Best Buy Has Buy Two And Get One Free Pre-Owned Sale

Looking to nab yourself some more bargains this week? Well you might want to consider purchasing some pre-owned titles at Best Buy. The US retail is currently running a buy two and get one free promotional offer on its large range of pre-owned titles. Be sure to check out the games on offer, right here.

SteamWorld Heist Will Feature Original Music From San Diego Band Steam Powered Giraffe

SteamWorld Dig developer Image and Form has shared some exciting steampunk news today for fans of the upcoming robot-driven game, SteamWorld Heist. Confirmed through the developer’s official blog, original music from the San-Diego formed band Steam Powered Giraffe will feature within the turn-based survival game. The quirky three-piece will not only be working on the in-game music and soundtrack, but will also crop up within the game as characters too.

You can see a sneak peek of SteamWorld Heist gameplay, along with the “Prepare for Boarding” song featuring the band, in the video embedded above. SteamWorld Heist is still on track for a Spring 2015 release on both Wii U and 3DS. Lead band member David Michael “The Spine” Bennett said on behalf of the collaboration:

“When asked if we would like to collaborate with Image and Form on their next SteamWorld game we immediately said yes! We loved SteamWorld Dig, and a steam powered robot band making music for a steam powered robot game? Count us in! We thought it was a match made in heaven and we’ve always wanted to try our hand at making music for one of our favorite pastimes, video games!”

Nintendo UK Says Extra Items Are Coming To Club Nintendo

Nintendo UK has teased fans on Twitter by announcing that additional items are being added to Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue. Nintendo says that devotees should keep an eye on the Stars Catalogue as new items will undoubtedly be up before Christmas. What would you like Nintendo UK to add to Club Nintendo?

Update: Nintendo of France have also joined the party and have announced extra items will be added to Club Nintendo

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Amazon France Lists ZombiU 2 For Next Year

Despite Ubisoft saying they weren’t planning to release a sequel to ZombiU due to poor sales of the original on Wii U, Amazon France is now listing ZombiU 2. The listing on Amazon France has since been removed but it mentioned that the game will be set in New York and is set to be distributed by Bandai Namco. Let’s hope something comes of it as the original is looked upon fondly by Wii U owners.

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Square Enix To Announce A New Console RPG That Isn’t A Remake Next Month

Looks like Square Enix is still investing in console titles as the publisher and developer has revealed that they have a brand new RPG title in the works for consoles that isn’t a remake. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda announced in the latest issue of Famitsu that the game will be revealed next month in December. The company also has Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 in development so it will be interesting to see which platforms it will be for. Here’s what Matsuda had to say about the mysterious title.

“Actually, right now, we’re working on a new RPG specifically for consoles and it isn’t a remake. We’ll start talking about it more in December and go from there.”

Looks Like Watch Dogs Wii U Flopped In The UK

Data provided by official UK chart outlet GFK Chart Track shows that Watch Dogs for Wii U failed to perform upon release. Watch Dogs entered in the UK Wii U software charts at number 14 which placed it just above Wii U launch title, Mass Effect 3. The game was pushed back by Ubisoft and we barely saw any footage of the title upon release. I’ve no idea if they’ve marketed the game on television, but I’ve yet to see a commercial for the game.

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Super Smash Bros Wii U Is The Fastest-Selling Wii U Game Ever In The US

If you were going to diagram an equation for a record-breaking software launch, it would probably look something like this:

Popular Franchise (more than 14 million Super Smash Bros. games sold in the U.S. alone)
Demand (it has been six years since the last Super Smash Bros. console game, plus the new game benefits from heightened awareness for the franchise coming on the heels of the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game)
Critical Acclaim (current Metacritic score of 93, making it the highest-rated original game of this generation, tied with last year’s Super Mario 3D World game)
Strong Reaction from Fans (current user score of 9.2 on Metacritic, becoming the eighth Wii U game to have a Metacritic score of 85 or higher AND a user score of 8.5 or higher)
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is now the fastest-selling Wii U title ever in the U.S. market (dethroning Mario Kart 8), with more than 490,000 physical and digital units combined sold during the three-day period of Nov. 21 through Nov. 23.

“The Nintendo holiday is off to a great start, but there’s a lot of work left to do and a few more surprises in store for our fans,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “With great deals coming on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and great content like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker launching next week, Nintendo will offer shoppers the best combination of fun and value this holiday season.”

*All numbers are from Nintendo’s internal sales figures and are specific to the United States only.


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