Shin’en Says FAST Racing NEO Information Coming Tomorrow

FAST Racing NEO fans may want to stay glued to the internet tomorrow as developer Shin’en has said via Twitter that they have news to share with fans tomorrow. We have heard for a while that the game is coming in December, but it is December now and we have yet to get a release date. Hopefully that will be coming tomorrow. Oh, and if you’re interested you can download some sweet FAST Racing NEO wallpapers, below!

Nintendo Canada Brings Xenoblade Chronicles X And More To CVA FanFest

Nintendo fans rejoice! Nintendo of Canada is marking the first CVA FanFest, happening from December 5 – 6 as part of the Canadian Videogame Awards, with an exclusive appearance from Xenoblade Chronicles X Treehouse Expert Demetrius Boggs. Stop by the Nintendo booth at FanFest for a chance to chat with Demetrius about the ins-and-outs of Xenoblade Chronicles X, play a demo of the game, and enter a daily raffle for a chance to win your very own copy of the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition for Wii U!

But that’s not all: At CVA FanFest, Nintendo is also bringing the latest Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games right to you!

Bring your friends to the Nintendo booth and throw down the gauntlet in a no-holds-barred Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Tournament, where each player has the opportunity to win a copy of the game.

If you prefer to work with friends rather than compete against them, team up with two other heroes for a fashionable adventure into the world of Hytopia in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

CVA FanFest runs from December 5 – 6 at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (50 Carlton St.) and is open for the public to attend.

For more information on Nintendo at the first CVA FanFest, check out

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Digital Foundry Goes Hands-on With Xenoblade Chronicles X

Respected technology publication Digital Foundry have gone hands-on with the long awaited Western version of Xenoblade Chronicles X and their impressions are extremely promising. Digital Foundry says that the game pretty much sticks to a locked 30fps and there’s hardly any dips. The publication even goes as far to say that it is Monolith Soft’s most impressive video game to date. You can read their glowing impressions, here.

“When it comes to performance, however, things start looking up again. Xenoblade X operates at 30 frames per second with vertical sync engaged at all times and it manages to stick very closely to this target throughout. Open world games such as this often struggle with performance on consoles but we were pleasantly surprised by just how stable this game really is. We encountered a handful of drops in our 15 hours we spent with the game, but by and large, a locked 30fps is achieved. It seems that a great number of the aforementioned compromises were made in pursuit of stable performance. Given the results, we feel the team has made the right choice.”

“Ultimately, Xenoblade Chronicles X is a beautiful and expansive game. It’s also really the only game of its kind on the Wii U right now and it works wonderfully. Even with some of its blemishes, it’s hard not to be impressed by what has been achieved on Nintendo’s home console. The slick presentation, rich gameplay, and incredible soundtrack all comes together to create one of the most polished open world experiences we’ve encountered in quite some time – even in the face of obvious technical compromises. Looking back over Monolith Soft’s catalogue of games, we feel confident in saying that Xenoblade Chronicles X is its most impressive title to date.”


SteamWorld Heist Coming December 10th


Image & Form has confirmed via their official website that the long awaited SteamWorld Heist will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS on December 10th in the United States and Europe at 14:00 UTC. The developers has stated that it will cost $19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99, so it’s going to be good value for money given the content on offer as it takes at least 20 to 25 hours to finish. There’s a number of promotions and you can read about them, here.


New Pokken Tournament Fighter Will Be Announced On December 10th

The official Pokken Tournament Twitter account has revealed that a brand new fighter and support character will be revealed on Thursday, December 10th. This has clearly left people guessing as to who this character might be. People seem to be speculating that it will Sceptile but we won’t find out for sure till December 10th.

The only hint provided is that the new fighter Pokemon’s Japanese name contains the “ン” character (an “n” by itself, without a vowel).

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Nintendo Treehouse Splatournament Starts Wednesday At 11AM PT


Nintendo of America has confirmed that there’s going to be a Splatoon Splatournament between various members of Nintendo Treehouse. It is a six team double elimination so the staff members had better have been practising! The  Splatournament features competitive gameplay and tips for players about setting up their own tournaments. You can watch it at these destinations:

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