelda and the groom donned a Link outfit – complete with a hat, belt and brown boots. After getting married, the couple stayed in the video game store for a bit longer to play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Their wedding was widely covered by multiple media outlets via television broadcasts and online publications.

Nintendo’s Most Powerful Character Ever Is… Luigi?!

Yes, you heard right! The famous ‘other’ brother has had a reputation for lurking in the shadow of Mario’s fame, but he’s certainly emerged from the darkness in recent years. As a matter of fact, Luigi has been making quite the name for himself; amongst the plethora of death stare memes, auto-wins in Mario Party 9, and “wee-gee time!” quotes, Luigi has uncovered a new calling as Nintendo’s most powerful character. Ever.

How powerful, you may ask? Enough to beat any Level-9 computer-controlled enemy in Smash Bros for Wii U — without doing a thing. YouTube channel Omega Tyrant has uploaded a 20 minute video showcasing a string of wins by Luigi, who stands absolutely still in each match. Of course, these are all staged, but the amusement factor is undeniable. It almost makes Smash Bros’ AI appear as if it needs some tweaking!

Thanks, Josh S

Pokemon Shuffle Has Reached 4 Million Downloads On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo will certainly be pleased as today the company announced that Pokemon Shuffle, the downloadable game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop, has reached a staggering four million downloads. This means that the game has seen three million downloads in the last three months. That’s not bad going at all. To celebrate Nintendo has revealed that a new special Mythical Shaymin stage will be added to celebrate the occasion. It will be available from now until June 15th. The Kyoto based company has plans to add more additional stages to the game.

CEO Tournament Has Big Upcoming News For Smash Bros

Community Effort Orlando, also known as CEO, is a relatively new Fighting game tournament based in Orlando, Florida. Each year, CEO releases a trailer revealing which games challengers can choose to compete in. Curiously, Super Smash Bros on the Wii U was absent from this year’s trailer, leaving many fans worried. However, according to the CEO Twitter account, the annual tournament has “something big coming to #CEO2015. Next Trailer.”

Most fans are already aware of Nintendo’s plans to release new characters via DLC, so it appears as though anything is possible at this point! Any news is good news to us, especially when it concerns Smash Bros! What ‘big’ news do you think CEO is planning to unveil with their next trailer?

Thanks, Josh S

Bravely Second Has Been Trademarked In Europe By Square Enix

We kinda already knew it was coming thanks to hints yesterday from Bravely Default producer, Tomoya Asano, but it now seems certain that Bravely Second will be coming to Europe. Developer and publisher Square Enix has trademarked Bravely Second in Europe which pretty much confirms it is coming to the west. Bravely Second is likely to be showcased at Square Enix or Nintendo’s Digital Event, both of which take place on June 16th.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6