Amazon Isn’t Having Pre-orders For Latest Round Of Amiibo

An Amazon representative has confirmed on Reddit that they won’t be taking pre-orders for the next batch of amiibo. Instead, the figures will go up on the day, which is September 11th, and they will be listed during normal working hours. The representative says that they have been successful in doing this in the past and so they figure this is the best way of selling them going forward.

We’re going to be putting them up the day they launch (9/11/15). They’ll go up during normal business hours. We’ve been pretty successful doing it this way for wave 4 and Palutena, so no reason to change what’s working for us.


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You Can Now Purchase Digital Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Titles On Amazon has now started to sell digital Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games on their website. Sadly as with most digital versions they are slightly more pricey than the physical version. You can buy a variety of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games including New Super Mario Bros 2, Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors and many more. Here’s the games that are supported so far on Amazon.


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Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Overtook Metal Gear Solid V On Amazon US

It seems as though Nintendo of America’s decision to publish Xenoblade Chronicles X has paid off as the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition bundle shot to number one on the Amazon US best-sellers chart. The JRPG bundle even overtook the soon to be released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the PlayStation 4. Sadly the bundle is now sold out, so if you want it you will probably have to pay inflated prices.

Japanese Gamers Appear To Be Enjoying Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third is now available in Japan and reviews from customers that purchased the game are live on Amazon. Despite being a rather hit and miss affair according to western press previews, the Japanese consumers that have purchased the game appear to be enjoying it. In fact the game currently has a more than respectable 4/5 stars on the Amazon Japan website. The game failed to chart in the Media Create charts that were posted yesterday so the sample size of the reviews isn’t great, but it’s interesting to see how tastes differ. Here’s some of the feedback provided on Amazon Japan for Devil’s Third.

“Following Splatoon, I thought it looked like fun, so I decided to buy it,” the reviewer wrote. “Its controls are unique, but once you get used to it you can move with a lot of freedom, and it’s very fun. The online parts are especially fun, and I’m completely satisfied with it. With all the slicing and shooting going on, the online fights get hectic. You get taken out right away if you’re not always moving, It doesn’t take long to get caught when you try hiding. It’s all about always running and disposing of any enemies in sight, as quick as possible. It’s pretty radical for a Nintendo game.”

“I recommend this title for players that are bored with current FPS or third-person shooters,” wrote another reviewer. “It does a wonderful job at combining close-ranged combat action and FPS. As far as graphics go, it’s not on the level of a PS4 or Xbox One game, but those who play a lot of games should be able to see that the fun factor is truly the essence of the game.”

“It’s been a while since I played an FPS multiplayer game, but I’ve been addicted to it. The shootouts on the massive fields with 16 players is the best part. I haven’t had this much fun since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64.”

“Unlike the FPS I’ve played until now, there’s a variety of action to it, which almost makes it feel it takes the action elements from a Yakuza game, which you can experience in an online title.”

“I’ve always been bad at shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and could never better my kill/death ratios, so I never knew what was fun about them. After getting into Splatoon after it released in May, I’ve become more confident in shooters, so I decided to buy this game. The single and multiplayer content are completely different, so it feels like you’re playing different games. You don’t take fall damage, so you can feel like a ninja while during the shootouts, and being able to shoot while sliding gives it a nice action element, which makes it different from your average template for approaching your enemies in other shooters.”

“It’s excellent [the online mode]. It feels like it’s been a while since I plowed through a game so much in a single day. Guns and melee weapons are very well-balanced, so it doesn’t feel like either of them are too over-powered. With all the weapons and character customization, I have no complaints.”


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Palutena Amiibo Will Be Available For North American Fans On Amazon Shortly

Amazon will open orders for their timed Palutena amiibo sale very soon. North American amiibo collectors will shortly be able to purchase Kid Icarus’ Goddess of Light exclusively from the online retailer at 2pm PT or 5pm ET. So make sure you get your details at the ready and are logged into your account to secure your order. With many amiibo still hotly sought after across a number of regions, Palutena – although “ample” in quantity – is guaranteed to sell quickly, with Amazon stating the following below. You can purchase Palutena at the link here, when the event goes live.

Purchases are limited to 1 per customer, and 1-Click Ordering will be disabled for this item. Please make sure you’ve updated your credit card and shipping information to help you move quickly through the checkout process.

We have ample quantities of this amiibo, but we still expect to sell out. Please act quickly at 2:00 p.m. PT on Friday for your best chance at buying Palutena. Demand is expected to be very high, and there’s no guarantee that she will remain in stock for long.

Earlier today, the Nintendo UK store updated its amiibo selection and added the likes of Shulk, Rosalina and Luma and Meta Knight back into their stocked ranks. Though the above mentioned have long since sold out, a number of characters are still available for purchase, including Palutena.

Palutena Amiibo Is Amazon Exclusive

Amazon has announced today what many have feared, Palutena is exclusive to the online retailer. Many of you are understandably fed up with certain amiibo only being available at certain retailers and it doesn’t seem as if this trend is going to go away. However, I’m sure most of you have Amazon accounts so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Looks Like The Amazon Prime Day Deals Will Include Wii U And Nintendo 3DS In UK


Wednesday is a day that bargain hunters are looking forward to as Amazon is holding the Amazon Prime Days Deal. The event in happening all over the globe including the United Kingdom and the United States. For the UK it would appear as though you will be able to get your hands on a reduced New Super Mario Bros U Wii U 32gb Bundle with The Wonderful 101 and New Super Mario Bros: 2 3DS Bundle with Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Prices for these items have yet to be announced, but we can assume there will be a decent discount for both.

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