Grab Super Smash Bros Wii U For $45 On Amazon

Still on the fence about purchasing Super Smash Bros on the Wii U? Well you certainly shouldn’t be as popular US retailer Amazon is selling it for $44.96. The brawler usually retails for $59.99 and is well worth the new asking price. I’m not sure how long the deal is valid for, so if you want the game then it’s best to buy now.

Thanks, Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

Garfield Kart For Nintendo 3DS Announced By Amazon Germany


Amazon Germany is fantastic for announcing games before they’ve officially been announced by the publisher. Anyway, they’ve listed Garfield Kart for the Nintendo 3DS which one can only assume is a blatant rip-off of Mario Kart. We’ve yet to see a trailer though so it’s best to reserve judgement, though I have suspicion this is based on a mobile game. Here’s what the Google translated listing on Amazon Germany says.

The verfressene cat put down a hot tire! Big cat on the slopes! In the fast kart racing game Garfield competes against his friends. Clearly, this spectacle of course Jon and Odie do without. Await unbridled fun in three difficulty levels and 4 game modes: quick race, Championship, time trial and daily challenge. But that’s not all: via WiFi you can play you with up to three friends in the local network on sixteen different routes. Who is the most skillful rider or most insidious? Throw objects in the way your competitors and take away the right of way. But eight give, your friends can’t sleep. A Lasagna is a perfect barrier for an obese cat. Collect items such as crazy hats and different spoiler, to your kart to push and rush first through the target. Kart with Garfield for your 3DS even Assembly fun!

Here’s Some Information About The Official Prima Strategy Guide For Splatoon


Prima is bringing out an official Splatoon strategy guide for Nintendo’s colourful third person shooter. What we all want to know is what it contains. Thankfully a recent Amazon listing has revealed its contents and what it can help you with. The official strategy guide is currently available to pre-order on Amazon and is dated to be released on May 31st.

Save The Electric Catfish— fully detailed single player walkthrough will help you solve each puzzle, splatter every octopi, and beat each boss.

Claim Your Turf— multiplayer strategies from Splatoon experts will give you the edge in online battles by showing you the best ways to cover arenas with ink.

Style and Firepower— complete details on how to unlock all special perks for weapons, headgear, clothes, and shoes.

Prepare to Ink— learn the best strategies for weapons such as the ink roller, ink bombs, Splattershot, and more.

Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide— Includes a code to access the mobile-friendly eGuide, a digital version of the full strategy guide optimized for a second screen experience.


Amazon Spain Lists Splatoon With May 29th Release Date

Remember that accidentally leaked Nintendo Europe release schedule? Well it might have been bang on the money as Amazon Spain is now listing Splatoon with a May 29th release date. The release schedule also mentioned that Yoshi’s Woolly World will be coming to Wii U this summer. Guess we shall have to wait for the next Nintendo Direct presentation to find out for sure.

Thanks, Xabi

RinoGear GameCube Adapter Wii U Available For $14.50 + Shipping With Promo Code

As you all know the official GameCube adapter for the Wii U is extremely hard to find so it’s great that third party developers have brought out their own. One of these companies is RhinoGear who are selling their GameCube adapter via Amazon for 50% off via the promo code below. I haven’t bought one of these myself so I couldn’t tell you how good they are. Hopefully someone can give some feedback in the comments.

Promo Code: GCWIFB50

Thanks, Josh N

Amazon Italy Claims Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Coming To The West In June

We may be one step closer to finding out when Xenoblade Chronicles X will be releasing over here in the west. Amazon Italy has listed the long-awaited game with a release date of June 26th which will hopefully be backed up by other retailers and Nintendo Europe. Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U is scheduled to be released in Japan on April 29th.

Thanks, Michelle