Amazon Italy Claims Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Coming To The West In June

We may be one step closer to finding out when Xenoblade Chronicles X will be releasing over here in the west. Amazon Italy has listed the long-awaited game with a release date of June 26th which will hopefully be backed up by other retailers and Nintendo Europe. Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U is scheduled to be released in Japan on April 29th.

Thanks, Michelle

Rodea The Sky Soldier Now Available To Pre-order On Amazon

Want to get your pre-order in for Rodea the Sky Soldier early? Well, Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U title. It’s not due for release here in the west until the end of the year, but it does look very promising. You can pre-order the Nintendo 3DS version here and the Wii U version, here.

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Legend Of Kay HD Has Made An Appearance On Amazon US

It kinda took us by surprise when we saw that the Legend of Kay HD was listed by Amazon Germany complete with a description and box-art. Nordic Games has yet to confirm that the game is coming to Wii U, but you will be interested to know that a listing for the game has also popped up on Amazon US. The 3D platformer was originally developed for the PlayStation 2 and an HD version was later brought to PSN. I’m sure the game will be confirmed for Wii U via Nordic Games relatively soon.

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Super Mario Collection Amiibo Up On Amazon UK

The Super Mario Collection Amiibo may have sold out on, but Amazon UK has just listed them for pre-order. They’re all available while I type, so be sure to get a pre-order in if you’re thinking of adding them to your collection. They’re retailing for the recommended retail price of £10.99.

Thanks, nintendoimpactgaming