UK: Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Album Is Now Available To Pre-Order On Amazon

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is due for release at the end of the week in Europe, and Amazon UK has listed an Animal Crossing amiibo card collectors album to keep all of your amiibo cards safe.

It’s listed for £10.47 with free delivery within the UK, and can be shipped to various other countries including North America with a shipping cost. The collectors album has space for all of the series one Animal Crossing amiibo cards and it also includes a free amiibo 3 card pack to get you started. The item is due for release on October 23rd, which is almost three weeks after the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer release in Europe – the album can be pre-ordered here.

The amiibo cards can be used in-game to unlock special characters, but they are not mandatory to play through the title. You can check out our review on the game here.

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Amazon UK: New Nintendo 3DS With Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Only £105

If you have yet to upgrade to a New Nintendo 3DS then you might want to check out this fantastic deal on Amazon UK. The retailer is offering consumers the chance to buy a New Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire along with a white Cover Plate and also a screen protector for the measly price of £105. I’m not sure how long this deal is going to last for so you had better get in there quick!

Yoshi’s Woolly World Is Now Available To Pre-Order On Amazon US

The Yoshi’s Woolly World bundle is now available to pre-order via The bundle includes the game plus the Green Yarn Yoshi amiibo for $59.99 and will be released on October 16th 2015. If you’d prefer the game on it’s own, you can also pre-order it separately for $49.88. GameStop also still has pre-orders available from their replenished stock.


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Amazon Isn’t Having Pre-orders For Latest Round Of Amiibo

An Amazon representative has confirmed on Reddit that they won’t be taking pre-orders for the next batch of amiibo. Instead, the figures will go up on the day, which is September 11th, and they will be listed during normal working hours. The representative says that they have been successful in doing this in the past and so they figure this is the best way of selling them going forward.

We’re going to be putting them up the day they launch (9/11/15). They’ll go up during normal business hours. We’ve been pretty successful doing it this way for wave 4 and Palutena, so no reason to change what’s working for us.


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You Can Now Purchase Digital Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Titles On Amazon has now started to sell digital Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games on their website. Sadly as with most digital versions they are slightly more pricey than the physical version. You can buy a variety of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games including New Super Mario Bros 2, Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors and many more. Here’s the games that are supported so far on Amazon.


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Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Overtook Metal Gear Solid V On Amazon US

It seems as though Nintendo of America’s decision to publish Xenoblade Chronicles X has paid off as the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition bundle shot to number one on the Amazon US best-sellers chart. The JRPG bundle even overtook the soon to be released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the PlayStation 4. Sadly the bundle is now sold out, so if you want it you will probably have to pay inflated prices.