Nintendo Of America’s Facebook Page Says Splatoon Due Out ‘Summer 2015′

Update: Well, that was fast. Nintendo of America has changed the date in their Facebook status to May 2015.

This could be absolutely nothing, but the Nintendo of America Facebook page is currently stating that Splatoon is coming this summer. The European leaked listing has the game down for May 29th and the official strategy guide for the game on Amazon US has it down for May 31st. June is technically the start of summer, but May 29th is basically borderline on it. Let’s hope we get a Nintendo Direct soon to clear up any confusion regarding the release date for the highly anticipated game.

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Bandai Namco Says There Will Be “Massive Surprises” For Tales’ 20th Anniversary

We haven’t had a Tales’ game on a Nintendo platform in the west since Tales of the Abyss on the Nintendo 3DS, but let’s hope that will change. Bandai Namco announced today that there will be “massive surprises” in store for Tales fans as the series reaches its 20th anniversary. Who knows what’s going to be announced? But it sure would be nice to have a new game on Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.

An anniversary won’t be complete without massive surprises… Stay tuned for amazing news over the upcoming months!

Individual Super Mario Series Mario Amiibo Will Be Released On April 3rd In The US

Nintendo of America has just tweeted that the lovely Super Mario Bros collection Mario amiibo will be released next month in the United States. In Europe consumers were able to purchase the figure individually, whereas in the United States it was only available in a bundle with Mario Party 10. It doesn’t sound as though this particular amiibo will be retailer specific, which is good news.

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Here’s The First Print Bonuses For Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold In North America


We now know what you’ll get if you pre-order the first print version of Etrian Odyssey 2: Untold in North America and there’s some rather nice goodies. You will get the official staff book which includes 22 pages of gorgeous art, plus you will get the Fafnir Knight rough sketch soundtrack by series composer, Yuzo Koshiro. Here’s all the details you need to know.

The Official Staff Book — 22 pages of art, including early drafts of character concepts, introductions to the characters, with both explanations of their individual back stories as well as developer insight to the character creation process, and QR Codes that will unlock some beginner-friendly Grimoire Stones.

The Fafnir Knight Rough Sketch Soundtrack — CD soundtrack of early verions of the EO2U music by series composer, Yuzo Koshiro. It also has a brief foreword by both Koshiro and EO2U director Shigeo Komori. The CD packaging also has an EO2U mini-comic.

Both those items and the game will come in a collectible outer box.

Nintendo President Says The Company Wasn’t Cornered Into Smartphone Backtrack

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has gone on record to say that the company wasn’t cornered when it decided to branch out to smartphone and tablet development. Many were surprised when Iwata announced that it had teamed up with DeNA to bring its iconic franchises to smartphones and tablets. Iwata says that this wasn’t because they had run out of options, rather its the result of a changing world regarding how people consume video games.

“A variety of media have written that Nintendo is cornered a number of times, but I do not think we were cornered at all,” he argued. “Needless to say, we are also aware that unless a company can deal with the rapidly changing world, it will face decline. But I would like to emphasise here that our alliance [with DeNA] is not the result of a lack of better options for a cornered company.

“When I first met with [DeNA president and CEO] Mr Moriyasu I started to wonder if there was anything we could work on together. After that, the more we discussed, the more I realized that DeNA knew so many things that Nintendo did not. Mr Moriyasu even said that DeNA did not mind remaining in the background as long as it could collaborate with Nintendo, and I came to realize that this could be a very productive opportunity as in comparison to what Nintendo might have been able to achieve by itself.

“This is why I just said that this is not a decision made out of a lack of options. In fact, Nintendo has received a number of proposals from a variety of companies. Among them, Nintendo has proactively chosen DeNA.”

“We have finally found a clear way to achieve a win-win relationship both for the dedicated video game and smart device businesses by deploying Nintendo IP raised in dedicated video game systems to smart devices,” Iwata said, implying that a smartphone strategy was previously rejected only because Nintendo was yet to identify a satisfactory solution.

“Another thing is collaborating with a powerful partner, DeNA. Instead of one company having to do everything, this partnership will enable us to not assign an excessive number of development staff to areas where weaknesses exist, and as a result will help us avoid disturbances to our software development for dedicated video game systems. We have found an answer to creating an advantageous situation for both sides by letting more people know about Nintendo IP and bridging the gap between these two platforms.

“You mentioned that what I explained today sounded different from what we have said in the past. Please understand that I had been hoping to come up with this sort of solution and that I was finally able to talk about the whole picture today, because various prospects we had been considering and working on have come together as we had hoped, so I personally feel very comfortable today.

“As for your criticism that the decision is late, I think that whether it is late or not will be decided by what we produce in the coming years, and it could rather be described as the best timing. My personal view is that the time is ripe as many factors like various encounters with people, the ways our internal discussions have progressed and the ideas we have generated through that process occurred simultaneously. We will do our best to prove that our decision was made at the right time.”

The Call Of Duty Series Has Sold Over 175 Million Units Which Is Around One Copy Every Two Seconds


We all know just how popular the Call of Duty series has been. Analysts have said that sales have recently been on the decline, but there’s still no denying it’s an incredibly popular series worldwide. Activision has announced that the Call of Duty franchise has sold over 175 million units which equates to around one copy sold every two seconds. You really can’t argue with that.

Has Reddit Leaked Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D For Nintendo 3DS?


Well, this is certainly interesting. A Reddit user has posted a teaser video for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. The video has now been taken down but that hasn’t stopped people from posting some gifs from the aforementioned video. Who knows? It does look fairly believable, but I guess we won’t know for sure until the next Nintendo Direct. Then again, that Rayman leak for Super Smash Bros looked pretty believable and we know that was faked.